the pokemen

This week’s Patreon poll is up! The category is ANIMATED CHARACTERS and the choices are-

  • Stitch- from Disney’s Lilo and Stitch
  • Toothless- from Dreamwork’s How to Train Your Dragon
  • Mike Wazowski- from Pixar’s Monster’s INC.
  • Totoro- from Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbor Totoro

As always, the winner will be deconstructed and have their anatomical illustration posted to Patreon NEXT MONDAY.

Don’t forget to cast your vote, everyone! This poll has some great options, and I expect it will be close!

anonymous asked:

Who makes up your current Pokémon team and do you take on challenges for competitive battling

no, and i havent played pokemen since i finished sun but my team for the game was uhhh

  • decidueye
  • ribombee
  • salazzle
  • palossand
  • alolan golem
  • crabombinable

my team policy was only gen vii or alolan forms allowed


~Am I the only one who thinks Bonnie isn’t talking about Ash vs. Korrina but Korrina vs. Serena?

It really seems like Bonnie knows about Serena’s crush (which is likely since Serena and Bonnie always sleep together) and is mad at Clemont for suggesting Ash is distracted by Korinna. Eventhough he probably is just talking about the battle, you can really see Serena being worried…

tenoh  asked:

if you were a villain in the pokemon anime, which pokemon (pokemen?) would be in your team??

i don’t see myself as a villain, more as a trainer… but i guess it could work? i’d probably stick to ghost types - shuppet, misdreavus/mismagius, etc!