the pokemen


*me playing pokemen go*

mypikachuninja911fan  asked:

OHHHH DO A CEO!AU BECAUSE GOT7 IN SUITS ARE 10/10 👌 Soulmate AUs are fun to read too. Um im just gonna start listing some: parent!au, street racer!au, punk!au, demon!au, Pokemen!au, brother!au, barista!au and dragon hunter!au

Oh my god, YOU’RE RIGHT!! Gotta do a CEO one now… (OG CEO would be Jaebum in my books so maybe I’ll do it for him?)

Actually, all of the ones you listed are so on point? I love coffeeshop/barista AU’s and dragon hunter is probably one of the best things I’ve heard all day. Down with demon!AU (should I keep that one for Jaebum??). I could totally see BamBam with Punk!AU tbh. Yugyeom the street racer = 10/10. The pokemon one might be good for Youngjae. He and his s/o can collect them together!!

Out of all the boys, I always think of Mark as an older brother, so maybe I’ll do that AU for him? (Sorry Mark stans, I’ll be sure to include sexy Vampire!Mark in there at some point to make up for it)

bts as things said in sonyeondannet chat
  • jungkook: i can't even organize my life how am i supposed to organizes these memes
  • taehyung: we also announce types [typos] here? omg i'm screwed
  • jimin: i hope jeon fights me one day so i can boop his nose
  • namjoon: sign me tf up for science then
  • hoseok: i personally feel offended by yoongis beauty
  • yoongi: i H9 BIGHIT im flying there rn i'm gonna fight them so hard @bighit square up muchachos
  • seokjin: yee pokemen