the pointlessness of life

Chips are life.

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just because you love someone does not mean you should be with them. i felt a love from a very young age and for a while, it was the best part of me. but as time went on and the love grew, i lost myself. i felt as if i didn’t know who i was anymore and there weren’t simple moments between us anymore. we weren’t worried about the things that brought us together, we only focused on the things that pushed us apart. it felt like we wanted to fight more than just to love one another. i so desperately wanted that person with me forever. he was my bestfriend. i could talk to him about anything and everything, and there wasn’t a single person on this planet that knew me better than he did. but things don’t work out sometimes, and you have to accept and move on. although he is not in my life anymore and i have found someone knew, he exists deeply in my memory. we shouldn’t view ex companions as bad people, we should speak kindly of them and let people know the impact they once had on us, because they most likely helped shape the person you are today. i am thankful for my past, and hopeful about my future.
I was always happy about having a good instinct. I felt like I could feel things before they even happened, but I began to hate it when I could feel the heartbreak coming. I could feel you hurting me before you let me know it was even real
How to Break free of Addiction to Approval

1. Recognise that other people do not determine your worth and value. It’s your life not there’s. They are responsible to themselves for their life; and you are responsible to yourself for your life. Don’t give up your “self” to please someone else.

2. Also, people change, have different values and outlooks and want different things for, and from, us. It’s simply impossible to please everyone all of the time, or even most of the time.

3. Recognise that spending our lives trying to make others happiness is a recipe for failure and low self-esteem. It’s a pointless way to spend your life. It will stop you being happy and true to yourself.

4. Be kind to yourself. Understand that we all have weaknesses, and things that we regret saying and doing.

5. Also, we’re all on our journey – and the journey is harder and more challenging for some than others. Perhaps you are dealing with obstacles that other people have not had to face.

6. Develop your self esteem from within. Decide on the type of person YOU want to be, and work on being true to that.

7. Think about what really matters to you, and the different goals you’d like to achieve – then set these as a priority. That is, decide what YOU want to do instead of worrying about what others would like you to do.

8. Develop a plan for the direction of your life. Focus your thinking, energy, choices and decisions around living a life that is meaningful to you. At the end of each day, check to ensure you’ve done something that is taking you in that direction.

9. Work on developing your self-reliance – so that although it is nice to have help and support from others, you’re not dependent upon it (or them). Also, being able to think, act and choose for yourself will greatly increase your self-confidence.

10. Work on accepting, valuing and loving yourself. Appreciate the good things about YOU. Notice your successes, and any moves towards living out your goals, and becoming the real you.

11. Choose to live in the moment. Decide not to keep going over the past, or worrying too much about what lies ahead. Notice and relish what is good about “right now”.

12. Choose joy. Allowing yourself to experience joy is freeing, motivating, energising. It keeps your focus on the positives in life.

Joe had a boring family, a pointless job, a forgettable life and an unremarkable death. 200 years after his death, Joe is remembered as one of humanity’s most remarkable and significant historical figures.

  • Kaneki: *suicidal thoughts, self loathing, life is pointless, life is pain, miserable™*
  • Touka: Sup
  • Kaneki: I am blessed™. I can't believe my eyes. Life is beautiful. My skin is clear, my crops are watered, 10 years have been added to my lifespan.