the point is to stare aggressively at his legs

Hiccstrid Short Story: Back In the Saddle

So, like some others in the fandom have mentioned, I’ve been a bit perplexed why in RTTE Astrid has repeatedly fallen off of Stormfly in battle.  How is it that the same woman could ride so expertly in HTTYD 2 while doing some pretty intense maneuvers without any trouble?

Then I looked at her saddle in RTTE vs HTTYD 2. Notice a difference?

Major design improvements: different shape, side grips, and a handlebar.  This got me thinking… what prompted the additions to her saddle?  Here’s my take. 

Back In The Saddle

Note: Takes place during RTTE, sometime after the end of S4.

Hiccup stood outside the stable, fingers flexing at his sides anxiously as he stared at the open door. Chewing slightly at his lip, deep in thought, he didn’t notice the curious look he received from the Night Fury beside him.  Toothless’ emerald eyes flicked between his rider and the stable, wondering why they didn’t just walk in.  It was a beautiful day – perfect weather for flying – and standing there doing nothing was wasting such precious time.

Growing inpatient, Toothless warbled, nudging his snout against Hiccup’s hip.

“Oh, heh, sorry, bud”, he apologized sheepishly, placing his hand on the dragon’s temple.  “Just, eh…preparing.”  

Lifting one ear in confusion, Toothless chuffed as he blinked owlishly.

Hiccup puffed his cheeks, blowing out a breath in anticipation. “Wish me luck.”

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“Your Hair is always in your Face”

I needed to write angst y’all. I wish i could have come up with a better title but, oh well

Warnings- Acromantula, mentions of blood (brief), oh and death

Newt POV 

“It’s an Acromantula Y/n! Doesn’t he look beautiful” I say in awe. 

I turn back to y/n who has an unreadable expression. 

“Newt, Acromantulas are very dangerous” y/n says unsure. 

I walk over and pull them into a hug. 

“I’ve dealt with dangerous creatures before love, and I have the scars to prove it” I whisper in their ear. Y/n buries their head into my chest. 

“I know Newt, It’s just that, I worry” They confess. 

“You know, Worrying means you suffer twice” I say. 

“I know I know, look, I have to go meet with Tina and Queenie so i’ll be back in a bit, wedding stuff and try not to get yourself killed” they tease. 

“I won’t” I call back.

They move their hand up to my face and brushes some hair out of my face. “Your hair is always in your face Mr. Scamander”. I lean down and kiss y/n’s forehead. 

“I like it that way” I reply. 

Y/n rolls their eyes and turns to go up the ladder. I can’t help but watch. I feel myself smiling, Me and Y/n are to be married soon and I’ve never been happier. God I love them. I turn back to my creatures. 

“Alright Mr. Acromantula, I hope you don’t mind me studying you” I say. It was still in heavy restraints. I frown, it looks in pain. 

“I know you’re danger- er-misunderstood but I can see you are in pain” I say to the Manticore. 

Let’s see, Y/n might kill me if I let this creature loose but, as long as he’s in my case it should be fine, right? I draw my wand and point at his chains. 


The locks unlock themselves and the manticore is free. He stalks around, eyeing his surroundings. I stick my wand in my mouth and start writing notes. 

“Poisonous fangs, Legs about 10ft. You are stunning” I murmur.

 I look up and see him staring at me. Cold black eyes. I shiver. 

“Maybe I should put you back in your cage, just for a bit. I promise” The Acromantula started clicking. 

I stand up and scoot back, Acromantulas either click when they are excited or aggressive. It creeps towards me and lunges. I quickly apparate away and land roughly against a rock. 

I pull out my wand, “Please, I don’t want to hurt you” I say. It keeps getting closer, his fangs dripping with poison. A loud crack distracted him. I look and see Dougal.  

The Acromantula leaves and lunges towards dougal. 

“NO!” I yell. I apparate in front on Dougal. 

Pain. Nothing but pain fills my body. I weakly hold up my wand. 

“Arania Exumai!“ 

He flies back and lands on a rock. I see double. No, now just black.


“Newt I’m home!” You call. No answer. He’s probably just down in his case like normal. You climb down into the case.

 “Newt?” You call. You exit the shed and let out a shocked scream. 

The Acromantula was lying on the ground dead. And your fiance was a few feet away with blood seeping from his side. 

“NEWT!” You screech, You scramble over to him. 

Tears falling already. You fall next to him and shake him. 

“Newt! Come on Newt wake up!” You cry. No this couldn’t be happening. 

“Come on Newt, Please” you yell. Newt’s eyes open, the color drained from his face.

”Y-Y/n?” he says weakly. You cup his face and stroke his cheek.

”Y-you’r-re g-going to be okay. Newt just please stay awake for me okay?” you stutter out. Newt gives you a weak smile. 

“Love, I-I don’t think I am. The posion is too far into my bloodstream” He says. 

“No! I’m not going to let you die” You pull out your wand and start muttering healing spells. Newt puts a hand on your wrist. 

“I love you y/n. I love you. I love you” He says. Tears are streaming down your face. 

“I c-can’t lose you. Please! Please just stay awake” you bury your head in his neck. 

“Please don’t cry love, you’re going to be okay love” Newt whispers. 

You grab his hand and bring your lips to his for one last kiss. His hand falls limp in yours. You burst into tears. 

“NEWT! Please come back!” You hold his lifeless body in your arms, holding him tightly and rocking back and forth. 

After what seems like hours, you stand up. You walk to Newt’s shed and pick up the phone. 

“Q-Queenie, T-Ti-ina. I need you, please come over” You let the phone drop not even bothering to hear the answer. Within seconds they were there. 

“Sweetie what happened!” Queenie asks. A fresh wave of tears fall from your eyes. 

You lead them to Newt’s body and fall to pieces again. Tina gasps, tears threatening to fall. Queenie falls to the ground with you. She hugs you tight while her own tears. 

“We were supposed to get married. We were supposed to live together forever.” you whisper. It just didn’t seem real to you. How could the man you love be dead. You brush the hair from his face. 

A loud wail caused you to look up. The Nundu’s were screeching. His creatures. You get up and walk towards them.

“I-I’m sorry but, m-mummy’s gone” you say. 

It was cruel. 

Having to go and tell all his creatures that the one who cared for them, raised them. Was dead. 

The funeral was short, but it felt like years. It made it so much more real. People kept coming up to you, giving you sympathetic looks. 

But you were frozen. 

Queenie and Tina tried to talk to you but you waved them off. You didn’t know what to do.

 What are you supposed to do when the love of your life dies. When everyone left you sat there. 

Case held to your chest and his scarf and coat wrapped around you. You went up the stage for one last look at the love of your life. 

He looked so peaceful. You bring your hand to his hair and push it to the side. 

“Your hair is always in your face Mr. Scamander” you say weakly. You waited for a cheeky response, but you know it’s never going to come. You take out your wand and grab his case. 

“Goodbye, my love” 

And with that, you were gone. 

“You and I Were Fireworks

Summary: In which Nico is simultaneously angry and awkward, Will is smitten, Jason ships it, things explode, and Will breaks the ice (this is a hilarious pun, I promise. You’ll see).

(A very happy Fourth of July to Americans and a very happy Saturday to everyone else.)

Nico di Angelo was bored. No, worse. Nico di Angelo was bored and angry.

Above, stars the color of a sunrise burst and scattered and faded across the sky, accompanied by a cacophony of staccato blasts, like a firing gun. Reflections of the fireworks danced across the lake, blindingly luminous for a second, and then gone. And, stretching from the rocky beach all the way to the food kiosk where Nico was working, was a sea of people that seemed far more expansive, far more undulating, than the water itself.

The Fourth of July was an enormous deal in Nico’s city, for reasons Nico wasn’t sure he understood. For decades upon decades, every year on the Fourth, thousands of people packed themselves into the small, grassy park on the banks of the lake. Food stands set up shop, glowing toys were sold by the dozens, and the whole city held its breath while things blew up in the sky.


“It’s tradition,” Nico’s half-sister had told him before he left the house.

Well, call him crazy, but Nico wasn’t all that impressed by ‘tradition.’

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jeep sex

(wrote this about a year ago for my dylan fan fiction. links in the sidebar if you wanna check it out) you give in to having sex with dylan in the back of his jeep on his birthday.

“Are you gonna pay for getting cake all over me?” I simply shake my head no and press my hands against his chest. Dylan bites back the comments hiding behind hips lips and simply shake his head. Your heart drops, as you step back, Dylan trapping your back to the trunk of his jeep as he gets closer. “Repeat that answer,” he whispers. You stare in his eyes, somehow swayed by the aggression built up, but you wonder just how much more you can push him.

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Nico's surprise.

(So I finally sat down and finished a fic. And apparently I’m really into writing about what happens after a couple’s first time.)

*Nico has a surprise for Will and isn’t going to give up just because Will comes home late*

Will stumbled in through the front door hours later than he had promised Nico he would be home. He dropped his bag by the door, too tired to bother hanging it up like he normally did. He cursed under his breath, angry at himself for losing track of time at the library. No homework assignment was more important than being home when Nico had obviously planned something for him.

“Will?” Nico’s voice and the hallway light he turned on startled Will and he ended up tripping over his own feet and hitting the floor hard. The back of his head hit the floor and for a moment he was sure he saw stars. He felt Nico’s hands on him, pulling him upright and checking his head gently.

“Oh my god, Will, are you OK?” Nico asked anxiously. He dropped to his knees beside Will, one arm going around his shoulders to steady him. “Solace? Answer me, babe.”

Will blinked to clear his vision and reached to touch the back of his head. He hissed and jerked his hand back. He had a bump forming. He finally looked up to meet Nico’s eyes. He smiled and lifted his hand up to cup Nico’s cheek. “I’m fine, Nico. And I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be so late, honest. I just started working on that paper and I just forgot about the time. I’m really sorry.”

Nico leaned his head into Will’s hand. “It’s OK, baby. I kind of figured that’s what happened.”

Will frowned and shook his head stubbornly. “It’s not OK. And I promise, I’ll make it up to you. Somehow.”

Nico blushed and ducked his head. “Well, the night’s not over yet, you know.”

Will tipped Nico’s head up with a couple of fingers under his chin. Nico’s blush grew but he met Will’s gaze steadily. “I’d really like to see this surprise.”

Nico nodded and got to his feet. He grabbed Will’s hands and pulled him to his feet as well, steadying him until Will had his balance. It was then that Will finally took in Nico’s appearance. And he felt his jaw literally drop at the sight.

Nico had left his hair down and loose but brushed it out of his face, the way Will liked. He was wearing his usual eyeliner, only this time he had gone further, lining both his upper and lower lids and winging it slightly at the outer corners. Will’s gaze slowly planned down his body, taking in the formal, button up, black shirt he had left untucked. He had left the top button undone and the shirt gaped open below his neck, revealing his collarbone and a bit of his chest.

It was one of his better shirts, something Will had given him as an anniversary present. He didn’t wear it as often as Will would’ve liked, but when Nico did wear it Will knew he was really trying to make an impression. A pair of his black slacks and his dress shoes completed the package and made Will feel very underdressed in his comfy sweater and jeans.

And if that wasn’t enough to send Will’s heart into overdrive, Nico’s whole demeanor was affecting Will. Will could feel and see the roiling mix of emotions, as if it were all just pouring off of Nico. He could see how nervous Nico was by his body posture, but Nico’s eyes held a desire Will was sure he had never seen before. Will squeezed Nico’s hands reassuringly, ignoring how clammy they felt.

“You look very nice, Nico,” Will whispered, licking his lips.

Nico mumbled a “thank you” under his breath and stepped closer to Will, gathering his courage. “I knew you liked this shirt. I wanted tonight to be special.”

Will flinched. “I’m so sorry, Nico. I should’ve come straight home after my last class.” He cupped Nico’s face with his hands and pulled Nico’s head to his, kissing him slowly. Nico covered Will’s hands with his own hands and leaned into Will.

They spent several minutes just kissing, occassionally taking breaks and resting their foreheads against each other’s, staring into each other’s eyes. Finally, Nico pulled Will’s hands away from his face and stepped back, holding his hands between them.

“You just started college, Will. Your grades are important. There’s no need to apologize for focusing on your schoolwork. You’re here now and there’s still time to give you the surprise,” Nico said, smiling shyly. His face turned red again and he took a deep breath to gather his courage. “I love you, Will. And I’m ready to finally … go all the way with you.”

Will’s eyes widened. His breath caught in his throat until he reminded himself to breath. He stared into Nico’s eyes, unsure of what to say. Until Nico’s words finally processed in his head and he couldn’t help but giggle a little.

Nico glared at him and dropped his hands. “Really, Solace?”

Will bit his lip, feeling contrite over Nico’s hurt tone. He grabbed Nico’s hands again. “I’m sorry, Nico. I wasn’t laughing at you. Just … your word choice, really. ‘Go all the way’? It’s kinda funny. In a completely, adorable, cute, good way.”

Nico nervously chuckled. “Out of all the other possible possibilities and euphemisms, it felt like the safest choice.”

Will chuckled with him, nodding. “I love you, too, Death Boy. And if you’re really, really sure that yours ready … well, I’ll be over the moon, obviously. But I want you to be absolutely sure, you’re ready. I don’t mind waiting longer if you need more time. I’m OK with what we have now.” Will pulled Nico closer to him again, wrapping his arms around Nico’s waist.

Nico wrapped his arms around Will’s neck and looked up at him. “I’m really, absolutely, positively sure, Will. We’ve been together for several years now. It’s past the time we had real, actual sex. I want to. I want you.” To prove his point, Nico kissed Will’s chin, mouthing along his jaw until he reached Will’s ear. “Do you want this, Will?” he whispered.

Will moaned softly in response. Suddenly, his hands tightened on Nico’s hips and he spun them around, pushing Nico against the wall. He muttered, “Gods, yes!” before attacking Nico’s mouth aggressively.


Will couldn’t stop staring at Nico. And Nico couldn’t look at Will. Not yet. They were laying in bed together, the comforter kicked to the floor and the sheet wrapped around them. Their legs were tangled together, lying side by side. Nico was deliberately laying on his back so he wouldn’t be facing Will, who was on his side, raised on his elbow and resting his head in his hand. Will leaned his head down and kissed Nico’s shoulder, trying to be patient and wait for Nico to speak first.

Eventually, Will couldn’t wait any longer. He reached over and ran his hand up and down Nico’s chest. “Nico?” he murmured softly, not wanting to break the mood set by the candles Nico had filled their bedroom with. Most had gone out already, except for a few on the nightstands that cast a soft glow over them.

Will found himself again admiring the way Nico’s skin looked illuminated by the candles. He idly ran his fingers down to Nico’s stomach, toying with the edge of the sheet that covered the bottom half of his body. Will heard Nico sigh before he turned his head and finally looked at Will.

“Will.” he replied, his eyes searching Will’s face. He shivered slightly when Will’s fingers traced his abs.

“Are you OK?” Will asked. He pressed closer and kissed Nico’s cheek.

Nico nodded slowly. “I … I think so.”

Will picked his head up and looked down at him, frowning. “You think?”

Nico nodded again. “How are you supposed to feel after … after you know? Your first time.”

Will bit his lip. He reached up and ran his fingers through Nico’s hair. “I know how I feel. But its probably different for me, since I topped this time around.”

Nico smiled, blushing pink. “I feel … sore. Tired. But I guess that’s all to be expected, right?” Will nodded and Nico continued. “But I’m also … happy. Proud of myself. But mostly I’m just happy. And I love you. And I feel very loved and safe. It’s a lot to feel, all at once.”

Will’s face broke into a grin and he leaned forward to enthusiastically kiss Nico. Nico leaned into the kiss, smiling back at him. They enjoyed a few minutes kissing again before Nico pulled away. He leaned over the edge of the bed and pulled the comforter back up onto the bed. He and will spread the comforter out and settled down under it.

Will laid on his back and Nico cuddled into his chest, sighing contentedly. They looked at each other, Nico tilting his head up and Will tilting his down to meet halfway, having a conversation without words. Nico randomly cursed in Italian, shocking Will.

Nico huffed and said haughtily “I cooked dinner for you.”

Will started laughing. “Really, Death Boy, the candles and roses weren’t enough? You made a romantic dinner, too?” Nico nodded, still frowning. Will chuckled and kissed Nico’s forehead. “I appreciate it, Nico. I loved it all. I love you.” He paused and frowned. “I’m sorry I ripped your shirt.”

Nico giggled and nuzzled Will’s chest. “Its ok. I can get another one. I love you, too.” He kissed Will’s chest before closing his eyes. Several minutes passed with a comfortable silence, the only sounds heard were their breathing. Nico was almost asleep when he faintly heard will whisper “Next time, you can top.” in Nico’s ear. Nico smiled and kissed Will’s chest one last time before sleep overcame him.


‘Mercury falls to the ground “defeated” ’

Yang - 'winks’ Better luck next time 'starts walking away’

Mercury - 'shakily stands up’ There’s not going to BE a next time, Blondie !

'Mercury jump kicks towards Yang’

'Yang hops to the side’

'Mercury falls over the edge’

Mercury - 'from over the edge’ MY LEG !

'Crowd starts to boo’

Yang - 'peeks over edge’ I guess not ? 'shrugs’

Prof. Port - 'stands up’  Oh my word !

Prof. Oobleck - 'quick voice’ In a stunning turn of events, Mr. Black has attempted..and..FAILED a surprise sneak attack

Prof. Port - Do you know what we’d call Mr. Black, back in the day ?

Prof. Oobleck -  A crutch-ing disappointment ?

Prof. Port. No…'glares’ A sore loser. What you said is stupid

Cinder - 'from the stands’ You had ONE JOB Mercury !

Security Guard - Wait ? 'turns head’ You put that kid up to this ?

Cinder- Shit ! 'hops over the railing, and runs’



'Mercury lays in his hospital bed, thoroughly peeved’

Nurse- 'peeks in’ Mr. Black ? You have a visitor

Mercury - I don’t really want…..

'Weiss walks in’

Nurse - Thank you SO MUCH for your generous donation to this hospital Miss Schnee

Weiss - It’s no problem at all ^^ Just give me a few minutes alone with our friend here…and forget you saw me

Nurse - Of course 'bows out’

Weiss - 'puts down purse’ 'cheery’ Hi Mercury

Mercury - 'suspicious’ What are you doing here….

'Weiss’s phone buzzes to life as it plays a catchy ringtone’

Weiss - 'holds up finger’  Hold that thought

'hits speaker phone before burrowing in her bag’

Blake - Say hi Emerald……

Emerald - 'anguished screech’

'Phone call cuts off abruptly’

Mercury - 'winces’ You know don’t you ……

Weiss - 'wearing one gauntlet of Ember Celica ,taking out the second’ Yup 'pulls on second gauntlet’

Mercury - 'nervous’ What are you going to…

'Weiss punches Mercury in the knee of his healthy leg, breaking it’

Mercury - 'screams’ NOT AGAIN !

Weiss - 'quickly pulls off Ember Celica, placing it back in her bag’ That’s what you get ! 'gets in Mercury’s face, pointing aggressively’ That’s what you GET ! 'intense stare’  

Mercury - 'convulsing in bed, crying profusely’ You bitch 'gasps in pain’

Weiss - That’s for what you were going to do to Yang ! No Schnee'king away for you.  

Mercury - Did you just…

Weiss  - 'in a huff’ She’s rubbing off on me OK ?!

'storms out of room’

First Time- Hayes Grier

Okay this one is for anon I hope you like it! If you want one just request and I promise that I’ll have it out.


 Request: can you make me a hayes smut? if so, can you make it where you both are losing your virginity and also foreplay 

sorry this took so long!

You and your boyfriend Hayes, had been dating for nine months and have yet to have sex. It was basically because you were a virgin and that he was usually on tour. But as Hayes was on tour, you realizYou lay next to Hayes in bed, your back against his as you close your eyes, trying to fall asleep. Your exhaustion begins to take over you, and you don’t think you can stay awake any longer, when all of a sudden you feel kisses on your neck. “Hayes it’s too late for this.” You groan as he continues to kiss your neck trying to turn you on. And it worked. Even though you were trying to hide it. You swatted his mouth away from your neck and tried falling back asleep. 

“Y/N” Hayes whined as he squeezed your hip with his hands. You rolled your eyes as he ran his hand through your hair. He went back to kissing your neck and began to suck lightly. You turned over “I knew you’d give in,” He whispered. Your lips worked against each other aggressively and you moved your leg so you were straddling him. He reached behind you and unclipped your bra letting it fall to the ground beside the bed.  

Hayes flipped you over so you were pinned under him. He began kissing you up and down your body. Your hands gripped onto his hair, his lips dominated yours as he grinded his hips against yours. He then moved his thumb right between your legs and starting rubbing over your underwear, causing you to arch your back and buck up your hips involuntarily.

You were sick of this and wanted him bad. You reached forward forward and pulled his boxers down. He looked at you and then took yours off. You could feel his fingers trace the skin around your thighs. He began gently rubbing you, trying to relax you. His fingers lightly ran up your legs, finding their way to your core. His finger tapped over your clit. “Feel good?” he asked, slipping a finger into you. “Hayes.” You mumbled.  “I’ll take that a yes.” 

“It’s going to hurt, so if it becomes too much, let me know and I’ll stop.” “Okay.” you mumbled softly. He hovered over you, connecting his lips with yours again. His cock pressed against your entrance, the pressure building in your stomach. “Ready?” he asked and you nodded. He gently entered you and you couldn’t help but gasp from the pain. “Breathe.” He kissed you, trying to ride you through the pain. He continued and his thrusts began to get slow  “Come for me, babe,” you whispered in his ear. He let out a moan and he hit his high. 

He continued until you came. “I love you so much.” He whispered. “I love you too.”