the point is to stare aggressively at his legs


My pace came to an end when I saw him sitting there before the fire place. He had a glass of whisky in his right hand, left hand dangling of the leather armchair. The first three buttons of his white dress shirt were open and a tie was hanging around his neck. The flickering red light of the fire accentuated his chest, leaving me in a wondering state as to what was beneath all that fabric. His legs were open wide, body sunken in the chair. The man ’s bushy, black eyebrows were pointing down into a deep frown. Strands of his hair were pointing up as if he had aggressively brushed his hands through it. Suddenly he loosened his gaze from the fire place and stared into his glass of whisky whilst stirring the liquid around. 
‘Has nobody ever told you it’s quite impolite to stare at someone?’ he asked, without loosening his eyes from his whisky.
It felt as if I got electrocuted, immediately followed by being frozen. He had acknowledged my presence. I was busted. I felt as if I had to say something witty. I felt the need to impress. But all that came out was a stuttering: 'Um, I’m sorry.’ As if out of nowhere, he stood up. His movements were as elegant as those of a cat. Gracefully he got a little closer. Only now could I see how beautiful his body was. In full size, he stood there before me with a smug grin on his face. His body was tall and sturdy. He wasn’t an athlete but he did have some great muscles. It was not too much nor too less. I couldn’t help but take in his whole presence. My skin got burning hot while I felt his eyes examine my body. It was as if he was looking at more than just my body. It was as if he was reading my body language. Once his eyes met mine, his gaze held still. 'I’ll forgive you. Who may you be, young lady?’ he asked. 'My name is Louise. I was actually just looking for a seat…’
With those words my introduction was made and so he invited me to sit with him.
Not much of studying was done that day since his presence distracted me too much and although he sat across from me, his presence lit me on fire inside. Which was why we just ended up talking the whole evening.
It was the librarian lady who kicked us out that made me realize I had to go home.
So, we stood up, went outside and agreed to meet again.