the point is they're so gay for each other

Phan Realizations 1

Dan and Phil don’t call their videos collabs anymore. They were never collabs in the first place. They’ve made so many videos together that it’s just normal now. So many videos have been made with the other person and if they’re not, 95% of the time the other person is mentioned in the video. Dan and Phil have sorta just, over time, come to a point where the way the talk, the things they do, the thoughts they think are all about each other. Even the Fine Bros ship them (they are named as “Dan and Phil Lester”). They call themselves “we” instead of, “Dan and I” or, “Phil and I”. The radio show, book, gaming channel, it was all together. They tweet about each other soooo much too. They honestly would have been somewhere else if it weren’t for each other. Dan used to hate everything about himself. Now he’s a little ball of sweater paws and the way he smiles around Phil is everything compared to how he smiles at everything else. I don’t know man. It makes me happy. The warm fuzzy feeling happy when stuff like that happens with them. And I think it’s about time for them to come out now. I mean, they should really come out before moving in together. But it’s Dan and Phil, everything about them is different and weird. Take a look at this phandom.