the point is they're so gay for each other

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It's incredibly upsetting to see them fan-service so much lately. That entire stream was bullet pointed in order for them to make the gay-context seem legitamate so they can get more clicks. And then the last mess up at the end they were so completely far away from each other and not talking. People actually think they still live together amazes me, as it's clear they're in two separate homes. Call me an "anti phannie" but you guys are so blinded by their cliche to even notice the reality.

oh my god you’re right!??? that moment when the stream ended and they went to look at their separate computers??? if they’d been on camera they would have extended their necks and kept their shoulders glued together???? but they weren’t!! so they leaned AWAY from each other to look at their computers!???? THE AUDACITY!!! and as for the separate house thing kjsdngksfn OF COURSE IT ALL MAKES SENSE!!! why else have they not released the blueprints to their (sorry phil’s) duplex???? 

TWICE Ships and their ways of being subtle
  • Natzu: Too subtle. Or more like, Tzuyu rejecting every sign of affection from Nayeon to the point both of them forget they're in a relationship
  • Mimo: is not talking or facing each other subtle enough? WELL IF IT ISN'T WE COULD ALSO-
  • Mihyo: Honestly? Just the right amount. Nobody will suspect a thing and they can be as gay and cute and domestic as they want.
  • Jitzu: No need for being subtle. Everyone mother-daughter-zones their relationship anyways. yyy tho
  • Samo: (¬‿¬) sometimes subtle and sometimes not so subtle; stuck in the bff-zone forever

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Ok so I'm watching an old stream and they're playing a jackbox game and there was a question that you had to point to who you think gives the best hugs and just Ethan andtylwr pointed to each other and I needed to share -🌿🍃

I remember this!! And everyone was so casual about it and didn’t call out the gay so like…they’re boyfriends

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I'm actually so in love with your theory?? Mine's a bit different (more gay cause yeah lol) but I think yours fits pretty well too. Gotta point out that in Spring Day, they're the only duo who's not interacting with each other so I'm thinking the new BS&T (if they solve anything) happens after Spring Day or is just developing their conflict more in depth. Can't decide if VCR Wings is the present or a series of flashbacks tho. (I'm such a sucker for MV verse ashfdh

dude spring day tho

when jungkook wakes up his first instinct is to check on yoongi (and hoseok)

and after he sees him he sighs in relief !! they haven’t interacted in the mv at all but this scene killed me

tbh i think wings vcr connects the present and the past. it references their individual short films and previous mvs and ahhhh i’m excited to see the new bst mv, i hope there will be more interactions 

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I was watching "friends" today and it was that episode in which Joey and Ross accidentally nap together and then keep doing it because it was the best nap. Imagine Luztoye. Pre-relationship kinda thing. They became exclusive nap buddies. Everyone thinks they're dating because of how many times they saw them wrapped around each other in various places. It gets to the point when they stay the night to sleep next to each other. Mornings get complicated when spooning is involved. -f

Haha!!! So cute, I can absolutely see this, ya know, without all the gay panic. More of the ‘oh god, I’m so attracted to you, but you’re probably not into me, so I gotta play this cool!’ kind of thing.

Let’s see…

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I expected a lot of Creek fan service but damn. They're REALLY pounding it into our heads that Tweek and Craig are actually gay. They're not even leaving room for the chance of bisexuality at this point. They want us to know they're GAY and really into each other, and I'm gonna be extremely shocked if there's any controversy still surrounding whether they're legit or not after the game is released.

Ikr god nobody can debate they don’t love each other at this point

(tho I guess I am slightly disappointed there’s no wiggle room for bi Craig but honestly if there was, people would claim he’s still pretending so I guess this is a sacrifice I gotta make)

#fbw leaks

  • Boyfriend: you ship sting and rogue? Really? Why? But they're not even gay.
  • Me: Sting's first appearance shows him saving Rogue from an arrow that he could have easily deflected. Throughout GMG he shows little to no regard for friendship and bonds, but makes it a point to keep Rogue out of harms way and even fights for him. They're boyfriends. Here, read this fic.
  • A few days later
  • Boyfriend: sting and rogue are so gay. They love each other. They're like, even more gay than Freed and Laxus. How cute.

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I honestly think they're using the fanservice to be touchy feely w each other cuz I'm pretty sure during photoshoot they're not telling 'em to be THAT close. In all these SP pics they're more than close, sitting on each other lap, an arm here, a leg there. What is the world is going on. And I agree with the other anon, I also think Bang PD is a part of LGBQ.

honestly tha’ts a good point. like the staff coulda been like, “okay, jimin, jungkook. fans really like you two. so be a lil touchy feely” and jikook were like “oh touchy feely you say???? okay let me just be AS GAY AS POSSIBLE!!” (i’m joking, but like let’s be real lol). like, i get fan service, i do, and i can see why people think jikook is fan service. but let’s not forget that jikook are close. and i mean, idk if bang pd is part of the lgbtq+ community, but it’d be pretty freaking rad if he were. 

  • psychic: *reads my mind*
  • me: wanna know why larry is real? Okay, so first off, Who the fuck moves in with someone at the ripe age of 16 and them being 18, and hardly knowing them at all? Second off, the tattoos. Oh, the matching tattoos. The rose and the dagger. The "oops!" and the "hi". The rope and the anchor... All these nautical tattoos that they've gotten over the years only prove that they're strong. Together. Third, the way they look at each other. The way they look at each other is the way I look at food, with love and care. They look at each other like there is no one else in the world, as cliche as it sounds. They're so delicate with each other, it is so adorable. Louis will tease of everyone else but Harry, and will fuck anyone who tries to hurt his baby. Fourth, the way they distanced only makes it more obvious. Like, why would you distance two boys if they weren't actually in love? What is the point? "If a rumor stays a rumor for a couple years, it's not a rumor." - Elton John, a man who didn't come out as gay until 10+ later years in his career. "Why would Louis have a girlfriend then?" Beard- a fake, who is supposed to portray as something else. It's all for PR, just to show that he may "be straight". Same with the baby thing, it's just to try to make the "Louis is straight" image more believable. Same with Harry and his old womanizer image, which is now happily gone. Also, all the tweets, what they say, it all means such these, obscene things that have to do with homosexuality. "I study rainbows" "not very important" harry says as liam says "female is a good trait for in a female". Harry always hints that he may not be straight, and it's lovely.
  • Basically, Larry is real.
  • psychic: what the fuck

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You know what REALLY irritates me? The insistence that Elsanna is canon. That Elsa saying she's Anna's birthday date means they're each other's true love, for example. Yep, that's true, because the point of the movie was that true love does not automatically mean romantic love. I mean, JFC, even my gay uncle thinks the so-called Elsanna subtext is forced. Have the sisters all over each other in fanon--that's what fandom is for. But please stop insisting Elsanna is canon. Please.

As an Elsanna shipper, I do agree with this. To be absolutely honest, I’ve never gotten the Elsanna vibes when I first saw the movie and I definitely did not get it, too, after watching Frozen Fever. The truth is, I only learned about Elsanna when I joined Tumblr and I started to actively ship it when I’ve read/seen several fanfiction and fan art.

But as a shipper, I can see why it could be romantic. But I don’t agree that it’s canon at all. It’s just irritating when people say, “KRISTOFF IS ONLY IN IT BECAUSE DISNEY WANTS THE MOVIE TO BE HETERONORMATIVE BLABLABLA IT’S A GIVEN. BUT IF HE WASN’T THERE, ELSANNA WILL BE CANON.”

And here I am sitting like—okay so, Disney would totally produce a movie with two sisters falling in love with each other? Let’s be real here. Seriously? I’m actually surprised (and appalled) that people would think that. You have fan fiction and Tumblr, yes. But to insist and analyze and wholeheartedly believe that it’s canon? I have no words.

Incest is not a joke. It’s a very, very, very controversial topic and not suitable at all for the demographics the movie is geared for. At all. There are people who are consenting adults who have relations with their relatives. But this is a children’s movie. And then there are victims of incest—some, children. Forced marriage, rape, etc. For Disney to throw a curveball and just dump that in the movie is quite overwhelming and absolutely insensitive, in my opinion. So they didn’t and they never will.

Maybe people say it’s canon because of the “subtle but not so subtle homosexuality” involved. Sure, we can take that in context and strip away the sisterhood part of it. They would make a cute couple, Elsa and Anna. I do ship them as non-sisters in alternate universes. But I know for a fact that this ship only exists outside the realm of Disney and the crux of the story remains: it’s platonic love. They’re not romantic lovers. They love each other so much because hey, they’re sisters. I love my parents so much, too. And my little sisters. It doesn’t need to be romanticized. 

“Birthday date” would get taken out of context by people who want to take it out of context. I go on “coffee dates” with my dad. And “lunch dates” with my mom. And yes, “birthday dates” with my sisters (ironic). But it’s not meant to be a secret lingo for sex or making out or NSFW sessions after hours. People want to give things a different meaning depending on what they want to see. 

I enjoy Frozen Fever and Frozen for what they are: sisterly love. And Elsa and Anna’s reconciliation and closeness in this new short was just too adorable and endearing. I didn’t think of it as anything more until I’ve read posts here on Tumblr suggesting otherwise. But that’s okay. Ship and let ship. I have nothing against that, I actually quite adore it because like I said, they would make a cute couple in the NON-CANON world. And I stand by that.