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Has there ever been a name more fitting than Malware for this boy? Sorry, I’m just really proud of having thought of it hahah, pls don’t judge;;

Physical Restoration, the ability to literally restore an object back to its original, pristine condition. What a shame that it only works on technology, not people.

A technological aura also allows him to form a mental (and subconsciously emotional) link with gadgets and weapons. Think telekinesis, but limited to objects filled with electricity, wires, gears, and/or bolts. Still though, an arsenal of floating guns pointed right at your face is a frightening thought. Do whatever you can to avoid ending up on his bad side: this man will not hesitate to kill.

@cynnicynni, bless your beautiful soul, and thank you so much for lending me both your time and effort in helping make this boy’s hella costume ❤️❤️

maybe parents get so worked up when theyre in the wrong because they have been told “parents know best” and “parents are always right” ever since they were kids.

its a toxic mentality because they convinced themselves that what they do is one hundred percent alright and never wrong. they also disallow their kids to voice their opinion on things, because ‘parents know best’. they never like to apologize too because of the saying 'parents are never wrong’.

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Cullen needs to go. There is nothing else he can even really do for the narrative at this point. His arc is over. Bring back Zevran, Nathaniel Howe, Merill, Sten the fucking Arishok would just make sense at this point considering the increasing conflict with quinari. Shit there are plenty of characters with more story potential to flesh out. We don't need cullen!

U right. Like wheres Jowan. Whats Ariane & Fin up to. Wheres Sandal & Bodahn. Where my dads Herren and Wade. Wheres my son Feynriel. Where Elf Felicia Day at. I need answers. 

I didnt need to hear how Cullen is still rock solid for Amell + Surana. Varric would have filled me in on Kirkwall’s templar situation. And Samson’s arc wouldve covered lyrium abuse and recovery just fine. Outside of being a fan fave and is romance adding incentive to buy the game he didnt really contribute much. But its w/e. :/c

A jerza wedding has to win what would be the damn point of emphasizing that Erza really wants to get married? Jellal’s fiancé lie? THE WEDDING DRESS CHAPTER COVER? There is NO DAMN REASON for Mashima to write Jellal out of the story the same manner he has every arc before in the series finale. Zeref is gone the entire purpose of crime sorciere as a guild was to defeat zeref. Writing aside, with how mediocre and trashy it’s been, crime sorciere can still exist, but that doesn’t mean it has to keep Jellal from finally accepting the happiness that’s right within his grasp.

Bare With Me - Chp 3

Also on AO3  You can catch the previous chapters there or on Tumblr (though there’s not a lot of plot here, so it’s not strictly necessary).
Chp 1  Chp 2  Chp 3  Chp 4

Adrien couldn’t decide if he should be pacing or casually drape himself over Marinette’s lawn chair.  Past experience indicated that both had the potential to appeal visually, but what would Ladybug prefer?

He was still pacing when the distinctive zip of her yo-yo announced her arrival.  He looked up just as her feet touched down, and he made a point to use the wide-eyed expression his photographers wanted when they were aiming for a sweet and innocent look.

He smiled, delighted to see her cheeks darken slightly.  "Welcome back,“ he said,  throwing her a little finger wave.  "Everything go all right?”

Ladybug nodded.  "Yep.  Chat and I got it all taken care of. It’s safe to bring you home.“

"Great.  Uhm… so why was I in particular danger?”  Having helped fight the Re-Modeler, he knew.  But Adrien Agreste had been stranded with no cell phone, radio access, or clothes, and had no way to know what was going on.  "I didn’t cause the akuma, did I?“  He aimed for a horrified reaction, because, seriously, if he had caused it, he’d feel terrible.

"No, no, no.”  Her hand settled on his shoulder, as she rushed to soothe him.  Damn she was sweet.  "It wasn’t your fault the photographer and designer preferred you.“

Actually, it was totally his father’s fault.  The man was a colossal dick, and that was to people he liked.  "Oh.  Was it Johann, then?”  He sighed.  "I would’ve been more than happy to give up today’s shitty shoot for him.“

"He probably would have been fine if he hadn’t run into Chloe while he was getting over his frustration,” Ladybug pointed out.

“Ugh.”  His reaction didn’t have to be feigned at all.  "That girl needs to take akuma prevention sensitivity training.“

Ladybug giggled.  "So are you ready to go home?  I’m sure your… family is concerned about you.”

He snorted.  "My handlers, you mean.“  Her hesitation had suggested she knew more about his home life than the average Parisian.  He didn’t really want her to drop him off and head on her way.  Not yet.  "Nathalie is probably completely freaked out.”

“Ah!” Ladybug said in bright discovery.  She held out her yo-yo and opened it in communicator mode.  "I can call her and explain.  Do you think that would help?“

Adrien nodded eagerly.  It would certainly minimize the urgency of the situation.  When she offered the device to him to dial, he pretended to misunderstand and just reached over her to enter the number.

"Hello, this is Nathalie Sa…”  His father’s assistant hesitated.  She’d answered in video phone.  "Ladybug.  I see you have located Adrien.  His father will be most grateful.“

"It’s no problem at all,” Ladybug said, her professional hero mode in full force.  "As soon as I realized the Re-Modeler was targeting him, I moved Adrien to a secure location.  I’m sorry.  I didn’t even give him time to grab his phone.“

"I understand.”  Nathalie turned her focus to him.  "Adrien… are you naked?“

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Hey- a small reminder that everyone, even the most praised artists (where I certainly don’t fit), has to start somewhere!!
If your drawings looks weird, off, inferior, or just not right in your eyes, remember: keep on going!!

Don’t let yourself be dragged down by other’s comments, draw for yourself and keep improving until you get to the point where your art is nice to yourself!!! And maybe even after that, don’t stop polishing it!!!

My art isn’t perfect, or the highest quality, but I can proudly say I’ve improved a lot since I started with ponies, and I’m sure you’re great at whatever you’re doing atm!!

You’re amazing and talented, I love you, never give up ♡


THIS FINNA BE A RIDE. Ok so we had P2 tickets and when we got to our seats we had no idea we were sitting RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE STAGE. LIKE TOUCHING DISTANCE, MAH BOYS. So anyway, the concert started and Minhyuk pointed at me then tripped on some wires lol and Jooheon waved to my sister and I made so much Kihyun and Wonho eye contact I honestly don’t know how I still exist. So then they started throwing them little mini Milky Ways at us and Minhyuk was RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF ME WITH A HANDFUL OF CANDY IN REACHING DISTANCE BUT I STILL COULDN’T GET ANY CUZ MY ARMS ARE SHORT. And Wonho dropped all his candy on the stage. Still don’t know how that happened. Well then Minhyuk just kinda dropped the rest of his candy in front of us and my sister snatched a piece up so quick I honestly didn’t know she could move that fast. The concert was lit af and when Kihyun came and stood RIGHT IN FRONT OF US I completely froze and I know I had an absolutely dumb look on my face because after he walked away my sister looked over at me and burst out laughing because we were both too sh0ok to pull out our phones. We’re all sad and half deaf because the concert was over but FUCK YEAH HI TOUCH TIME. So they lined us up or whatever and took us through a door. There was a guy checking if we had our wristbands on right outside the door and we were facing him to show him we had ours and as soon as we turned away from him THERE WAS MINHYUK LITERALLY INCHES AWAY FROM ME. WE WEREN’T EXPECTING THEM TO BE AROUND THE CORNER. So my sister was in front of me and touched his hand and she just kinda stood there because she honestly didn’t know how to human anymore. And he just stared at her because she wouldn’t move and then gave her too thumbs up and that brought her back to reality. I on the other hand was LOST AF. I looked so damn confused cuz I couldn’t comprehend that Monsta X was right in front of me. So I gave him the hi five and left my hand floating in the air afterwards and he was confused too cuz he also hovered there for a second and we were both like “do we do it again?” but then I had to move and so he threw me a thumbs up with his other hand and I moved on to I.M. He told me “thank you” and I whispered it back and I know he didn’t hear me cuz I didn’t even hear me. I think Wonho was after that and when my sister cupped his hand she froze again and HE LAUGHED AT HER LIKE “LOL YOU ALRIGHT?” When I got to him I for real stopped breathing from that point on. Our fingers FREAKING INTERTWINED AND I HNNNNNNGHHHH. I stood there looking like an idiot too. I didn’t want to let his hand go but I had to. Was Jooheon next?  Ugh. I don’t remember. He said “thank you” to me and also gave me a thumbs up but I think Wonho stole my voice and I couldn’t move my lips anymore. After that was Shownu and I really don’t know if he said anything to me or not because after Wonho I wasn’t no more good. My sister specifically wanted to tell Shownu she loved him but it got stuck in her throat and he was just like “ok next” and she had to move to Kihyun looking like a heartbroken deer in headlights. Kihyun oh my goooooossshhhh that man is beautiful. His smiling face brought me back from Wonho land and I felt like all my worries just washed away with his smile. Did he say something to me? I don’t fuckin know. I was still confused about what was going on and what planet I live on. It was way too quick and we both want do overs! We both walked out of the venue like “…………WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!” Ugggghhh there were so many things I wanted to tell them and I’m so mad at myself for completely freezing up like that! Bah! - D

Just for the night pt. 2

Sorry for the wait, but here’s the second part of Just for the night, requested by @givemeanorigami. This is looking to be around 4 or 5 parts. This one is 1313 words of a little confusion but mostly fluff. I promise the next parts will be better.  Part one


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I led Thor through the various hallways on the way to his new room, his hand still firmly grasping mine. “This is my room right here.” I said pointing with my free hand towards the closed door on our left. “Your’s is three doors down and on the right.” We stopped in front of the open door. White walls, a bathroom, a bed and a closet was all the room contained. Thor released my hand as he stepped inside. “I know it’s not much, but it’s only for a while.” I said sheepishly.“It is wonderful. Thank you (Y/n)” He said gracing me with a smile that made the room feel a little less dreary. I reached up to undo the cape’s knot and pulled the velvet material from around my shoulders. I felt like the temperature had dropped 20 degrees. I suppressed the urge to start shivering again. “Thanks for your cape” I said walking over to the bed Thor had taken a seat on. “You’re welcome.” he smiled. “Breakfast is whatever’s in the kitchen and If you need anything else I’m just three doors down.”

I walked out the door, letting Thor have a little time to process the night’s events. Closing the door softly behind me, I immediately bumped into my dad. “Ahhh! Oh, its just you.” I said breathing a sigh of relief. Tony’s face was arranged in a stern frown; brown eyes dark and arms crossed. He nodded his head towards him bedroom, a gesture for me to follow him. I tilted my head, silently questioning him but he didn’t answer. He carefully shut the door to his room and turned to face me. I lifted my eyebrows in anticipation, waiting for him to make the first move. “Im just curious (Y/n). How do you run out on the deck, in the pouring rain, see a giant man with a big ass cape and invite him inside?” I snorted, and threw my dad’s question back at him. It was always the safe bet for when I didn’t know his mood.

“How do you run out on the deck, in the pouring rain, see a giant man with a big ass cape and not invite him in?” Tony let out a huff of air, ran his hands through his hair, and took a seat on the edge of his bed. “Im serious! You could have been killed!” I felt my face soften as I leaned into his side. “I would never do anything to put myself In danger dad.” He wrapped an arm around my shoulders, pulling me closer to him. “I know you would never intentionally do anything, I just worry.” I hugged his ribs and listened to the sound of his heart. “It just freaked me out, seeing how you interacted with him. You just met the guy and you were wearing his cape.” A soft smile arose at the memory of Thor’s dark blue eyes staring into mine after tying the cape around my neck. “It suits you” He had said. I sucked in my lips, trying to keep myself from grinning. “I just think he felt bad for making me run out in the rain. Its a very warm heavy cape you know.” My dad blew another huff of air out of his nose, but he had a grin on his face. “I love you (Y/n)” He said the creases in his forehead gone. “I love you too dad.” I smiled. We fell asleep to the sounds of gentle rain drops on on our window.

Golden rays of light streamed across my face, urging my eyes to open. I opened them slowly, allowing them time to adjust to the bright light. My dad was already gone, probably in the lab working. It was a lucky night If he even got 4 hours of sleep.  I stretched and cracked my knuckles, beginning my morning routine for the day. Throwing off the covers, I made a bee line for my room. After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I took off my giant Iron Man night shirt and pulled on leggings and a sports bra. “Lady (Y/n)” Thor said as he walking into my room. I turned to find the giant man blushing and frantically looking away. “My deepest apologies.” He said to the wall. “For what?” I asked tilting my head to the side. “I did not know you were getting dressed. Your door was open.” Thor said, his blush getting redder by the second. “It’s okay. This is what women on earth wear to work out.” I said comfortingly. “So it is okay If I look at you then?” he asked. “Yes.” I said. He turned and determinedly met my eyes. “I wanted to ask you about the people I met last night.” “Sure.”  I said. “What do you want to know.”

Thor shifted where he stood, unsure of where else he could look. “One second.” I said ducking into my closet and pulling a loose shirt over my top half. “Okay what do you want to know?” I asked taking a seat on the edge of my bed, and motioning for Thor to do the same. I noticed his blush was almost gone as he spoke, “This team of people in the tower, why are they a team? Why not be independent?” “The team is made up of talented people who work to make the world a better place. We all have different strengths and weaknesses, but we’re more powerful together, so we work together.” I explained, meeting Thor’s eyes. “How do you help to make the world a better place?” He asked. “If a group of people are causing trouble, we try to peacefully calm everything down, but If that doesn’t work we will fight to ensure peace for others.” Some of the lines around Thor’s eyes seemed to decrease.

“So the team helps to keep your planet peaceful.” He asked. “Yeah basically.” I shrugged. Thor gave me a blinding grin and stood. “I think your team would be prefect to help find my brother.” I raised my eyebrows and tilted my head. “Why do you  say that.” “I believe he came to earth to enslave the human race and become king of your planet.” He stated calmly. “What?! What the heck, Why would he, I- Thor why didn’t you say anything sooner?” I half yelled, jumping off my bed. I ran to my nightside table and pulled out a knife holster, strapping around my thigh and inserting a throwing knife. Thor just stood in the middle of my room stunned. “Well he hasn’t done anything yet. Besides, when he does make a move, everyone will know.” “How could you possibly know that.” I glared. “He likes to put on a show. Make statements. Be flashy. His first move will be public.” Obviously this did absolutely nothing to calm me down. A half god from another planet cane to enslave the human race and was planning to do it in a huge public, flashy way. Nice job (Y/n), you just got yourself and the team involved in something literally so crazy it was out of this world. I ran around the room collecting my various weapons and strapping them onto myself. “Do you mind telling the rest of the team exactly what you’ve told me so I don’t sound crazy?” I asked, stopping in front of Thor. He nodded and smiled oblivious to the amount of panic I was in.

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My favorite part about the Yousana dynamic is that Yousef always manages to say or do something that proves Sana wrong and either makes her go speechless or relent:

During the train ride: she tries hard to act disinterested yet he manages to make her smile.

During the kitchen convo:
“Do you need help?” “Nah.” Then lets him teach her the right way to peel the carrot.

The whole soccer team debate. She goes speechless and recognizes he has a point.

During their FB chat:

When she tried to be smartass about him being hurt that she didn’t respond to his meme and then he told her he didn’t work on Mondays.

Det Beste Fra Islam: after he tells her that he can still be a good person without needing prayer to remind him.

When he gives her flowers, she gives him this little smartass/incredulous smile yet ends up wearing them on her hijab (and keeping them by her bed)

“If religion is so great, why does it split societies?”

Spiller Alene: “I can’t be bothered. Just come and get it.” The she goes and gets it.

She can’t stay mad at him so she eventually smiles.


The trust test
The food debacle
The carrot convo
His entire explanation as to why she really does believe in Allah and how he knows he doesn’t.

Ugh. I miss them.

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i really hate how cliquey some people are in the fandom and there are six people in this fandom who are very very close that neglect and ignore people and I really wish that they would just go away.

                            i’m sorry you were made to feel that way by some people’s relationships, and if this is for the meme? though i do believe i have made an effort to interact with as many people as possible on this blog. still i gotta point out that while i understand being upset because someone you want to interact with badly won’t or doesn’t seem that interested in interacting with you back (and i DO), people do have the right to choose who they write with and talk to. as long as they’re not spreading hate towards other people, people will do what they want and what makes them happy. the truth is no one can, within human limits, interact with every single person they might engage with either by follow or messaging, and depending on the person the circle they are comfortable with might be smaller and smaller. i know i personally can become saturated by close relationships and i do apologize for times when i’m quieter or not that open, or fast, but it can be rather overwhelming to me to carry several deeper conversations with everyone at once, just as i know people i adore are closer to others as well, and that’s okay, it’s just how human relationships go. the way i see it, it’s just like writing and shipping chemistry can’t be forced, chemistry between muns follow the same rule. some times people just don’t click. it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. we all go on several first dates online here, without noticing, and we all should look at it more like that. no one blames themselves or the other person if a first date just doesn’t click or the chemistry just isn’t there. sometimes it is what it is and not because they feel it but don’t do it out of spite or because there is something specific about you that is unlikable. my only advice is to keep trying. you WILL find people that think like you and you have chemistry with. just keep doing what makes you happy and don’t give up!

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Linda sarsour really called jake tapper the alt-right jfc skdksodkskks im so done with that woman

I don’t follow either of them in any capacity unless they trend on Twitter so I had to go see what they said. 

*sigh* Okay, so I still don’t know what to believe RE: Shakur being a cop-killer because some say she is and some say she’s not so I can’t comment on that (and please, nobody try to educate me because I’m perfectly capable of doing the research myself, which I will) and we all know that the Dyke March Chi chapter is trash after what they did to the Jewish marchers during Pride Month. So that’s that on that.

But to Linda’s point that Tapper is suddenly just as bad as the alt-right for criticizing her? Is she high? I mean that reads to me like nobody is allowed to criticize anything she says or does, lest they become part of the alt-right or suddenly become Islamophobic/appear to pander to Islamophobes, which were also some tweets I saw when I searched both her and Tapper’s names on Twitter. That disagreeing with or criticizing her is, in and of itself, Islamophobic and wrong and grants you a seat at the alt-right table. Which is obviously ridiculous for anyone with a lick of common sense.

This article by Yair Rosenberg is pretty good re: people being weary to criticize Sarsour alongside some of her questionable comments + views. A snippet:

This is also disgusting because the alt-right is full of anti-Semitic white supremacists and straight up Nazis, and Jake Tapper is Jewish. The article I linked above touches on this point. So to throw him in a group with the very people that would love to see him wiped off the face of the Earth is, at the very least, disgusting. At worst, it’s anti-Semitic imo.

This just goes back to what I said about not being happy that prominent people on the left are associating with her. I believe she says things to cause controversy and/or simply just has a lot of bad opinions + questionable views. I don’t support her, though I recognize that a lot of criticism she gets is because she’s a female Palestinian Muslim. But that doesn’t mean that all of the criticism she gets comes from a place of bigotry, and that’s something that really needs to be made clear. Nobody deserves a free pass to be a shitty person and/or say ludicrous things just because they’re part of a persecuted class of people.

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Last Jason answer: People who see it are right, people who don't are right too. Do you still think he'll commit in s5? I know he'll never spoil the story, I'm not expecting a comfirmation, but I'm starting to feel he'll leave it ambiguous until the end in order not to piss them off. What's the point of adding "people who don't are right too"? He's not over antis and the feedbacks. He's always feeling the need of pleasing them, and ultimately that can determine what he writes....

It’s no different than the last answer he gave when asked that question:

Interviewer: “So what is in store for these two relationship-wise?”

Jason: “First of all, Bellamy and Clarke have always been at the center of this show. It has always been the story of — on some level — Clarke and her relationship to Bellamy. And whether they were going to survive or not depended on how well those two human beings worked together — whether romantic or otherwise. I try not to take a position on it. I think it’s ultimately kind of a Rorschach test for people: any interpretation is right, there’s no right and wrong. Until we commit canonically to it, you’re free to interpret it any way you want.” 

And he’s right. Until the show has Bellamy and Clarke kiss/declare romantic feelings of love/have sex/do anything else that takes it firmly out of the currently relatively ambiguous place they’re in right now, there is no wrong way to interpret their relationship. There are absolutely romantic undercurrents to their relationship but the show doesn’t have to commit to the and,depending on the direction the story is going, the 6-year time jump could be a good excuse to either kill their budding romance or strengthen it. 

JRoth is the King of No Spoilers so don’t be surprised or upset that he gave an answer like that. He’ll continue to give them up until the moment Bellarke kisses (and then we’ll probably get stuff like: “Their relationship has always been heading to this moment.”). 

I think it’s very unlikely JRoth is catering to anyone but himself in the story he writes. He killed L/xa despite anti opinion and not only that but he doubled down on that by having them appear to smash the Flame in S4, having Indra say “The time of the Commander is over.”, giving the Commander-ship to Octavia, etc, etc. 

Basically, don’t stress about it, Nonny.

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Confession time, I don't really know where I stand in terms of sexuality and it's really fuckin stressful

listen anon, I was like you for a long time. sometimes i still feel conflicted and it sucks and i know what you are going through. but right now, its okay to just be yourself and exist without a label, unless you find one that fits you. also, remember that identity is a fluid thing. if at one point you think you are gay, and then later you realize you are actually bisexual, thats completely okay, and it doesn’t make you any less valid. also,
i know its really hard not knowing exactly who you are, not finding the words to explain how you are feeling, but for now, until you find those words, just be you.

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Is korean hard to learn? I've been thinking about starting for a while now but I'm not sure if I'm up to the commitment right now lol. Also what level do you think you're at now?

personally, i think its pretty easy. it may seem difficult at first bc its so different from english but you catch on quick. the bright side of teaching yourself is that youre going at your own speed, if you ever find something difficult then you can just stop at that point and spend extra time on it. vocab is easy, grammar can be tough.

i would say im definitely past the beginners level. i think im now at the advanced level but i know theres still a long way to go. ive only been learning for a little over a year


REASON #2: MARRIED ARISTO-COUSINS — parallels between Jonsa and Victoria/Albert

When you have cousins (half-siblings, but they will cop on soon) who are (subsconsciously) in love and (at this point at least act as if they were) married, where one partner is also King or Queen - but still young and tends to make stupid ass decisions based on emotions - and the other one a bit more calm and careful trying to make the other see reason, listen to them, incorporate their opinion in their decision making process - which the King or Queen of course doesn’t feel they have a right to and therefore lashes out at them — because they both still have to learn how to function as a (married) team with all the tension, emotions and insecurities/vulnerabilities that is part of their close bond….

…just saying I’ve seen this sort of “I’m-Ruler-don’t-undermine-me” thing before with Victoria and Albert (only roles reversed)