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Hi, Mimi. I just wanted to say thank you for your dedication for BTS. Your posts alway inform/cheer me up after a bad day. Lately, I've been really depressed, and BTS is helping me hold on. I feel so ugly, and worthless, so much to the point that I feel like none of they army would want me to be a fan of the boys. I just don't know what to do anymore.

First of all I am sure you are more beautiful than your thoughts let you believe. Secondly, In which right does any ARMY have to tell you who to fangirl/fanboy over? I know that words can’t do much but I still want to say “Thank you for being an ARMY and supporting the boys, thank you for existing and thank you for not giving up and fighting each day”. I will try to continue sharing some joy here as long as I can for you and my dear followers that I love. 

I dedicate ‘BEAUTIFUL’ by BTS to you and to anyone who needs it. You are BTS’ She-sus, never forget. This song is for you: 

Or You know what? Let me make an ‘I am beautiful and loved’ playlist by BTS

  • Beautiful HERE “You’re beautiful”
  • Coffee HERE “Baby you” are “warmer than the scent of cafe latte”
  • Miss right HERE “You are” BTS’ “Miss right”
  • Butterfly HERE “Don’t think of anything, don’t say anything not even a word. Just give me a smile… You are so beautiful that I am scared”
  • Illegal HERE “You are indeed an angel”
  • Two! Three HERE “Erase all sad memories, smile holding onto each other’s hands” 
  • YNWA HERE “You may be covered in scars, but we can smile if we are together”
  • 2U cover HERE “When it comes to you…”
  • Serendipity HERE The cosmos moved … ‘cause you love me and I love you”

See it even makes a cute poem when you put together the lyrics ^^. Dear, I love you and I wish that this year you will love yourself <3

Gotta be a lil honest

I didn’t take what Mark did that seriously at all in the beginning. And I still like the idea behind it. But it definitely went wrong somewhere around the time where the ‘positivity spreading’ started.

Speaking up about it because I’ve seen even Jack himself get upset over this and that means that it really got out of hand.

I personally don’t think that it’s intentionally trying to jab at or pull Jack’s leg in regards to PMA. I still believe that positive mental attitude is healthy and good and we should keep those two very different things faaaar away from each other.

What Mark is doing right now is handled a wrongly, but I doubt it’s supposed to be bad. If anything I could understand how it might be poking fun at the community falling in love with a killer Warfstache and negativity machine Dark to a point where we’d do anything to protect their lives, even though ours don’t mean anything to those characters. You know? The 'blinded’ kind of spiel.

But I feel like even theory making is a bit rough at this point as serious issues have occurred in a situation where it may or may not was bound to happen.

I do hope that he speaks up about it. Even if it wasn’t his intention and is supposed to be an act, I think the reason why we and even friends of his are also upset is because bad things came out of this unintentionally and people quickly felt horrible about it. It needs to be taken care of either way and I hope it’s soon to be cleared up.

And clearing it up doesn’t mean 'ruining’ the game either. As said, the idea seems pretty cool to me and the posts are eerie enough to like (personally). I sadly feel scared and sad to admit that I’ve enjoyed the act personally so far. That it got out of hand like this makes me very upset and I do hope people don’t hate me for drawing fanwork for this either.

Again, I do hope it’s cleared up soon. And I would suggest to really keep actual PMA away from the in character game Mark is playing. And I do hope that this is all a somewhat reasonable build up to something and was not just started out of boredom.

But yee, just 8am thoughts after waking up and scrolling through Tumblr first thing in the morning.

Heyyyyyy so Michael used ‘The Trolley Problem’ to torture Chidi and MONTHS LATER it was his explanation/reference point for sacrificing himself for Eleanor and the others and if that is not some emotionally poignant shit, then I’m not weeping openly right now.  He remembered and regretted (after-sadded?), and then he kind of got an opportunity to fix it and he didn’t hesitate for A SECOND.

I’m weeping openly right now the fact that I’m still typing on this keyboard means I will be electrocuted shortly.

🌸 personal

due to some privacy issues, i will likely no longer be posting any personal posts onto this blog. i’m thankful for all those who have read and offered support over these years, and i’m going to miss telling you about my life, but at this point i feel too uncomfortable to continue. i will probably also delete my previous posts, although it’s probably too late at this point.

thanks for everything, and don’t worry, i’ll still be posting manga caps for you.

this blog will be going on hiatus. i still have about five posts queued, but after that i don’t know when i’ll be back. i’m honestly upset at the moment and won’t be in the right headspace. thank you for the support up until now.



I think this is pretty straightforwardly talking about what it is to rest on what you used to be, ignoring the mistakes that you’re making at present and refusing to learn and grow, which is what Utena is going through right now, this realization that she HAS TO LEARN SOMETHING. SHE HAS TO MOVE FORWARD. I still think she doesn’t quite know HOW to do that, and I’m excited for the possibility that we’ll see Utena actually learn and struggle and  grow as a character, which is something I feel like I haven’t seen yet (Which I’m starting to believe was The Point All Along) but she’s been resting on this whole “A prince gave me this so I’m going to be a prince” for so long that she doesn’t really know how else to be, and there’s no easy way for her to learn this. I’M INTO IT

Please note I haven’t seen anything past this and am watching spoiler free! Please don’t confirm, deny, or explain anything to me! Even if I should be able to figure it out based on past episodes! Even if it’s cultural! Even if there is no answer! It ruins it for everyone when I get spoiled!


Do you know what amazes me most?

I’m one person.

There are people outing celebs every single day in tabloids. People who actually know, who are “sources” and “insiders” who just want to get paid. But you don’t try and call them out? Some of them even have blogs on here and go on anon on here and ask people to post what they say. But, that’s fine with you, right?

That is not at all what I’m doing.

I’m trying to bring awareness to the fact that closeting still exists and that the world is extremely heteronormative.

You are so offended that I’m pointing out two people’s actions when…that’s no different than Scamharts. Actually, it is, I’m not talking about their sex lives in detail and I’m not publicizing private information.

And yet, you talk about me like I’m the devil incarnate.

You create parody blogs and hate blogs about me. You tag them, so, if I am right, you are literally posting the hate in the tags the cast reads.

You have put so much effort into hating me instead of just blocking me.

I’m one person. If you left me alone, guess what, I wouldn’t be bothering you anymore.

Nothing any of you will ever say will deter me from what I do. I’m not just some stupid fangirl. I’m not a fangirl at all.

If you didn’t antagonize me, there would be no problem. I stay to myself. I’ve even started creating nicknames so I don’t show up in your searches, not even just tags, searches.

But that’s not enough, and you don’t want to block me, cause, the reality is, you need a scapegoat. Someone to make yourself feel better about writing sex stories about real people, and posting personal details about real people.

I’m not doing anything wrong, but you’ve created this fantasy of what I’m doing. You’ve decided that YOU know what KJ and CS want and don’t want. That they are straight because everyone is and that they don’t want to be out cause they haven’t come out.

Guess what? That’s not how the fucking world works.

BLOCK ME. PLEASE. Leave me alone and get back to your lives and fantasies.

I leave you alone, why can’t you afford me the same respect?

If I, one person, bothers you that much? That’s your problem, and you should take a long hard look at why.

That has nothing to do with me or my views.

Leave me alone, stop tagging Jarchie and Coleneti.

If there is even the slightest possibility in your mind that I’m right, STOP.

Do onto others as you want done onto you. I promise you do not want me to do this back to you. (FYI, I never ever would.)

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Just read what happened and i'd like to point out momma dragon your post about "it might notve been rape" kinda.. yea. Delete it.. thatd be the smart move. Will there be any further consequences for the mod who posted it? If not then i will not support this blog and be leaving.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to sound mean here…but maybe instead of TELLING me what would be the “smart move”, you could suggest it…just…common curteousy

Right, to the point then!

About consequences. Mod pasta hasn’t done anything wrong before and yes, I know this is a BIG fuck up but still, I have to be fair about this.
It upset Lady Lucifer and myself when we read it and it’s been deleted now but I can’t get in contact with Mod Pasta right now so there IS that issue…but hopefully I’ll be able to soon, time zones can be a pain sometimes, nothing much we can do about that.

I’m not promising consequences, I’ve sent mod pasta messages and for now, that’s all I’m going to do BUT I would like to ask that you all send in your opinions on the matter…you can go anon if you want but if I think you’re the same anon sending in messages, I’ll ignore them.

So, send in your opinions on what I should do about this issue, I want to be fair but even I will admit this is quite upsetting for me and Lucifer.

I love this blog a lot and finding out that people are unfollowing and upset about this upsets me, I want everyone to feel happy here and not have to worry about trigger warnings, it’s why the blog gets changed sometimes with how we do things, to keep you all happy so please know I AM trying to work this out, I’ve only had the blog for a few months but I don’t want to see it go downhill because of that request so please help me out and send in your thoughts.

- Momma Dragon 🐉 🐉 🐉

Basically what Momma said us how we both feel about this matter. Honestly we don’t want to do anything to upset any of you, we love all of you so much and enjoy writing for all of you so the fact that something like this has happened and has made some of you leave us and most of you upset really, REALLY hurts both of us! Just know that if you ever want to talk personally to either of us without the rest of the blog knowing, just let us know and we’ll give you our personal pages so you can talk with us but please… don’t abuse us! I can handle a fair bit but my tolerance for bull shit is higher than Momma’s, she might be a Dragon but she has a big heart and it’s really tender, abuse often hurts her more than it does me… so please my Little Demons, as upsetting as this is, please please be respectful of Momma and Myself, we didn’t ever want this to happen… 😔

~Lady Lucifer🐾🐾

i… wrote this really long thing last night that got all of my feelings out and now idk about publishing it. it’s a lot of rambling, even though it explains my thought process about what’s been going on in my life and me tryin to figure myself out. I MEAN YIKES RIGHT?? idk if i’ll ever publish it just bc it’s so long but i still want to talk about my main point in the whole thing.

again, i’m trying to figure myself out. and i need you guys to help me with doing that. it’s nothing too extreme. i’m gonna give myself the semester to kinda figure things out. and i think you guys can really, and truly, help me in doing so. just before the actual world knows about this. i’ve only told one of my friends who is going through the same thing. but i figure if i’m gonna experiment, it’s safer here. less confusion.

so, for the time being, can you guys please refer to me as he/him?i want to try and see how that feels to me. if that feels more right. i mean, i didn’t care what anyone addressed me by before, just bc i just truly didn’t mind, but i would like to be referred to this for the time being. if i find that i like it, then i’ll know my answer. if i don’t, then you guys can go back to calling me whatever. i hope you all understand. thank you if you choose to help me. <3
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For the anon who asked: How bout Jon and Theon are friends, and Theon meets Robb and they fuck behind Jons back?


“I write songs too, you know?”
Jon couldn’t bite his tongue still, “Like the one that had a full minute of moans?”
“Welcome to the jungle has moans too!”
“You’re not Axl, you know that, right? It’s important for me that you know that.”
“I would look amazing in those pants though. - Theon pointed out, smug – My ass is better.”
Sam opened his mouth to reply but saw Asha, bottle still attached to her mouth, staring at him and shaking her head slightly as to advise him to not even try.

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V's parents are starting her off small (e.g. her 'task' was to make sure the SSH assimilation goes smoothly) but I think her role in her family is going to increase until she's kind of... in over her head and trapped/panicked because she feels like she can't escape, especially when things inevitably begin to skirt on the lines of legality. I really want to see her reach a breaking point because she's definitely been the most underdeveloped of the core 4 thus far.

I’m not sure. I feel like Veronica can and has stood up to her parents before. Sure, it comes off as bratty sometimes but it still shows she isn’t ‘afraid’ of them. And Cami have spoken about how Ronnie will have the choice to whether steer her parents to the ‘right’ direction or dive deep into the darker side of things. 

I want to see her fail; i want to see her scheming. I want Veronica to snap. I want her to crumble. I just want to see her being other than just a cheerleader for everyone else.

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I agree with what you said about who’s point of view that scene was from, also for the fact that I don’t think Mare would voluntarily choose to be in a room with Ptolemus and Cal, especially not Ptolemus.

Yeah right? I actually don’t know what can happen in War Storm, but I still feel like whatever happens, it’s not like Mare is gonna like to have Ptolemus next to her. But about Cal… I don’t know. She is angry at him now but we don’t know if they are gonna make ammends in the end or something like that (not that I like the idea but whatever) and we don’t know when in the story that snippet is gonna happen… So everything can happen I guess haha But I still think it’s weird that Mare is gonna accept to be somewhere with Ptolemus and being “friendly” (that scene sounds a little bit friendly and chilling)… Like he killed Shade after all.

And I don’t know. Even Mare being pissed at Cal, I don’t feel like she would call him Tiberias in her mind, you know? Like, in the snippet the person calls him Tiberias in their mind, right? Like the person is making an observation about him (and Ptolemus)… The person is not talking to Cal, like “hey, Tiberias, what’s up?” or something like that hahaha That’s why I feel like it’s not Mare. I don’t think Mare would keep calling Cal as Tiberias in her mind. Maybe she will call him by his real name during the book but when she is actuallly TALKING to him, or to someone about him… And I actually still doubt that. I feel like she is gonna call him Cal (but who am I to know? I’m not a Marecal expert haha)

And I know why people tend to believe it’s Mare. Like, lots of Marecal shippers are excited because that can be Mare. And I swear I’m not trying to rain in people’s parade. I would never do that and I think it’s kinda cute that Marecal shippers are all excited and jumpy haha Like… People are allowed to think  (and believe in) everything they want right now cause we have no idea what’s going on haha

In the end I think it can Mare, but I still think there are more chances of that being Iris. I don’t know… I just feel that (I’m weird like that). But like I said, I can be totally wrong! We have no idea of what might happen in War Storm. And Victoria is liking a lot of Marecal comments on Twitter, so yeah, that can be Mare. We just need to wait haha

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Lilly, I’m a 19-year old college sophomore. My pvc, uncurved nightmare dildo has been disposed of. My sad purple wand is overheating to the point I think it will explode and kill me. I live in a single dorm with thin walls and I like deep internal stimulation, love external. I have $50 max to spend on a toy and baby hands. Tantus Curve or Vibratex Mystic Wand?

Well this is a hard call!!! I personally prefer vibrators over non-vibrating dildos. I tried to find you a decent combo of silicone dildo and powerful vibrator so you could replace both right now, but can’t. I would consider pointing you to the Blush Nude Impressions - all internal vibrators can be used externally well, too. This is my review of it.

For $10 less than the Curve, the Acute is similar in style and has the same dimensions.  for $33 there’s the dual-sided Dorcel SO, although one side is HUGE (to me).

I still really like the Mystic Wand, though, and will absolutely recommend it. Just don’t get the Rechargeable version, it’s not as good now.

A bit of context after 47 games:

Two years ago (where they finished T4 for most points in a season in franchise history) the Stars were 29-13-5: 63 pts

Last year (a bad year but they were still very much in the playoff hunt) they were 19-20-8: 46 pts

This year they are 26-17-4: 56 pts

Basically what I’m saying is; we may not have raced out of the box like in 15-16 but this team is winning (and playing much better now than they were at the beginning of the year).

I'm having a hard morning

for various reasons. So far away from all my friends in the community, touch starved, need a tickle companion, blah blah blah, nothing you folks haven’t heard me moan about before. But I guess things reached a breaking point this morning, for whatever reason, because I ended up crying more intensely than I’ve cried in recent memory, for almost an hour. Now, I can definitely enjoy a good cry under the right circumstances. We all need an emotional release sometimes. But this one was hard. This was not a fun cry.

BUT! My friends were there to catch me. Because this is an amazing community, full of wonderful people. And as much as it kills me to be so far away from everyone, I still consider myself lucky to be a part of it.

I wouldn’t be who I am if it weren’t for tickling. And I like who I am.

Thank you all so much for being my friends, @ticklesandstuff @tickle–me–silly @ton-petit-coeur @ticklelynn @ticklishspaceprincess @tickledto-insanity @ticklishlilgirl @ticklishlittlekitten @gbabyyyy23 @fearlesslyticklish and, of course, you, the one reading this post (if I didn’t already mention you). 

I’m looking forward to good times ahead.

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(Different Anon) I swear, are anti-goggles some kind of alternate universe filters or something? Neither Rey nor Ben consented to the force bond—that's the point? That it's outside of both of their control, right? By their "analysis" it's manipulation when he uses it, but pure and wholesome when she does... why is Rey always a victim without agency in their minds? What movies did they watch??? I need a drink.

exactly. also they use the example of him telling her to give him the location of luke but they ignore how at that point kylo still doesn’t kno about the force bond. he thinks she’s using the force on him and then that’s why he goes “wait you’re not doing this right now. the effort would kill you” and says “this is something else.” then that’s when he starts believing they really have this genuine bond w/ each other. snoke likely lied about being the one who created the bond and uses it to mock kylo bc he knows about kylo’s compassion for rey and how much he wants to believe the bond is real. ppl are so dumb thinking kylo was using the bond to “manipulate rey the entire time” rey literally goes to kylo in the hut to talk about what happened when she went down that hole. she reaches her hand out to him first. she ships herself all the way to him. they are ignoring all of these things to claim kylo used and abused their bond. 

You can’t erase fear by force.

One thing that a lot of people know about psychology is that doing something you’re afraid of is a good way to get over your fear of it.  Problem is, they didn’t read the chapter, just the two-sentence summary, and they missed some really important details.

Yes, flooding is a valuable technique in dealing with anxieties and phobias, but it needs to be done right. If the anxiety is significant, it should be done under the guidance of a professional. That’s because doing the thing does not, in itself, erase the fear of it. In fact, being forced to do the thing before you’re ready can make it worse.

Let’s say that I’m afraid of the bus because something very bad happened to me on a bus once. I recognize that the probability of it happening again is remote, but I still feel a lot of fear around buses, maybe to the point that I can’t get on one.

If I get some form of help, start feeling safer, and then decide I’m ready to try the bus again, OK! If I asked you to come with me the first time, it would be really nice and helpful of you to accompany me and help me get through it in some fashion. I might be scared at some points, but if I feel a reasonable level of control through the errand, I’ll probably be less scared of the bus by the end of the trip.

However, if someone decides to force me to take the bus before I’m ready, I’m not going to feel any control when I get on. I’m going to be terrified the entire trip. And so, even if the trip is flawless, the association between bus and fear in my brain has just gotten STRONGER.

Stop playing amateur psychologist, and Do. Not. Force. People. To. Face. Their. Fears.

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hey Jess! so I've not really been watching spn this season ( it just kind of happened) but I'm still keeping up with the show and fandom. I really hope Wayward is everything we've all hoped for, and I hope you enjoy it! I can't wait to see everything I've missed (soon!). Anyway : good luck for tonight? I've no idea if that's the right sentiment but whatever you get my point

Thank you! I’m so excited for everyone to see this episode!!!!

It’s still very strange that the creator of minecraft, arguably the biggest video game released in the last decade - something that has had an immense cultural impact worldwide - went on to become a sheltered, miserable and lonely racist billionaire. The creator of an immense achievement that has inspired millions - who also hasn’t had anything to do with it for years and spends his time regurgitating /pol/ right wing talking points on twitter as he lounges in his mansion, all alone. He sends the tweet and closes his phone, discouraged by the bloated pockmarked face he sees staring at him in the reflection, before attempting to clear his mind with a visit to his candy room.

It is an unsuccessful venture. The candy room can’t soothe him - none of his excessive, wasteful wealth can. “.. a car showroom, vodka and tequila bars, a 54-foot curved glass door that opens onto the pool, eight bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, apartment-sized closets, and a movie theater..” This opulence does not bring him relief, but he hoards it regardless - it’s his, damn it, and he deserves it. He will die in this mansion - this tomb - in bathroom #6 of #15, on the toilet, in the middle of writing a racist inflammatory tweet, because that is the closest thing he gets to human contact anymore. A real connection.


this just in: bunch of funky undersea hipsters float around in a trippy neon fantasy-scape ✨🐠🌊


max taking care of and being soft with anne (◡‿◡✿)