the poet cat

I’m not sure how to describe it anymore, but I know this. I’m not sad. I’m not bruised. I’m not scarred. I’m not struggling to wake up everyday. I’m not fearing what will happen next. I’m not worrying about how I should say something. I’m not worrying about how I should dress. I’m not worried about how loud I laugh. I’m not worried about how much I talk. I’m not worried about doing everything wrong. I’m not scared anymore. I’m happy, and it’s becoming my usual. Things still surprise me, they’re still foreign concepts, but I’m learning what it’s like to have someone care about you. I’m learning how it feels to mean something to someone. How it feels for someone to say “I appreciate you.” and mean it.
—  //I deserved more than I ever let myself have, and now, I’m letting myself have it//

“Ama kedi, kedi olmaktan başka bir şey istemez, her kedi katıksız kedidir, bıyıklarından kuyruğuna kadar…”

Pablo Neruda

Görsel :  George Andrew

One day, one rhyme- Day 1191

My cat stole someone’s bouncy ball
And hid it in the house.
Perhaps she’s bored and wants some toys?
I’ll buy her a toy mouse.
My cat stole someone’s solar light,
The kind that hang on strings.
She is no kleptomani-cat,
She just likes shiny things.
My cat stole the neighbor’s slippers
And fluffy rubber dice.
I rang their bell to return them,
Lucky my neighbors nice!
My cat stole someone’s knitting yarn-
Not cheap either, looked dear.
It’s not like she’s a robber though,
Who can resist cashmere?
My cat stole someone’s war medals,
They called the police chief.
There is no way around it, now.
She’s just a fluffy thief.



Fox is a wee kit late with these due to morning matters, but TA DA! These are some concept artworks from @redphlox and my reverb: Lose Your Soul To A Little More Fire


LYS is a Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker Au, and was inspired by the award winning graphic novel, animation and story from the imagination of Tom Delonge, former lead singer of Blink182 and now lead of Angels and Airwaves. Do check out this brilliant piece of artistry when you get the chance after reading this fic, you’ll be blown to smithereens.

PS- Bonus Art:

You can call them scrapped concepts, or potential for a sequel.  

You know, just in case we broke your spirit! *EVIL LAUGHTER” :D



Glowing eyes peer from
Around the kitchen corner
With a whiplash tail that
Beats against the wall.
A single mew echoes
In the cat hair halls.
She turns around and looks
At me, hissing in horror.

I prefer pictures. Afterall, if I was to journal or write, you would know exactly what I meant. I’d rather not be so open to criticism or rejections or praise even. I’d rather not seem too involved or you know, uncool. Although, there’s nothing cool about me.
I read books and drink teas. I’m passive and boring. I’ve done things. I’m no longer one who… does things. I guess you could say, I’ve changed. Maybe even for the worst but it’s more acceptable, they say.
There I go again…writing instead of letting this thing speak.
I wrote to you years ago and never mailed it. I wanted to send you flowers or something for your pet. You seemed strange and beautiful. I liked that.
I walked by every morning just to see you watering your plants..well spraying them. I wondered what type of tonics you made for them. You seemed like the tonic making type. You always wore something that made you appear to float by. It was something. You were.
I’ve written things about you but I know how people would laugh or say I was crazy. I wasn’t. I adored you. I’m glad I never sent you that letter. This world doesn’t forgive you if your love is too loud or watchful.
I bet you were different than the world.
I’d never know.
(unknown photographer)

Get To Know Me Tag!

Why hello there fine stranger! Having been tagged by @dotson12340 I am now spending my Friday night in the most fantastic way possible…writing alone in a dark room on my laptop. So, here is more than one could ever want to know about me!

Rules: Must answer the questions below and tag 20 of your very own followers to answer them themselves.

Name: Amber 

Nicknames: I mean I have a few, depending on who it is! My friends and history teacher call me Amberino, which kinda sounds like some samba dance to me but since I need an A in history I let it slide. My boyfriend calls me “smol bean” mostly because I am 5 foot 4…but I don’t even like beans. I’ll have to ask him why I’m a bean. My grandparents call me Amber-lance because of their boundless humour and my boundless clumsiness, while my best friend calls me Amberlicious…like the pizza. It’s complicated. 

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio …November baby!

Height: I think I answered this before, 5 foot 4, though I’m 5′5 on a good day!

Orientation: I’ll let you know when I know myself…

Ethnicity: White British, though to be honest it doesn’t even do justice to how pasty I am. In my Year 11 leavers’ photo I look like an extraterrestrial snowman. 

Favourite Fruit: Banana, or as I call it, the *trusty* banana. Not even a euphemism, I just love a good banana…. *wink* 

Favourite Season: Spring or Autumn; I like being able to wear comfy hoodies without freezing, however in the summer I burn like a crisp. (Last summer I went to the beach and I thought I had baptised my body in enough sun cream to be spared from Satan’s rays, but nope! I forgot to plunge the back of my knees in that white goo, which ultimately resulted in me walking like a cripple for the next week.) 

Favourite Book: Oh boy, I remember when I had time to read books, back before Year 13. And well, given that I haven’t read since the sands of time decided it was impossible to enjoy life without plunging into impending doom and missing my university offer I am going to tell you the next book I want to read. That book is Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. 

Favourite Flower: Gosh I don’t know my flowers…pretty ones!

Favourite Scent: Gingerbread and clean sheets, just perhaps not together…

Favourite Animal: Anything smol…little piggies, little doggos, lil’ tortoises  

Coffee, Tea or Hot Cocoa: Hot Chocolate every time, unless I have an exam to cram for and then coffee is my last hope. 

Cat or Dog Person: A cat person, I’ve spent the last year plotting a scheme to make my boyfriend’s cats like me, though they are very high maintenance felines and Socks still runs away from me, despite my best efforts to appease him. 

Favourite Fictional Character: Having not read any books recently I really don’t feel educated on this topic. Therefore I am going to wimp out and say that since I am on Season 2 of Game of Thrones (I am behind the times) Ayra is my favourite character! 

Dream Trip: Travelling through Europe. Although one day I would also love to visit Canana. My history teacher is from Canana and she is ever so lovely!

Blog Created: I am guessing, but I want to say late January or February 2016. 

Number of Followers: As of today, 35,817 wonderful people follow my blog. 

What Do I Post About: I really think the dynamic of my blog has changed over the last year or so that I’ve been posting. At the beginning, I used it as a method of dealing with the anxiety and depression I was facing at the time. This largely anonymous blog was a method of releasing negative emotions and thoughts that I didn’t feel I could continue to burden my friends with. However last summer I met my now boyfriend, and he was a huge help in coaxing me out of a dark time. At the end of the summer when he went back to university, this blog became my venting space for the challenges of a Long Distance Relationship. Nevertheless, sometimes I just post completely random poetry on here, things that I’ve written and would like to share as well as the weird and wonderful thoughts that simply pass through my mind. 

Do I Get Asks on a Regular Basis: I would say yes, and I try to respond to as many as I can. I certainly read all of them. At the moment I’m not taking submissions as I am trying very hard to build up my own presence as a writer first. Though saying that, it is one thing I would really like to do. 

Aesthetic: I’ll be honest, I have no idea. If you’ve made it this far (god bless you if you have) why not drop me a comment or send me a message telling me which aesthetic you think my blog is! 

Favourite Band or Artist: Look, I’m not here to lie to you, I’m a huge Swiftie. I also love Ed Sheeran, All Time Low, Panic! At The Disco, Simple Plan, Coldplay, Lewis Watson, Twenty One Pilots, Woodkid, Anarbor, Melanie Martinez, Arctic Monkeys, The Neighbourhood, The 1975, The Fray…I’m going to stop now, I have no doubt you get the picture. 

Fictional Characters I’d Date: Another fictional character question I cannot answer, one day I must return to these. 

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw! 

I really hope you feel you’ve learnt something new about me. Feel free to ask any questions! :) 

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// A.S 

Pepper- Ann

She howled in the hallways
All night until you opened
The door and called her in
With quick tongue clicks

She came in shortly
Mewing like a kitten
Curling into your feet
At the edge of the bed

You sang to her quietly
While she kneaded quilts
And purred A loud hum heard
Through the whole house

Only stopping once you
Shuffled When she unsheathed
Her claws on your feet
And sunk teeth in surprise

Every time