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I am now the proud owner of a dress that is super unflattering and bag like BUT

1. It is ridiculously comfortable omfg


3. It makes me look like a very stereotypical witch which is ALWAYS goals

I am very happy!

This is the best thing I’ve ever bought :)

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what about like carrying pocket au bois around in ur shirt front pocket like taking them every where?

Admin Mawile: (〃⌒∇⌒) Awwwww~

Shuu: He’ll happily fall asleep anywhere you put him, and can be carried around however you’d like. Just make sure you don’t forget about him. 

Reiji: He dislikes being manhandled, probably won’t appreciate being lifted like a toy, and will find some way of controlling the situation no matter what. 

Ayato: He’s extremely excited to be so high up, and will climb your head in no time to get a better view of what’s around you. 

Kanato: He’s perfectly content to be close to you in almost any way, and will happily curl up in your pocket for as long as you’ll let him stay. 

Laito: He’s fine with being handled, but there’s a good chance he’ll use the opportunity to escape and find somewhere to make trouble. 

Subaru: He’s a bit nervous about being held where he could be dropped, but quickly adjusts when the new view catches his attention. 

Ruki: He’s fine with the handling, but might try to get away if you get too rough with him. Be sure you keep a good hold on him. 

Kou: He will absolutely use the chance to escape just to mess with you, and you’ll need to be very sure you’re keeping a close eye on him. 

Yuuma: He’s more excited by the view than anything, and will stay tame enough to handle for as long as he gets to be with you. 

Azusa: He happily accepts any attention, and will be perfectly easy to handle the whole time, delighted that you want to be with him. 

Carla: He doesn’t like being manhandled, but will calm down once he’s safely in your pocket and given some space to himself. 

Shin: He’ll struggle and bite until he realizes how good the view is, and pout if you try too hard to keep him from wriggling away. 

I’m wearing boys jeans for first time in ages because eww and I forgot how fucking spoilt by pockets they are, like hot damn if there wasn’t a better simile for how girls are meant to look good but not functional in the eyes of men I can’t think of it

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I see that you were anticipating some words from me. And who am I to deny my sweet an eloquent display of words. Words that I wish would reach her heart. Words that I would paint her soul. Words that I seem to lack when I am in her presences, as she leaves me in a state of utter speechlessness. Yes my sweet, I have many words, but I reserve a special set for you. And the only words I fear from those lips I crave to touch, is the safeword. I. Scientia

*reads this over a couple of times*


Imagine: Lonely Saturday

Hoseok’s waiting at home, sick on a Saturday. He’s twisted up in the blankets, one foot hanging out from the bottom because he’s feeling both hot and cold and their dog, Mickey, is trying to squish him with his big head as he cries for attention.

Hoseok misses Jimin.

He wishes his boyfriend were there to pet his hair and to watch Spongebob with him (even though Hoseok would probably fall asleep, he’s so tired), and to make him a cup a tea (even though Jimin hates tea). 

But no, Jimin had a date.

(Not a real date. He just went out with one of his Tall friends–a new one–one that neither Small Folk had met in person but had been talking to Jimin online for a few weeks now. A literal friend of a friend of a friend and Jimin was excited to go grab lunch with them and Hoseok was honestly okay with it but it had been hours. How long did it take to eat Thai?)

Does our baby miss me?

Hoseok squinted at the new Kakao Talk message. He looked over at Mickey, the dog finally giving up on attention and falling asleep quietly.

He won’t stop crying. Hurry home, Jiminnie~ D:

There was no response but he saw that the message was read. Jimin wasn’t the type to ask if his boyfriend missed him too. Hoseok sighed and burrowed deeper into his lonely, sick cocoon.

An hour and a half later, Hoseok heard a click at the door. Peeping one eye open he saw Mickey jump up and run to the entrance to the bedroom just as Jimin came through. Immediately, Jimin dropped to his knees, tiny bags of food landing beside him as he scooped up Mickey’s cheeks with his hands and littered him with tiny kisses and cooing. Then, Jimin turned and made eye contact with his boyfriend.

Hoseok didn’t expect it when Jimin dashed enthusiastically over to the bed, bags and dog long forgotten. He startled a little when Jimin, similarly to before, dropped to the floor and leaned forward instantly with none of his usual hesitation. 

The kiss was long and passionate–

and wet.

“Wow, that was one wet kiss,” Hoseok sniffled. 

Jimin grinned. “Yeah, I know.”

“I wasn’t gonna say anything, but–”

“I know.” Jimin’s smile grew larger.

They both started laughing, heads thrown back with mirth as Hoseok tried to roll up the tissues he’d spewed across the bed and toss them inconspicuously into the bin. 

There was no loneliness in Hoseok’s Saturday night.

(But there was a brand-new cold in Jimin’s Sunday.)

2k17 Pocket Awards

Ok, so I intended to post my award post yesterday BUT it became long af ^^’ I tried reducing it but I didn’t want to erase what I had written so I was kinda stuck… So I decided to make a little series instead ! I’ll try posting each part every two days or so, I can’t promise tho

Opening Ceremony

Imagine all pocket ASTRO members wearing black suits, looking all chic and classy. They all gather, except for Moonbin who is sleeping in a corner. He’s still recovering from the anniversary party, he ate the whole cake instead of sleeping.

“Ok, everything’s ready for the ceremony, we dressed up… I guess we can start now”

“Wait hyung, we didn’t designate the MC !”

“Oh… I didn’t really think about it since it’ll probably end up being Eunwoo as always”

*little whiny noises* “Eunwoo’s always the MC !”

“I’ll do it ! It’s time for me to show I am perfectly fit for this role ! This is my time to shine !”

“Mj-hyung, you’re always shining. I mean, literally. Whenever you “perform” you wear those shiny collar or jackets.”

“Hum, how about you guys take turns ? Since I’m always the MC, I’ll let you do it all this time”

“There are only 4 categories though ? We’re still too many”

“Binnie is sleeping so no problem”

Moonbin suddenly wakes up, like a puppy being called.

“I’m not sleeping ! My eyes are tired that’s all” *yawns* “What were you talking about ?”

“Oh, you ears were resting too ? I didn’t know we could do that”


“Ok sorry, we were deciding about the MCs. Eunwoo-hyung suggested taking turns while he won’t be participating but there’s still one of us who won’t be able to do it”

“Oh… I don’t mind not being MC though. OH ! Can I be the reporter ? We need someone to interview the winners of the night !”

“Ok, it’s settled then. *scream of joy from happy puppy Moonbin in the background* Now let’s finally start our opening ceremony !”

Everyone cheers excitedly. You decided to get them in the mood with quite an uncommon opening ceremony : a photoshoot.

The tiny boys dress up in many suits and have fun doing group shots

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They are true mini models

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But as soon as they hear music they get pretty wild, like sugar-high babies

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But they’re cute, you even made tiny crowns (that wasn’t easy their heads are so small)

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That way even those who won’t win can be the kings of this special night ♥

2k17 Pocket Awards : Opening Ceremony | Gif Post Award | Best Post Award | Best Series Awards | Most Popular Member Award | After Ceremony

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which of the size shifters were born with their powers? and if they weren't then how did they get them

They were all born with their powers but they can’t actually use it until around start of their adolescence. Their size shifting ability isn’t like really special since literally almost every borrower in this universe has it so I wouldn’t really call it a “power”.