the plus size life


self explanatory.

Stop assuming that women on the “plus sized” spectrum can’t pull men!

You’d be a fool lol

I’ll take your man, feed him good, f**k him right and send him back to you with a good heart 😏
(Kidding, I don’t condone cheating)

But seriously, fellas- get a hold of yourselves!
Regardless of what someone looks like, they’re still human!
Everybody is entitled to rejection- never forget that.

I live for the curly bits he gets around his ears when his hair gets long 🙉💕

Get Into My Car

Title: Get Into My Car

Summary:  Dean and the reader are enjoying a night out, until someone ruins the evening

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x Plus-sized Reader

Word Count: 1889

Warnings:  Body shaming, derogatory terms directed toward a plus-sized reader, drinking, explicit language, explicit sexual content, oral sex (female receiving), fingering, smut, nsfw

Author’s Notes:  Written for two challenges: @winchester-writes Drinking Writing Challenge. My drink was Glenfiddich Scotch and my prompt was “What is everyone staring at?!” and @butiaintgonnaloveem Baby’s Big 50 Writing Challenge. My song was Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Car by Billy Ocean. Thank you to @feelmyroarrrr for the amazing idea. This wouldn’t have been possible without my bestie, @mamapeterson and her support, encouragement and words. Love you, T.

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Baby shower bliss 🎀it’s a girl. (im)Patiently awaiting Mia’s arrival!

Nanny to be.

This weekend was great! Between my brothers wedding proposal and my best friend (of 10 years) baby shower, I have hope for the future.

I aspire to be a wife and carry a child someday.
Until then, I’m content with a sister in law and another godchild lol



Last summer, I wore a two piece swim suit for the first time since I was a child. From my early teens until then, I stuck with one-piece swimsuits. I never felt confident enough in my own skin to wear a bikini. I felt like the people around did not want to see so many curves on display.

Last summer, I realized how stupid that was. Wearing a bikini is not about the people around me. It’s about ME. It’s about loving myself as is and not caring so much about what the people around me think.

This summer, I invested in a couple of bold and stylish two-piece swimsuits. I got this one @lanebryant and @dillards. (I cannot wait to share that one! Stay tuned.) I love that this bikini comes with underwire and the embroidery made it feel really special. The bottom is a true high waist, which is surprisingly hard to find.

Bikini: Lane Bryant
Sunnies: @loft
Sandals: Altar’d State
Necklace: @nordstrom

Being plus size and married to Gambit would include...
  • Him buying you the right sized dresses as surprises. (And they look beautiful, not plain or, well, like tents.)
  • He says you’re snuggly.
  • “You look like a hot Renaissance painting.” 
  • “You fill that out quite nicely, Cherie.”
  • You got a craving? Remy will drive across town for it. 
  • He doesn’t think you eat too much.
  • And the person that says you do finds their car blown up in tiny pieces.
  • Remy absolutely adores you in cute lingerie.
  • You have to scold him for saying women on TV look too thin and have no curves compared to you, reminding him everyone is different and no body type is better than the other. 
  • Doesn’t mind you sitting on his lap, even in bed.
  • If people say you’re “too big” for him, he reminds you how much he loves you and that their opinions don’t matter.
  • Getting ice cream at 3 AM when you’re both awake doing nothing.
  • “Those jeans make your butt look like an oil painting.”
  • Constantly staring at you, touching you, kissing you, ect.
  • You have to actually remind him that some touching is inappropriate in public. (IE hand on butt.) He just loves your shape that much!
  • He enjoys cooking all your favorite foods for you.
  • He also exercises with you.
  • His favorite is going on quiet walks.
  • He will not tolerate anyone body shaming you in the street. “You want to say that again, hommes?” 
  • You feel bad for any man body shaming you. If it’s a woman, Remy just throws it back in their face. “That’s right, she IS more woman than you’ll ever be!”
  • He likes laying his head on your  stomach while you play with his hair.
  • Honestly, Remy is just too amused watching your belly and other jiggly parts jiggle and ripple. “Raspberries!-Pbtppppppssss!!”
  • It’s no secret that your shape turns him on. A lot.
  • “You know you have the most beautiful eyes?”
  • Lots of Cajun cooking, of course.

** I’m plus sized, oval or inverted triangle shape I guess. I’m not extra big, but I’m definitely not thin. So I know what I’m talking about when I say dresses can look like tents. Also, I was going to do dating, but married is more fun. And sorry-ish for the food focus, but I’m a fat girl that loves food and a lot of bigger girls do too. But I also know that weight gain can also come from medical disorders. 

Edit: I’m SO GLAD this imagine is liked! I’m afraid that with such a sensitive issue as weight, I might offend someone by inferring Gambit likes your belly fat or whatever. I was trying to keep it all inclusive. Plus size doesn’t always mean fat, it can mean big hips or big breasts on a small frame (my problem!). I was also thinking of girls that are at or over 300 lbs. (YES, Remy could like somone like that in theory. He’s not real, so it doesn’t matter. He might find them really charming. Also, in comics, he’s proven himself to be open minded.) So, again, thanks for the likes/rb’s.