the plumber's apprentice

This is Jules and Simone, sisters and superheroes from the upcoming webseries, Sisters of Mercy. This show is in the preproduction stage, and we’re trying to build an audience. Watch our trailer, send us your hopes and dreams for female superhero characters, give us some encouragement, share with your friends and followers, show us some love!

Sometimes ridiculous and sometimes dead serious, Sisters of Mercy applies a feminist lens to the superhero genre. It’s about complicated and complex women characters, women working together, women making jokes - starring two women of colour!

Here’s more info about Jules and Simone, and why they kick ass:

Jules is a super smart, know-it-all teen. Since her mother’s recent death, she has focused her attention on being the first person to make scientifically-proven contact with the dead. Although the loss of her mother was the initial inspiration for her obsession, it’s the far more narcissistic goal of personal fame and power that pushes her. Jules’ personality and charms have kept her from getting a job and worrying about the impact of her self-centred quest on the life of her sister whose hard work keeps the family afloat.

Simone doesn’t want to be doing any of the things that she does. She resents her responsibilities, but you’d never know. A year after her mother’s death, Simone has had to make all the decisions that someone much older should be making. She works her butt off all day as an apprentice plumber and spends her evenings caring for Jules and her often non-responsive father. Despite that, Simone is still the person you would nominate for “most well-adjusted”. She is kind, tough-as- nails, and keeps up with the raunchy jokes of her male coworkers. She will fix your toilet, balance your family chequebook and embrace you in her warmest hug all in one day.

Watch the trailer here.