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I don’t always look like a sweaty slob! I couldn’t quite make it to the full 20 minutes of running C25K asked of me on Friday, but I made it 13 and I’m pretty proud of that. I’m planning on repeating week 5 next week. I might have made it if I didn’t eat a half ton of BBQ nachos at Plowboys (Thanks for the suggestion @fatmaninalittlesuit!) the night before. 😂

I definitely had more than 11,000 steps yesterday also since we walked to Fogo de Chao for dinner later. My fitbit clashed with my fanciness though, so it stayed in the hotel room. We’re back home in Iowa now and I’m actually SO excited to get my eating back to normal. Turns out being bloated and full all the time isn’t so fun for me anymore.

feel good fic recs

THE QUICKIEST OF QUICKIE non-angsty, feel good, light and fun and sometimes porny fics, in case you all need a little well deserved escapism today: 

Pretty much everything by @conversationswithjohnlock but for quicker funsies High and Tight, Soft and Loose (massage therapist misunderstanding) and All the Flavours, Cherry and More (lingerielock)

Adjacent (adjoining hotel rooms!) by @weeesi and also Midnight Plowboy (Sherlock has a gay porn collection…John discovers it)

Toaster Oven Instruction Manuals by @ewebie (domestic fluff!)

Sherlock Swifties and John Swifties by ChrisCalledMeSweetie (joke-based fics based on Tom Swifties)

A classic:

The glory hole story that does not deserve a title by @giveusakiss413 which I will pimp til my dying day because it’s exactly as dirty as you might think and twelve times more delightful. Unilock, uh, Sherlock has a crush on John. John is interested in the rumour that there’s a glory hole in the chem building loos.

Hope this relieves some stress. Godspeed, Americans!

@seriouslymarythough and @hubblegleeflower for your consideration.

Family: they’re great! Except when they’re terrible. Whether you’re expecting a difficult holiday season this year or not, here is a collection of happy, hopeful, fluffy stories that settle in you like hot chocolate on a cold day. I chose some of the fics and authors I find myself returning to time and again because these stories are, to me, a little bit of home: familiar, welcoming, and comforting when times get hard. A lot of them are popular, and for good reason, and there might be a few new ones in here as well. 

Pillow Replacement, by Atisenia. Visiting Sherlock’s parents makes John a great pillow. 

About Sleep and Coffee and the Existence of Fate, by atiki. 5+1 marriage proposal fic.

Back to the Start, by slashscribe. Some things can only be told through music.

Time Enough, by airynothing. Soulmate AU.

Division, by MrsNoggin. Coffee shop AU.

Five Times John Cooked Something With Peas and One First Kiss, by 221b_careful_what_you_wish_for. For eating your vegetables and falling in love.

The Boy Who Drank Stars, by kinklock. For when reality is too damn much and you need to get away into something a little more fantastic.

Absurditites, by oxfordlunch. Food truck AU. Listen to me. Food truck AU.

The Edinburgh Problem, by snorklepie. Intricate case fic for long car rides or tuning out grandma’s latest rant about kids these days. 

when the evening shadow and the stars appear, by hudders-and-hiddles. Slow dancing, swayin’ to the music.

Working on the Edges, by earlgreytea68. Winter Olympics sports AU.  

In a Bulletproof Vest With The Windows All Closed, by caitlinfairchild. The Doctor Who crossover pep talk “this sucks but we keep going” fic. 

Midnight Plowboy, by weeesi. As the perfection distraction to read under the dinner table during dessert.  

1895/2015, by itsallfine. This day belonged to us, and it always will. 

Yellow Tulips, by Salambo06 and weweretold. John is a florist, Sherlock is a customer, love is in the air.  

And as the seasons change, I love you more, by Teatrolley. This is actually a fluff fic, but fair warning: I cry every time. It’s that good. 

Pillow Talk, by scullyseviltwin. A quick morning pick-me-up. Use as necessary.

a good old-fashioned happy ending, by darcylindbergh. Absolutely shameless self-promotion. Exactly what it says on the tin.

Speaker for the Bees, by antietamfalls. A little bit of everything you could hope to ask for. 

Everything, by patternofdefiance. Sleepy Sherlock meets morning sex. 

That Partitioning of the Things of Youth, by wearitcounts. A classic fic for a classic trope.

A Brand of Gold, by aquabelacqua. Sexts, with feeling. Lots of feeling.

Fever Dream, by astudyinrose. Fevered confessions to read while ignoring whoever is asking “so what are you doing with your life?” for the umpteenth time.

A Quiet Murmuration, by cathedral_carver. Does this fic not go on every fluff rec list? It should.

Nightcap Fic Recs

I was inspired by a discussion on this month’s @threepatchpodcast. They were talking about those nice little fics you can read before bed to send you off to a pleasant dream time, like a nightcap. So, here’s a bunch of fluff and smut, mostly smut because I’m me. As I find more, I’ll post them with the tag #nightcapfic. If anyone wants to add to the list or post their own, yay! Tag me in that shit.

I’ll be posting the summaries from Ao3 rather than reviews because otherwise, I’d be writing This is delightful! over and over.

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In the long-ish list of ‘times Ohtaka-sensei speaks to my very niche interests’, I’m really glad Kou had a character who got his position through the Chinese Civil Service Exam. At times, I do think that MAGI is a bit overloaded with royals, secret royals, and used-to-be royals, but Ka Kobun is someone who went from plowboy to prime minister based on the Civil Service Exam.

The Civil Service Exam remained relatively unchanged from the early 7th century to the start of the 20th.  Bureaucrat hopefuls would have to work their way up 3 levels of exams: local, provincial, and imperial.  Test takers would spend 3 days and 3 nights in a 6 x 3 ft (183 x 91 cm) cell.  Exam questions covered topics including military strategy, agriculture, and geography.  Tang dynasty exams also included a poetry composition section.

In contrast, assignment based on standardized testing did not take root in Europe until much later. The British Civil Service exam, for example, was based directly off of the Chinese model and established in 1855.  French, German, and American exam systems came soon after.


BBC Podcasts: Wang Anshi - The Mandarin (15 min)