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What We once were

I truly hope so much that you like this story. It’s based of what was for months my reality. 

Plot: Y/N is in love with Harry and doesn’t understand why he cuts her off. 

Warnings: Mentions of violent behavior, however not in detail.

Picture isn’t mine which is quite sad. 

It was safe to say that I loved him far too much for my own good. Maybe it was the way he looked at me, eyes wide and full of warmth and with a hint of… wonder. He looked at me as though he was the only one who saw me as me, the person I truly was. And yet at the same time I know now that he also always saw me as somebody I couldn’t possibly be. Somebody I didn’t even want to be and now am glad I never became, even if it resulted in costing me him. To this day I think it was this misperception of his that doomed the two of us to fail.

Harry caused me so much unnecessary pain, forced me through a seemingly infinite amount of sleepless nights.

How had I ever made that man to somebody I cared about so deeply? I truly wish I hadn’t.

I stumbled into Harry’s life at a time when the both of us felt terribly out of place. He’d befriended a friend of mine and was soon thrown into a new group of friends, one that I happened to be part of a well. Of course he was on good terms with everybody and held the attention of everyone.

It caught me by surprise when Harry and I became friends. I’d expected to be just as much of a bystander in his life as I was in the lives of the other’s but for some reason he made an effort to know me. I let him of course, gladly in fact since I was just as much pulled under his spell as the rest of us were and greedy for any bit of attention he could spare.

Soon I discovered that he was funny, kind and not half as cocky as he always pretended to be. Harry made me happy. It was far too easy to fall in love with him it happened without me even noticing.

It would be nice if this story would turn into one of those that end with the two friends looking closely at each other, smile and then realize at the same time that the partner they had been dreaming of had been right there in front of them all along. What’s more beautiful than mindless flirtations turning into true words of love? I’ll say it right now this is definitely not that kind of story. If anything it’s the opposite.

“You should come with us,“ Harry suggested one day.

We were queueing for coffee, something we did at least once a week since he’d introduced me to this part of the city where we’d found what was undoubtedly the best cafe ever. I’d somehow hoped he would invite me to the party tonight, but at the same time I dreaded the thought of going.

I bit my lip. “Wouldn’t I be a bit out of place?“

“Next!“ Moving quickly I informed the barista of our orders and payed for them both before following Harry who’d already walked over to the side of the counter where our coffee’s would be served. He smiled when I followed him.

“Rubbish,“ Harry spoke, grinning at me with that smile I thought about far too often when alone, “You’d just stick to my side like you usually do.“

This idea I liked. Harry’s grin widened when I nodded. “Okay.“


Harry squeezed my shoulder before glancing to our right when’re a beautiful young woman came to a stand, checked something on her phone and then moved to sit down at a table near the wall. A sour taste settled on my tongue and I cleared my throat.

“Only so that somebody’s looking after you, which isn’t a piece of cake,“ I  said, smiling when I successfully distracted his attention away form the pretty female and back to me, “Drunk Harry is a pain in the arse I’ll tell you that much.“

Harry shook his head with arched brows. „Watch it love, ’nother comment like that one and m’gonna pinch you.“

“As if you’d dare,“ I laughed, but shrieked and moved away when his fingers reached out to assault my hips. “Ouch! Be nice!“

We waited another minute or two before he thanked the barista with a warm smile while handing me my coffee.

“How much do I owe you?“ he asked, taking a sip from his mug.

“Don’t worry about it. You payed for both of us last time.“

“Oh, so now you can be nice to me, huh?“ Harry playfully nudged my side with his arm and nodded towards the exit, silently asking for us to leave. Well, less asking than demanding it.

My heart sank a little. I’d hoped we would sit down and enjoy our coffees together and through that prolong our time spent alone with one another, but I assumed he already had other plans.

“I’ll pick you up at ten,“ Harry informed me out on the street, his hand a constant warmth at the small of my back. “That way we’ll be an hour later than everybody else and there when the fun really starts.“

I rolled my eyes. “Sure. Whatever you say.“

“That’s the spirit,“ Harry joked, laughing when I glared at him, “I’ll see you then.“

My heart skipped a beat when he leaned in, lips finding my cheek in a lingering kiss before he allowed his arms to wrap around my waist in a tight embrace. The untamable curls of his tickled my neck when he let his face nuzzle my skin momentarily and I giggled in delight, heart thrumming heavily upon hearing him quietly chuckle.

“I’ll see you later,“ I confirmed, more to myself than to him in order to soften the sting of us having to part, “Bye, Harry.“

I squeezed him to me one more time before letting him release me. He stepped back and for a moment I believed to see something change in his eyes. With a final wave he made his way towards the taxi station nearby while I turned to walk to the nearest bus stop.


Harry’s hand was holding mine tightly (his doing, not mine), our fingers intertwined and my heart singing. I smiled and let him pull me with him as he went to say hello to all of the people he knew at the bar, which were many. Nobody questioned our interlaced hands and my cheeks warmed at the thought of people not doubting for a moment that I could belong to Harry’s side.
While Harry spoke to one of his friends my eyes scanned the faces of the people around us and to my distaste found the all too familiar and rather attractive features of Cherry, Her evil eyes glared at me briefly before widening upon noticing Harry, her desire for him as clear to see for everybody as her red painted lips were. I shuddered and turned more into Harry’s side, reminding myself that it was me he’d asked to come with him and not her. I didn’t look but I could feel her angered gaze of jealously on my frame. I couldn’t fight the smile pulling at my lips. The next person I was was Jake, a friend, who smiled and raised his hand in a short wave. I waved back. Him I quite liked.


Harry’s eyes found mine briefly before he released my hand and let my friend Lucy embrace me so tightly I could hardly breathe.
When she let go again I was immediately forced into a conversation with her and before I could do anything to stop her she pulled me away and out of Harry’s sight.

The night turned out to be fun though, especially when Harry joined me shortly after saying hello to Cherry and only left my side after an hour when our friend Riley suddenly came hurrying towards us, saying that he needed to talk to Harry. I watched him walk away longingly.

“You know,“ Lucy began while biting onto the blue straw of her drink, “he really likes you.“

“We’re best friends,“ I shrugged, turning to her, “He better like me.“

“No, silly,“ Lucy rolled her eyes and nudged my arm, “I mean he fancies you. Maybe not as much as you do him since you’re practically head over heels for that guy, but still. I’m sure if you were to say anything he’d be happy to go out with you.“

With flushed cheeks I looked around us, hoping nobody had heard her words.

“I don’t want to risk anything,“ I confessed quietly, “I’d rather be his friend than be nothing at all. Besides, it’s the guy who has to take the first step, not the girl.“

At that Lucy laughed loudly, her long hair fell over her shoulders and I briefly admired how pretty she was.

“Welcome to the 21st century, Y/N. And don’t you think he already made the first step? Several times, actually? Think about it. He invited you here to come with him. He escorts you home every time you’re out late with us and he constantly calls or texts you. Jake told me the other day that he drove past the two of you when Harry was walking you home and he didn’t dare stop to say Hi, thinking he might otherwise interrupt something.

“Jake is being funny then,“ I replied, ignoring the heavy squeeze my heart gave, “Harry is like that with many girls.“

“But only with you it is real.“

I didn’t reply any further and did my best to change the subject, silently urging my heart to calm down. I wished Lucy’s words were true. I wanted Harry to adore me as much as I adored him.

Harry didn’t adore me as much as I adored him. It was about one week after that night that he told Lucy he hated me. 
Her expression had been one of pity and I could tell it was hard for her to speak the words, fully aware that they would break my heart, but I’d begged her to tell me what it was I had done to make Harry draw away from me. And that was all she got out of him.
Harry hated me, wanted nothing to do with me and felt as though he had absolutely no place for me in his life anymore. 
And while my world shattered at his sudden change of heart, he seemingly stayed unaffected.

“What can I say,“ Lucy recalled his words were, “I guess when one door closes, another one opens.“

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I continued to speak to Lucy and drink, though I made sure not to get drunk so I would be sober should Harry decide to get wasted. I was to keep my word and take care of him, which I didn’t mind at all.

“Can’t believe you’re doing this for him,“ Lucy said, brows arched, “Make sure that he’s actually drunk this time.“

I rolled my eyes, remembering with a foul taste in my mouth when Harry had pretended to be drunk and forced me to drag him home, making me then walk back to my apartment alone and in the middle of the night only to later on reveal that it had all been an act.

“Wanted to see if you were a good friend or not,“ Harry had laughed after humiliating me in front of everybody, “And you passed!“

It hurt me how easily he could play with my feelings for him and I know that I should have left him then. But of course I had instead forgiven Harry without thinking about it twice.

We were interrupted by a guy named Cory. His tall figure loomed over the two of us and he looked very much out of breath. Though he didn’t know me it was my face his eyes instantly found.

“Y/N, right? You need to come with me. Now.“

I was grabbed without further explanation and dragged with such quick steps it was difficult for me to keep up. I was confused and wondered what a guy I didn’t even knew could want from me.

Though when we reached outside I realized it wasn’t Cory who needed something from me, but Jake.

My good and kind friend Jake was crying. His body shook and his face resembled the color of a sheet of paper. The blue of his eyes was swimming in tears and the evident fear in his orbs frightened me. My stomach turned when I noticed how his right cheek shone with a flaming shade of red. I stumbled towards him, heart beating heavily in my chest.

“Jake, what-“

“Y/N. No.“

I flinched at Harry’s rough words and when my surprised eyes met his I froze. With his back stood against the brick wall of the building I hadn’t noticed his presence at first but now that I looked at him not even the dark could hide the heavy movements of his chest, the raw anger in his burning eyes. Instantly my worry was for him.

“Harry? What happened?“

My eyes wandered down and the racing of my heart increased at the sight of his trembling fingers, the knuckles of his hand already swollen.

I moved towards him and reached out for his arm before my brain could catch up. “Oh god, Harry, are you alright?“

Tears threatened to form at the sight of the one I loved in pain. Harry gently squeezed my fingers.

“I’m okay, love, don’t worry. Go. I don’t need you to see this.“ This time his tone was kind.

I turned to look at Jake. He’d shrunk back when I’d moved to stand by Harry’s side instead of his and I noticed how his tears increased, smearing his flaming cheek. I didn’t understand and desperately searched for answers in Harry’s face, but his expression had already hardened again. It was when his dark eyes found Jake’s trembling form that I realized what had happened. There was no kindness in his stare.

I let go of Harry’s hand and stepped back. “Harry, what did you do?“

Jake sobbed, breaking my heart further. I felt tears burn my eyes and roll onto my cheeks before I could stop them and I turned to look at the friend I felt was like my brother. With my entirety shaking I stepped closer and tried to reach for his hand.

“Are you okay?“ It was a stupid question to ask somebody who was so clearly devastated.

Jake nodded.

“Y/N,“ Harry growled form behind me, “Leave him be and go back inside. You have no business here so stay out of it.“

His voice was back to being harsh.

Still I pressed on.

“Did Harry do that?“

I didn’t need Jake’s nod to know the answer to my question.

It wasn’t the first time I’d been a witness to Harry’s short temper. He’d lashed out at people before my eyes more times than I liked to admit, but never before at one of our friends.
Never somebody we cared about. 

At first he would always scream and if the person confronted then didn’t step back, Harry would let his muscular physic do the talking.
I’d been so frightened when it had happened for the first time as I before that incident only knew him as a kind, warm and loving guy who did everything he could for his friends. Upon meeting him I wouldn’t have ever believed he’d be the type to solve his problems with physical strength, but over time I’d learned that if you push the false buttons, he could get as angry as a hurricane and destroy everything around him.
Normally he always tried to make sure I didn’t see.

“Oh Jake,“ I cried and moved to hug him.

Harry made a sound like I imagined a wild tiger would right before killing his prey.

“Y/N, I swear to god, go the fuck inside!“

“Stop it, Harry! Can’t you see you’ve done enough?“ I was properly sobbing now, “What the hell were you thinking? You hit Jake!“

“That prick deserved it,“ Harry spoke cruelly, “Didn’t you, you little shit?“

“Hey man, calm down, okay? I think he gets it,“ Cory intervined.

He’d stayed silent until now.

Jake’s swimming orbs found my face. “I’m going home.“

I brushed my hands against the wet skin of my cheeks and nodded. My friend’s scared eyes found the man’s who stood behind me before quietly continuing.

“Come with me.“

“She’s staying, aren’t you, Y/N?“ Harry’s tone was almost mocking, “She came here with me so she stays until I take her home. She doesn’t need you to do that.“

My head hurt and I shook my head. Breathing was difficult.

“Jake,“ I whimpered, “Just go, okay? Text me when you’re home.“

I knew my reply disappointed him but at the same time it was hardly a surprise. Of course I would stand by Harry’s side still. Of course there wasn’t anyone who I would choose over him. Harry knew it, too and grinned at the both of us with an unfamiliar shade of evil in his eyes.

I faintly heard him mumble the words Good girl.

My stomach turned.

“I can go home by myself.“

Jake moved to leave and when I turned to look at Harry his expression had changed from one of anger to one of surprise. I noticed that his eyes were back to their clear green color that wasn’t at all frightening and when I took a step back and out of his reach he frowned.

“Y/N,“ he spoke softly, “C’mon. I’ll take you home later.“

I shook my head. “I want to leave now.“

He sighed. “We’ll leave now, then.“

Once more he reached out to touch me and just like before I flinched away from his touch. The blood on his hand made me sick.

“I said I can go by myself, Harry.“


Any other person would have understood.

Of course I couldn’t bear to be in the presence of the male who’d just inflicted such pain and fear on one of my closest friends. It was all too much and I cried on my way home, thankful that the taxi driver didn’t dare asking what the matter was.

Jake texted me that he was fine and though none of what happened was my fault I apologized profoundly for what Harry had done.
But that was it. I didn’t offer to come over and take care of him, in fact I didn’t address the subject at all anymore the moment I found out what had happened.
Apperaantly Jake had run his mouth about something Harry didn’t like and before he’d been able to react or apologize Harry’d already begun to inflict physical pain on him, completely void of any compassion for his friend.

I felt bad, I really did, and though I was angry and upset with Harry, the fear of him resenting me should I side too much with Jake kept me from being a good friend to him.

I picked Harry without even consciously making the choice.


When I went to tell Lucy about what happened the night before she said that she already knew. Harry had told her everything after I’d left him standing outside the bar.

“He was pretty pissed at you,“ she said with worried eyes, “Said he doesn’t want to see you anymore.“

I shuddered. “Maybe I should call him. Talk things out.“

But he didn’t pick up. Not the first time I tried and not the fifth either. He didn’t even respond to my messages.

Slowly I could feel myself freak out. We’d had some spats here and there, arguments that had made him shut me out and avoid talking to me, but so far whenever I reached out to apologize he warmed up and welcomed me back at his side.

Only this time I honestly felt like there was nothing for me to apologize for. I wasn’t the one who’d laid hand on Jake, who’d commanded a friend around as though they were my property and I hadn’t been the one to spoil the whole night for everyone.

“Just apologize to him,“ Lucy advised after I’d spent three days with absolutely no word from Harry, “He’s on good terms with Jake again. After letting out his aggression Harry accepted Jake’s effort of making things okay.“

“Good for them,“ I said, genuinely meaning it, “But there is nothing I could apologize for and nothing that I did wrong that night. Harry knows that, too.“

In all honesty I felt as though it was Harry’s turn to apologize to me. So many times before had it been me who’d tried and tried to reach out for him to make things right, often I even let myself down just to please him and that just couldn’t happen again.
I would wait, I decided, wait for him to respond to one of my innocent messages, hoping desperately that this choice wouldn’t cost me him. 

But of course that was exactly the price I had to pay for not backing down this time.

Harry could be so kind. He was the first person to be there for me when I was in trouble, he always protected me against anything and anyone who made me uneasy and most importantly through him I experienced a never before encountered feeling of being needed. 

To him I was important and he appreciated me every day.

At times he was gentle and funny, blushing whenever he managed to make me laugh and his eyes would sparkle so lovingly it made my heart flutter.

He wasn’t all manipulative, arrogant and selfish.

I think Harry liked to think of me as an obedient and kind girl that wasn’t difficult to keep around. And he most certainly knew I was in love with him. So when I chose not to let myself down and apologize for standing up to him he was surprised and angry.
I’d proven his perception of me wrong and this newly discovered girl wasn’t who he had much use to.

Never before in my life had I cried so hard. It was like I couldn’t breathe, my chest was crushed under an immense weight and I was robbed of any feeling of comfort. Some nights it got so bad I was hysterical and trashed around in my bed with no hope of finding rest. It felt like I was forcefully ripped open and everything Harry had left in my heart was taken away. Left was a sickening emptiness.

I was devastated.

Harry hadn’t responded to any attempt I’d made at reaching out and after a while I had been forced to give up. So instead I sent Lucy to talk to him and find out what he believed I did wrong only for her to come back with the most awful news.

“Harry was so angry, Y/N,“ Lucy had said, voice quiet and careful, “So much so he acted completely indifferent. He said that you know exactly what you did, that he hates you for it and never wants to see you again.“

She might as well have knocked me out.

Lucy nervously toyed with her hands. “I’m so sorry, Y/N. There really was nothing I could do to calm him.“


Hearing that the person you love feels hate towards you is the most intense kind of heart break that can be inflicted upon you by a loved one. Any sense of warmth is sucked out of you, your skin is in a constant state of shudder and your heart might as well not be there. The sickness you may feel before sitting through an important exam or before your first day at a new job, that kind of nerve wrecking sickness doesn’t ever go away again.

Your body is always on alert. Not even sleep brings rest.
It is pure torture to bear a broken heart and it takes so much time until it gets better.


The crying didn’t stop and I had no control over it. My eyes began to tear up without me noticing and due to the constant ache in my heart it was difficult to tell when my body was overwhelmed by it. During those times I searched for solitude and refused to spend time with the large group of people I’d once called my friends. Lucy and a small handful of them were the only ones I wanted to be around, anyone else I knew would instantly go and tell Harry about the pitiful state I was in.
And he didn’t need to know how much him leaving me had shattered my entire being.

To my luck the intense pain, confusion and disappointment followed a lot of anger. Like, more anger than I ever knew I was capable of feeling. That helped so much and for the first time I could feel myself slowly getting close to feeling okay again.

Because honestly: How dare he put me aside like I was a used doll to him? How dare he pretend like I wasn’t the best friend he had? How dare he act as if I hadn’t always put him first, before myself even?

I hissed in anger at the mere thought of all the things I’d done for him, every sacrifice, every time I let myself down to please him. If he messed up, I was there to help make things right, if he was upset, I was there to cheer him up. Me, me me. Always Me.
And now what? I had cried at the sight of my friend in pain and that made ma a traitor?

“I’m okay,“ I told Lucy one afternoon after she asked me how I was coping. Five weeks had passed since Harry had stopped talking to me and I was happy to admit that my words were only half a lie.

“That’s good,“ she gave me a small smile before her expression hardened and she looked away. “He asked about you today.“

I almost chocked on my tea. Lucy elaborated: “I ran into him at the cafe he likes so much. He asked where I was going and when I told him he wanted to know how you were doing.“

“What did you say?“ I wondered, my voice much steadier than I expected.

She peered up at me form under her lashes. “That you were good.“

I nodded. “Good.“

“I also asked if I should talk to you and help him make things right again.“ Lucy looked at me expectantly.

With brows arched in surprise I cleared my throat. “You did? What did he say?“

“Nothing he just shook his head. But that’s only because he’s prideful, Y/N, trust me. If you were to call him now I’m certain he would want to talk.“

Slowly I raised the mug I held in both hands to my lips and took a sip. When I looked at her again I knew my slightly puffy eyes were hard.

“Well, I’m not going to.“

“You should,“ Lucy protested, “Put you both out of your misery.“

I shook my head. “He’s the one who acts as if I did the worst possible thing to him when in reality I have done nothing. No, I am definitely not going to crawl back to him like a whipped dog that learned its lesson and damn him if he thinks I will. Maybe he regrets being a dick to me but then it sure as hell means that it’s his turn to come back. After all, he’s the one that left.“

When I finished I was out of breath and my hands trembled.

“I didn’t know you were this angry,“ Lucy admitted, her eyes holding surprise, “I expected you to be happy about these news.“

“Well I’m not,“ I answered, “This is just another stupid test of his and after crying every night for almost a month now I no longer care if I fail it.“

“He told me you were the one who left.“

I gaped at her. “What?“

She shrugged. “In his version of the story you’re the one who backed away form him after what happened to Jake. He thinks you are the one who left.“

Once more my body was set on fire with anger.
“That’s what this is about?“ I cried, “He hates me for not holding the hand he used to beat my friend with?“

Lucy bit her lip, then she nodded.

“Fuck him then,“ I said harshly, “What a self centered prick. I was frightened sick and he is so selfish that me taking a step back and insisting that I needed a moment alone is enough for him to throw us away?“

There was a pause of silence and slowly my breathing calmed again.

Lucy cleared her throat. “Okay, well… it’s your choice. I just know how much you care for him and even after everything he did I’m sure he cares about you just as much. And as your friend I must say that I can’t bear to see you so hurt all the time.“

At that I smiled kindly. “If he cared as much about me as I do for him he wouldn’t be spending all of his time with Cherry at his side.“

Lucy’s face fell. “I didn’t think you knew about that.“

I shrugged. “Hard not to. Her Instagram is full with pictures of them together. Her hugging him, him holding her waist, them dancing. He doesn’t seem to miss me too much.“

“She’s a distraction and has a pretty head that is as empty as a head can be,“ Lucy spoke harshly, “He knows that she is nothing compared to the friendship he had with you.“

I shrugged once more. “He doesn’t seem to mind. And as long as he doesn’t try to come back to me with a solid apology I couldn’t care less if Cherry bores him out of his mind.“


Nights were still the worst. That was when my head was haunted by every moment I ever spent with Harry, every laugh we shared, every touch. My poor heart was tortured with the memory of him kissing my cheek, leaving the skin hot and burning. I was reminded of the wide smile he wore whenever he saw me and the look of his arms held open wide for me to step into.

What I found myself missing most though was his smell. I’d grown to love his scent, found it comforting and every night I feared I would forget it one day.

Nights were when I allowed myself to cry and mourn the hope of love I’d lost with him.

I missed laughing with him, because he was still the funniest person I knew. I longed to hear him talk, because he had such a smart mind. I couldn’t bear to think that I would never get to feel his arms around me again and it hurt to imagine that I would never have his protection again.

After giving him so much importance in my life it was difficult to cope without him. But I did. And after two months of no word of him, it truly was no longer a lie when I said that I was feeling good.


It was almost like he knew that my heard had mended and I believed he understood that as his cue to come back and fuck me up again.
I stared at my phone with shock. I had one missed call from Harry and four new texts.


How are you?

Can we talk?


Almost three months. That was how long he’d waited to reach out again. More than 40 nights of crying, more than 30 days of feeling like I was only a shell of myself.
And all I got was a Hey. How are you? Can we talk? Sorry. 
A ‘Sorry’ was all that my pain was worth.

„Fuck you, Harry,“ I muttered.

I reached for the device sitting before me, unlocked the screen and pressed onto the message until the small window popped up.

Are you sure you want to delete this chat? My phone asked.

I didn’t hesitate to press yes.

To this day I knew that there was nobody I loved as deeply as I did Harry.

Even after doing everything in his power to break my heart, I can’t help the small jump out of rhythm and the tiny squeeze it gives whenever I happen to see his face somewhere. So many years have past and both of our lives are so different now.

We don’t speak. We don’t reach out.

But his stare lingers when he sees my face and so does mine. It’s as if we’re both reminded of who we once were and for a moment we wonder what we’ve become.

Thank you for reading this! 

So, I guess things aren’t looking too good for Nicole in 2x10, are they? Based on this description, I’d say that she might be coming face to face with her own mortality quite soon.

Which would make me feel pretty nervous, if not for Purgatory Case Files.

Now, I should say that I haven’t been digging as far in the Case File mystery as some (and kudos to y’all that have been hardcore sleuthing). But I’ve been trying to keep up with what I think may be most relevant to the main plot, and/or might end up in the show in coming episodes.

To that end, it’s been a pretty interesting week. Because it seems that within the past few updates, Josh Miller has summoned Baron Samedi.

If you haven’t yet researched the Baron, here’s what you need to know: Baron Samedi is one of the Loa of Haitian Vodou. Specifically, the Loa of the dead.

He is noted for disruption, obscenity, debauchery, and having a particular fondness for tobacco and rum. Additionally, he is the loa of resurrection, and in the latter capacity he is often called upon for healing by those near or approaching death, as it is only the Baron who can accept an individual into the realm of the dead.

Josh Miller attempted to summon Baron Samedi to resurrect his late girlfriend. But, being the cantankerous, flippant loa that he is, the Baron determined Miller was unworthy and spurned (for… familial reasons) his request.

Now, did Baron Samedi simply return to the invisible realm of the loa after this unfortunate rejection? Hell no. Dude’s here to party! He’s got some fresh cigars, a bottle of rum, and a Purgatory-shaped powder keg in need of some serious reaping. So, he’s… what? Just roaming around it seems, waiting in the wings to usher in some dead.

Or, you know. Not.

As well as being master of the dead, Baron Samedi is also a giver of life. He can cure any mortal of any disease or wound, if he thinks it is worthwhile. His powers are especially great when it comes to vodou curses and black magic. Even if somebody has been afflicted by a hex that brings them to the verge of death, they will not die if the Baron refuses to dig their grave. So long as this mighty spirit keeps them out of the ground, they are safe.

Baron Samedi is a definite wildcard, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sure, he turned away Josh Miller because he didn’t like the cut of his jib (okay, so… it was maybe more than just the jib), but if he were to stumble upon an expiring soul that he did, indeed, deem worthy…

This is where I believe the show and Case files may finally, fully cross paths. If it comes down to Wynonna or Nicole, and a life needs to be taken, Nicole is a goner. We know this.

But if there’s anyone in this morally ambiguous town of Purgatory that Baron Samedi might deem worthy of being pulled back from the brink of death, I have a pretty good guess as to who that may be…

tl;dr This is genre TV. There’s a much a chance of Nicole being resurrected as there is of her being killed.


“Sky and Stars”

I keep seeing people putting him in Demon!Ciel’s colors, which works I guess because he does seem very sinister so far, but I also feel like it’s completely a missed opportunity since our!Ciel never wears red.

I’ve been calling him Astre, which I know a lot of the fandom has adopted as Ciel’s “original” name, but I’ve been calling the twin that instead because of the association with Sirius and stars. Also he can’t be Ciel because Ciel is Ciel. I’ve been in this fandom seven bloody years and I’m not switching names now. So Astre it is. XDDD I sort of hope he isn’t the “evil twin”, but considering what’s happened so far I don’t know how fruitful that hope will be. But I like him. I wasn’t sure how I was going to react if this twist finally happened, but when it did my reaction was basically “holy shit it’s him this is happening oh my god” so it’s all good. ^_^

I’ve seen some people complaining that the plot twist is too obvious, but I feel like that’s a victim of the format more than anything. When it’s only one chapter a month, there’s a lot of time to look back for evidence if you have an idea. We’ve had years to puzzle this out and find the clues, whereas if you were just reading straight through, you probably wouldn’t notice the specific hints until it was too late.

Either way, I’m excited to see where this is going. Personally I think Lizzie’s the one who will reveal Ciel’s “real” name, but I don’t know. This is going to be so interesting!

i’ve only seen clueless one time but i didn’t pay much attention to the plot bc i kept looking at alicia silverstone’s hair and how she parts it in like 4 different places throughout the movie, and it looked good no matter where it was. i hated that so much. if my part is too far in one direction or the other, i look like im some sort of alien who stole someone’s skin and is trying to act naturally. like it makes something seem so Off abt my appearance

I am really, really enjoying Designated Survivor so far. It’s well scripted, engaging, plot-dense, all the good stuff. My favourite characters so far are Kind But Stern President Dad, Angry Blonde Republican, Cute Guy Who Words Good and FBI Nerd Boy.

I am also very fond of Jiminy Cricket Girl, The Smart FBI One, and Security Mike.

I am not good at names. I love the show, but I’m reeeeaaally not good at names.

Oh, I forgot Surprisingly Clever Hot Wife, she’s great too.

Robert/Dadsona short

Post-good ending Robert and Dadsona watch some movies.
No warnings.

After Amanda left for college, I tried to occupy myself as much as I could, to cope. Not having her around felt… unnatural but she was happy at her university and that’s all that matters. Amanda’s an adult who can take care of herself just fine.

The first few weeks were rough. It took all my Dad Powers to not call Panda every hour to check if she’s doing alright, if she’s eating healthy or… I’m getting too into it again.

Most of the time work kept me busy. I’ve also become way more productive in doing things like cleaning the house. So good in fact, I’ve run out of things to clean. I even offered to mow Brian’s lawn out of boredom.

Robert stayed true to his word and spent a lot of time doing… Robert things, I guess. We would often still hang out, of course, and he seemed to be taking better care of himself. I often remember what he said to me at Amanda’s graduation party. I told him that I’m happy to be a supportive friend for him, but sometimes it’s hard not to think about his stupid, attractive face. And his stupid knives.

A ping in my phone snaps me out of whatever I was doing.

It’s a text from Robert.


'u busy?’

'wanna come over for a drink?’

Excited, I grab my jacket before shooting him a quick message saying I’m on my way. Two minutes later I’m at his doorstep. Robert opens the door, a grin on his face, and says hey.

“Not going cryptid hunting tonight?” I ask, following him to the living room, being careful not to kick or step on Betsy who decided to run around me in circles.

“Nah,” he turns to me, bottle of wine already in hand. He’s taken it down a notch with the excessive whiskey drinking. “I kinda just felt like watching a movie at home, that sound good to you?”

“Would be a shame to say no, considering you went through the effort of cleaning up.” I remark, taking in the changes of the room. After Val’s last visit, Robert became more self-conscious about the state of his house and started putting in work to fix it up. It wasn’t perfect, by any means, but he’s hauled most of the trash out and there wasn’t an avalanche of things scattered across his floor anymore.

Robert snorted but was obviously happy I’d noticed. I know he felt silly about it, but it mattered to him to be praised for small achievements. He actually showered, too.

We settled onto the couch, Betsy scrambling up between us as Robert set up a film. Since Amanda left, we’ve been having movie nights more often. Sometimes in the cinema but mostly here in Robert’s living room. His TV set up is too good to pass up.

Today he put up some post-apocalyptic horror film and commented throughout the entire thing, pointing out the plot holes and ocassionally leading into another one of his made-up stories. I didn’t mind, I’m not a super huge fan of horror films so Robert’s jokes made the experience all the more fun.

The wine was soon gone and Robert stumbled out to get some snacks while I picked out something else to watch. Going through his endless DVD’s, I notice something on the far back of the table. Looks like a thin book? I move away a few movie discs to find a sketchbook. Doodles of Betsy, other dogs and people adorned the pages.

Huh, Robert draws? I mean… I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising, considering he liked whittling. And he did find a lot to talk about with Amanda, I just figured he was telling her how to identify if her roommate was a werewolf or something.

Flipping through the sketchbook, I can’t help but smile. There’s tons of drawings of his daughter, both small and grown up. As if he was afraid he’d forget what she used to look like. There were also drawings of another woman, his wife, probably. And that looks like the scenery of the town from Robert’s thinking spot, and-


It was a little surprising finding my own face on the last page. Haha wow, is it hot here or what? Ugh, okay, this is no time to gush over how touching and adorable this is. I need to put this ba-

“What'cha so red about?” Robert’s voice boomed as he peeked over my shoulder. “Oh. That.”

His face dropped down all of a sudden and I felt a bit of panic seeping in my face.

“Sorry, I should’ve asked…” I realize how snoopy I was being but Rob just waved a hand at me before sitting back down on the couch.

“It’s fine, I don’t mind,” he sighed running a hand through his hair. “It’s just… embarrassing, I guess. I haven’t drawn in a long time.”

“You whittle but you’re embarrassed about drawing?” I snort, trying to lighten the mood. “Seriously though, you seem kind of upset about it. Is everything okay?”

Robert paused.

“It’s… I haven’t picked up a pencil ever since the accident. Since Marilyn passed away and Val… Well, you know.” He fell silent, his eyes shifting to stare through the window.

All of a sudden he looked tired again. Just like the first night we spent at his house. I watch him, still amazed how he’s able to go so on and off like a switch. Even after all this time, it’s still hard to read when or what Robert’s feeling. It makes me uneasy; I want to be able to help him, to say something encouraging. Make him feel less lonely.

“You picked it up again, though.” I say with a small smile, reaching out and taking one of his hands in mine. He turned to me but stayed silent. “I know this is a tough process for you but I want you to know that you can turn to me no matter what. I’m glad to see you getting better but there’s no need to hide and pretend that everything’s alright just to keep me happy. You mean a lot to me, Robert… I don’t want you to feel alone.”

He stared at me for a while longer before breaking into a small laugh, tugging on my hands and pulling me close to his face so our foreheads are touching. Ohhhh no, he’s too cute…! Pure thoughts. Pure. Thoughts.

“Why is it that you drive an old man to tears every time you say something nice?” He said, his eyes closing softly. Movies forgotten, he buries his head in my chest and pushes me down onto the couch, clearly not intending to move an inch for the rest of the night. Following his lead, Betsy curls up on my foot.

“Good night, then.” I snicker, nestling my face in his hair.

A muffled 'mmmhm’ is all I hear before he dozes off.

Workin' Gals | Min Yoonji

Crackfic | Requested by Anonnie

Word Count: 2,000+

Pairing: min yoonji x reader

Nonnie said: I’m really stuck on thinking about non cliche yoonji requests 😭but I think I have one. Maybe a office au! Where yoonji straight up just ignores the reader but then when one of the employees hits on her and went too far she steps in and tells reader even though she’s a girl she shouldn’t look so damn vulnerable but then plot twist reader starts cussing her out hehe. (If your not gonna use this thank you for reading it anyways !)) :))

   "Good afternoon. This is a State Farm call representative. This call is subject to being recorded at any time. My name is Min Yoonji, how may I help you today?“

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i’ve watched the raw of apocrypha episode 4. it’s not terrible, but it aint great. and for me, as an astolfo fan, it’s got lots of bad bits.

TLDR: the budget has vanished and multiple scenes are of DEEN quality, the pacing is still rushed to hell and the adaptation choices are seriously questionable. 

1. Spartacus vs Black team servants was supposed to happen simultaneously to Achiles + Atalanta vs Black team servants. Instead the fight with Spartacus ends in like two seconds and THEN the other fight starts, but vlad doesn’t go help out siegfried and fran for some reason.

2. Siegfried’s master is supposed to be pushed to his psychological breaking point and snap, brutally beating the homunclus into the ground in a fit of rage. instead he just punches him once and welp thats certain death i guess. this could be down to censors but seriously, its weak. 

3. And of course, many of astolfo’s scenes are altered. After they cut the intimate and touching bonding scene between him and the homunculus last episode, i had a feeling this would happen. 

Astolfo in this ep is played as comedic and ridiculous far too much, and his cool moment against Spartacus with his lance is two seconds long. His grand declaration that everyone should hear his words and look upon him gets hilariously derailed bc the anime does not seem to like astolfo or think he should be taken seriously as a hero, but is forced to use him bc he has a large role in the plot so it wants to get it over as fast as possible i guess.

(there was one scene between him and the homunculus before they get caught that seemed good, im gonna wait for subs on that one)

4. The especially egregious change was the anime forcibly inserting jeanne into the scene with the homunculus boy’s (his name’s gonna be Sieg, no point hiding it now) death just to make sure we get this Required Heterosexuality started as early as possible. Astolfo doesn’t get to dramatically watch the homunculus die, nor does he get to weep tears of joy over his revival. Astolfo and him don’t get to have any sort of intimate moment, its all pushed aside for the Very Important First Meeting of Jeanne and Sieg.

I get it anime, this is very much the adventure of sieg and his girlfriend joan of arc. You don’t care for Astolfo or for things like this

actually being in the plot. i get it.


anonymous asked:

I have the world, the characters and the growth I want them to go through. But I'm not sure of the plot I should put into my novel. What's the best way to determine the plot?

I have good new and bad news here, and I’m going to start with the bad because it’s fixable and a lesson that a lot of people need to hear. I, myself, fell into this trap as an early writer and it’s not always fun to get out of. I may consider writing a full post about this since it seems to be more common that I thought.

Bad news: You are not going to be able to keep all the details of your characters and world. This is because your plot is the backbone of your story and dictates what your readers will see. By having your character growth and world planned out so well, you are now presented with trying to contain ALL of that into one cohesive and good plot. To fit in all that development, the plot can come off as forced or with too much coincidence or external elements.

(For a bit more info on the problems with getting too attached to your plan, check out The Danger of the Story You’ve Always Wanted to Write.)

Good news: There are definitely plot ideas in what you have, as long as you’re okay giving some things up or changing those things to better fit others. The most important character growth in any story is the protagonist, so look for a plot in THEIR plan. What do they want? How do they want to get it? What could get in their way? How do you want it to end? Just be careful not to stray too far from their goal to show other characters and the world. Any form of subplot that’s included in your story should relate to the protagonist and their journey, helping or harming them, not just “their friend’s journey” that happens to be in there for the sake of saying that your characters all grow. That friend needs their own book, or their journey needs to tie into the protagonist. 

Also, look into what specific issues your world may bring to your protagonist. How do they fit into society? How does that affect what they want and how they will get it? Just don’t be afraid to change your world or character plans in favor of a stronger idea. Sometimes you can revamp part of a story, only to realize that the old parts don’t make too much sense or don’t quite fit anymore. Or you can find a good plot idea but it could only happen if a detail changed. Flexibility is the sign of a good writer.

Good luck with your plot!

The old bird sighed, he knew he’s eventually have to tell this story, might as well be now, right? Perching himself on a low hanging branch he looked up at the sky “Good… Bad… Honestly I wouldn’t have her either of those things… I don’t think even now I would.” Bringing a wing up he covered his face with his hat like feathers. “.. More… Like a work in progress”

The memories Archimedes was sifting through seemed to make him uncomfortable, though he continued. “Morrigan’s mother has thousands of children, even hundreds of thousands at this point maybe, I’d even go as far to say they’re more spawned than born… but what can you expect from a creature more demon than anything else at this point?” Archimedes feathers ruffled a bit, as if in disgust at what he was about to reveal next “I’d say at any given time she keeps around a hundred or so alive… of course that means every once and a while she has to ‘thin the pack’… those picked, whether they’re too weak for her to bother with, too strong willed, oh well… just picked at random are put out for the hunt.” 

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Hi I have a question, how do you find the time to write ? Or maybe I should ask more about the energy. Cause when I come back from the uni I'm utterly exhausted with no motivation or energy and I don't write (and if I do I hate what comes out). Help?

Thanks for your question!  Sorry the answer came so late – I accidentally queued instead of scheduling, so it got waaay pushed back…

Originally posted by thegameofnerds

But I commiserate with your problem.  The busier life gets, the less time there is to write – and the less time you spend writing, the less practice you get, so the words start to sound weird and sterile, and then you stress out because you only have 0.4 hours left to write and nothing good is coming out, and then you decide to rest it out and try again tomorrow, but then you’re just falling more and more out of practice…  It’s literal writing hell.  I’m in there with you right now, as a matter of fact.

There are a few different methods out there for dealing with lack of motivation/energy, and while I don’t use or agree with all of them, it’s really up to the individual writer.  As for general tips, I think these are the most important:

  • Sleep.  No matter how much you’ve written (or haven’t written) today, you need to get a good amount of sleep in order to function, both in writing and in other aspects of life.  I know that this is my first sacrifice when I start feeling blocked – when I feel stressed about my lack of writing, I stay up until 5 or 6 in the morning until I’ve written something.  But this is only a short-term solution, and won’t help you to continue to write the next day.  Keeping a writing schedule is all about consistency, and the energy you’re lacking won’t come without sleep.
  • Change your writing time.  You stated in your question that when you come back from class, you’re too tired to write.  My advice would be to shift your schedule!  All writers have certain times or settings that work better for them.  If you can, try going to bed a bit earlier so you can wake up in time to write before class/work.  If that doesn’t work, you could also try taking a nap after class and then writing.  Play around with it and see what works, because if this is the problem, there’s an easy long-term solution for it!
  • Get rid of distractions.  This counts for all things – not just technology.  Put away your groceries.  Do the dishes.  Call and make that doctor’s appointment.  Get other things in order so that when you sit down to write, there’s nothing to worry about, nothing to do, except writing.  The stress of external issues can mentally exhaust you, even when you’re sitting blankly in front of your word document.  Not only that, but the less you’ve managed in your personal life, the more negativity can creep into your head and cause that “I-hate-my-writing-this-is-an-abomination-to-the-inventor-of-words” feeling.  And nobody likes that feeling.
  • Practice positive thinking.  Your energy and motivation, as well as a good chunk of your writing time, is zapped every time you sit at the computer and think, “Wow, this sucks.  What I’m writing right now sucks.”  It’s an easy line of thinking to fall into!  We look at our writing as we’re writing it, and we think of all the things we aren’t doing as well as we want to, and it ruins the whole process.  It takes us out of our scenes!  So whenever you hear that voice in your head saying something negative, SHUT IT DOWN.  Instead, point out something good about what you’ve written.  Literally force yourself to think on the bright side, and your writing process will improve.
  • Consider changing your plot.  If none of the above helps, and you still have no motivation to write, it could be time to look at what you’re writing.  Has your story grown stale?  Are things moving too slowly?  Are your characters two-dimensional or unlikable?  Have you deviated too far from the theme or the plot itself?  Any number of tiny plot problems can kill your motivation before you’ve even started.  So take a half hour and look over the whole plot, top to bottom, until you’re satisfied that there are no plot holes, inconsistencies, or generally lame areas.  If there are, either fix them or make a note to fix them later.  Reconcile the issues so they don’t bog you down.

If none of these ideas help you, feel free to drop me another ask with any of your more specific problems.  I hope you find the problem and get through it!  The world needs your writing :)

If you need advice on writing, fanfiction, or NaNoWriMo, you should maybe ask me!

Thank You!

I don’t publicize my birthday on social media; it’s not up on my Facebook, or my Skype, or elsewhere, if I can help it. The reason for that is I’ve always felt that most of the birthday wishes I got were obligatory, rather than sincere. I didn’t want people to feel the need, if they didn’t want to.

And for me, for a long time, birthdays were just another day—a day when a personal number ticked over, but otherwise just another day.

This has been, without any doubt, and without any comparison, the best birthday of my 31 years on this earth.

I cannot possibly say thank you enough.

Thank you to those who wished me well, through asks or messages: @lassinajumper, @micromys, @kuchikiiichigo, @mizulily@thefangirlinjo, @piecesofacrazyworld, @starlitsea, @lisaflowers, @ichiyuki, @alwayswandering21, @icchiruki, @thefantasylover, and @ichigough.

Thank you to someone I know has things planned, but is currently indisposed: @sequencefairy

Thank you to those who took time out of their lives to make such wonderful things for me, because the tags alone aren’t enough:

@tachipaws for her beautiful edit (IR) which introduced me to this lovely song. (why won’t this damn thing let me tag you?) I hope you’re safe and fortune treats you well, you’re too lovely, Tachi.

@hashtagartistlife for her flippin’ astoundingly good fan art (IR) for my longest running (and simply longest) fic, Demons of the Sun and Moon. Please take a look at her lovely handmade crafts! Sera, I hope we’ll have more chances to talk!

@ithmid for her absolutely gorgeous (IR) pair of pieces (Y) for some of my loves. Please check out her commissions! And please keep making more of your lovely pieces!

@kingkuchiki for her cute as heck fanfic (YIR) in an AU continuity we’re all stuck in. Tiff, thank you for having put up with my shenanigans, as much as they’ve impacted your life in the craziest ways; I can only hope I keep making you laugh!

@gabecebro for his astonishingly cute (YIR) Grounded fan art (YI). Your dedication to the community and your willingness to take requests is fantastic. Please check out his commissions!

@dangerousbride for her sultry and intimate fan art (IR). Karoll, what the heck, you’re amazing and you somehow manage to bring sin and cute to this fandom in equal measure. I only feel bad for the anons you have to put up with. Please consider her Amazon wishlist!

@ciebei for her wonderful pair of pieces (IR). Zoë you are far too kind, and your talent between your art and your writing is incredible. You’ll achieve great things in time!

@yumelinh for her incredibly frickin’ sublimely colored edit (IR). Yume your edits are crazy good, you are far too sweet, and you have such an aesthetic!

@duongvjp for his utterly fantastic, soft, and tender fan art (IR). Duong, I have always loved seeing your art and I hope that you continue making art for them for a long time to come! Thank you, friend!

@synoshian for something that is as of yet still hush-hush and that she hasn’t posted about, but that is gonna be freakin’ amazing and incredible and will blow everyone’s socks off once it’s out and running wild, and that I am way too excited for. I’m so glad to call your my partner in crime and I look forward to conspiring with you in the future. <3

And last, but by no means least. Thank you to…

@duckiesteasmiles for doing this, for organizing it, for plotting it, and for convincing or commissioning all of the above named people to dedicate their time and energy to making things for me. None of this would’ve happened, or probably been possible, without her. Nami, I can’t even begin to tell you how happy you’ve made me today, and how happy you make me every day. You’re far too good to me, my darling, and far too wonderful for me to capture in words. I love you, and I look forward to spending many more birthdays together with you. (You’re just really lucky I agreed not to do something like this for you this year…)

Thank you all again!

And if there is anyone I missed, or who hasn’t yet gotten in their present, my sincerest apologies, and I mean no offense by it.

This has been truly, truly special. Thank you all so much. I hope you all had a wonderful day too, as much as possible. Thank you.

It’s been sometime since my first one of these which was way back when I had hit 100 followers. I got 200 so fast after that I just never bothered doing it. And now, there is 300 of you somehow. Thank you all for sticking around and enjoying my Ardyn Izunia roleplay!

Anyway, I have some people I really want to call out and say special words to. These are under the cut.

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Who Is Logan ?

(Just so you know, I haven’t seen the movie and I don’t intend to watch it because I don’t know how similar the plot will be and I want to avoid spoilers)

Okay guys, so we’ve seen Logan in 4 episodes so far and I must admit I find his backstory more and more intriguing. We already know that he’s an extremely good-looking asshole, but who is this guy exactly ? Because I have WAY too much free time on my hands, I decided to make a recap of what we know so far :

- It’s not Logan’s first time in the park. Here he enjoys drinking, fucking and killing things (not always in that order) (and that why we love him). According to Billy, he doesn’t act like this in the real world (1x04). But that doesn’t mean he’s not a piece of shit. Let’s say, he’s a smaller piece of shit.
- He spent 40,000$ for his visit (1x03), so we can assume he’s very rich. You can’t tell me it’s not sexy.
- He has a sister who already visited the park. Logan claims she had sex with hosts when she was here (1x02). His sister is (probably) engaged to Billy, but they’re not married yet (1x03), which would make Logan and Billy future brothers-in-law. Logan said he invited Billy to the park to « welcome him to the family » (1x04) (but Billy doesn’t seem to believe it).
- Billy and Logan work together (1x02). We can assume Logan’s family owns a very big company (1x04). This company / Logan’s family wants to buy the park (1x05).
- Billy is the executive vice president in Logan’s family company. We can assume Logan picked him for the job, as Billy « thanked him for the opportunity » (1x05). Yet, Logan doesn’t seem to like Billy very much (he finds him « talented » but « inoffensive » (1x02)). The feeling is mutual.

What do Logan’s family want to do with the park ? I don’t think they only want to buy it to make money. I think it’s not a coincidence that we don’t know Logan’s last name yet. I guess it might be important in the plot later. Or maybe we have already seen a member of his family in the real world but we don’t know it yet ? Also, why did Logan picked Billy to be the EVP if he doesn’t like him ? Is it only to please his sister (I don’t think so). So what was his ultimate plan ?

Feel free to share your theories (but please keep them spoiler-free) !


simcatcher replied to your post  “Long queue ahead ^^;”

I’d totally go for more (Noah) ahah ! But only if it’s not too time-consuming I mean �� I like the concept very much anyway !                   

Raph is a v good idea ��                    

Oh, it is time-consuming but I love doing it and it allows me to look back on everything that happened so far. :) I had more ideas poping up last night (… °_°; Will I ever finish that story?)

Ralph is definitely up for tomorrow!

jepensedoncjesims replied to your post  “Long queue ahead ^^;”

Perfect!  My pick would have been these two.  I would love one on Sam!

Noted. ;) Sam it is!

simcatcher replied to your photoset  “L.O.L. Some family he got.”

 Lool !                    

Does it show that he’s not a family guy? :D

treason-and-plot replied to your photoset  “Noah making a good first impression at work.”

oooh i have a LOT of catching up                    

Yeaah, sorry, I got a bit carried away with those Character Moments! ^o^; Did you see the actual update though? It might have been lost in the flood.

treason-and-plot replied to your post “General rambling”

I have no ratio. My Dad always said that if a thing is worth doing it’s worth doing well, and I try to live by that, especially when it comes to my writing. I mean, I TRY to write to the best of my ability, anyway. I wouldn’t feel comfortable posting something if I didn’t think I had given it my best shot, or if it was filled with cliches or plotholes or adverbs (my pet hate) or if I fell into the habit of telling rather than showing.

If I am happy with it, I post it. That’s it really.                    

And you’re a natural at this, really! Your kind of storytelling is so organic, I admire that. I sometimes feel like I choose the easy way too many times.

This makes me wonder: if I played TS4 (or TS5 because… TS4 still makes me cringe), would I do the same types of characters again? Will there be a pseudo Nathaniel, a pseudo Sam, a pseudo Noah…? In short, would I even unconsciously reuse the same ingredients?

Sorry… rambling off topic. Thank you for your input!

treason-and-plot replied to your photoset  “Fun fact: yes, that’s Fei, the Mayor’s future wife. Noah has basically…”

Go Noah! ��                    

treason-and-plot replied to your photoset  “Made some extensive changes to the initial dialogues here, to make it…”

*slightly* lolol��                    

Konrad was out for a run when he spotted a twenty-dollar bill on the pavement. Sure, he could have kept it but looking ahead, he saw someone walking not too far away and maybe, the money was theirs. He picked it up and ran towards the person in an attempt to catch up to them. “Hey, I think this might be yours,” he said almost breathlessly when he finally managed to reach them, immediately showing them the money. “Saw it on the ground. You might have dropped it.”

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you have watched any tv show/movies and there has been something in there that you disagree and stopped watching it? I was watching this show one time and people were celebrating a woman getting an abortion and her "right" to choose and how AMAZING it is. No one was talking about how painful or scared or how she must have been in.

I’m generally pretty good at looking past the things I don’t agree with in TV shows/movies and enjoying other aspects of it. I also don’t expect all creators to have the same opinions as me, so I generally don’t get too bothered by seeing other viewpoints in the shows/movies I watch. Poor plot and/or character development is the most likely reason that I stop watching shows.

As far as I can remember, the only example that somewhat relates to your question is Game of Thrones. That show was far too obsessed with sex for my liking, and I don’t think it’s appropriate to show that much in a show. I loved the storyline, but it just felt too much like I was watching porn sometimes. But I’m not even super consistent with that criteria because I enjoyed the Deadpool movie. I guess that movie had enough non-crude humor that I was able to look past the crude stuff.

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Hi! I just read your "Fromage" recap and you mention Will's "touch issues". Do you suppose you could elaborate on this a bit? I have tried explaining it to people (because it seems so clear to me that he has touch issues) but I can never manage to... (In fact, until I read your recap I had pretty much decided that I was wrong, that I only thought he had touch issues because I was projecting.) And you're so good at discussing the complexity of these characters...

So first of all [falls over blushing] [whispers from the floor] thank you??

Second of all, HECK YEAH LET’S DO THIS. 

I mean, I feel like a standard/valid joke about fandom is that people spend far too much time & tears pouring over every brief ultimately-probably-meaningless touch between characters, and from an outside perspective, I’m sure that’s exactly what the Hannibal fandom looks like. But the funny thing is that in Hannibal, the show itself is equally fixated. Touch, and the lack of it, becomes a goddamn plot point. Its importance is talked about IN DIALOGUE, and it’s inextricable from the way the end of S3 works. The way the characters negotiate touch, who touches who, and how, and how much, turns out to be as integral to the story as anything else.

So yes, when I mentioned “touch issues” between these two I was gesturing toward A LOT OF STUFF, encompassing Will and Hannibal both. Let us delve.

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Awful Sexism in Star Trek DS9 Graphic Novel

Hey guys! I’m a huge Star Trek fan, especially of the show Deep Space Nine. So when I saw a Star Trek DS9 graphic novel in a comic shop during my college NY trip, I was really excited!

And here’s the thing, its a great story! The characterizations are spot, the plot feels exactly like a real episode of DS9, and for the most part the art is pretty good! I especially loved that Garak plays an important part in the  story, since he’s one of my favorite characters in DS9. The ending was perfect as well.

But there was one glaringly obvious and frankly distracting problem that persisted throughout the book. Lets take a look shall we?

Ok, so far so good, I like the color palate, and look, they even gave Morn an appearance! Lets keep going.

Oh look, its Sisko and Dax! They look pretty good! The office looks good too. So far the beginning of this book is promising.

…hmm, wonder where Major Kira is? Oh here she comes!

Wait…why can I see both of her individual boobs through her thick military uniform? Well, it dosnt’ look that bad, it could be wor….

What the fuck!? That’s not even anatomically correct! And they are huge!

The boobs are not only to big, they are to low, and it should be impossible to see them like that through her uniform!

They basically turned Major Kira, one of the strongest most badass woman in Star Trek, into walking boobs!

Half the time this sexist artist doesn’t’ even bother with proper anatomy! Just as long as you see huge curves. She is basically drawn naked, with her curves hugely exaggerated and her clothes just painted on! 

And what the fuck?! You can even see her collar bone through supposedly padded fabric! THATS NOT PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE!!

Look at this! Its ridiculous! and just look and the third image above! He didn’t even bother to give her pupils or a nose, but her chest is drawn and colored with great detail! 

Just look at the difference here between Kira and these awful drawings!

Gah! It makes me so mad!

Left is a pic of everyone else, looking normal. And right is the last time in the  comic that we see Kira grace us with her boobs, oops, I meant her presence.  

Now I’m not saying that sexy, big boobed women in thin clothes are a bad thing. For example if It was this fine lady below being drawn like this:

It would be totally fine.

But taking a woman and changing her appearance, making her assets larger, and making the clothes basically see through when they shouldn’t be, just  to pander to giving men something to oogle, Is soo  grose and wrong.

Now I know that shit like this is common in super hero comics, but from a Star Trek book I expected better. And its obvious that they are capable, just look at some of the art that was put at the back of the book!

The last one is from the cover.

Why couldn’t they do the rest of the book like this?!

And here is an even simpler great fanart of kira that i found.

By Dennis Budd

Now This is how you  do it!

It's just sad and so disappointing. The way Kira is portrayed was so distracting, and ruined an otherwise good book.

Belle can forgive Killy because...

...he’s a Gary Stu he’s not important to her. She thinks he’s been trying to be good (because he lies whenever he’s not), and she wants to believe people can change.

She has trouble forgiving Rumple because he’s the designated villain to make the Stu look better she loves him and he broke her heart, and she still believes  that he loves power more than he does her (because of the gauntlet and because she doesn’t know he tried to TLK her in the Underworld). He MATTERS. She isn’t a codependent fool like Emma; she may trend too far in the other direction, but Belle tried doing the brave thing and having bravery follow, and she was shattered. So now she’s being, well, a coward. Or, to put it another way, a human.

I mean, it’s obviously ~~~PLOT~~~ but good storytellers who actually gave us Belle’s POV might be able to make something of it.