the plot looks good so far too

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what webcomics if any do you read


My current top three are 

Daughter of Lillies, a comic about the mysterious Thistle and the band of mercenaries she travels with. (consisting of an Orc, a Quarter Orc (?) and an Elf, Orrig Brent and Lyra) Stunning art and amazing colors, and a story that will leave an impact. Not too far in yet, so an easy read to catch up.

Dan and Mab’s Furry Adventure  Holy Art Evolution batman This comic is… over ten years old? And it went from black and white gag strips to fully inked and colored with an actual interesting plot and some really nice character development. Also cute furries fight me.

The Glass Scientist It’s still pretty new and in the works, but the art is good and graphically sharp, the premise and the characters are super engaging and fun, please give it a look.

There’s also LeveL which is currently on Hiatus, but I strongly suggest giving it a read anyway, if for the art alone. Unique character design, a fun world setting, seriously give it a shot.

Other than that I follow a few more (WildeLife, but I have to say I do not much like the current story arc, How To Be a Werewolf, Sleepless Domain, Fey Winds and Shattered Starlight, and I still check on Megatokyo if only for sheer nostalgia and to see if it’s still chugging along and god willing Fred might have taken some much needed life drawing  classes)

Who Is Logan ?

(Just so you know, I haven’t seen the movie and I don’t intend to watch it because I don’t know how similar the plot will be and I want to avoid spoilers)

Okay guys, so we’ve seen Logan in 4 episodes so far and I must admit I find his backstory more and more intriguing. We already know that he’s an extremely good-looking asshole, but who is this guy exactly ? Because I have WAY too much free time on my hands, I decided to make a recap of what we know so far :

- It’s not Logan’s first time in the park. Here he enjoys drinking, fucking and killing things (not always in that order) (and that why we love him). According to Billy, he doesn’t act like this in the real world (1x04). But that doesn’t mean he’s not a piece of shit. Let’s say, he’s a smaller piece of shit.
- He spent 40,000$ for his visit (1x03), so we can assume he’s very rich. You can’t tell me it’s not sexy.
- He has a sister who already visited the park. Logan claims she had sex with hosts when she was here (1x02). His sister is (probably) engaged to Billy, but they’re not married yet (1x03), which would make Logan and Billy future brothers-in-law. Logan said he invited Billy to the park to « welcome him to the family » (1x04) (but Billy doesn’t seem to believe it).
- Billy and Logan work together (1x02). We can assume Logan’s family owns a very big company (1x04). This company / Logan’s family wants to buy the park (1x05).
- Billy is the executive vice president in Logan’s family company. We can assume Logan picked him for the job, as Billy « thanked him for the opportunity » (1x05). Yet, Logan doesn’t seem to like Billy very much (he finds him « talented » but « inoffensive » (1x02)). The feeling is mutual.

What do Logan’s family want to do with the park ? I don’t think they only want to buy it to make money. I think it’s not a coincidence that we don’t know Logan’s last name yet. I guess it might be important in the plot later. Or maybe we have already seen a member of his family in the real world but we don’t know it yet ? Also, why did Logan picked Billy to be the EVP if he doesn’t like him ? Is it only to please his sister (I don’t think so). So what was his ultimate plan ?

Feel free to share your theories (but please keep them spoiler-free) !

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What did you think about the racial diversity in Beauty and the Beast? So at first I was impressed - the villagers & the Beast's staff had a decent mix, in comparison to other Disney movies that is..(!) But then I thought hang on.. none of the main characters are non-white. I feel like for a Disney movie they did a great job with showing diversity but didn't go far enough. They could have expanded Plumette's part eg. I loved Madame Garderobe though, I'm glad she was expanded a little more.

It’s background /representation diversity: where there is superficial diversity in the background, but makes little difference to the actual story/plot.

If there’s one thing these Disney live-action remakes are good at, it’s putting actors of color in the background so that they won’t look too racist.


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Tim Seeley is a good writer but his Nightwing series so far has been underwhelming with generic plot points and predictable story like he wrote Hack and Slash which was amazing and his antman run is solid but just because someone is a good writer doesnt mean every story they write is amazing just look at the gordon as batman story by Synder to see how writers arent faultless and this Nightwing run isnt worth 6 dollars a month its just not good enough quality.

I really liked Revival too! And yeah I agree. Just because someone is a good writer doesn’t mean everything they write has to be good. I loved Brian Michael Bendis’ Ultimate Spider-Man, but everything he’s done with X-Men is bad. Tom King gave us probably the greatest Batfam moment in the past few years, but I really hated Grayson. Some writers don’t suit a particular book or character!

And I’ve said before, an editorial is usually more responsible for a bad story than the writer is.


So, me and my friend love Miraculous, we are kind of too old for it (not really but who really cares) but the plot is soooo good we couldn’t stop talking about this anime. She lives far from me but we talk everyday and get into theories. We don’t know if this theory about HawkMoth being Adrien’s father has already showed up by someone but let’s talk about the facts:
• Adrien’s father is always away and rarely appear in the episodes
• He kind of scares me (lol)
I found this “comic” on google and OH MY GOSH IS HIM

So, what do you guys think about it?

Belle can forgive Killy because...

...he’s a Gary Stu he’s not important to her. She thinks he’s been trying to be good (because he lies whenever he’s not), and she wants to believe people can change.

She has trouble forgiving Rumple because he’s the designated villain to make the Stu look better she loves him and he broke her heart, and she still believes  that he loves power more than he does her (because of the gauntlet and because she doesn’t know he tried to TLK her in the Underworld). He MATTERS. She isn’t a codependent fool like Emma; she may trend too far in the other direction, but Belle tried doing the brave thing and having bravery follow, and she was shattered. So now she’s being, well, a coward. Or, to put it another way, a human.

I mean, it’s obviously ~~~PLOT~~~ but good storytellers who actually gave us Belle’s POV might be able to make something of it.