the plot looks good so far too

i’ve only seen clueless one time but i didn’t pay much attention to the plot bc i kept looking at alicia silverstone’s hair and how she parts it in like 4 different places throughout the movie, and it looked good no matter where it was. i hated that so much. if my part is too far in one direction or the other, i look like im some sort of alien who stole someone’s skin and is trying to act naturally. like it makes something seem so Off abt my appearance

I am really, really enjoying Designated Survivor so far. It’s well scripted, engaging, plot-dense, all the good stuff. My favourite characters so far are Kind But Stern President Dad, Angry Blonde Republican, Cute Guy Who Words Good and FBI Nerd Boy.

I am also very fond of Jiminy Cricket Girl, The Smart FBI One, and Security Mike.

I am not good at names. I love the show, but I’m reeeeaaally not good at names.

Oh, I forgot Surprisingly Clever Hot Wife, she’s great too.

The old bird sighed, he knew he’s eventually have to tell this story, might as well be now, right? Perching himself on a low hanging branch he looked up at the sky “Good… Bad… Honestly I wouldn’t have her either of those things… I don’t think even now I would.” Bringing a wing up he covered his face with his hat like feathers. “.. More… Like a work in progress”

The memories Archimedes was sifting through seemed to make him uncomfortable, though he continued. “Morrigan’s mother has thousands of children, even hundreds of thousands at this point maybe, I’d even go as far to say they’re more spawned than born… but what can you expect from a creature more demon than anything else at this point?” Archimedes feathers ruffled a bit, as if in disgust at what he was about to reveal next “I’d say at any given time she keeps around a hundred or so alive… of course that means every once and a while she has to ‘thin the pack’… those picked, whether they’re too weak for her to bother with, too strong willed, oh well… just picked at random are put out for the hunt.” 

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Thank You!

I don’t publicize my birthday on social media; it’s not up on my Facebook, or my Skype, or elsewhere, if I can help it. The reason for that is I’ve always felt that most of the birthday wishes I got were obligatory, rather than sincere. I didn’t want people to feel the need, if they didn’t want to.

And for me, for a long time, birthdays were just another day—a day when a personal number ticked over, but otherwise just another day.

This has been, without any doubt, and without any comparison, the best birthday of my 31 years on this earth.

I cannot possibly say thank you enough.

Thank you to those who wished me well, through asks or messages: @lassinajumper, @micromys, @kuchikiiichigo, @mizulily@thefangirlinjo, @piecesofacrazyworld, @starlitsea, @lisaflowers, @ichiyuki, @alwayswandering21, @icchiruki, @thefantasylover, and @ichigough.

Thank you to someone I know has things planned, but is currently indisposed: @sequencefairy

Thank you to those who took time out of their lives to make such wonderful things for me, because the tags alone aren’t enough:

@tachipaws for her beautiful edit (IR) which introduced me to this lovely song. (why won’t this damn thing let me tag you?) I hope you’re safe and fortune treats you well, you’re too lovely, Tachi.

@hashtagartistlife for her flippin’ astoundingly good fan art (IR) for my longest running (and simply longest) fic, Demons of the Sun and Moon. Please take a look at her lovely handmade crafts! Sera, I hope we’ll have more chances to talk!

@ithmid for her absolutely gorgeous (IR) pair of pieces (Y) for some of my loves. Please check out her commissions! And please keep making more of your lovely pieces!

@kingkuchiki for her cute as heck fanfic (YIR) in an AU continuity we’re all stuck in. Tiff, thank you for having put up with my shenanigans, as much as they’ve impacted your life in the craziest ways; I can only hope I keep making you laugh!

@gabecebro for his astonishingly cute (YIR) Grounded fan art (YI). Your dedication to the community and your willingness to take requests is fantastic. Please check out his commissions!

@dangerousbride for her sultry and intimate fan art (IR). Karoll, what the heck, you’re amazing and you somehow manage to bring sin and cute to this fandom in equal measure. I only feel bad for the anons you have to put up with. Please consider her Amazon wishlist!

@ciebei for her wonderful pair of pieces (IR). Zoë you are far too kind, and your talent between your art and your writing is incredible. You’ll achieve great things in time!

@yumelinh for her incredibly frickin’ sublimely colored edit (IR). Yume your edits are crazy good, you are far too sweet, and you have such an aesthetic!

@duongvjp for his utterly fantastic, soft, and tender fan art (IR). Duong, I have always loved seeing your art and I hope that you continue making art for them for a long time to come! Thank you, friend!

@synoshian for something that is as of yet still hush-hush and that she hasn’t posted about, but that is gonna be freakin’ amazing and incredible and will blow everyone’s socks off once it’s out and running wild, and that I am way too excited for. I’m so glad to call your my partner in crime and I look forward to conspiring with you in the future. <3

And last, but by no means least. Thank you to…

@duckiesteasmiles for doing this, for organizing it, for plotting it, and for convincing or commissioning all of the above named people to dedicate their time and energy to making things for me. None of this would’ve happened, or probably been possible, without her. Nami, I can’t even begin to tell you how happy you’ve made me today, and how happy you make me every day. You’re far too good to me, my darling, and far too wonderful for me to capture in words. I love you, and I look forward to spending many more birthdays together with you. (You’re just really lucky I agreed not to do something like this for you this year…)

Thank you all again!

And if there is anyone I missed, or who hasn’t yet gotten in their present, my sincerest apologies, and I mean no offense by it.

This has been truly, truly special. Thank you all so much. I hope you all had a wonderful day too, as much as possible. Thank you.

It’s been sometime since my first one of these which was way back when I had hit 100 followers. I got 200 so fast after that I just never bothered doing it. And now, there is 300 of you somehow. Thank you all for sticking around and enjoying my Ardyn Izunia roleplay!

Anyway, I have some people I really want to call out and say special words to. These are under the cut.

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anonymous asked:

Hi I have a question, how do you find the time to write ? Or maybe I should ask more about the energy. Cause when I come back from the uni I'm utterly exhausted with no motivation or energy and I don't write (and if I do I hate what comes out). Help?

Thanks for your question!  Sorry the answer came so late – I accidentally queued instead of scheduling, so it got waaay pushed back…

Originally posted by thegameofnerds

But I commiserate with your problem.  The busier life gets, the less time there is to write – and the less time you spend writing, the less practice you get, so the words start to sound weird and sterile, and then you stress out because you only have 0.4 hours left to write and nothing good is coming out, and then you decide to rest it out and try again tomorrow, but then you’re just falling more and more out of practice…  It’s literal writing hell.  I’m in there with you right now, as a matter of fact.

There are a few different methods out there for dealing with lack of motivation/energy, and while I don’t use or agree with all of them, it’s really up to the individual writer.  As for general tips, I think these are the most important:

  • Sleep.  No matter how much you’ve written (or haven’t written) today, you need to get a good amount of sleep in order to function, both in writing and in other aspects of life.  I know that this is my first sacrifice when I start feeling blocked – when I feel stressed about my lack of writing, I stay up until 5 or 6 in the morning until I’ve written something.  But this is only a short-term solution, and won’t help you to continue to write the next day.  Keeping a writing schedule is all about consistency, and the energy you’re lacking won’t come without sleep.
  • Change your writing time.  You stated in your question that when you come back from class, you’re too tired to write.  My advice would be to shift your schedule!  All writers have certain times or settings that work better for them.  If you can, try going to bed a bit earlier so you can wake up in time to write before class/work.  If that doesn’t work, you could also try taking a nap after class and then writing.  Play around with it and see what works, because if this is the problem, there’s an easy long-term solution for it!
  • Get rid of distractions.  This counts for all things – not just technology.  Put away your groceries.  Do the dishes.  Call and make that doctor’s appointment.  Get other things in order so that when you sit down to write, there’s nothing to worry about, nothing to do, except writing.  The stress of external issues can mentally exhaust you, even when you’re sitting blankly in front of your word document.  Not only that, but the less you’ve managed in your personal life, the more negativity can creep into your head and cause that “I-hate-my-writing-this-is-an-abomination-to-the-inventor-of-words” feeling.  And nobody likes that feeling.
  • Practice positive thinking.  Your energy and motivation, as well as a good chunk of your writing time, is zapped every time you sit at the computer and think, “Wow, this sucks.  What I’m writing right now sucks.”  It’s an easy line of thinking to fall into!  We look at our writing as we’re writing it, and we think of all the things we aren’t doing as well as we want to, and it ruins the whole process.  It takes us out of our scenes!  So whenever you hear that voice in your head saying something negative, SHUT IT DOWN.  Instead, point out something good about what you’ve written.  Literally force yourself to think on the bright side, and your writing process will improve.
  • Consider changing your plot.  If none of the above helps, and you still have no motivation to write, it could be time to look at what you’re writing.  Has your story grown stale?  Are things moving too slowly?  Are your characters two-dimensional or unlikable?  Have you deviated too far from the theme or the plot itself?  Any number of tiny plot problems can kill your motivation before you’ve even started.  So take a half hour and look over the whole plot, top to bottom, until you’re satisfied that there are no plot holes, inconsistencies, or generally lame areas.  If there are, either fix them or make a note to fix them later.  Reconcile the issues so they don’t bog you down.

If none of these ideas help you, feel free to drop me another ask with any of your more specific problems.  I hope you find the problem and get through it!  The world needs your writing :)

If you need advice on writing, fanfiction, or NaNoWriMo, you should maybe ask me!

Konrad was out for a run when he spotted a twenty-dollar bill on the pavement. Sure, he could have kept it but looking ahead, he saw someone walking not too far away and maybe, the money was theirs. He picked it up and ran towards the person in an attempt to catch up to them. “Hey, I think this might be yours,” he said almost breathlessly when he finally managed to reach them, immediately showing them the money. “Saw it on the ground. You might have dropped it.”

Who Is Logan ?

(Just so you know, I haven’t seen the movie and I don’t intend to watch it because I don’t know how similar the plot will be and I want to avoid spoilers)

Okay guys, so we’ve seen Logan in 4 episodes so far and I must admit I find his backstory more and more intriguing. We already know that he’s an extremely good-looking asshole, but who is this guy exactly ? Because I have WAY too much free time on my hands, I decided to make a recap of what we know so far :

- It’s not Logan’s first time in the park. Here he enjoys drinking, fucking and killing things (not always in that order) (and that why we love him). According to Billy, he doesn’t act like this in the real world (1x04). But that doesn’t mean he’s not a piece of shit. Let’s say, he’s a smaller piece of shit.
- He spent 40,000$ for his visit (1x03), so we can assume he’s very rich. You can’t tell me it’s not sexy.
- He has a sister who already visited the park. Logan claims she had sex with hosts when she was here (1x02). His sister is (probably) engaged to Billy, but they’re not married yet (1x03), which would make Logan and Billy future brothers-in-law. Logan said he invited Billy to the park to « welcome him to the family » (1x04) (but Billy doesn’t seem to believe it).
- Billy and Logan work together (1x02). We can assume Logan’s family owns a very big company (1x04). This company / Logan’s family wants to buy the park (1x05).
- Billy is the executive vice president in Logan’s family company. We can assume Logan picked him for the job, as Billy « thanked him for the opportunity » (1x05). Yet, Logan doesn’t seem to like Billy very much (he finds him « talented » but « inoffensive » (1x02)). The feeling is mutual.

What do Logan’s family want to do with the park ? I don’t think they only want to buy it to make money. I think it’s not a coincidence that we don’t know Logan’s last name yet. I guess it might be important in the plot later. Or maybe we have already seen a member of his family in the real world but we don’t know it yet ? Also, why did Logan picked Billy to be the EVP if he doesn’t like him ? Is it only to please his sister (I don’t think so). So what was his ultimate plan ?

Feel free to share your theories (but please keep them spoiler-free) !

Supernatural 12x22 LB Part 4:

I may not like the Lucifer plot with its character destruction of him this Season but this Episode is awesome so far.

The hunters driving right through the BMOL’s front gates.

Oh boy.

Shout out.

Dean trying to reach Mary.

That kid does look too old to be 4 years old,

Oh Mary.

Ouch, don’t say that Dean.

The Hunters causing trouble for the BMOL. Like I’ve said all season. They have no idea who they’re messing with.

Good shot Sam!

Dean saying Mary lied to him about keeping him safe and mentioning Azazel.

Oh Dean.

Dean saying he had to be a father and mother as well as a brother to keep Sam safe and how it wasn’t fair.

Acknowledging everything these past seasons and not saying they were Sam’s fault. No, now he’s putting it on Mary. Remember he was there though.

Oh Dean. He’s crying!

Dean saying he loves her and understands. He forgives her.

Dean saying they can start over after this but he needs her to fight.

She hears him and turns toward him.


No! Curse you Ketch!

On the bright side Toni’s dead. Poor kid though having lost his mother.

More trouble in the BMOL while Ketch is fighting an injured Dean.

Sam being his awesome self.

More Ketch being psychotic.

Dean! Did he just destroy the table?

Sam and the hunters finding Dr. Hess and a locked door.

Ketch, stop that. Go Dean!

Don’t you dare point that gun at him.

Go Mary!

And Ketch is hit.

Shut up Ketch.

Bye Ketch. It was horrible knowing you.

The hunters have reached Dr. Hess.

She thought Sam was Dean. Oh boy.

Dr. Hess, shut up. Oh great she’s going to tell him about Lucifer.

Saying Crowley’s dead and Lucifer is looking for his son.

Who is that on the other communications channel.

Go Sam! Shooting the computer.

And Jody kills Dr. Hess. Good for her.

Bye Bye BMOL in America!

Belle can forgive Killy because...

...he’s a Gary Stu he’s not important to her. She thinks he’s been trying to be good (because he lies whenever he’s not), and she wants to believe people can change.

She has trouble forgiving Rumple because he’s the designated villain to make the Stu look better she loves him and he broke her heart, and she still believes  that he loves power more than he does her (because of the gauntlet and because she doesn’t know he tried to TLK her in the Underworld). He MATTERS. She isn’t a codependent fool like Emma; she may trend too far in the other direction, but Belle tried doing the brave thing and having bravery follow, and she was shattered. So now she’s being, well, a coward. Or, to put it another way, a human.

I mean, it’s obviously ~~~PLOT~~~ but good storytellers who actually gave us Belle’s POV might be able to make something of it.

Let’s Talk Character Arcs and Other Good Writing Shit

What an attention grabbing title. Anyway, in the interest of us having to slog through a pretty brutal 5 day cliffhanger, I thought now would be a great time for me to once again shout into the ether my writing knowledge and apply to where we are now. Instead of going through and defending Ms. Hollis again, I’m going to impart some information on character arcs, use the formula to track Laura’s (since hers is the most blatant we’re going to do that one for now), and make some best guesses on where we’re headed. 

So, simplistic as this is, a character arc is a subset of a narrative arc where all the events take place within a character’s inner world. These two things are not necessarily separate and at the same time exist in a cause and effect relationship with each other. Like the outer narrative arc, character arcs often follow the Freytag Pyramid and three-part structures (two things I also do not see as separate though a lot of people do). So these things are not just haphazard “make your character cry and see what happens” things (though it can seem that way to audience members), they’re carefully tracked and follow a formula. Let us dive into said formula. 

This is like a super simple version but I liked the cyclical nature of this diagram as it echoes the Heroic Cycle and understands that just because you have seen one snippet of a characters life, their story and their growth is never over.

Lets us first define what Laura’s Point A is. Though we didn’t know the full extent of it at the time, Laura has got some big starry eyes for Carmilla’s heroics. And it seems like that’s all she sees, however, I want to draw everyone’s attention to:

Now, as many people probably already believe, Laura does, deep down, understand the value of Carmilla for Carmilla’s sake despite her refusal to run away with her. When Carmilla was dead Laura was willing to accept a coward, betrayer, villain Carmilla if it meant she was alive. I postulate the only reason she’s hero-worshipping Carmilla is because she is alive and Laura has somehow taken that for granted in the past few months of fluff and cuddles, and now she’s playing a la carte with Carmilla’s attributes and trying to mold a mental image of who she wants thinks Carmilla is. So how do we solve this? Well there is a few parts to why Laura is acting this way: 1) admitting Carmilla’s moral ambiguity (which I believe is a misnomer, Carmilla probably does not view her morals as ambiguous at all) means admitting she is in fact a vampire and all the things that entails (i.e. she will live forever and Laura will not) so the hero complex is a defense mechanism to this and helps her ignore it, 2) She is young and only allowed herself to be exposed to a black and white world of a heroic spectrum and has an inherent discomfort with grey area, this is the result of immaturity and ignorance. So how do we solve this? Put Carmilla in another situation of mortal peril to demonstrate to Laura how much she’s asking of Carmilla, let her understand how much she wants Carmilla in anyway she can have her even if it’s not a white knight, and let her deal with the consequences. 

First Act

In the First Act we’ve got a period of calm at the beginning where there is fair amounts of exposition on who this character is and their relationship to other characters around them. “Brave New World” we get this fairly straight forward. Then boom, in crashes the inciting incident (a term we all heard in like 4th grade language arts classes). Perry, covered in blood, waltzes in to rain on the parade and the story begins. The inciting incident and the character’s reaction to it leads to what is known as the turning point (also known as the 30 minute plot point in screenwriting). This is something of a mini climax (high point of tension) and ends the First Act; it is a point of no return where the character is now committed fully to seeing the story through. 

So, what’s ours? Well Carmilla refusing Laura which (most likely) leads to a fight in the very next episode and (most likely) to Laura herself taking the position as student representative is the turning point. Why? Well for one, emotionally this is going to be a bit of a doozy and marks the end of the “honeymoon period” for Hollstein. This is the first time Carmilla has said no to Laura, will likely be the first time she criticizes her, and demonstrates that she is not 100% on her side. It will likely also serve as Laura’s first true wake-up call to Carmilla’s innate nature as an antihero. From a plot perspective, this will also put Laura in a world-altering position as a member of the Board of Governors and a colleague of Mattie. This is also directly related (if we look at the Monomyth breakdown) to the Call to Action: Laura is called to investigate the murders of the Voice of Silas students and now she is at a pivotal point in that goal. In a map of Carmilla’s arc this would also be the turning point as she is forced to make a true decision on balancing Mattie and Laura. (For comparison: the decision to kidnap Carmilla in season 1 served as Laura’s turning point in that arc as it altered her relationship with Carmilla permanently and emotionally tied the two of them together). And thus the First Act ends. 

Second Act 

This is made up mainly of what your 4th grade English teacher called the rising action. In a screenplay format, this makes up about 60 pages worth of your plot. This is made of of a character attempting to deal with the turning point consequences and fulfill their Call to Action. It’s a period of discovery, self-awareness, and growth (usually, this can also be reversed in a more tragic look at events). And like the First Act, this ends with another dramatic point, this one is known as the 90 minute plot point in screenwriting and it is a period in which we see our character at her lowest before they enter the climax stage. Examples: in Shrek that famous “Hallelujah” scene directly precedes the wedding crash, in The Avengers they are all scattered and wounded and Agent Coulson is dead just before they decide to take on Loki in Manhattan, in season 1 Laura’s brokenhearted and banishes Carmilla just before the fight at the Lustig happens. A great quote from season 1 of Legend of Korra summarizes this: “When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change.” 

And so, while individual events cannot be determined, I’m going to make a guess that our friend the giraffe shirt makes its appearance right at the end of the second act where we find our characters at their lowest. What is this lowest point? Well let’s look at the arc. We know Laura refuses to acknowledge a world where moral ambiguity and grey area aren’t all that bad, and we know she (on the surface) prefers a heroic ideal of Carmilla to her true nature. We know that she is ignoring the elephant in the room that is the doomed nature of her relationship with an immortal. And we also know that deep down Laura does value Carmilla and want her for exactly who she is (see tweet above). So the narrative’s job is to get to that deep down revelation and there is a wonderful saying: “in order to see what your characters are made up, you have to crack them open.” We need to get Laura to admit she loves Carmilla for who she is and the fear she feels at what their relationship could mean in the end, and unfortunately that will involve some tears, some anger, and some stress (For comparison: Laura, upon recognizing the situation in season 1 as mentioned above, eventually admits on camera she has feelings for Carmilla before the battle beneath the Lustig). And then comes the Third Act. 

Third Act 

We begin with the climax, the highest point of action and tension and then move into the falling action, though I like to use the less passive term consequences. With the conclusion of the plot in the climax, the character arc actually stretches out slightly beyond into the consequence phase as their understanding of who they have become ultimately ends our view into their story. 

So our climax will come (the plot is way to puzzled right now for me to even make a guess at that) and what results are consequences. If, as I suspect, Carmilla is once again put in mortal danger or it is even Laura herself who is forced to play that role, the consequences will see Laura at a place of understanding about Carmilla. That does not mean it will be happy though, nor does it mean they’ll be together in the end of the story as part of that understanding may mean that they are naturally incompatible in a relationship despite their feelings. But the important thing that will happen is Laura will mature in her view of Carmilla, her view of herself, and her view of the world as a much more complex place than she considers it right now: ”I know how the story goes, evil is vanquished and good is triumphant…” will become a relic of how she once viewed the world. 

In conclusion friends…

And so, this is a probably way too wordy but in-depth look at what goes into plotting out a character for a story. This is also a far more academic look than a practical one but it’s the best way to get the point across. My tracking may be off but Carmilla generally follows closer to a screenplay than it does to a TV show so I used that method to track this. This season is much more character focused than last season (many genre based stories are more focused on events than characters) and, so far, it seems like Laura is the main arc. Writing is fun kids.

I love talking about this shit so I did not put this below a cut and I hope that like one person besides me found this interesting. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! I just read your "Fromage" recap and you mention Will's "touch issues". Do you suppose you could elaborate on this a bit? I have tried explaining it to people (because it seems so clear to me that he has touch issues) but I can never manage to... (In fact, until I read your recap I had pretty much decided that I was wrong, that I only thought he had touch issues because I was projecting.) And you're so good at discussing the complexity of these characters...

So first of all [falls over blushing] [whispers from the floor] thank you??

Second of all, HECK YEAH LET’S DO THIS. 

I mean, I feel like a standard/valid joke about fandom is that people spend far too much time & tears pouring over every brief ultimately-probably-meaningless touch between characters, and from an outside perspective, I’m sure that’s exactly what the Hannibal fandom looks like. But the funny thing is that in Hannibal, the show itself is equally fixated. Touch, and the lack of it, becomes a goddamn plot point. Its importance is talked about IN DIALOGUE, and it’s inextricable from the way the end of S3 works. The way the characters negotiate touch, who touches who, and how, and how much, turns out to be as integral to the story as anything else.

So yes, when I mentioned “touch issues” between these two I was gesturing toward A LOT OF STUFF, encompassing Will and Hannibal both. Let us delve.

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adamsveins  asked:

hey you seem to be fairly well versed in xmen so are there any comics that you would recommend? school gets out for me on the 11th and i will finally have time to do things. thanks!

hooboy, well obviously xmen is a vast and weird series and there are a lot of offshoots and stuff but i’ll try to give you a couple of starting points!

now bear in mind that i’ve not actually read a lot of xmen comics bc my fool ass brain forbids me from focusing on anything for longer than 20 minutes lmao, and also everyone has their own preferences etc. so these are in no way the ‘best’ ones or anything!

  • first off, i’ve heard some good stuff about x-men: season one which is basically a sort of reintroduction of the original x-men team and can act as a good starting point to familiarize yourself with the characters and stuff, so if youre starting out this could be good for you! also tbh i’m a fan of the artist so that’s a bonus too
  • astonishing x-men  is also a good run, it features a familiar central line-up and has some cool arcs. it does follow on from the new x-men run from 2001 which you might want to also read. the astonishing series has some follow up volumes with different creative teams, so if you find you like the character lineup in it etc. there’s 2 more runs for you!
  • house of m is obviously a Significant Event series, with the iconic ‘no more mutants’ phrase and its resulting chaos. the fallout of this arc is dealt with in multiple series including decimation (follows multiple characters dealing with the event and effect of house of m), messiah complex , messiah war , and second coming  (these three focus on the birth of the first mutant child since house of m and the ensuing conflict over the child)
  • speaking of the messiah ones, i’ve read a couple of times that x-men: supernovas and x-men: legacy are cool series if you want to read more about the ‘secondary’ xmen- so this series focuses more on characters like rogue, and gambit, and such
  • another significant series is avengers vs x-men which centers on the return of the phoenix force in search of a new host, and the widespread conflict between the x-men and the avengers over the ‘host’ mutant- the x-men obviously believe she needs to be protected whilst the avengers want her to be taken in. this one imo is a really great arc, a lot of Messy stuff happens but it really keys into the core characterist of the x-men as a minority group and is features, obviously, some solid political themes and stuff
  • another good one i really like so far (i’m about half way through this series rn) is x-men ‘92 which is somewhat modeled of the xmen tv show. the plot is intriguing and the art is so great, plus we get a really good look at the characters themselves
  • i’d recommend some x-force titles too bc i know theyre good but i dont know which ones exactly, i might direct you to @frostsemma​ who is my #1 x-men source, or anyone else who has some recs!!

So, me and my friend love Miraculous, we are kind of too old for it (not really but who really cares) but the plot is soooo good we couldn’t stop talking about this anime. She lives far from me but we talk everyday and get into theories. We don’t know if this theory about HawkMoth being Adrien’s father has already showed up by someone but let’s talk about the facts:
• Adrien’s father is always away and rarely appear in the episodes
• He kind of scares me (lol)
I found this “comic” on google and OH MY GOSH IS HIM

So, what do you guys think about it?

Awful Sexism in Star Trek DS9 Graphic Novel

Hey guys! I’m a huge Star Trek fan, especially of the show Deep Space Nine. So when I saw a Star Trek DS9 graphic novel in a comic shop during my college NY trip, I was really excited!

And here’s the thing, its a great story! The characterizations are spot, the plot feels exactly like a real episode of DS9, and for the most part the art is pretty good! I especially loved that Garak plays an important part in the  story, since he’s one of my favorite characters in DS9. The ending was perfect as well.

But there was one glaringly obvious and frankly distracting problem that persisted throughout the book. Lets take a look shall we?

Ok, so far so good, I like the color palate, and look, they even gave Morn an appearance! Lets keep going.

Oh look, its Sisko and Dax! They look pretty good! The office looks good too. So far the beginning of this book is promising.

…hmm, wonder where Major Kira is? Oh here she comes!

Wait…why can I see both of her individual boobs through her thick military uniform? Well, it dosnt’ look that bad, it could be wor….

What the fuck!? That’s not even anatomically correct! And they are huge!

The boobs are not only to big, they are to low, and it should be impossible to see them like that through her uniform!

They basically turned Major Kira, one of the strongest most badass woman in Star Trek, into walking boobs!

Half the time this sexist artist doesn’t’ even bother with proper anatomy! Just as long as you see huge curves. She is basically drawn naked, with her curves hugely exaggerated and her clothes just painted on! 

And what the fuck?! You can even see her collar bone through supposedly padded fabric! THATS NOT PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE!!

Look at this! Its ridiculous! and just look and the third image above! He didn’t even bother to give her pupils or a nose, but her chest is drawn and colored with great detail! 

Just look at the difference here between Kira and these awful drawings!

Gah! It makes me so mad!

Left is a pic of everyone else, looking normal. And right is the last time in the  comic that we see Kira grace us with her boobs, oops, I meant her presence.  

Now I’m not saying that sexy, big boobed women in thin clothes are a bad thing. For example if It was this fine lady below being drawn like this:

It would be totally fine.

But taking a woman and changing her appearance, making her assets larger, and making the clothes basically see through when they shouldn’t be, just  to pander to giving men something to oogle, Is soo  grose and wrong.

Now I know that shit like this is common in super hero comics, but from a Star Trek book I expected better. And its obvious that they are capable, just look at some of the art that was put at the back of the book!

The last one is from the cover.

Why couldn’t they do the rest of the book like this?!

And here is an even simpler great fanart of kira that i found.

By Dennis Budd

Now This is how you  do it!

It's just sad and so disappointing. The way Kira is portrayed was so distracting, and ruined an otherwise good book.