the plot is good tho

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What is Be more chill about? :0

it’s a sci-fi comedy musical that revolves around a high school junior named jeremy heere! he’s about as Unimpressive and Average as they come, but he finds out that high schoolers everywhere are taking these pill-sized supercomputers called squips - which implant themselves in your brain and tell you how to act/behave in social situations to be more cool

(be more chill, if u will)

basically it’s abt jeremy taking one of those pills in a quest to become more popular as his squip tells him what to say/wear/act as he climbs up the social ladder from being a loser, but, yknow. everything comes at a price. it turns out a supercomputer in your brain can do….a whole lot more than just instruct you on how to be popular

TLDR; ratatouille

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Thoughts about Gray x Loke, and Rogue x Freed?

Gray and Loke are total bros who call each other babe. Esp Loke. Until bro becomes less ‘bro’ and babe becomes more ‘babe’ (a.k.a I think as ship or broship, they’re cute together!!)

Rogue x Freed tho OMG why do you put them together??? Now I can’t get my mind off of them cosplaying as Alzack and Bisca x’D

Never thought of them as a couple before but I can imagine them being together as friends or only if they’re a bit ooc.

On top of Sakura’s birthday, here’s some fan art inspired and dedicated to @vesperlionheart’s enchanting fic, Under the Rabbit’s Moon

Not enough Kawarama fan art in the world, so I shall help fix that.  If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend reading if you are interested in some badass Sakura, time travel AU: Warring Clans Era edition. Heart-wrenching angst, fluffy feels, and expanded character development ahoy! Also, Sakura is such a mom friend, atm, so adorbs.

To Vesper:

I particularly adored how you flesh out the characters and brought unique personality to the brief knowledge we had of them! You bring them to life! (Haha) I feel the way you portray Sakura’s handling of her new found powers in a world of the distant past gives a new take. It’s raw and tragic, but she keeps going and I root for her in her struggle to find compromise in some version of solace. 

I first came across your Obelisk series a few months back and after getting up to date, I became an avid reader of your stories! I’ve seen you’ve come a long way and I am just inspired. YOUR WORLD BUILDING AND WORD WEAVING IS AMAZING, YOU WIZARD YOU.

Anyways, I hope you like the piece! Thank you for sharing your ideas and I look forward to seeing your future writing endeavors! <3

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“Leave the car. You ride with me.”

The long line of cars trundled down the road ahead of them, rumbling along the uneven road, their dim headlights barely illuminating the rocks and potholes before they dipped and swelled with a jostle and a creak. Meyer watched the road; Charlie watched Meyer. This was not the best arrangement, as Charlie was driving.

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Day 2:  Down Time (u mean wine time)

((tbh what happened the entire time))

Theory time

I mean…why does it have to be one of them??

Let’s go through this


Remember the coronation ball how she was acting strange all night. Maybe it wasn’t her idea to betray MC but her patents’. But then again, even her parents knew Liam wouldn’t have chosen her even without MC and Olivia in game. It would be a really good plot-twist tho but I doubt Pixelberry would make Hana a traitor because she is a LI and it just wouldn’t be fair to people romancing her.

2.) Kiara

Yes, she is very smart and a little too perfect. Definitely inteligent enough to set MC up but does she have any benefit from Madeleine becoming a queen and not MC or Olivia? Probably not. And I personaly think she is above these dirty plots and back-stabbing.


No. I trust her with my life and I would even like her to marry Liam.

4.) Penelope

Yeah, I’m aware of this credit card situation, but no. It’s too easy and too soon(7th chapter). Let’s be honest, if she was a bad person poodles wouldn’t like her. Dogs sense a bad person.

5.) And the one and only Madeleine

But she isn’t the traitor. She is cunning, evil, cold blooded etc.. but she is just a puppet of her mother. Notice how everytime she is around Adelaide she becomes irascible, good little girl.

At the end of book 1 we still hadn’t met Adelaide but that doesn’t make her less suspicious. We don’t know anything about that woman. Have in mind she is very powerful, part of Cordonian nobility, she knows every person at court. For now, we know a noble lady set MC and Tariq up. Well, she is a noble and a lady (shook). She probably knows Tariq well to know he is stupid enough to go to MC’s room. (Kiara, Penelope and Hana barely knew him at the time.) She could easily (easier than those three) take care of MC getting a room without a lock or even had somebody remove it. Beside king and queen she is the only one old enough to remember what really happened to Olivia’s parents(so of course she used that against her). No other lady would benefit of Madeleine becoming a queen apart from her mother and of course Madeleine. Who knows, maybe Adelaide was a suitor before Constantine became the king but didn’t win, maybe she is the one behind disappereance of Leo’s mother and Liam’s mother murder so she could try to be a queen once again but never succeeded. She appeared nice and friendly when we first saw her, very different from Madelaide. I honestly expected a snob. Like mother, like daughter. And that’s the problem, she faked it, it’s all show.

So like the things did fall through the other day for various reasons but we’re trying again at the blood work tomorrow so. After that the plan is maybe clean the room, then come online as soon as I finish with that, but like my sister is coming Saturday to stay a bit with us and this stresses me out so expect sm bitching when I’m online lmao. But yeah. Sorry things fell thru. Have sm drafts im gonna try to clean up n post v soon.

…So I was thinking,
I had the thought I’d make a meme- But, only for this blog, not something for other people to share - so I could encourage more interactions with y’all. It’d basically be you sending the meme in, and I’ll be very specific about a thread/plot/scenario or storyline of some kind I’d like to do with you? Like, if you’re a multimuse, I’ll be specific about both what muse(s) of yours I’d like to write with, which of mine I’d like to write with. I’ll be specific about genre, and details and basically everything?
The goal would be somewhat on throwing out ideas for people I haven’t written with, but anyone could send as many as they’d want in or anything.
but idk, how would you guys feel about that?

Halloween Special!

Airs October 22!! For those who didn’t know, because I didn’t. Grace is going all sherlock on something, Nick is messing around in Sam’s workplace, and—good news—haven’t seen Noah anywhere!!

Fic Rec List

(currently a work in progress - i also have a page dedicated to this! you can reach it from my about)


A three-part series (though the third part shouldn’t really count, i suppose). Birdflash. Wally-centric. Much hurt. So cry. Very tears of happiness. Plot was absolutely amazing???? This fic broke me, I promise you’ll love it. 30/10, over 200k total. There’s even art for it!

Strength in all its Forms

Bluepulse. Bart-centric. Amazing??? I loved the characterization in this. Adored it beyond words. The plot was also… suspiciously similar to Mainline’s… 25/10, 125k+

Things We’ve Lost, and Things We’ve Gained

Jayroy. Arsenal POV. It’s set in the yj universe so I was a little hesitant, but after the first chapter I was hooked. Fluff, Angst, SMUT. Just a heads-up for those of y’all who are uncomfortable with that. The smut was really good tho. Great plot, great character development throughout. 35/10, just over 80k

Light as a Feather

Damijon. 3rd person POV. Tbh if you’re into the super sons, you’ve probably already found this fic and fallen in love with it. Still in progress, but very VERY wow. Angst, fluff, smut… perfection. The boys ARE aged up in this fic, so don’t worry about underage. 20/10 (but only bc it’s still in progress and idk how it’ll end), currently over 40k

and now i’m gonna cheat by recommending everything EVER by @nikescaret (tho specifically gold glitters in your palm, and petals and blood) because i’m a huge fan her work :)