the plot is good tho

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What is Be more chill about? :0

it’s a sci-fi comedy musical that revolves around a high school junior named jeremy heere! he’s about as Unimpressive and Average as they come, but he finds out that high schoolers everywhere are taking these pill-sized supercomputers called squips - which implant themselves in your brain and tell you how to act/behave in social situations to be more cool

(be more chill, if u will)

basically it’s abt jeremy taking one of those pills in a quest to become more popular as his squip tells him what to say/wear/act as he climbs up the social ladder from being a loser, but, yknow. everything comes at a price. it turns out a supercomputer in your brain can do….a whole lot more than just instruct you on how to be popular

TLDR; ratatouille

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Thoughts about Gray x Loke, and Rogue x Freed?

Gray and Loke are total bros who call each other babe. Esp Loke. Until bro becomes less ‘bro’ and babe becomes more ‘babe’ (a.k.a I think as ship or broship, they’re cute together!!)

Rogue x Freed tho OMG why do you put them together??? Now I can’t get my mind off of them cosplaying as Alzack and Bisca x’D

Never thought of them as a couple before but I can imagine them being together as friends or only if they’re a bit ooc.

On top of Sakura’s birthday, here’s some fan art inspired and dedicated to @vesperlionheart’s enchanting fic, Under the Rabbit’s Moon

Not enough Kawarama fan art in the world, so I shall help fix that.  If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend reading if you are interested in some badass Sakura, time travel AU: Warring Clans Era edition. Heart-wrenching angst, fluffy feels, and expanded character development ahoy! Also, Sakura is such a mom friend, atm, so adorbs.

To Vesper:

I particularly adored how you flesh out the characters and brought unique personality to the brief knowledge we had of them! You bring them to life! (Haha) I feel the way you portray Sakura’s handling of her new found powers in a world of the distant past gives a new take. It’s raw and tragic, but she keeps going and I root for her in her struggle to find compromise in some version of solace. 

I first came across your Obelisk series a few months back and after getting up to date, I became an avid reader of your stories! I’ve seen you’ve come a long way and I am just inspired. YOUR WORLD BUILDING AND WORD WEAVING IS AMAZING, YOU WIZARD YOU.

Anyways, I hope you like the piece! Thank you for sharing your ideas and I look forward to seeing your future writing endeavors! <3

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“Leave the car. You ride with me.”

The long line of cars trundled down the road ahead of them, rumbling along the uneven road, their dim headlights barely illuminating the rocks and potholes before they dipped and swelled with a jostle and a creak. Meyer watched the road; Charlie watched Meyer. This was not the best arrangement, as Charlie was driving.

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when they dont include ur fav in cute themed merch sets so u gotta do it urself

the Marine Theme charms for the guild seems to suggest a historical AU given their clothing.. so while Lovecraft can’t be a sailor, he can be a strange figure seen around port around the same time rumours of a kraken in the waters start cropping up (^:


Well here’s some crap, I amused myself by thinking about a magic AU for my characters because my sad fantasy nerd heart weeps that I’m not actually writing for this setting. The rest of me is like hell no complex worldbuilding and adventure plots, tho, so I’m cool, but it was good for a few doodles.

Also the world needs more electricity magic that is less like zzzzzzzzzrt and more like BOOM.

why does reverse harem anime have such tasteless and bland men. like. none of them have a personality, they’re just “that trope” and nothing more. sometimes not even that. it doesn’t matter how hot a character is, if they don’t have a personality and layers then they’re unattractive & boring.

“AISH. WILL YOU get a clue already?chanmi asked, eyes narrowing into slits as she stepped back once again from the man imposing on her private space. “i’m not interested, just like that girl you tried to hit on five minutes ago. it’s kind of PATHETIC how you’ve tried to get into the pants of every girl here aside from the librarian. don’t you have somewhere else to be, maybe a cheerleader to spy on? i think they’re having practice right about now.” initially, camila had thought korea would be a much n i c e r place with a smaller amount of creeps, but she stood corrected. hongdae university was the school of unwanted guests, and she was frankly really fucking tired of being polite. “if you don’t leave me alone, i swear i’ll take my foot and shove it right up your-” the sudden collision with another body caused camila to stumble, and she turned around. clearly, she was at fault here since she was the one continuously backing up, but she wasn’t in the mood. which was precisely the reason why she said “what the fuck is wrong with you?

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pls dont make me kellic trash

Too late, you’re kellic trash now. Welcome to the dark side. If you like smut I recommend Master or The Deal. If you don’t like smut then I recommend Euthanasia. Have fun


Day 2:  Down Time (u mean wine time)

((tbh what happened the entire time))

//  tfw 200 icons in and still no sign of a smile, and the pain in your heart beats with an unrelenting torment you wanna throw out the window but you can’t because it’s not a tangible thing.

It’s Tumblr Tuesday again - here’s who I’m crushin’ on

My Tumblr Crushes:

  1. amaliabones  -  because have you seen her “what they’re doing right now” drabbles??  go read.
  2. mechengmama – my (and your) canadian girlfriend
  3. disneyprinceronweasley – because we all need a little more Ron Weasley on our dashes
  4. valarm0rghvlis - because those moments of “someone else gets it”
  5. decanthrope - because drarry.  and hilarity.  oh the ridiculous mini-fics we plot.  (siriusly - they’re a really good writer tho)
  6. sableunstable - my sharshine
  7. asktheboywholived - may the finger guns be with you
  8. kapitan5o - my shipper heart has been so happy this weekend (I may have dreamed about kap and arin one night because I was so happy for them - shut up)
  9. blvnk-art - have you SEEN their artwork??  their blog is finally blowing up.  ‘bout time.

Here’s my part of the goodomens25thanniversarybang collab with ylc1 and dearest-angel. These illustrations are from ylc’s fic and you can read it here on AO3. Thanks and happy 25th, you silly old bugger.