the plot hole

Questions/Plot holes

1) If Sara was only looking to find what was in the old Radley Sanitarium, then why was she stalking Emily?

2) How exactly did Alex end up in possession of Charlotte’s belongings?

3) How did Charlotte find out about what Melissa did to Bethany “that night”?

4) Was it Avery threatening Melissa about the tape of her confessing to burying Bethany? And if so, how did Alex find out about that tape?

5) How was Charlotte making regular visits to the Amish farm with Archer, considering she was in Welby?

6) How did Alison not know about those visits to the Amish farm, considering it was stated that Charlotte was only released on time for Christmas?

7) How did Alison know Charlotte was at the church? 

8) How did Alison not know about the phone call between Mona and Charlotte?

9) If Noel did kill Sara because of something about the Carrissimi group, why would Jenna outright tell Caleb that she was lying?

10) How did Alex know about Emily being late for her test in 7x04?

11) How did Charlotte find out she was adopted?

12) How did Jessica get the picture of Red Coat at the graveyard?

13) Why were Noel and Archer in contact with each other?

14) Who used Archer’s identity to travel to France?

15) Where did Mary go after she killed Jessica?

16) When did Mary find out Charlotte was alive? 

17) How did Mona know about the recording of Peter and Mary discussing Jessica’s death?

18) If Alex was working separately from Archer, why did Archer immediately think Alison killed Charlotte after Alex was in possession of Alison’s red jacket?

19) If Mary wasn’t working with Alex, then why was she at the blind school in 7x10?

20) If Mary didn’t find out about Alex until a few weeks ago, then how did she know where Archer was buried in 7x19? 

21) Wren and Alex were in a relationship around the time of 4B. However, Melissa was with Wren in London at this time!

Add to this list!

Now that I’ve processed, I do like the reveal. Troian’s acting was on point and it was actually alright. What I have a problem with is the plot holes left from previous seasons and also how they rushed the parts that should’ve had more time dedicated to them. 

The problem with the finale

Lest anyone think I’m just bitching for fun… or because of some vanity over my theories not being correct.

1. The twin storyline is already weak and overdone. BUT it could have been ok if it was better executed.

2. Toby is a victim of rape! Again! Twice by Alex and a few times by Jenna!

3. Nothing tied back to previous seasons.

4. There are still SOOOO many unanswered questions!!! What the fuck?!!

5. They didn’t close up ANY plot holes at alllll

6. Are we to just assume that Alex kidnapped Hanna?

7. If Mona killed Charlotte why is Mona still alive???

8. Ezra Fitz is one of the worst humans on television and he got a happy ending.

9. Byron actually blessed his daughters marriage to her abuser!!! I threw up in my mouth.

10. Lol so Sara Harvey is just red coat/black veil.

11. No one died and I crave not just death but violence to soothe my years long suffering.

12. I can no longer pretend that the Charlotte reveal isn’t canon and a part of me died with that hope.

13. Motive was bullshit times a thousand. Children could write better.

14. I actually hurt from my wasted energy. I literally feel like a part of me has died, and that’s the part that will ever invest in something I can’t control again.

Wow… I thought that was terrible, I’m actually pretty shocked. I love Troian but I couldn’t take Alex seriously because her accent was so bad. There are so many things that don’t make sense and I didn’t really see that as a happy ending for Mona either. Surely Mona still having mental health problems severe enough to keep people locked away isn’t true happiness, being part of the group is what she’s always wanted. None of this links back to the start, black widow and red coat are still Sara Harvey, none of the previous plot holes from the Charlotte reveal have been fixed and this whole thing feels like a bit of a joke tbh.
Well and truly gutted.

Mine and my friends finale drinking game:

Drink whenever:

  • An irrelevant character is mentioned
  • Drink twice if they’re shown. 
  • When the liars do something stupid.
  • If Ezria actually get married
  • When a ship do the sex.

Down your drink whenever:

  • Marlene poorly attempts to fill a plot hole.
  • When someone dies.
  • If Marlene creates ten new plot holes.

Have a shot whenever:

  • There’s a twin reveal.
  • If the twin is a Hastings or Dilaurentis. 
  • Mona saves the liars.
  • The liars yell at Mona for saving them. 
  • Have a shot when AD is revealed, and have an additional one whenever an accomplice is.

I’m playing this with whiskey and wine, so.. I’m probably gonna be hammered by the time AD is revealed, though that may be for the best. 

Anonymous asked:

Writing exhausts me. It’ll take me hours just to write maybe three pages of content. I really wanna be an author - I feel like it’s what I was born to do - but it has occurred to me that professionals don’t generally face the kind of blocks I do, where just the act of writing takes so much out of me. As I’m writing, I remain constantly aware of potential plot holes and character consistencies, future plot points that must be foreshadowed, etc., and all as I’m writing. Any help on this?

It sounds like you’re putting the cart before the horse a little bit…

Too many aspiring authors sit down to write, with hardly any writing experience, and expect the first thing they write will be published. Sure, it happens that way once in a blue moon–though usually people like that have an education that gives them a leg up–but for most writers, it takes numerous writing projects before you write something publishable.

Writing is a craft. Like any other craft, you have to create awful stuff before you create good stuff. If you’ve never painted before, you wouldn’t expect your first ten paintings to be museum quality works of art. It’s the same with writing. You’re not going to sit down and bang out an award winning novel on your first try.

If you want to get to the top, you have to start at the bottom. You have to give yourself permission to write a lot of terrible crap if you’re ever going to get good enough to write really awesome stuff.

What I’m saying is this: don’t worry right now about plot holes, character consistency, and foreshadowing. I mean, attempt it, but don’t stress yourself out so much that you can’t write. Because whatever you’re working on right now–there’s almost a zero percent chance it will ever be published. And I’m not saying that to demotivate you. I’m saying that to set you free from the anguish of feeling like it has to be perfect. What you’re writing now is for practice. The next one and the one after it will be practice, too. The more you write, the better you’ll get, and pretty soon you won’t need to stress out about all of those things, because you’ll be so good at writing they’ll be second nature to you. But, you will never get there if you don’t let go and start writing forward. :) <3

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Prohibited questions: portrayal of diverse characters, portrayal of emotions, specialist knowledge questions (medical, military, mental health, etc.), “how to portray/describe,” asking for tropes/cliches, asking for resources; broad, vague, or complicated questions. See master list & main site for more info!

All of my shows are ending but PLL hurts the most. This show has made me who I am today, I’ve gotten through some of the hardest times in my life watching this show. The show, this blog, all of you guys, the cast/ crew have kept me going and I cannot believe it has been seven years. Plot-holes, unanswered questions or not. I am going to miss this show. I’ve sat through series finales before, One Tree Hill, Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, to name just a few, but this is different. I was truly invested in PLL. It’s still difficult to comprehend that it’s over and we’re not just about to go on hiatus again. Which we’ve all sat through together, reblogging the same things over and over. I think it’ll take a while to truly sink in. As Troian said, I’ll be devastated for a while. We can take solace in the fact we can re-watch the show, and we can savour these last hours and enjoy the last episode while we still can. How time flies when you’re having fun. It truly has been the best seven years. I am truly going to miss the entire cast, crew and family of PLL. I’ll miss the snapchats, the Instagram’s, all of the behind the scenes footage. The only hope we can hold on to is that the cast/ crew go on to have wonderful, long careers and we see them all again. And particularly get to see them together again. They really made some true friendships from this show and so did we all. We are all ‘PLLFamily, always and forever.

For the hopeful lovelies who still think S5 might turn things around

Wow do I love your optimism, but Mofftiss are making this show to appeal to a broad audience, aka the 90% casuals who think TFP blew their mind and Mary’s death was sad, who watch the show, tweet about it once and then forget about it.
I love the theories, they’re fascinating and wonderfully complex, but really, not going to happen. It’s neither economical nor sensible for Mofftiss to have orchestrated the Russian leak, or be sitting on a secret special, or reveal that all of S4 happened in someone’s head. If something would blow OUR minds then the casuals would say “wtf man that came out of nowhere this show is all over the place I don’t get it”. And they would rather have 10% viewers saying that than 90%.

spencerietta  asked:

Ezra having a happy ending is one of the things that pissed me off most about the finale. I can deal with plot holes not being filled and a weak AD motive, but Ezra actually having Byron's blessing?? Such a gross concept over all to put out there.

I cannot believe that this show endured so much shit for their relationship being gross, illegal and predatory and still had her marry her abuser.

Like… I didn’t think a network would let that happen. Honestly.

list of (unnecessary/confusing) spoilers/plot holes from pll series finale

the dream sequence at the beginning. unecessary.

the whole “mona wearing melissa mask to throw off the audience” thing. unecessary.

if a.d. killed/cremated wren, how did he get mona out of the institution?

how… did… a.d get whatsherface out of jail?

why did soooooo much of a.d.’s focus go towards aria (wrecking her wedding, playing with her hair in bed, making her a part of the temp- a-team, “i’m gonna love you most of all” [or something like that])?

what the fuck happened to emily’s mother halfway through the episode?

by extension: the drama that ali and emily’s mom had towards the beginning of the episode didn’t match the end result

hanna got preganant over the course of 24 hours and found out immediately???? i’m no ob/gyn but i think you don’t know the day after having sex

where’s lucas?

where’s mike?

where’s paige?

where’s melissa? (i mean, she pet the horse at the beginning and walked off into the sunset, or was that mona?)

how did toby know which one to grab first?

i know these bitches did NOT pull the whole “oh my god, which one is which? which one do i shoot?” bullshit

so the fan theory was right?

“the jenna thing” has a whole new meaning

i have no idea where they are going with this ending and how it’s parallel to the beginning but i just hope it’s not another attempted spinoff

let’s not forget about ravenswood

why was mona spying on the girls to figure out who a.d. is if they (presumably) didn’t know at the time? did she know they knew so she tuned in to them? and if she knew they knew, wouldn’t she already know then?

“it’s time for plan b, i need to know your face and meet”.

the writers’ joke about the moms leaving the basement was the best part

maya had a cousin?

maya should have been the one proposing to emily tbh, i’m still hurt after all these years

yvonne was the best thing that happened to toby. spencer is a silver medal. if yvonne was still alive, she would be still married to him

i was also expecting a death in this episode? i don’t know why? i was honestly expecting a main character death… hanna? mona?

(not from the finale but) why did mona name herself A in the first go-around and cece go as Big A? neither of their names begin with those letters. a.d. makes sense but the other two not so much

why was alison faking her death in the first season again? to hide from a? who was mona? idk why but now that just seems so dumb to me. this girl was 15 and faked a death and lived life with wilden and on the run from another 15 year old girl who was sending her text messages about being a bitch

i feel so bad for mona, she just wanted to be accepted from the jump and she never got that

“the fans will be satisfied”


Whatever happens tonight, however the finale goes down, don’t forget how intensely you’ve loved this show and these characters and take tonight to appreciate everything they’ve given us good and bad, plot holes or not, bad AD or not, this show has been important to us. Let’s not let the outcome of tonight ruin that and instead use it as one last time to experience something that matters to us.