the plot hole

Potential Plot Twist:

Turns out it was a Tornadragon (tornado dragon), which is a stage between drake and full dragon. 

A drake is a baby dragon-to-be whereas a Tornadragon is a teenage dragon-to-be. So a Tornadragon CAN be purified, it’s just a lot harder. Luckily Sorey has two martyr-minded Squires to shovel excess Malevolence onto, so it’s a doable feat.


I’m stretching, okay?

Damn straight.
For anyone who’s ever been called a ‘fake fan’

Stop turning on each other, you guys.

If any of y'all receive hate for liking/disliking season 4, shipping or not shipping a certain couple, or just expressing your opinion in a healthy, non-malignant way, I’m sorry. I really am. You don’t deserve it.

We’re all in this together. If someone was disappointed with season 4, they have the right to express their opinion in a healthy way. The 'norbury’ tag was meant to do that. They didn’t tag people associated with the show or send death threats or anything; they raised GENUINE questions about plot holes and character inconsistencies. The producers have the option of ignoring it. ( @arglocked thanks for organising this, btw)

Similarly, if someone liked season 4, that’s their opinion and it’s all fine. I’m glad they’re not burning in hell like the rest of us.

Basically, don’t be an anti-anything. Keep making your fanart and fanvids, writing your fanfic and metas, cracking your jokes.

We’re gonna need each other to survive this indefinite hiatus.

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Unpopular opinion: Thoughts on inconsistencies with the show? Such as Andy saying he had a sister (St. Patrick's Day episode) but is never seen nor mentioned after?

Well they exist for sure lol & it’s disappointing! 😋 but I can live with it

I finally figured out my problem with KOTFE/KOTET

(Well, it’s not so much a problem as it is an observation.)

A note before I begin: I love KOTFE and KOTET. The overall story of both combined (aside from, you know, the gaping plot holes and hastily erased/returned companions) is awesome. The characters (old and new) are awesome. The cinematics and animations are awesome. It’s all pretty awesome. But there has always been something that felt off about it to me, something my mind had pinpointed but didn’t have the words to express until now:

To me, this is not a Star Wars: The Old Republic story.

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Me during TVD 8x14

Me: Happy? Everyone’s happy? Please let it be the end and everyone happy.



Damon: We’re toast.

Srsly, tho. That plottwist with Katherine? Wow. I literaly forgot how to breathe and I was shivering all over.

And I love how they did it since we all wondered what happened to dear ol Katherine since she never even went to the other side when she died. Filling that plot hole now is just amazing!

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the show has no concept of continuity and the costumes reflect that. thea supposedly altered roy's. costume to become speedy and yet he still had his as well when he came back. sara's jacket was supposed to be laurels, they're exactly the same except for sleeve length, and wait no sara still has her canary costume.

Damn, anon, you right.

I mean I’ve honestly been super confused about the suits for a while now. How does Cisco have all that time/supplies to constantly be making each of Oliver’s new ones? At what point does he get contacted about each new person needing a suit? Is there a queue? Order forms? When do they go in for fittings? Is Barry constantly buying different colored micro-fabrics to cut into masks for people? Isn’t Mari canonically the fashion designer in DC?

Tell me more about the budding vigilante suit cottage industry, Arrowverse writers. I’m sure it’s full of huge, gaping plot holes.

“Knuckles is the last of his kind, so no Echidnas, *ANGRY SCREECHING*” pisses me off because that’s a plot-hole in and of itself.

Someone had to have given birth to him and unless there’s been centuries of inbreeding that means he couldn’t exist without a decent population of his species at least up until his parents. At that point you could infer (though unlikely) some cataclysmic thing wiped out literally every single living one but him.   

I like to call this selective suspension of disbelief.

Tertiary Plays Gay Fates Birthright! THE END

Well, Tertiary Plays Gay Fates Birthright has taken a very long hiatus. So allow me to summarize the rest of the play through. The Gay Army defeats Iago, then Xander, emotional moments happen, Garon is still a cartoonishly evil bad guy, final boss second phase, Azura dies along and only comes across as a huge plot hole, blah blah blah royalty stuff, ending happens, fuck off Birthright.

(all of my apologies if these ending cards don’t look organized, that probably still needs a little bit more work).

Wow, I never thought I finish this series. After all the crazy shit that I went through in my life which caused me to become pretty busy. I thought I would never get this done, but I managed to do it!

This was one of my first and possibly biggest series I’ve ever posted here on Tumblr, and despite all of the struggles I’ve went through (Ex: finding the motivation to play Fates again, finals, etc).

Even though I might not do another series like this again, I had a lot of fun! Maybe I’ll go for Revelations someday, but that’s up in the air.

Even I can admit, this game isn’t flawless. But this hack just made it a lot better in terms of letting me fulfill all of my ship possibilities, and making me feel accepted with my sexuality.

I don’t want to get all sappy and mushy with this and I’ll just cut to the chase. Thank you everyone for all of your support who followed this series until the end.

I hope we can do this again sometime in the future.

Special Thanks:

@unassumingvenusaur for making this amazing hack and being such a wonderful role model in my life.

All of the writers and editors such as @unassumingvenusaur, @kagerochii, @dingzhu, @underwaterseraph@unownlawliet, @regallibellbright@tekkaguya, @theplottinghoofbeast @sleepymitama and everyone else who contributed to this hack!

@darkflierliesel for giving me the idea to gay marry Scarlet in this play through.

@fireemblemhax for providing easy tutorials on save editing so I could get the children for my gay couples and giving certain child units hair colors I want. (mainly for Mitama).

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems (to an extent) for making this game as a base for the hack.

The 3DS hacking community for getting me into hacking in the first place.

My own New 3DS XL, for not crapping out and giving up on me just yet. 

My sanity, for pulling through with this series until the end.

And all of you! For reading and supporting my series.

A last few words:

As expected, the final stats for my army and my completed pairings are under keep reading.

Well, that’s all I have to say, and I hope you enjoyed this series.

I’m Tertiary, and this is has been. Tertiary Plays Gay Fates Birthright.

Good night everybody.

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*gasp* superhero cressder au with cinder as this amazing superhero who cress falls madly in love with!!!!!

aight so this should probably be a lot longer so i could fit these plot points in but i wanted to finish it so i’ll just list them here

  • the man is glamoured as peony, who was killed by levana, the woman in the last scene
  • cinder was an engineer at nasa and she got caught in an experiment and got prosthetic limbs & her lunar powers got triggered. she was part of a secret society working to take down levana but was moved to the front lines instead of just gathering intel because of her gifts
  • cress is still immune to glamour, which is why she managed to get to close
  • also i have no idea how reporters or being a reporter works whoops
  • ignore any plot holes
  • it’s lowkey really shitty hngnjhjjj

Lunar X was an enigma.

Like the moon, she was only seen running the streets after hours, flashes of orange-ish light from streetlights reflecting off her slick, black suit. Rarely seen and even more rarely photographed, she blended in with the shadows themselves, disappearing before she could be praised – or arrested. Even if the mysterious superhero wasn’t spotted at the scene, she always left a trail of incapacitated criminals in her wake. She was called a revolutionary, a vigilante, a hero, and a villain, but hell if she wasn’t an icon.

Cress was a little bit in love, and when an opportunity came she jumped at her chance.

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Okay one thing I don’t understand about this series of Call the Midwife is..

Where did Valerie Dyer train in midwifery? Don’t get me wrong, i absolutely love her but surely she didn’t train in midwifery in the army?! I assumed she would be joining as a district nurse but now she’s delivering babies and working at the baby clinic.

The reason Delia’s not working with the nuns is because she’s doing her midwifery training (which has been taking forever), and Patsy had to undergo it before she joined Nonnatus..

It’s not like CtM to leave plot holes like this but im so confused.

Beauty and the Brothers Update #10

Hey, everyone. Long time no update! First and foremost, we apologize for going radio silent for 2 months(?). WOW, that’s a long hiatus. Truly, very sorry. I (Jules) had gone through some issues where I physically and mentally could not work on B&B, and I’m super sorry for that.

Now, then. The most important thing for us to state is that the team has made the decision to put production on B&B on the back burner. Yours truly has become incredibly insecure about the writing — whether that be on plot holes, unrealistic scenarios, etc. — and I didn’t want to put out anything until I was 110% satisfied with it. The project has turned out to look bigger than what we all originally planned, so we want to make sure we cross every T and dot every I, in order to give you guys the best we can give.

Now that that’s out of the way, on to actual updates! Fairly minimal but something’s better than nothing, right?


-With the growth of B&B came new sprites! More details on their characters coming soon. Again, all credit goes to the amazing Kooriiko (:

-Susan DiAngelo, Alessandra’s (MC) mom

-Paul DiAngelo, Alessandra’s dad

-Officer/Detective Duncan

-Colton Feller, T.V. show host

-Axel Deveraux, Elizabeth’s younger brother


-We’ve finished the common route, which turned out to be a total of about 50k words. Still major editing needed.
-Outlining for Jace’s route began,
-BUT I asked everyone to stop and not move forward on production until we figured out every detail needed to be fixed in the story.

And, I’m pretty sure that’s all there is to it! Not a lot, yes. The team had taken a much-needed 2 months of hibernation, but we are back! The only thing left to say is that, while B&B is on pause, that doesn’t mean we’re not at work with other projects *wink wink* We’ll be debuting those soon enough, but our main priority right now is our project for NaNoRenO. We’ll be giving more information on An Otaku’s Guide to Santa’s Reindeer at the beginning of March. Thanks again, guys, for the constant support.

You know what, the ‘suddenly, there’s 5 more Winter Soldiers’ subplot

has gotten a lot of flack, and I don’t disagree that it could and should have been handled a lot better, but even as it is, I really really like what it says, or rather, confirms about Bucky.

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Unless there’s closure. Me everyday for the rest of my life: how the fuck did Sherlock, a man who can tell your life story at a glance, not notice that there was no glass, not immediately recognize a grenade, but most importantly not know about the sister like my guy you went to your childhood home for Christmas and we all saw you go surely there were anecdotes or family pictures that Mycroft couldn’t have removed since their parents weren’t in on the ‘oh yeah we should totally make sherlock think this imaginary dog died and forget about his Jigsaw-Sadako love child of a sister’ plan.