the plot hole

ok so today i came home from school around the time judge judy comes on. so im kinda walking around getting ready to work out(die), i quickly glance at the tv and i just ???

did i just see butch hartman on judge judy?

52 year old butch hartman, a ‘professional’ animator, on judge judy?

Might i mention ‘butch’ was on for not paying damages to something? is this how butch settles things? court tv? 

when is he finally going to pay for all the plot hole based crimes he commited? when is he gonna pay for the space asteroid that was our ‘finale?

There’s a difference between writer’s block and writer’s constipation. I have the latter. There are quite a few things I want to write, but every time I sit down, everything in my brain screeches to a halt. I’ve tried every trick I know and nothing’s worked. Fortunately I’ve been through this before. Unfortunately the only way I know to get through it is to let it run its course.

I have trouble doing even that, because then anxiety kicks up and makes me feel even more like a useless, worthless hack than I do otherwise, since I made the mistake of tying up a lot of my self-worth in my writing. I’m slowly untying that knot, but it’s not smoothed out yet. 

Until then:

So something just occurred to me. Like 1920’s Potterverse America has this whole “Wizards can’t associate with muggles” law, right? But like, they’ve got to have muggleborns too, right? That means their family has to know about it right? Unless they go around kidnapping eleven year old wizards and obliviating their parents or something. Or they’ve sworn these kids to absolute secrecy and just, like, tell their parents they’re going to a fancy-shmancy prep school or something instead of Hogwarts lite. But like, what about parents who want to meet the teachers and look at the school and go to PTA meetings and stuff. Do they have a whole fake school and teacher set up to appease those parents? And do they really trust the secrecy of their community into the hands of eleven year olds? Think of the socialization that would have to occur if that were the case, how much fear they would have to instill in these children. And I mean, if wizards are only ever marrying other wizards, the magical population in America must be proportionally much smaller than it is in Britain or elsewhere, otherwise you’ve got a lot of cousin-marrying-cousin sort of deals, like with the Purebloods back in Britain, and their not expanding their population at all, like, if you only have a set population size from which to draw from, that population size is going to stagnate or decline, isn’t that the problem wizards in Britain had?

Just thought I’d share a screenshot of the ‘Grand Plan’ otherwise known as where I keep all my ‘Tell it to the Marine’s’ notes. A lot of planning has gone into/is going into this story. So hopefully, there won’t be too many plot-holes.

(Does anyone else do this, or am I just massively OCD?)

In response to a comment I received for my rather silly post I made an hour or so earlier, the thing about SU being a “kid’s show” - or just anything made for kids in general - is that kids aren’t stupid. SU started off as a very smart and fun show, which is why everyone preferred it over, say, Teen Titans Go!. We now hold it up to very high standards as far as kid’s shows go because it managed to do so much for kids that other things aimed at kids that are usually just aiming for a quick cash grab don’t. And it’s really important that kids get good stuff that teach and inspire them.

So if you think SU should be spared criticism for rushed color schemes (that actually DO hurt people’s eyes btw; we’re not just whining because it looks ugly), inconsistent character models, dropped plot points, plot holes, and incompetent characterization just because its aimed at kids, then by that logic you should find it acceptable to distract your kid by just waving keys in front of their face as a form of entertainment.

Not to mention, if a kid is old enough to understand the mature themes SU constantly throws at them, such as war, bigotry, existentialism, etc., they’re old enough to understand that the two neon colored girls don’t look good next to each other.

Ya know if RBA went through the risk of killing the captured titans in Trost to avoid having the Eldians find out about the nature of the titans; that’s great and all but
RBA also knew about the basement in shiganshina, they knew it contained possible intel, they spend 2 months this in shiganshina and have a fucking nuclear bomb Titan that can burn down the whole town in an afternoon but they don’t, that’s just a really big fucking plot hole that needs serious explanation

I’m especially upset about this episode because in my head, MK is neurodivergent and like No??? the self-indulgent version of her i’ve got in my head wouldn’t do this???

The entire conversation leading up to the end section was really fucking ablest and made me want to scream out loud

I’m usually quite forgiving when it comes to this sort of thing in Tanis because it’s usually just plot holes and stuff but I’m really not happy about this

I still love the concept of the show, there were some really great bits in this episode, and I’m still listening, but it’s


You know what, the ‘suddenly, there’s 5 more Winter Soldiers’ subplot

has gotten a lot of flack, and I don’t disagree that it could and should have been handled a lot better, but even as it is, I really really like what it says, or rather, confirms about Bucky.

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Unless there’s closure. Me everyday for the rest of my life: how the fuck did Sherlock, a man who can tell your life story at a glance, not notice that there was no glass, not immediately recognize a grenade, but most importantly not know about the sister like my guy you went to your childhood home for Christmas and we all saw you go surely there were anecdotes or family pictures that Mycroft couldn’t have removed since their parents weren’t in on the ‘oh yeah we should totally make sherlock think this imaginary dog died and forget about his Jigsaw-Sadako love child of a sister’ plan.

i've got some questions about riverdale

1. why the fuck why were the blossom twins going on a ride in a rowboat at 6 am the day after the 4th of july????? is that just a fun hobby™???

2. cheryl was officially the only person with jason at the murder so after they find the body with the bullet why don’t they immediately assume it was cheryl???

3. ok is this show supposed to be set in 2017 or 1956 bc they’ve got laptops but also they have old ass cars wtf????

4. what school let’s u have a laptop during the assembly?????????

5. how could anybody possibly believe that jason had drowned if he was the captain of the fuckin water polo team???

6. also what school let’s u wear a fucking hat????

7. how did moose and kevin tell everyone about the body without exposing their gay asses?? like guys nobody’s gonna believe y'all were just skinny dipping as bros