the plight of the torpedo people


The Plight of the Torpedo People - Book Preview

from Torpedo People

The Plight of the Torpedo People

Photographs and text surrounding Come Hell or High Water
A film by Keith Malloy

Music: Keith Malloy

The Plight of the Torpedo People is a collection of bodysurfing photographs, frame grabs and personal essays documenting the making of Keith Malloy’s directorial debut, Come Hell or High Water—the first feature-length film to be made about the sport of bodysurfing. A winner of Best Film and Best Cinematography awards on the festival circuit, Come Hell or High Water explores the history and development of bodysurfing alongside the purity of experience that is riding a wave, taking a unique look at the culture and beauty of the sport, while capturing the stories and locations of those who belong to its community.

Introduction by Keith Malloy. Foreword by Jeff Johnson.

Text by Dave Parmenter, Bruce Jenkins, Mark Cunningham, John Clark, Judith Sheridan.

Photographs by Chris Burkard, Scott Soens, Dave Homcy, Brian Bielmann, Tim McKenna, Cyrus Sutton, Bud Browne, Jim Martin, Brent Jacobson, Ron Romanosky Brian Pezman and Hugh Berenger