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Not disagreeing, just curious: what religious reasons would prevent someone from standing for the pledge/anthem? I mean, I believe that people have the right to sit/kneel/whatever, ESPECIALLY as a symbolic gesture. I just want to understand the religious motivations.

Well for example, Jehovah’s Witnesses chose to opt out of the Pledge/National Anthem. Some stand and just don’t recite it and put their hand over their heart and others just sit while it’s being done. My grandfather, who I mentioned in my tags of that post, was in the navy when he was young but does not participate because he’s now a JW. 

In their opinion, the way we act towards the flag is a form of idolatry, which is not okay except in the case of God. We salute to it, have ceremonies involved with it, we pledge to it, we dispose of it in a sacred way, and we treat the flag in a very specific way that they view is only reserved for God. And even though I don’t believe in what my grandparents believe in, I completely understand where they are coming from and even agree that the flag worship in this country is ridiculous. 

Even outside of Jehovah’s Witnesses, there are those who interpret their religious texts similarly. Passages about idolatry is in many religions and I’ve even heard non-Jehovah’s Witnesses express similar opinions about how we treat the flag and how they don’t believe they should participate due to their religious beliefs. 

And this is strictly religious reasons, obviously there are other reasons people chose to opt out of the national anthem and pledge.  

  • Me: sees queen Elizabeth is trending
  • Me: hasn't had an emergency news alert from the BBC
  • Me: is confused

No, but seriously

the shadiest fucking thing about the American Pledge of Allegiance in schools is they force you to do it with varying penalties in elementary school and never, ever explain to to you what the Hell you’re doing when those words come out of your mouth. Then, when you get to middle school and you’re at about the right age to really question those words, they mysteriously stop doing it in the mornings, so you never get a chance to question those words and the fact they forced you to memorize and say them every morning for a fair chunk of your life ages 6-12. 

And then of course you have kids who are seniors or in college and haven’t had to say the pledge in school in years except on, like Veteran’s Day, but can still recite it word for word when asked on the spot, but even then, don’t really know what they’re saying. 

A history teacher once asked my class last year what government the US had. Everyone said “democracy”. 

“No, specifically we’re a republic. It’s in the Pledge. How do you not know this?” He replied. 

And there was this dawning moment of realization on everyone’s faces and even the teacher’s face that none of us had ever once really considered what we were saying when we recited the pledge. They were just meaningless words we didn’t know the meaning to and were forced to repeat time and time again. 

“communist countries have propaganda everywhere!!” meanwhile in the us there’s an american flag within every square mile, kids pledge their allegiance to that flag every day at school, and the us military attempts to recruit people before theyve reached the age of 13


This was all taken from facebook because our own local media isn’t covering enough of this. But here’s what happened as of 12:24 AM PHT:


- AFP: Marawi City situation under control as military pursues Maute bandits.

- AFP: Several members of the Maute group were killed.

-Duterte flies back home from Russia.

-AFP are sending more troops in Marawi

- Patients and nurses are safe inside the APMC and the latter are currently on duty.

- Armed men are confirmed to be the Maute group.

- The Maute group together with the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters has pledged allegiance to ISIS.

- A policeman and 2 ambulance drivers were killed.

- Homes are being trespassed.

- Women not wearing Hijabs are being taken away.

- AFP received an intel that Abu Sayyaf leader Isnilon Hapilon was with the Maute group.

- Some buildings in Dansalan College were burnt to ashes.

- Most affected areas are Basak Malutlut, Sarimanok, Marinaut, Provincial Jail, Amai Pakpak, Bo. Saber, Sarimanok and most of the key intersections in Marawi.

- Marawi City Jail is on fire.

- Detainees in the City Jail were freed by the group.

- At least 5 gov’t troops are now wounded.

- Chapel in Barrio Paypay is on fire.

- The group took away the firetrucks so that the fire can’t be put out.

- Marawi City is experiencing total electricity blackout.

- ISIS flags are raised in several areas in the city including hospitals, government establishments, and police cars.

- Maute group has left the Amai Pakpak Medical Center.

- Maute recruiting residents to join them.

- AFP issued a 5-hour ultimatum for civilians to leave before they start bombing Marawi again.

- Maute is interrogating civilians. If you can’t prove you are a Muslim, they will kidnap you and will be “taken cared of”

- Maute used trucks to block all entry/exit including bridges.

- Police captain killed.

- The group is seizing houses looking for men to recruit.

- Civilians are asked to recite the Shahada. If they can’t, theyre killed.

- Some of the teachers in Dansalan College are already dead. Their heads are being displayed on the highway.

DISCLAIMER: Most of the information here came from personal accounts of people inside Marawi City.

PLEASE signal boost this! I know there are many things happening right now, especially with what happened with Ariana’s concert. But this is really scary and there’s not enough information on it.

I'm not racist but...

A little background: I play a halfling Warlock who’s patron is an as-yet unknown undead entity. Since pledging my allegiance to them, I’ve had constant hunger that isn’t satisfied by normal food. I managed to capture two enemy agents (who are Elves) and this happened during the interrogation:

DM: So nothing’s worked on them yet, anything else you want to try?

Me: Yeah can I eat a few of their fingers? I feel like that would fuck someone up pretty badly 

DM: Yeah that’s fair, cannibalism is pretty fucked up

Me: It’s not cannibalism, we’re not the same race


GoT 7x07 Finale Thoughts

So it’s finally here. The finale. The epic conclusion for this epic season… lol I’m kidding. This season has been a mess and so was this episode. But as always, let’s begin to unpack the nonsense to hopefully find some sense to it all. 

We begin the episode with Grey Worm and the Unsullied and Bron and Jaime overlooking them before the Dothraki come riding up. At first, I’ll be honest, I was wondering how the hell Grey Worm managed to escape Casterly Rock while Euron surrounded the place with his ships? Of course, it’s because everyone’s going to the Dragonpit meeting and bringing the might of their armies in the case it all goes to shit. I find that interesting because if not for this meeting, I believed there was no way Grey Worm would’ve come out unscathed. I still feel like either Grey Worm or Missandei is going to die soon and it’s going to take a large toll on the other, forcing them to question their previously unwavering loyalty to Dani. 

Nevertheless, this episode isn’t about that. It was just a stray thought. Let’s move onto the next scene, which I found interesting. Jon looks towards King’s Landing and asks, “why would anyone want to live there?” which just goes to cement his love for the North. So repeat after me, Jon Snow would never be happy in King’s Landing or anywhere south of Winterfell. It’s not who he is. It’ll never be who he is because Jon Snow is loyal to the North. Although it really doesn’t feel like it this episode, we’ll get to that in a moment. 

There are a lot of reunions happening during the Dragonpit scenes. A lot of it feels very gratuitous, like D&D is all ‘look we got all your favs in one place, isn’t this cool!’ But nah D&D, what would be cool is a consistent and sensical plot with character continuity. Nevertheless, this is what we got and I did really love the interactions between Tyrion and Podrick, Tyrion and Bronn and the original OT3 together again. Also, the little exchange between Brienne and the Hound was kind of adorable, which is not an adjective I would’ve used for their relationship. I just really liked how proud they both seemed of Arya.

On this walk to the Dragonpit, there was one conversation that I paid particular attention to, which was Jorah talking about the history of the Dragonpit and why it was created:

“Dragons don’t understand the difference between what is theirs and what isn’t. Land, livestock, children. Letting them roam free around the city was a problem.”

We’ve already seen that this is the case with Dani’s dragons when it burnt a child and I feel like this may come up again in S8. Look, if centuries of Targaryens couldn’t control their dragons, how will Dani? She ain’t that special. Even she’s said that those dragons can’t be tamed. They’re a danger to Westeros, just as the Others are. Both ‘Ice’ and ‘Fire’ are destructive forces to the fate of the Seven Kingdoms. By the end of the story, both will die. 

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