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The last Outer Code was FABULOUS. And I love it when Gouenji says “Akki”, and blushing Fudou is just great. Can’t wait for the anime \o/

(Tobitaka + Gouenji, Bird-Shaped-Hair Team ahah plz someone punch me)

Fic Writer Appreciation Day

I know this is a bit late and it is already tomorrow for some of you but I really just wanted to take this chance to thank the wonderful people who have provided such lovely works that have gotten me through the best and worst of times💕💕💕💕 omg where do I even start ??😂😂

@zedsdead1001 @shippingeruri @ackbang @valisi-clark @lostcauses-noregrets @minxiebutt (Alabama boys series omfg fave)
@kaguneko (I am addicted to your fluffy soft smut omgggg) @tsukinoyoukai (I cannot wait for the sequel to Liege) @hedera-helixwriteseruri @flecksofpoppy @erurink @goddamnchou @ackermom @lervin-smiss @chuulain (I love your high school au reincarnation series) @o-kapii @teatimewithamz

Also fave eruri headcanon creators:
@theforbiddenworld (I get tears almost every time, so beautiful) @erwinsbones (I just can’t with how awesome your eruri kinks are)
@erwinsalive (animal shelter au is a fave)

Just thank you so much to all of you whom make the eruri fandom such a lovely place with your awesome content 💕❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕❤️💕💕❤️💕💕😍😍😍😍😍

concept: gordon is gone. coop regains more consciousness and immediately goes into well-deserved happy retirement with his boyfriend albert. tammy is the last one now, and before she proceeds to do her own stuff, or maybe the same old stuff but in her own way, it all lands on her desk - the case files, the agents’ biographies, etc. form this material, she compiles a dossier, a record of gordon’s doomed taskforce - its final dossier, if you will,


Hello the new shirts are here! The last one was very successful! I just wanted to thank you for it! Please check this one out, and if not please show your friends or reblog if you don’t mind. I love all of you have a goodnight!

white shirt:

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If both antifa and nazis are equally bad, how come you only talk about antifa and never about nazis? for you, they did not even exist a month ago

That’s not even slightly true but ok.

My 500 Follower Post

As promised, here is my 500 follower post.  I actually hit 500+ during the last workweek, but work is stressful and I did not have the time to do this as soon as I hit 500.  So I just blocked a few porn-bots and BAM, back to 500.  Take it as a Thank you, a Shameless promo, whatever you would like.  Regardless of how you take it or interpret it, I would like to say thank you to everyone who thought that my shitposts were worth looking at.  You guys make my life better, and I mean that.  My discord and steam info is always available to my mutuals if you guys want it.

I would like to give a special shout out thank you to those of you who I recognize by name that have been following me since I pretty much made this blog:

@dylanhack > for being my first internet friend who has stayed in contact with me for well over 5 years now.  I met you on tumblr so its only fair that I give you a personal shout out since you have been there since I made this blog.

@darkchunni > for being a faithful follower who I have gotten to know fairly well over the last year or so, even if we don’t talk that much, I know your blog by name so you deserve a shout out for sure as well.

@curvybars > you are a super nice person with a great blog and you have been following me for a LONG ASS TIME.  I appreciate it friend.  Thank you!

@crazymysterychase > I love your blog and like everyone else you have been a mutual FOREVER, I appreciate it and very much enjoy your posts!

@lihaliemikuutio > what can I say man, you’ve been here since the beginning and my activity feed is always blown up with your likes and reblogs from me.  Love ya dude!

@desucorp > I recognize your name, and I think you belong up here in the special shoutout section, but I cant quite put my finger on why… So your going to be here.  Thank you!

To the rest of my faithful mutuals, I love you guys too!  You can always leave me a message if you want to get to know me better! Thank you for your love and support!

@pu-chan @not-your-safe-space @ripplingeffected @just-communist-things @kabanru-suruga @soupdeloup @knarlybruh @transgirlpeach @hakujiin @here-comes-the-moonlight @kazanaritsubasa @yurifreak15 @queenoflol @velleitiie @thegreatwhiteotaku @my-scarlet-princess @thenightofwalpurgis @jynxiana @akiyamalove @yoursenpainoticesyou-blog-blog @cclearlovee @narumeias @rip-my-sanity @lainderp @kanamie-is-da-best @simplykasumi @slippyslam-blog-blog @strangeplaceofmoshi @shocking-truth @shinobukaka @photoboom97 @no-more-spooky-momos-and-cream @vintrial @quinquestor @miradanii @alinkbetweenme @kousakaear @onee-samaaa @na-na-ka @mikasa-kick-asserman @sakuradroplets @lightningsabre @aorailgun @moveslikejagger2 @kavula @conclusosive

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Thank you guys again! Love you all! just cant say it enough.

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Hello ma'am, I'm Minion #1234. If I may be so bold... Might I propose a use for the bag? Perhaps we could use it to store all the characters we've stolen over the years? The closet we've been keeping them in has gotten awfully cramped...

That is an excellent idea! Have some extra tokens for the Cake Apparatus!

{{Just to clarify. I do NOT condone or roleplay with ANYONE who roleplays an OC that is a counselor that is trying to FUCK 10/11 year old kids.

I have the RIGHT to refuse to roleplay with ANYONE, this includes canon characters and OC characters.

I don’t roleplay with Gary Stus/Mary Sues. I don’t roleplay with characters who fuck little kids.

theherooftime68, you need to fucking grow up, my rules are reasonable. You throwing a childish fit because your oc couldn’t fuck my 11 YEAR OLD OC, or even ROLEPLAY WITH YOUR GARY STU OC is immature. You need to also learn grammar as well it seems because that was a fucking train wreck to read what you sent me.

So yeah. I guess I’m ‘One of those People’ as you put it. But at least I don’t condone pedophilla and Bella Swan like ocs.}}

linatrinch replied to your post “Some Complaints About Stormpilot”

because writing a massive rant is a great way to show your love and support to writers and get more stormpilot fics that you want to see… :( I get the trope thing, it’s a common and understandable complaint, but like complaining about the single chapter fics is a great way to start seeing a lack of fics in general or just end up blocked by writers. but yeah no that’s fine. this is fine. Expressing love for multi-chapter three dimensional fics would be better but okay.

Honestly, you’d be surprised, dude. I’ve had plenty of people tell me that my rant posts have helped them with their writing.

That being said, I get where you’re coming from, but I’d like to point out something important in my rant. It’s okay if you missed it, this was a pretty long, angry rant and details can get lost in the vitriol, after all:

Have you ever gone on the Stormpilot tag on A03? Do you know how many of them are *only* one chapter? A fuckload, that’s how many. Not that there’s anything wrong with one chapter, but I want to get lost in a 50 chapter monster about my goddamn OTP once in a while goddamnit.

I went ahead and bolded the important bit. “Not that there’s anything wrong with one chapter” and I meant exactly what I said! There’s nothing wrong with one chapter fics. In fact, they can be damn impressive. I don’t see how my complaining, coupled with the fact that I expressly state that there is nothing wrong with single chapter fics, is a great way to cause a lack of them. Is my lil ole opinion really that powerful? Damn.

(Also, you have a bit of a logical fallacy going on there. If my opinion causes less fics to show up, then how could it also cause the tag to be “blocked up by writers”? I really don’t get what you mean by that. What’s wrong with more multi-chapter fics, or authors posting frequently? What about authors who post frequent single chapter fics? Are they blocking up the tag?)

Secondly, you insinuate that I’m not expressing my love for multi-chapter, three dimensional fics. I get where you were coming from with the first point, I do, but this one is totally off the mark.

(I’m not even quite sure what you mean by three-dimensional. Do you mean fics with rounded out characters? Because if you do, I’d like to think that that would be something you’d want out of every Stormpilot fic you put time into reading, too, instead of being sarcastic at me about it, like wanting quality in what I read is somehow wrong)

I also have another snippet from my rant I’d like to share with you.

I’m not saying there aren’t good Stormpilot fics out there. There are plenty (in fact I’m putting together a buttload for a fic rec list), but holy fucking shit it can be such a bother trying to find them.

I’m surprised the fact that I outright state that I’m putting together a rec list doesn’t tell you that I’m expressing love in my own way for multi-chapter, “three dimensional” fic. Fic Recs are, like, Level 3 for Showing Love For Fic. Also, since you seem pretty hung up about me having an opinion about single chapter fics, I’d like to say that some single chapter fics will be included in there as well, because believe it or not I know that even when I complain about something, that doesn’t make it true 100% of the time.

To bring all this to a conclusion, if you want to express an opinion about my opinions, go make it on your own post, and practice your critical reading skills, too.

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Hi there I just wanted to say leatherbound really has me crying real tears I love it and I'm crying and I love you and your writing I legit just found you and I'm crying I'm looking forward to your work in the future - a fan who's crying

I mean, this is flattering but also pls don’t cry tho :(((

(my children, messages like these are so good and pure and i love all of you)

To anyone who ever said Dream Daddy was pandering to yaoi fangirls: you have no idea how wrong your statement is. This game is so charming and genuine and as someone who’s apart of the LGBT community, a game like this means the world to me. The development team put their heart and soul into this game and they worked their hardest to make it into what it is now. You should be ashamed for even thinking that this game wasn’t genuine. I applaud the Dream Daddy devs for giving us this game, and honestly I hope it inspires more games like it.