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Hello everyone! My blog is almost 2 years old and I met more friends along the way which made my tumblr life more colorful (^_^). To all my wonderful followers especially new mutuals, thank you all so much for sticking with me and my blog until now! You guys are amazing! I don’t deserve you guys and I can’t thank you all enough! I never thought I would reach this far, a new milestone… 2k is a lot for me and therefore, I will keep running this blog and my other sideblogs for as long as I can! Thank you also for those who looks up, appreciate and compliment my edits, your words means a lot to me you have no idea! It boosts my confidence and motivates me to do more and improve along the way! ≧◡≦

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Hey guys! So money is pretty tight right now for me, so I’m sending out a newly updated commissions page! Now there’s a Bust/Portrait option that will include a beautiful snapshot of your chosen character with a pretty backdrop painting behind them! Neat right?

Anyways! I have more info on my commissions page if you want to see! Otherwise, feel free to send me an email if you’re interested! Thank you all for your support! Cheers! <3

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Omg yes!!! Thank you I love this request. FULL ANGST AHEAD!! Also, even those of you who don’t know Shiki can read this! A shiki is pretty much a vampire, that’s all you need to know. Try putting your name in btw! Let me know if it works ^^

Your name: submit What is this?

Four days. 

It’s been four days since (y/n)’s death. She was buried along with the others taken by the epidemic, her grave marked with a fir post bearing her posthumous name, and nothing more.

Bakugo Katsuki was not alright. With (y/n) gone, he had no anchor. And with her death still fresh, it felt as though Bakugo was suffocating. He could think of nothing but her. The death, like all the others, took them by surprise. She was fine one day, tired the next, bedridden the day after, and then she was dead.

And I didn’t even get to tell her I love her.

Bakugo was angry. The anger must’ve started deep within him, in his heart or stomach or some other center, and it burned all the way to his fingertips. The anger could not be extinguished, not even when he punched the walls or screamed profanities to the sky. (y/n) was dead. What else mattered?

It did not help one bit when Deku, believing in some sort of friendship between the two of them, rushed over and babbled stories about shiki. Corpse demons. Vampires. The dead rise again, burn in the sun and drink your blood. And then they kill you, too. Deku shoved a wooden stake into Bakugo’s hands, “just in case”. Bakugo yelled at him then. His girlfriend died, and Deku had the audacity to claim something supernatural took her? That just made him angrier.

Even now, four days later, Bakugo could not sleep. It was a warm summer night, but it was grief, not the heat, that kept Bakugo from sleeping. He could’ve fought off a person, but he couldn’t do anything to fight off the disease that took (y/n)’s life.

And then he heard her voice. It was soft, as though she were speaking through a breath. “Katsuki,” he heard. Her unmistakable voice. He’d recognise it anywhere. Anytime.

Slowly, Bakugo rose from his dishevelled bed, and looked out the window. His heart raced when he saw her. There she was, clad in neither her burial clothes nor the ones she wore when she was alive. Someone else’s clothes. Her pale figure almost seemed to glow amidst the darkness.

“Katsuki,” she said again in that breathy voice.

“(y/n),” he said her name quietly at first, “(y/n)!”

Was she a spectre? A hallucination? Either way, Bakugo could not tear his eyes away from her. They filled with tears he blinked away when she spoke again.

“Katsuki! Won’t you let me in? P-Please, I’m so scared… I don’t know what’s happened to me…” (y/n)’s soft voice was shaky with sobs, “Please!”

You’re dead. You’re dead. You fucking died, (y/n)! Why the fuck are you here??

But Bakugo could not get himself to say those words. His heart was pounding. She was dead. Dead, dead, dead. He’d cried silently at her funeral. He watched as they closed the casket for the last time and lowered her into the ground. She is not supposed to be here.

But how could he leave her, when she was scared and crying? Maybe… Maybe God was giving him one last chance to tell her what he wanted to. Maybe after that, she’d disappear again forever. Maybe… he could allow himself to embrace her in his arms one last time…

“Come in.” Bakugo opened the window. He held out his hand to (y/n), and she took it, and entered his room.

Her skin was cold. Far too cold. Dead cold. Now that she was closer to him, Bakugo could see her more clearly. Her skin was deathly pale, and her eyes were a deep, dark red. He felt no pulse against her wrist when he held her hand.

(y/n) was most definitely dead.

She pulled away as if ashamed of her deathly features. Dumb as they were, Deku’s words of warning about the shiki were making sense. (y/n) was dead. But she should stay dead. Not rise as a corpse demon. Discreetly, Bakugo backed away to his desk and took out the wooden stake Deku had given him before. He hid it behind his back so that (y/n) could not see it.

“Katsuki… I’m so happy to see you… But… I’m so hungry…”

“You died, (y/n).”

She looked up at him, distraught. “Please… Katsuki, I can barely stand it anymore… This hunger…”

Bakugo took a step towards her and embraced her tightly. His voice shook as he spoke, “This is a cruel fucking way for us to meet again.” The hot tears in his eyes made it hard to see. Maybe that was for the better.

“Let’s be together forever, Katsuki. You’ll join us soon.” (y/n) whispered against his neck.

Gripping the stake, Bakugo positioned it against her back, her heart. (y/n) opened her mouth, revealing sharp fangs against his neck.

“I love you.”

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ok so i saw the selfie you posted, and like, i wanted to know if i could draw you?? because like, you're honestly just super pretty?? it's totally ok if you say no, since one, it's your face, and two, this is a weird thing to ask, but uh.. yeah lol.



FINALLY. Chapter 7 of “It’s You” is posted! ❤️💛

PLEASE leave a comment after reading if you enjoyed it 😘…

Wooo!!! Andromeda! We can do it!

Will probably scan and digitally color in tomorrow, or sometime this week.

I’ve had the absolute worst art self esteem lately, like nothing I drew was good enough, but then this finally happened and I’m so happy it did!! To those of you who are currently stuck, just hang in there!! You can and will push through it!!



ft. Georgi as the good supportive friend and also as the one who drove them there because no one trusts Viktor with a car anymore


Are you looking into my eyes now? Are you? I’m very unsure because it looks like you’re… I’m looking into your eyes now. Very good.