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Why does it matter if people are playing Shroud incorrectly? Those players are all at the kitchen table, and are probably playing other things incorrectly as well. As soon as they show up to a tournament, they'll be corrected on Shroud (or whatever else they got wrong), say "oh", and continue on with their newfound rules knowledge.

There’s a cost every time a game fights player intuition. Sometimes you have to pay that cost, but the key to good game design is figuring how to do that as little as possible.

The cost of not switching from Shroud to Hexproof is simply too high a cost to pay for something that, in the big picture, is pretty minor.

One last thing, when we poll the players about keywords, Hexproof scores decently high. Most players like “Don’t mess with my creature”.


Greats Of The Game - Marco van Basten, Forward

Regarded as one of the greatest European forwards of all time and has scored 300 goals in a high-profile career, but played his last game in 1993 at the age of 28 due to an injury that forced his retirement two years later. He was later the head coach of Ajax and the Netherlands national team.

Playing for the Netherlands, Van Basten won, and was named player of the tournament, at UEFA Euro 1988, scoring five goals that included a memorable volley in the final against the Soviet Union. At the club level, he won three Eredivisie titles and the Cup Winners’ Cup with Ajax, and three Serie A titles and two European Cups with Milan.

Known for his close ball control, attacking intelligence and spectacular strikes and volleys, Van Basten was named FIFA World Player of the Year in 1992 and won the Ballon d'Or three times, in 1988, 1989 and 1992. In 1999, he was ranked sixth in the FIFA Player of the Century internet poll, tenth in the European player of the Century election held by the IFFHS and 12th in the IFFHS’ World Player of the Century election. He was also voted eighth in a poll organised by the French magazine France Football, consulting their former Ballon d'Or winners to elect the Football Player of the Century. In 2004, he was named by Pelé in the FIFA 100 list of the world’s greatest living players. In 2004, a poll for the 100 greatest Dutch people was held in the Netherlands: Van Basten ranked number 25, the second highest for a football player, behind Johan Cruyff. In 2007, Sky Sports ranked Van Basten first on its list of great athletes who had their careers cut short.

Hey guys! A few things today:

We have noticed that some dramatic plots are being done without our approval. That is not allowed and doing a dramatic plot without our approval will end in a strike. If you are interested in making a dramatic plot, pregnancy plot, dramatic pregnancy plot, miscarriage, hospital or even a dramatic plot with the kids (injuries and sickness which would lead to them going to the hospital) please message us first before going through with it. Once again, doing it without our approval equals to a strike. If you’re not sure if a plot is considered dramatic, don’t hesitate to message us and ask, we’re here to help! Not to mention, it’s always good to be safe.

We also ask our members to message us with wedding dates, party dates and even the date of the start-end of their pregnancy plot. We have a schedule in our drafts which contains the dates of every plot and parties taking place in the roleplay, and as you guys can understand, we don’t want anyone’s reserved date to be overstepped by another role player. 

The polls for the awards are open, in case you missed the announcement. Make sure to cast your vote until August 4th at midnight EST!

We’re currently working on some upcoming events for the roleplay and we wanted to ask for your help! If you happen to have any idea for a fun event, don’t be afraid to message us about it. We love hearing your ideas and would love to use them in our future events!

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading and if you happen to have any  questions, concerns, suggestions, please message us off anon!

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To Do:

-Create the player characters and the poll for who will be our lead in the Cyberpunk Story

-Halloween Photoshoot with my Frands

-struggle to avoid starving to death because there’s no fuckin’ food in this house.

I really hope Zack Merrick wins best bass player for the Alt Press awards. I think he definitely deserves it. 

And I’m really happy you’re all reblogging this but try and actually vote for him! So many people on here say how unappreciated he is as a band member in All Time Low, so let’s show him the appreciation.