the players inn

The Mermaid Inn, at Rye, East Sussex, southeastern England. 

“The painstaking work of a St Leonards couple has proved beyond doubt that Shakespeare visited Rye with his company of players…They uncovered evidence which shows Shakespeare would have performed at The Mermaid Inn, at Rye, as part of the Mayor Making celebrations in the summer of 1597. This was shown by a record of the Rye Chamberlain’s Accounts, which included an August 1597 entry for a payment of 20 shillings to Shakespeare’s company, the Lord Chamberlain’s Men.” 

“…we were astonished to find a quotation from Shakespeare’s ‘Love’s Labour’s Lost’ and the date 1597, painted at the top of one wall in ‘Dr Syn’s’ lounge.” 

Context: This was a bit back so I don’t remember any specifics but, one of my players had to go afk for a few weeks to a month or two, so I let their character get pissed drunk on their last game with us, and I had my NPC rogue hanging with them also get drunk, so they could work together next time. And the remaining three characters went off to find adventure, leaving their drunk buddies behind in the tavern/inn

Player (OOC): Can we unlock the gates?

DM: Your rogue is still passed out in the inn.

— little bit later after being flanked by somegoblins —-


DM: *rolls a d20* Your other party members are still passed out, figure out how to not die on your own

— after the match —

Players: Are Jevin and Sera awake yet?

DM: *rolls* Well… they’re awake, but keep in mind they also have to figure out where you guys went *rolls again* They’re wondering wtf you went

— weeks later irl of missed games —

DM: *getting the campaign together for that night* *rolls* Oh… The drunk drow and halfling finally found their way to the rest of the group