the play of the greenwood


• Him teasing you constantly
• for example Him pulling your hair
• him slapping your ass
• then acting like nothing happened
• Playing with his hair
• its long enough to make pigtails
• he makes you feel better by wearing them for a day
• Him winking at you when you’re across the room
• “you wanna fight me, cupcake? Huh? Is that what you want?”
• then he attacks your lips with his
• him calling you his “kitten”
• Greenwood getting annoyed by all the PDA
• “it’d be nice to not see you guys suck each other’s faces off”
• everyone teases him bc they think you’re too pretty for him
• “how’d you even land a piece of ass like (name)?”
• “shut up, Greenwood”
• kinky sex
• he’s dominating
• and absolutely loves your submissiveness
• “sit on my lap, cupcake.”
• flirting constantly
• it makes everyone uncomfortable tbh
• make out sessions at random times and places
• jerome is very territorial over you
• its really not healthy at all
• he has a really terrible temper
• he takes it out on you sometimes
• he’s never hit you but he has pushed you and choked you
• a small part of you is terrified of him or at least what he’s capable of
• when he does that you leave but eventually come back after all his pleas and begging
• its a vicious cycle honestly
• but your in love with him
• he brought you a diamond necklace with a j charm
• he always is trying to get your attention
• in a way you’re his anchor
• he likes to think he somewhat has a tiny bit of humanity bc he has you

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Best friends Gary Miller and John Greenwood, both 11 years old, went to play outside on August 16th, 1980, in the english village of Whiston, Merseyside. They never made it back home. Instead, a dog walker found the two boys buried under a mattress in a local landfill, after going to check that spot because he’d seen a man acting suspiciously and then walking away.

Gary and John had been severly beaten, but were still alive when taken to the hospital. Sadly, they died soon after from their injuries.

In 1981, a man called John Cheeseman was tried for the murders. Although he was 20, an accident as a child had left him with a brain injury that gave him the mental capacity of a 10 year old. Cheeseman confessed to killing the boys and even gave details that weren’t public, but he was found not guilty in only 45 minutes of deliberation from the jury. His confession was also deemed illegal because there wasn’t an adult present representing him.

And so, the murder of Gary and John went unsolved. Over the years, other suspects have surfaced, including a man called Robert Fisher who died in 1991. It’s said his wife committed suicide because of the guilt of what her husband had done, but there’s no real evidence.

The police now has decided to reopen this case, and have called for anyone with information that might help them solve it. In particular, they are looking into a man who was seen with three boys aged 12 to 14 in the early evening of the day Gary and John were killed, but so far they don’t know who he might be.


Kirsten Dunst To Direct Sylvia Plath Adaptation ‘The Bell Jar’ Starring Dakota Fanning

Kirsten Dunst is set make her feature film directorial debut with The Bell Jar, an adaptation of Sylvia Plath’s famed 1963 novel. Dakota Fanning has been set to play the lead role of Esther Greenwood in the pic, which Dunst has co-written with Nellie Kim.

Invocation to the Moon

I come into your garden fair,
To Waltz upon the dew.
To look upon your handiwork,
While morning still is new.

I come into your meadow fair,
To laugh upon the lawn,
To stare upon a red-blue sky,
Working magic come the dawn.

I come into your forest fair,
To sing among the trees,
To sway carefree amidst the leaves
Come full the noon-day breeze.

I come into your greenwood fair,
To watch the sunlight play,
As it dances towards the dusk,
And sparkles like the fey.

I come into your grove so fair,
The cloak of night comes round,
To gather stars within its sweep
And shine upon the ground.

I come upon your world so fair,
And think on what I’ve seen
Then fall to sleep with Gods of old,
And dream on moon-beam wings.


I only hope this time they go through with it and do not make empty promises like Julia Stiles did!


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July 20, 2016 12:22pm

“Kirsten Dunst To Direct Sylvia Plath Adaptation ‘The Bell Jar’ Starring Dakota Fanning

Kirsten Dunst is set make her feature film directorial debut with The Bell Jar, an adaptation of Sylvia Plath’s famed 1963 novel. Dakota Fanning has been set to play the lead role of Esther Greenwood in the pic, which Dunst has co-written with Nellie Kim. The Stanford Prison Experiment producer Priority Pictures optioned remake rights from Studio Canal, and production is eyed to start in first-quarter 2017.

Here we go!! Our lost, secretive lord; Jeremiah Greenwood!! (Played by Charming in the crossover version of “To Belong”) :D

The last name hasn’t really liked for me yet, so it might change. :o And the bags under his eyes are due to constant lack of sleep.

Random info about the character: A stag. Ace/Bi-romantic (engaged). Youngest of two siblings. Ignorant of the world outside of his home. Gifted in science and the arts. Zero sense of direction. Has never had to work for money.

If you don’t know what this is about: 

TerrenIsaia, Frey, The Siblings, Live-Action CastingTo Belong - Part 1

  • Alec Baldwin: So you went around picking people.
  • Thom Yorke: I got Ed [O'Brien] because he was dressed like Morrissey and he had some cool socks, and I saw he had a guitar. I had no idea whether he could play or not. I didn't really care. I got Colin [Greenwood] because I knew Colin could play very well and I needed a bass player who could play very well, but he'd never played bass before. And his brother Jonny was this mythical musical prodigy, so I roped him in, and then Phil [Selway] was the only drummer we knew anyway, so - and he had a house down the road that we could rehearse in.

“Hi Alex, what is the highlight of your career so far?”

“Beating Germany to win a bronze medal. I knew before the game we were going to win. Definitely. There was too much atmosphere in the changing room and I think it was more- I think I felt like we were playing for Bass a little bit in that game.. So if anyone’s a motivation to play for, it’s her.”

Tony Goldwyn signed on to new project called Felt

Here are the new additions to the cast:Scandal’s Tony Goldwyn will play FBI intel chief Ed Miller, and Kate Walsh will play his wife Pat; Josh Lucas plays FBI No. 3 Charlie Bates; Dexter‘sMichael C. Hall will play John Dean, architect of the Watergate cover-up who was desperate to plug the Washington Post leaks; Marton Csokas and Tom Sizemore play Felt’s FBI rivals Pat Gray and Bill Sullivan; Wendi McLendon-Covey plays Felt secretary Carol Tschudy; Ike Barinholtz plays Angelo Lano, who headed the FBI investigation into the leak; Bruce Greenwood plays Time magazine reporter Sandy Smith, to whom Felt also leaked Watergate intel; Spotlight’s Brian D’Arcy James plays FBI special agent Robert Kunkel; Noah Wyle plays Stan Pottinger, who prosecuted Felt and other FBI officials for ordering break-ins to search homes of suspected domestic terrorist radicals, without warrants; and Maika Monroe plays Felt’s daughter Joan. Colm Meaney andRay Donovan’s Eddie Marsan are closing up deals to play CIA men.

Ridley and Giannina Scott head the list of producers on a project Landesman wrote and has been trying to get made for eight years. Marc Butan’s MadRiver Pictures will finance and produce alongside Scott Free Productions, Playtone and Cara Films. Landesman and the Scotts produce with Gary Goetzman, Tom Hanks, Butan, and Jay Roach, with Steven Shareshian and Michael Schaefer exec producing with Michael Bassick and Steven Marshall. Endurance Media’s Steve Richards also joined the project as a financier and producer. Production starts May 2.

Landesman, who most recently teamed with Ridley and Giannina Scott on Concussion, said the movie will “change the accepted history of Watergate and the dissembling of the presidency and modern American politics.” He also said there is an untold parallel tale: while Felt was guiding reporters to revelations that would bring down the Nixon White House, he was also in a desperate search to find his estranged daughter, who had embraced a counterculture lifestyle and whom, they feared, had become part of the web of suspected domestic terrorist groups like the Weather Underground that had become such a high priority to the FBI. Felt’s over-aggressiveness in that area was his undoing and led to his resignation and conviction (he was pardoned by Ronald Reagan).

“While the reporters were chasing and Nixon was covering up, there was this humming engine of secrecy and intrigue unfolding within the walls of the FBI,” Landesman said. “It was all driven by this one man, Felt, who had been No. 2 in the FBI behind J Edgar Hoover, and whose motivation for doing what he did was most importantly to protect the institution he loved, against an assault by a corrupt president who wanted to turn the bureau into his version of the KGB.

“Right or wrong, he felt what he did was the last defense of the American ideal. Watergate happened around the time Hoover died and Nixon was going to use the opportunity to take over the FBI and turn it into his own mechanism for control,” Landesman said. “Felt saw this coming and made a decision to betray the FBI secrecy code, in order to protect the FBI. At the same time, there was this Shakespearean drama going on in his home, after his daughter vanished and entered the same counterculture groups that the FBI was trying to take down. So while Watergate was unfolding, he was hunting for his missing daughter he was afraid had vanished into the arms of his enemy. And nobody knew his motivation was his missing daughter.”

Landesman spent years researching, and dismisses the criticism that Felt’s motivation was at least partly sour grapes for being passed over by Nixon for the top FBI job he coveted.

Said Landesman: “Did he feel he deserved the job? Absolutely. But he betrayed the FBI to save the FBI and made the ultimate sacrifice because the FBI was everything to him. His last play was to counsel acting FBI director Pat Gray, in his Senate confirmation hearing, to confess that Nixon and John Dean destroyed classified Watergate files. He built this house of cards, and that last play brought them all down. The story has the components of a suspenseful spy thriller, but there are huge reveals about his

Neeson and Lane for committing early and hanging in while the project got pieced together with indie financing, which is how movies like this get made nowadays. He said that afterFelt languished, the project regained momentum after he asked the Scotts to come aboard while they worked in the NFL film Concussion.

“Ridley and I are delighted to have such a strong cast for our latest project with Peter,” said Giannina Scott. “These are some of the finest actors working today and we can’t wait to get underway with them to tell the fascinating story of Mark Felt.”