the platform


A Force Dynamic - 3D platforming distilled down to it’s essence, with tight controls and refined level design.  The minimalist visuals and atmospheric soundtrack help you focus on what’s important - Precision platforming.  

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Cool I finally got the hud working correctly.  Once you get that XP bar filled all the way up, your spell upgrades to the next level, so I’ll have to work on that next, right now I’m happy the HUD finally works.  You have to keep up that combo, because without it, it takes a lot longer to level up your weapon, so you need to keep moving and keep killing enemies! 

I also made the particle effect look a lot better than before.  So that’s cool.

arkenova asked:

Have you ever though of other species of Koopas (besides the Bomb Koopas) possibly be in Sarasaland?

I never even knew Bomb Koopas existed ‘til now. Even if I did, I doubt I’d be able to come up with a unique type of Koopa that hadn’t already been covered in the series.

To be honest, if I ever get a chance to write about Sarasaland, I may end up changing or outright replacing most of the native creatures, because a lot of them feel rather generic.