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Burden of the Crown

AN: This is based off of one of the titles sent in for the game I did a few weeks ago. I live for amazons now just FYI

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    You’re not sure what your sister has against him. Personally you think he’s handsome. He’s brave. A bit too serious, but then so are you. Maybe that’s the attraction? You glance at him over the top of your book.

    You know he knows you’re looking. Just like you know he steals little glances at you. It’s a game of cat and mouse. One you both enjoy too much to end. “You should make a move.”

    You glance at Shayera, as she sits down next to you. Her head goes to rest on your shoulder. You smile at your friend, and change the subject, “Any progress with John?”

    She just sighs, and leans her head on your shoulder, “Is it actually possible to miss a child you never had?”

    You lean your head on top of hers and close your book, “It may still happen Shayera.”

    “He’s proposing to Vixen.”

    You stiffen, before wrapping an arm around her shoulders. “If you want, I can see if my mother will let you stay on the island. No men to deal with.”

    Your best friend laughs, “As heavenly as that sounds sometimes, I’ll face this head on. Still, I wouldn’t wait too long Y/N. When love, true love comes around, it’s best to hold on to it, tight.”

“True love?”

She smiles a sad smile, “I can tell. Plus he never gave you his reasons speech. The long list of reasons dating and being a superhero is a bad idea. That alone is amazing,”  She pulls away a moment later, gives you a peck on the cheek and walks away. You watch her go with a sad smile on your face.

    You’ve seen her dilemma before. While your mother had been blessed with you and your sister, the rest of your sisters, had not had children. Occasionally the urge would hit one of them, and the tears it brought would always make your heart ache. Eventually, the feelings would fade, at least on the outside.

    You suppose the same could be said of you and Bruce. You considered the man your best friend. He was actually willing to spend time with you. Confide in you. And while the two of you had nearly crossed the line before, neither of you had made a definite move past the line of friendship.

    Opening your book, you read all of two sentences before the shouting catches your attention. They stumble in front of you with arms wrapped around each other’s heads. It’s a sight to be sure, and you’re just happy there’s no one around to take a picture for the news outlets.

    You sigh, “Again?”

    Wally and Elastic Man just grin at you. They talk over each other, laying out the argument, occasionally other league members weigh in as they pass by, until you’ve heard enough. “Neither of you are in the right. TO your corners!”

    They try to argue, “I will get the lasso of truth, if you don’t move your behinds, NOW!”

    They jump at your raised voice before scurrying off to their designated corners. You type a quick message to J’onn to keep an eye on them before opening up your book …AGAIN.

    “What was the argument over this time?”

    You jump a bit, as the voice startles you. You find Bruce grinning at you, sans hood. Instead of answering you ask, “What happened to secret identities?”

    He scoffs, “You know who I am, Princess.”

    You smile at the nickname, “Who got the last bit of ice cream, that’s what they were arguing about.”

    “You’d never know they were grown men. Burden of the crown I suppose.”

    You smile and scoot over so that Bruce can sit down, he sits down next to you, so that you’re touching. You raise an eyebrow in question, before he finally asks, “Are you doing anything Saturday night?”

    “Need help taking down a syndicate?”

    “Kind of, there’s a charity auction I have to attend and I was wondering if you’d like to go with me. As my date.”

    You raise an eyebrow, “What about all your reasons?”


    “To not date … at least seriously.”

    He stares at you for a minute, “Not as important as I originally thought.”

    “What time?”

    “Eight o’clock, I figure we can do dinner before hand.”

    You smile, “Sounds good.”

    He gives you one more smile before he pulls the cowl back on and leaves you to read. Out of the corner of your eye you see Shayera standing in the door, she gives you a small smile before turning away. 

Dads fun

Logicality/PTA Sanders


Honestly, Prince and Anxiety found it all particularly… Disturbing.

After all the time spent together, it was obvious that something would develop. After all, Logic and Morality were opposites and opposites always attracted. Besides, they were always together, arguing, making Thomas’ life a living hell together, and honestly neither Prince or Anxiety could say there was anything more romantic than that.

And when Logic and Morality decided to stop the bickering and the running around in circles, it came to no one’s surprise that wonderful relationship that worked far better than anyone could even imagine.

And still, Prince and Anxiety couldn’t say they were fully comfortable with what was going on. After all, while Morality was the closest they had for a dad, Logic also made a very strict father, so watching the two together was like watching parents being lovely to each other.

And no child found that any type of amusing.

So whenever they kissed in front of the other two, Prince and Anxiety did not hesitate and let out a grossed out sound and look away. Or when Morality gave Logic flowers (plastic ones, because he was allergic), Prince and Anxiety just groaned out of annoyance.

And the two meant no harm, but slowly they noticed that Logic’s and Morality’s contacts had been stopping and they were confused, suddenly feeling very guilty for acting like that.

So one day, when they knew both were home and together, they decided to apologise. They headed to Logic’s bedroom, knowing the two would be there, and slowly opened the door, trying not to scare anyone inside.

The TV was on, so the other two did not hear the door opening, but thy were surely too lost in their own little world to notice anyway. Morality was sitting in Logic’s lap, face nuzzled against the teacher’s neck, leaving soft kisses there as the teacher caressed the father’s hair with his fingers and wrote down a few notes with his free hand.

They looked incredibly lovely like that, so both Anxiety and Prince moved away, and slowly closed the door.

“We have been harsh on them” Prince said, and anxiety nodded, before furrowing his eyebrows.

“Yes. But I’m not letting them make out on the couch. Last time they were humping each other” he said firmly, and Prince made a disgusted and surprised face, making the dark side chuckle. “What? It’s true”

“Don’t remind me of that day. I still have nightmares” Prince said, dramatically, and Anxiety chuckled louder before nodding and walking away.

“Come on Princey. Let’s make some tea and eat some cookies. Leave the lovebirds be”

“Alright. But no more reminding me about gross stuff with our dads”

“Do you think Logic calls Morality daddy?”


Harry Potter #1

I may have noticed that a whole bunch of you were potterheads during one of my stalking sessions. well, here is our version! 

books :

- the philosopher’s stone : à l’école des sorciers (”at the wizards’ school” because vive la révolution idk why the translator did that)

- the chamber of secrets : et la chambre des secrets (chambre : usually bedroom)

- the prisoner of Azkaban : le prisonnier d’Azkaban

- the goblet of fire : la coupe de feu (gobelet : usually plastic cup)

- the order of the phoenix : l’ordre du phénix

- the half-blood prince : le prince de sang-mêlé (”mixed blood”)(half : demi)

- the deathly hallows : les reliques de la mort (”and the relics of death”)

basics :

- hogwarts : poudlard (pou : louse, lard : pork fat)

- ravenclaw : serdaigle (serre : talon) / eagle : aigle (m)

- gryffindor : gryffondor / lion : lion-ne

- slytherin : serpentard (ard : pejorative suffixe) / snake : serpent (m)

- hufflepuff : poufsouffle (souffle : breath, breeze) / badger : blaireau (m)

- wizardry / wizard / witch : sorcellerie (f) / sorcier / sorcière

- muggle : moldu-e / squib : cracmol-e

- mudblood : sang-de-bourbe (sang : blood, bourbe : sludge, mud (rare))

- galleon / sickle / knut : gallion / mornille / noise

Hogwarts related :

- Hogwarts express : Poudlard express / platform nine and three-quarters : plateforme neuf trois-quarts

- house : maison (f) / teacher : professeur-e

- prefect : préfet/fète / headboy : préfet en chef

- castle : château (m) / the restricted section : la Réserve 

- whomping willow : saule (m) cogneur (cogner, v : to bang, hit) / forbidden forest : forêt (f) interdite / gamekeeper : garde-chasse (ep) (chasse (f) : hunt)

- great hall : grande salle “big room”

- marauder’s map : la carte des maraudeurs / Moony : Lunard (lune (f) : moon) / Wormtail : Queudver (queue (f) de ver : ”tail of a worm”) / Padfoot : Patmol (patte (f) molle : “squishy paw”) / Prongs : Cornedrue (corne (f) : horn, dru-e, adj : heavy, thick)

- house championship : coupe des quatre maisons “cup of the four houses”

studies related :

- OWL (Ordinary Wizarding Level) : BUSE (Brevet Universel de Sorcellerie Elémentaire) (buse (f) : buzzard)

- NEWT (Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests) : ASPIC (Accumulation de Sorcellerie Particulièrement Intensive et Contraignante) (contraignant-e : restricting)(aspic (m) : asp, type of snake)

- outstanding : optimal / exceeds expectations : efforts exceptionnels / acceptable : acceptable / poor : piètre (: mediocre) / dreadful : désolant (: distressing) / troll

- pr Grubbly-Plank : pr Gobe-Planche (gober, v : to gulp down) / Severus Snape : Severus Rogue (rogue, adj (rare) : arrogant, haughty) / Madam Hooch : Madame Bibine (bibine : cheap wine (fam)) / pr Sprout : pr Chourave (chou : cabbage, rave/navet : turnip)

- ancient runes : runes / arithmancy : arithmancie (f) / astronomy : astronomie (f) / care of magical creatures : cours (m) de soins aux créatures magiques / charms : sortilèges (m) / defense against the dark arts : cours de défense contre les forces du mal / divination : divination (f) / flying : vol (m) / herbology : botanique (f) / history of magic : histoire (f) de la magie  / muggle studies : étude (f) des moldus / potions : potions (f)

- polyjuice potion : polynectar / transfiguration : métamorphose (f)

the second part of this post will be my next one, patience! let me just tell you that the audiobooks are accessible on YOUTUBE! here’s a last treat :

SPOILER ALERT: These two are just … *sigh*. I saw WW for the 2nd (but not last) time yesterday, and found that it impacted me even more deeply. Admittedly, my first viewing was all about sensory overload and I didn’t fully process everything that came across the screen. I’m old enough to remember watching WW on TV and yes, I had a crush on Lyle Waggoner’s Steve Trevor (I wasn’t your typical 7-year-old). I also recall wanting to have an authentic WW costume for Halloween instead of the crappy molded mask with its toxic fumes and the wafer-thin plastic poncho. So getting to see Diana Prince realized as magnificently as she is in this film is a big deal for me. I rarely cry at movies, but this one had me wiping away a few tears. And I’m rarely moved by the romantic pairings in films, but the chemistry between Gal and Chris is undeniable.

During the moment when Steve says his final goodbye to Diana and runs off towards the plane, she calls out to him and for a split second he slows his pace. No doubt he was tempted to abandon his plan to save the day and run back to her. But he knows what is at stake if he doesn’t keep going forward, so he does. That was absolutely gut wrenching.

I can’t applaud Patty Jenkins enough for her choice in how Steve’s exploding plane is presented. It is completely shown from Diana’s point of view. I think many directors would have taken that opportunity to throw in another HUGE explosion (it is a summer blockbuster, after all), but showing it as a burst of light so far away made the moment much more poignant. I could feel Diana’s heartbreak and understood her rage. She’s more of a woman than I am, because if I had just witnessed my sweet baby Steve come to his untimely demise, quite a few somebodies would have found themselves under a tank.

Plastic Surgeon!Jun

Originally posted by withjunhui

  • plastic surgeon Jun, just imagine that
  • became a plastic surgeon because he likes to help people boost their confidence even if it’s changing a part of their body
  • gets a lot of shit for his job because people believe he’s only doing beauty enhancements on every patient
  • but his job is soo much more. he helps patients with physical injuries such as burn victims who use plastic surgery to get a sense of normality
  • that’s why Jun loves his job, he gets to help people make themselves feel better
  • will always always do a full length consultation with a patient about the effects of plastic surgery
  • “self confidence is more important than body image. how you perceive yourself is worth much more than a new nose”
  • encourages patients to rethink their decision and about 40% of the time they do
  • surgeon hottie of the building
  • everyone has a crush on him, the patients, nurses, doctors, even the pediatric unit
  • flirty as hell but gets really shy if the person flirts back like he gets all red faced and just
  • “I GOTTA GO”
  • flirts with nurses mostly
  • will always be with his patients in their recovery period
  • when his patients are looking at themselves in the mirror, he’s right next to them, and his first words are always “you look beautiful”
  • everyone’s #1 self confidence booster
  • will joke with everyone tho like
  • “ugh I hate my eyelids”
  • cue Jun sliding in “I can help with that”
  • five seconds later “pls don’t consider that. you’re beautiful just the way you are” 
  • gets asked multiple times if he went under the knife
  • has pictures to prove that he in fact did NOT have surgery
  • will occasionally get lost in the building
  • during his first month he was so used to navigating himself in the west wing since that’s where his office was but he somehow ended up in the east wing
  • so everyone is just watching as this hot doctor is walking back and forth with a confused expression
  • its okay dont worry, nurse Jeonghan to the rescue to lead the boy back to the west wing
  • often gets paged to be a translator for Chinese patients
  • that’s how he met you
  • youre one of the hospitals translators, you were paged by interns when you were with a patient and waited until after your current consultation to go answer the page
  • when you got there, you just see this really handsome doctor speaking fluent Chinese
  • you were kind of starstruck because when did we get a chinese doctor
  • cue flirty Jun when he turns to see you “Hi I’m Jun but you can call me any time”
  • “Y/N and well I hope I can” you send him a wink when you shake his hand
  • and now Jun is all red faced and flustered and after a minute he’s still holding your hand
  • intern Chan is really uncomfortable “should I leave?”
  • after the encounter Jun becomes this flustered shy mess when he sees you in the hallway
  • starts to avoid you by walking the opposite direction or suddenly gets a page when you come towards him
  • he doesn’t officially face you again until he’s in need of an English interpeter
  • and you walk into his room with a confident stride, clipboard in hand, and a giant grin on your face
  • Jun gets all antsy because you’re sitting so close to him, your shoulders are touching and he can smell the faint perfume coming off of you
  • when the patient leaves, you’re just about to go yourself but flustered Jun doesn’t want you too so he screams “COFFEE”
  • and you let out a laugh and its literally music to his ears and you agree to having coffee with him and he feels as though his heart is bursting
  • decides he has heart problems and visits Cardiac doctor Seokmin
  • “are you sure you’re having irregularities? you seem perfectly fine”
  • “yeah my chest always hurts when I’m with Y/N”
  • Seokmin has this big teasing grin on his face “I know what you have. your have a condition know as LOOOOVE”
  • the next time Jun sees you, you’re sitting across from him at the hospital cafe talking about something and he’s a silent before he whispers “I like you”
  • now its dead silent and Jun’s looking around before “WHOOP WOW LOOK AT THAT LOOKS LIKE I GOT A PAGE”
  • you stop him before he can run out and you muster up a quiet ‘i like you too’
  • after that everything just falls into place
  • constant pick up lines
  • pick up lines in Korean, in chinese, or sometimes he just stares as you before his eyes trail down to your —–
  • gets really sad whenever you get insecure about your body
  • hugs you from behind with his chin resting on your shoulder, he whispers in your ear every little thing he loves about you and whether you change them or not, he’ll love you either way
  • gets mushy with you a lot in the hospital
  • you constantly have to tell him to stop because he just wants to hold you in his arms forever
  • says ‘'i love you’ in Chinese and always whispers it in your ear to be cute
  • bickers with you in Chinese because he thinks its the most adorable thing to see you all riled up and you don’t want to seem unprofessional so you spit out Chinese and Jun is smiling at your serious cute expression and he just pulls you into a hug
  • you initially wanted to wake up early and surprise him with breakfast but you just couldn’t wake up to your alarms but Jun understands so he leaves you with a kiss on the cheek
  • when you get to the hospital for work, you decide to bring Jun his favorite coffee and bring it to his office
  • and to thank you, he lightly pushes you against his desk, bringing his lips onto your with the softest touch and you just melt into it
  • “um” you and Jun look at the doorway where an awkward Chan stares at the ceiling, “is this a bad time”
  • during the day when Jun is giving a consultation, the overhead speaker comes on and intern Hansol starts to bust out some raps and its really cute because the raps are corny verses about how Jun is amazing and Hansol ends it off with a ‘message brought to you courtesy of Y/N”
  • Jun is smiling the whole day because of that and Hansol is smiling at the extra $20 he just made
  • Later gets a page for him to report to the doctor’s lounge, notices the hallways are a bit emptier than usual
  • When he steps into the lounge, the lights come on, and every is screaming “Happy Birthday”, you’re standing in front with a cake in your hands and big smile on your face
  • you set the cake down and open your arms for him to come into, and he bear hugs the heck out of you
  • “How did you get all these people here”
  • you smile while looking at him “who wouldn’t come for the number one confidence booster in the building”
  • and although he’s surrounded by a bunch of people he appreciates, he really just wants to be home with you eating the whole cake yourselves
  • Jun basically loves you a lot, like a lot a lot. Tells you every day how beautiful you are even when you’re fresh out of bed with the worst bed hair and a toothbrush hanging out of your mouth and that toothpaste foam dripping from your lips, he’d still wants to kiss you with that foam on your face.
  • pls never let this boy go.

I am convinced that Akechi physically survived the collapse of Shido’s Palace, but for a moment, let’s suppose that he didn’t.

Couldn’t he still come back because the public believes in him?  Just like Morgana did?  Except in a form based on his media image, instead of the thoughts of people who loved him?

I am all for the AU where Akechi reappears as an honest-to-god, zero-bullshit Detective Prince, disturbingly plastic and perfect because that’s what the public wanted from him….

…. but for a core of darkness and ruthlessness and cunning, buried deep inside, Waiting to be awakened again.  Because that was how Akira knew him, and Akira believed in him too.


Today’s Nerd Store haul, bought that megaboss on an impulse but, the best part came out of the bitz box. I present you my Cyberdemon project, that is gonna be a demon prince for my Black Legion, with Missiles and Dakka galore.


 #ThankYouBones Week: Day 2  11 Temperance Brennan character growth moments

I wish I had a beautiful gifset for this day but, again, I don’t have enough material to do it  😭 That’s why instead I decided to collect my favorite quotes/dialogue that for me represents Brennan’s character growth. You can find it after the ‘keep reading’. Enjoy. 

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The Characters of The Great Comet as Eggs 
Made in honor of @stuff-and-shenanigans and based on this original post:
Andre-Humpty Dumpty 
Natasha-Sunny Side Up
Sonya-Over Easy
Marya D- Faberge 
Anatole- Plastic Easter Egg
Helene-Deviled Egg
Dolokhov- Scrambled
Prince Bolkonsky- Hard Boiled
Princess Mary- Soft Boiled
Balaga-Kinder Surprise Egg
Pierre- OMLETTE!