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Do the Nordics ever prank each other? if so how do they like to do it?

Denmark: Oh man… you have no idea. There’s a constant war going on. We all have our own styles though- mine is usually the water bucket on the doorframe, Norway cheats by using magic to scare us, Sweden moves our stuff to unreachable places, Finland puts plastic bugs everywhere… and Iceland… oh, he’s the Prince of Pranks himself. He doesn’t have a set style, but he’s a little shit! *huffs*

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Can you do a headcanon of how the bmp1 princes would behave on a road trip with each?

a/n: This is so cute :3

Roberto: Roberto will be the person who suggested they played games like “how many red cars do you see along the way?” He would be so energetic and like to talk until they reached the destination. Sometimes, he would be moving from front to back as he’s having a difficulty to just sit still in one spot. Alberto would scold him because Roberto was too noisy or that if he moved too much, he would hurt himself. “Miss MC, please feel free to ignore him,” Alberto said, making Roberto pouted and MC laughing.

Edward: Edward would be attentive to everyone’s needs and be the mom in the group. “Prince Glenn, please use this plastic bag if you feel unwell…,” he said before turning to his left and offering some water to her.

Keith: Keith would be so impatient and couldn’t wait to just get out from the car. “C’mon Luke, how much longer do I have to sit in this cramped space?” Keith raised his voice after pushing prince Roberto back to the seat. “I’m sorry but the traffic is bad and we can’t really predict how long will it be,” Luke’s eyebrows knitted together in worry as he looked at the princes.

Glenn: Glenn would be the quiet one and no one realized that he wasn’t good with long trips until his face turned pale. Edward quickly gave him a plastic bag and Yu gave him a motion sickness medicine.

Joshua: Joshua spent his time reading some books but because he’s a fast reader, halfway through the trip, he already finished all the books he brought. He blamed Jan for not bringing enough. Jan purposely left some of the books back in the castle so his prince can have some fun with the others on the trip.

Wilfred: Wilfred would be the person who enjoyed the scenery quietly but when the traffic was bad and the car wasn’t moving for an hour, he started to talk with Joshua and Edward about some policies. When he realized MC was bored, he tried to incorporate things that MC can comment about.

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(edit/ holy shit this looks bad on mobile wtf) but of course i took the chance to put my fav character in pretty clothes… tho my take on solo-amidala is a bit more modest than some others i’ve seen lol

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Excitement is building as children’s toy maker creates the Duchess of Cambridge with Prince William, Prince George and the newborn. (x)

These exclusive pictures show the historic moment Lego Kate Middleton reveals her bouncing newborn baby to the world. An exhausted, but smiling miniature Duchess of Cambridge is seen holding up her second child outside an identical Lindo Wing made from brown plastic blocks. And standing next to her are figures Prince William and new older brother George, who is clutching a tiny brown teddy bear. 

As millions across the world wait for the scene to play out over the next few days, Lego decided to build their own version.A Legoland Discovery Centre spokesperson told the Mirror: “With no still sign of the royal baby, we wanted to give people the first glimpse of what they could see.