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personalmephistopheles  asked:

Hi! I had a small question, and I hope it's not a bother. I noticed that you don't have the Spiritual Plant Kit in your shop any more, and was wondering - do you only do it during certain seasons of the year? I only started following you and your shop this summer, so I wasn't sure and thought it couldn't hurt to ask.

Oh no! I just don’t check my shop so often on the weekends - it must’ve sold out yesterday. I do it all year round. 🌿 I’ve relisted it if you want to go check it out!


Flower Shop AU where Viktor keeps buying a new plant everyday and Yuuri thinks the plants keep dying on Viktor so he gives him a catcus.

Yuuri: “Now you don’t have to come back so often” :D :D 

Viktor: *sound of heart breaking*