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BodySpace is a community of body builders where you can even look up members based on their attributes. Just use the sliders (and gender, if need be), hit the filter button, and BOOM an array of references!

REALLY helpful if you’re not sure what your character’s weight should be but you have a physical image in mind! Just input a range of ages, height, and preferable weights (unless you don’t have the slightest clue). Example: a character of mine is 21 and 6′5″ so I input ages 18-25, heights 6′4″-6′6″, and weights of 180-250 lbs. I find the mean of all the picture results matching my character’s physique and VOILA, THE PERFECT WEIGHT!

Hey guys!!! I’m here to announce the opening of deviantART’S first Dangan Ronpa RP SUPER GROUP run by both myself and alpacatier!

Description: We are a Role-Play group based on Dangan Ronpa where you can apply with your very own Super High School Level Student and solve murder mysteries with only your wits and the other students around you.

Heeyye heyeyhey so this means you get to enroll your own DR OC and play murder games with us, earn monobear coins to spend in our upcoming shop, roleplay, etc, etc- We also host EpicMafia sessions!

I’d be eternally grateful if you could reblog this and spread the word! We open on the first day of SEPTEMBER but that MAY change to an earlier date depending on our progress with finishing up, so please +WATCH the group if you’re interested! I’ll be reblogging this a few times throughout the month as well. Thank you all!!

[edit] Check out our new FREE APP DRAWING POLICY! I’ll draw your character for you if you’re not the artsy type but still want to join!

HEY ALL, I’m here to tell you the deviantART roleplay group, Hiems-Mansion, is now officially OPEN… FOREVER!

The group is about a haunted mansion with four towers you can join; Time, Moon, Void, and Light. Creatures of all species are invited to roam the halls and partake in various activities. (we’re so popular, google search knows of us! O:)

Bring all your lovely OCs! Please reblog and spread the word! <3