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I would die for your headcannons how are YOU SO GOOD AT MAKING THEM

*finger guns* i spend most of my waking hours consuming memes my guy

  • keith: “shiro… told me to lead voltron” hunk: “galra keith, i’m glad you discovered your sense of humor but now is not the time for jokes”
  • coran was altea’s bill nye
    • but like. more ripped
    • had a series of informational videos that covered basically anything slightly educational. was sleeveless in every single one
    • he was the Science Guy
  • lance insists upon the use of space rock paper scissors to solve disputes. it’s exactly like normal rock paper scissors but the rock is a space rock
  • they refer to keith’s shack as the “love shack, baby love shack”
  • slav: *breathes* shiro, under his breath: “patience yields focus patience yields focus patience yields focus-”
  • they ditch kaltenecker on the first planet with aliens that’ll take him
    • lance argues against this decision vehemently
    • “but allura we can’t get rid of him!! he reminds keith of home” “lance if you tell another texas joke i swear to god-”
  • lance’s Mermaid Thing conversation w hunk was 1% “wow mermaids are hot” and 99% “i wanna be a mermaid”
  • pidge: “why do you guys have british accents” allura: “what’s a british”
  • somebody: wow! such a nice and warm weather, it feels like spring!
  • me: nice
  • me, muttering under my breath: shut the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's JANUARY it's not supposed to be this warm yet!!!!!!!!!!! global warming is HERE and our cold snowy beautiful winters are forever history!!!!!! yet we are doing NOTHING about the case!!!!!!!! and even if we did something trump is the president of united states now and he's going to FUCK everything UP because his climate decisions will affect EVERYBODY!!!ON!THIS!PLANET! this weather is not _NICE AND WARM___ WHAT THE FUCKKK it's the awaiting HELLFIRE THAT'S RADIATING HEAT UPON US SO SHUT UP
Humans are weird - Human Pamphlet

I’ve spent too much time in the humans are weird tag. It is about humans, well, being the weird ones compared to aliens. I’ve seen a “Humans” Pamphlet thrown around in posts, so I’m going to try my hand at it!

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a problem many people see with democracies, is that they don’t believe the people truly know what is best for themselves. This is a mistake that comes from arrogance and greed. 

People do know what is best for themselves and each other, and they try to act in these ways. Hindering the people’s voice only leads to problems with the deciding classes thinking they know more than everyone else on the planet, and thinking their decisions are superior. 

Yes, there are some people more qualified to answer scientific and medical, etc., questions than others, but when it comes to what is best for the people sociopolitically, the people know what is best for themselves. They live their lives, they know what their problems are. It is pretentious to believe the people do not know about their own lives, and how to better themselves.

Images of Change

Our planet is constantly changing, and we use the vantage point of space to increase our understanding of Earth, improve lives and safeguard our future. 

These images show change over time, with periods ranging from centuries to years. Some of these effects are related to climate change, some are not. Some document the effects of urbanization or the ravage of natural hazards such as fires and floods. All show our planet in a state of flux. Take a look…

Urban Expansion in New Delhi, India

Between the times these two images were taken, the population of India’s capital and its suburbs (known collectively as “Delhi”) ballooned from 9.4 million to 25 million. It is now second in population only to Tokyo, which has 38 million people.

Great Salt Lake Shrinkage, Utah

Dramatic change in the area of the Great Salt Lake over the past 25 years. The lake was filled to near capacity in 1985 because feeder streams were charged with snowmelt and heavy rainfall. In contrast, the 2010 image shows the lake shriveled by drought. The Promontory Peninsula (protruding into the lake from the top) is surrounded by water on three sides in the first image, but is landlocked on its eastern side in the second.

Exceptional Early Ice Melt, Greenland

Meltwater streams, rivers and lakes form in the surface of the Greenland Ice Sheet every spring or early summer, but melting began exceptionally early in 2016. Melting encourages further melting when pods of meltwater develop, since they darken the surface and absorb more sunlight than ice does. Surface melt contributes to sea-level rise when the water runs off into the ocean.

Iran’s Lake Urmia Changes Color

Some combination of algae and bacteria is periodically turning Iran’s Lake Urmia from green to red. The change typically occurs when summer heat and dryness evaporate water, increasing the lake’s saltiness. Data from satellites indicate that the lake has lost about 70% of its surface area over the last 14 years.

Owens Lake Degradation, California

Owens Lake lies in the Owens Valley between the Sierra Nevada and the Inyo Mountains, about 130 miles north of Los Angeles, California. For thousands of years, it was one of the most important stopover sites in the western U.S. for migrating waterfowl and shore birds. However, in the early 20th century, the lower Owens River, which fed the lake, was largely diverted to the Los Angeles aqueduct. Water from springs and artesian wells kept some of the lake alive, but toxic chemicals and dust impinged on the regional environment and disturbed the bird habitat.

Baban Rafi Deforestation, Niger

Baban Rafi Forest is the most significant area of woodland in the Maradi Department of Niger, a west African country on the southern edge of the Sahara Desert. These pictures show the loss of a significant fraction of the natural landscape (darker green areas) of the forest to agriculture. Population in this region quadrupled during the 40 years leading up to the 2007 image.

Colorado River Evolution, Mexico 

These two pictures illustrate the extremes of water flow in the Colorado River since measurements began in the late 1800s. The 1985 image was taken in the midst of record high flow, while the 2007 image shows the driest period. Excessive rains or severe droughts directly change the amount of water available in the Colorado River Basin, and so does the increasing pressure of human needs throughout the western states.

Helheim Glacier Melt, Greenland

Along the margin of the Greenland Ice Sheet, outlet glaciers flow as icy rivers through fjords and out to sea. These pictures show a fjord in which Helheim Glacier (on the left) is crumbling into large and small icebergs (light blue, on the right). The glacier outlet held steady from the 1970s until about 2001, then began to retreat toward its source about 4/7 miles between 2001 and 2005. The glacier’s flow to the sea has also sped up.

Drying Lake Poopó, Bolivia

Lake Poopó, Bolivia’s second-largest lake and an important fishing resource for local communities, has dried up once again because of a drought and diversion of water sources for mining and agriculture. The last time it dried was in 1994, after which it took several years for water to return and even longer for ecosystems to recover.

Flooding on the Ganges River, India

Heavy monsoon rains have caused catastrophic flooding along the Ganges and other rivers in eastern and central India. At least 300 people died and more than six million were affected by the flooding, according to news reports. These images show a stretch of the Ganges near Patna.

All of this knowledge about our home planet enables policy makers, government agencies and other stakeholders to make informed decisions on critical issues that occur all around the world. From rising sea levels to the changing availability of freshwater, we enable studies that unravel the complexities of our planet from the highest reaches of Earth’s atmosphere to its core.

To see the full ‘Images of Change’ gallery, visit:

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Hello everyone! I have posted my top 10 anime of 2016 on Anime Planet.

My decision was based on the following criteria:
Animation Quality
Sound (soundtrack, voice acting)
Story (Overall entertainment, plot holes)
Access (I only have Crunchyroll)

Follow me on Anime Planet at ccallstar111

If you disagree with the order or what should be on the list, I love talking about it with others so be my guest! 😄

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Are we going to fight the present government to insure the future for our planet? To try and reverse the most absurd decisions American, AMERICAN people have made and are STILL making? Hell Yeah! We lost the battle but the war is in all of our hands, lets not get them soiled by the blood of our own countrymen. Unless its' Donald Trumps. And that's not a threat, It's a warning



mayhaps im just repeating what someone else has already said and said better but [S]:Collide needed to be way smarter than it was 

like. i genuinely think hussie wrote the scene and its prior framing around the striders, terezi, vriska, and john and/or roxy, and then tossed in the rest w/o regard to what could reasonably be deemed a satisfying ending to their arcs.

here’s what could have been tighter:

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Read, Be Smart, Be Human.

The modern internet-bazaar mediated an unfathomable amount of human interaction compared to everything that previously existed in our history. This meeting place of different ideas lifted the veil of ignorance from our tribal mythological mindsets. As a consequence we’re seeing ourselves as never before, the strange and different men and women from other cultures are starting to appear.. human, like us. And it’s not that “we begin to see our rights”, but we see that we transcend the concept all together.. We are Nature, we don’t need “rights” to be given by anybody! We cannot be kept on “private land” anymore, at the landowner’s discretion and whims. We begin to see that we are IT, we are the land, we are the sky.. Albeit worn out, the figurative “waking up” is exactly what’s happening to us.

This internet-bazaar is also the greatest tool of social data gathering. Opinion polls, search engines, statistics, they show the temperature of humanity in perfect detail and in real time. But this is not a “mirror” in which society could see itself and profit, building confidence at its beautiful features, harmonise its movements or able to correct its bad posture. This is a secret private keyhole through which a select few have discretionary access. Once ago the ones that knew the ocean currents and the trade winds were able to exploit them to great benefit, but today the greatest energetic flow to be taken advantage of is that of human mind. Just look around you, the whole surface of the earth was reshaped by abstract mind like no other geological force ever did in such a short period of time. Humanity is like a great unconscious beast whose powerful movements are made use of by the tiniest of parasites. The sudden signs of awakening given off by the great beast, starting to see itself and see its potential to move for its own interest,have been promptly noted. And the parasites are having none of it!

Those who are at the top are as ignorant and savage as those that are at the very bottom. The latter from the lack of education, affection, food and constant malaise, and the former from the putrid environment of overindulgence mixed with the lack of moral fiber one develops from a detached life. Behind exclusive suits and ties.. just prosaic aggressive apes with an attitude, having this newly installed thing called “ego” driving them with perfect authority. And this makes them the most deranged clique of all, desperate for power, needing duality, self and “other”, needing subjects under their mighty boot. They only feel good in a primitive cast system. The biggest enemy of all such parasites is democracy, real democracy not “representative democracy” which proved itself to be the same old autocracy who at the end of a few revolutions decided to ditch its pompous attire for a casual outfit and blend in with the angry crowds. Consequently, the biggest enemy of all important decision-makers on this planet is a flourishing educated humankind!

Our current official and unofficial agencies of power are all having a vested interest in fractionating society and its means of coalescing, so that the pyramid of rule never gets dismantled and redistributed democratically (as any sane and modern society should be). They want to keep us apart and busy with fearing each-other.

How best can you break the wings of education, democracy and equality than parsing the human-cattle, inventing and nurturing tribal mindsets and conflicts among them. Russia is again in conflict with the US, England is rejecting the EU, China is menacing SE Asia and the US, tensions mount around the recently opened northern corridors between Canada, Russia, Norway and others, “terrorism” is used everywhere to take away the rights of citizens, restrict borders and heighten the means of surveillance. “What the fuck happened with humans?” one might ask..

Make no naive mistake, all these hostilities are NOT of the russian, american, syrian or european people. It’s the local parasites! And there are NO such things as uncalculated actions “done in anger” either. These are precise purposeful moves that have NOTHING to do with the interest of the people, nor the will of the people. Just as the former Cold War proved, “conflict” is the greatest excuse to control your own citizens! Conflict suits perfectly the establishments on either side, be they corporate-congress and communist party, military-industrial complex and the arabic state, or the fascists and oligarchs. Conflict blows their authority out of proportion! And while they indulge in greatly increased powers, the people on both sides are willingly renouncing their privileges, kissing the feet of their “protectors” for keeping away the dangerous.. people. Now, guess what the people on the other side are doing? War is how the biggest business on Earth gets made.

If we take the families of all those brave presidents, politicians, army generals and businessmen that provoke these high-cost conflicts, and put them in the frontline of pain and misery, would these conflicts still be “unavoidable”? Just think about the mighty triumphant Trump having to run with a rifle on the battlefield.. All US conflicts would turn into cooperation, or at least diplomatic settlements in a matter of weeks.

With the current sociologic, logistical, technological, computational, statistical, communicational, data-gathering means that Humanity has, the eradication of terrorism, poverty, illiteracy and political strife between nations would be a thing accomplished in decades. Alas.. this would be the nightmare of all parasites! Including those that guzzle on your back.

The politico-economic elites rode the wave of globalization exploiting everything they could out of it, at the expense of the populations who endured the lowering of wages, unemployment and other hardships, and now the same elites are preparing to ride the wave of anti-globalization.. again, extracting everything out of it at the expense of the people. 

It isn’t the world that’s gone crazy, it’s the elites who are playing desperate and deranged games, clinging to the primitive feudalism that guarantees their power. We are not identifying and fighting a certain “elite” here, we’re fighting the petty aggressive animal ignorance that manifests at the very top of humanity, in every structure of upmost decisional power, from politics to courts of international law, big business and religion.

With our modern scientific, technological and other cultural means we would be able to witness for the first time in history Humanity having sovereignty over itself. You can be part of that by just bringing your focus on it. Start with the interesting and informative talk in the link above.

Image: The New Yorker

You know, I’ve done a fair bit of arguing in my time in the Star Wars fandom, but I’ve never really said my most controversial opinion. Well, I have a little time and this fandom’s been gracious so far, so let’s go: I like Thrawn in Rebels more than Thrawn in Legends, and firmly believe that he is the more intelligent interpretation.

To set this up, I’ll borrow a Discworld quote. “ Samuel Vimes dreamed about Clues. He had a jaundiced view of Clues. He instinctively distrusted them. They got in the way.” Thrawn takes cues from from Sherlock in that he is a mystical super smart person whose deductions are always right, regardless of the level of evidence, seemingly without any bias that might lead him down the wrong path. It comes across as plausible to us because we already know the answer, so any journey from point A to point B is going to seem like additional details rather than the point of the matter. Science, investigation, every search for truth is based on circumventing bias, on accepting that your inferences can be wrong, searching for evidence, and accepting when the evidence is contrary. Fictional super-sleuths aren’t so much intelligent as they have a gift for always having their first guess be right regardless of how far they had to reach. And deducing the tactics of an army based on artwork is a reach so far that you’d likely just fall into the abyss.

Thrawn in Rebels isn’t mystical. Every deduction he makes, he does on actual evidence. When he suspects that Kallus is a traitor, he doesn’t just do what a protagonist like him would do and just accept it as fact, he gets evidence of it in the form of Ezra’s helmet. He recognizes Hera from the Kalikori and her family portrait. He finds Atollon by feeding the mole and cross-referencing. There’s no “I saw their artwork so now I know how the culture works so I know how their army works” because, as said before, that’s ridiculous. He studies art to gather evidence. He analyzes art to test that evidence. Thrawn might be arrogant, but knows he’s not a superpowered individual. Truly cunning people aren’t successful because they are magically immune to mistakes and bias, but because they know how to deal with it.

There’s only one moment in the season which struck me as especially book-Thrawn like, but unlike the books, he paid for it. Despite the strategic advantage they had in space, he chooses to lead a ground assault on Atollon.  As we’ve learned from countless accounts in history, from the famous typhoons that sunk Mongolian invasions of Japan to the more recent Vietnam War, fighting on unfamiliar ground is huge tactical risk because you simply do not know what is waiting for you. It’s a decision based on bias, on Thrawn assuming this planet is familiar enough to the ones he knows for such a problem to be negligible, on Tarkin saying that surely a man as clever and high-caliber as Thrawn would be able to take prisoners, and likely on previous times when he fought in unfamiliar territory and won. He is just that smart, just that good, he circumvents the disadvantage and breaks the siege….and then the unexpected stabs him in the back and costs him his prisoners. Sapient thunderstorm aside, the error here is realistic: he went into unfamiliar territory, assumed he knew everything pertinent to the mission, and got blindsided by something he had no experience with. It doesn’t matter how “smart” a person is. Anyone can fall victim to bias, and thinking you’re above that  will lead to failure. 

It’s fun to watch super-sleuths figure out the clues. It’s fun to watch them get out of impossible odds based on evidence cleverly planted earlier in the story. And it’s really, really frustrating when you feel something has been “dumbed down” for kids. But frankly (and due my own bias as a scientist) I have a much greater respect for characters who aren’t superhuman, who rely on facts, who get things wrong when they reach. It’s not “dumbing him down”. It’s making him real.


Pidge and Lance are the lightest members of the team. Pidge got blown away, and Lance would of if he wasn’t holding on to Hunk. Nobody else is having any trouble with the blow dryer. 

Things to consider with this information:

Hunk picking them both up and carrying them away to prevent Lance and Pidge from making a Bad Decision™ in the Garrison, or on an alien planet. 

Lance might not actually be able to pick Keith up??? But Keith probably could most definitely carry(cradle) Lance.

At some point Coran legitly just picking one of them up and holding them like a baby in one arm.

Whenever one of them refuses to move, someone else will just pick them up and move them to a more convenient location. Hunk fixing something and Lance is standing on a panel? Just lift him up and move him. Pidge refusing to sleep? Getting put to bed by force. Lance is laying on everyone at the same time? Whoever it’s easiest for will pick him up and lay him by himself.

Lance and Pidge occasionally not setting off pressure plates.

Pick up and twirl hugs.


Recently I started playing the mobile game, “Lifeline,” and it’s been a fun experience so far. The game sends you pretend “texts” from Taylor, who is an astronaut stranded on an unidentified planet in deep space, and you have to help him make decisions in order to survive. The whole time I was playing I was just imagining a very indecisive Mark Watney asking me for help. I have yet to finish it, and the story has been intriguing so far. Go check it out if you can! :)

V E G A N ✨ Compassion. Nonviolence. For the people. For the planet. For the animals. Becoming vegan was the BEST decision of my life. 🙌🏼 Stand up for what you believe in, fight for what’s right, eat foods grown by mother nature, and feel ALIVE! 🌱 P.s Just posted a NEW WHAT I EAT IN A DAY vid!! Link is in my bio 👆🏼I made some EPIC vegetable curry that I’m currently drooling over thinking about it again 🤤💭

  • voltron season two: the paladins form important alliances and begin to develop concrete and decisive plans, more and more planets are being freed from galran control, new resources are available for the resistance movement, the blade of marmora is alive and active while the galran empire itself is shown to be weak and unstable at its edges, zarkon literally gets his ass beat by a hologram lion,,
  • the voltron writers: here’s how zarkon can still win

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Hey there would you please do outertale chara headcanons


- Earth was a colony on a ship, & they were once a passenger. But it was told that any human who dared to try & leave the ship was to never be heard from again. So one night they snuck into an Escape Pod, & shuttled themself off into the darkness. Then came the asteroid shower, & when they awoke, they came to realize that their pod had crash landed on a very tiny, run down planet, directly in a field of plants that looked suspiciously like buttercups.

- They sent out a distress signal to any who would hear them, afraid of being trapped in their pod until they wasted away. & someone found them, but not who they thought would. No humans, but Monsters, legends of creatures who had once inhabited the ruined Earth the colony had escaped from, only to be cast into the void after the Great War broke out. They were found by the Monster Heir himself, Asriel Aurora Nebulous Dreemurr.

- They found the Outerring to be quite fascinating. They’d never dreamed of half the things they saw, never thought they’d have survived to meet the people they did. Never thought they’d have been given the chance to make their life worth something to someone. & it didn’t take much to make that decision. To save these planets, & these people, they would give everything they had. & they did.

Planetary Rulership of the Signs

Each Zodiac Sign has a ruling planet. They represent some of the energy of that Sign. For example; Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter – and both are associated with generosity, luck, morals, and gluttony.

Traditionally, before the discovery Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, each planet ruled 2 Signs (except the Sun and the Moon) as illustrated.

The Moon has rulership over the sign of Cancer, which begins with the Summer Solstice, marking the Sun’s change of direction. Moving outwards in decreasing orbital speeds, Mercury comes next, and has rulership over both the signs of Gemini and Virgo. Then comes Venus, ruling both the signs of Taurus and Libra, then Mars which rules Aries and Scorpio, then Jupiter which rules Pisces and Sagittarius. Finally, at the coldest and darkest time of the year, Saturn as the slowest planet, has rulership over the signs of Aquarius and Capricorn.

The outer planets are relatively recent newcomers and have been added to this model: Pluto as the modern ruler of Scorpio, Uranus as the modern ruler of Aquarius and Neptune as the modern ruler of Pisces. This is important to remember, because the energy of the traditional planet flows through the Zodiac Sign just as strongly as the modern ruler.

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Dang Space Council

Just rewatched Lilo & Stitch and man, I gotta say, the Grand Councilwoman is WAY heavyhanded with her authority, dudes. Let’s do a quick recap:

- Sentences Stitch to exile on an asteroid (but to be fair, this is the one time she has an entire room full of people agreeing with her decision)

- Suggests gassing an entire planet of sentient lifeforms to get rid of Stitch as if this is NBD

- Assigns Pleakley (against his will) to single-handedly ‘control’ Jumba despite her basic knowledge that he is a scrawny goofball scientist, followed by fully expecting him and his ‘in control’ evil genius to have Stitch (the organic superweapon) in hand like 24 hours later.

- Tells Pleakley that Jumba AND he are fired and PRISON-BOUND because they didn’t capture 626 on her timeframe (good heavens seriously? You can send people to jail just because you’re annoyed at their performance level? Work reviews must be a nightmare in your office)

- Instantly retires Captain Gantu for his flubbed attempt to capture Stitch (to be fair he was a jerk and probably deserved it but this seems like a decision for a whole review board and at least SOME consideration of his past military service and motivations)

- Abandons Pleakley and Jumba on Earth despite one just being an unfortunate klutz who was FORCED INTO THIS and the other being a dangerous mad scientist who could probably build his way back off the planet if he doesn’t destroy it first, you don’t know woman you’ve been on this beach for five minutes

I suppose my iffy point here could be that if the Grand Council of the aliens are this bad about snap decisions and disregard for people’s lives, both personal and wide-scale, mayhap Earth is better off being considered too backwards to be adopted into their big fancy intergalactic society. 


Wrong Choice

Modern Gradeschool AU

In his seven years of living on this planet, Corrin never thought he’d have to make such a difficult decision so early on in his life.

There he stands, in the middle of the kickball field, feeling the glaring eyes of his closest friends on his body. His eyes move to the left.

Xander stands there with trembling lips and teary eyes. On his right is Ryoma, who watches Corrin with narrowed eyes and crossed arms.

Leo spoke first. “Corrin, this is ridiculous! You’re making Xander cry! Pick our team!”

“Just cause Xander’s being a big crybaby doesn’t mean he gets to have his way!” Takumi shouts.

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