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  • somebody: wow! such a nice and warm weather, it feels like spring!
  • me: nice
  • me, muttering under my breath: shut the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's JANUARY it's not supposed to be this warm yet!!!!!!!!!!! global warming is HERE and our cold snowy beautiful winters are forever history!!!!!! yet we are doing NOTHING about the case!!!!!!!! and even if we did something trump is the president of united states now and he's going to FUCK everything UP because his climate decisions will affect EVERYBODY!!!ON!THIS!PLANET! this weather is not _NICE AND WARM___ WHAT THE FUCKKK it's the awaiting HELLFIRE THAT'S RADIATING HEAT UPON US SO SHUT UP

Hello everyone! I have posted my top 10 anime of 2016 on Anime Planet.

My decision was based on the following criteria:
Animation Quality
Sound (soundtrack, voice acting)
Story (Overall entertainment, plot holes)
Access (I only have Crunchyroll)

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If you disagree with the order or what should be on the list, I love talking about it with others so be my guest! 😄

I feel like this whole “zero waste lifestyle” is just another example of rich, usually white people being praised for something poc have been doing forever. Like, it’s all buying clothes from thrift stores and reusing plastic grocery store bags and using every part of the food you buy. And all of that is great but just like riding bikes it’s only “green” when white people do it. When brown people do it, they aren’t making a conscious decision to save the planet, they just can’t afford to throw anything away.

And as I see more YouTube videos and blogs and books coming out about this “new green craze” I keep thinking about all the brown people who could really tell you how to use every part of everything, but would have a hard time making money from it cus it’s only marketable when white people do it.


Recently I started playing the mobile game, “Lifeline,” and it’s been a fun experience so far. The game sends you pretend “texts” from Taylor, who is an astronaut stranded on an unidentified planet in deep space, and you have to help him make decisions in order to survive. The whole time I was playing I was just imagining a very indecisive Mark Watney asking me for help. I have yet to finish it, and the story has been intriguing so far. Go check it out if you can! :)

So yesterday I saw a picture with the caption. “The Superman that the critics want is outdated as they are. Henry Cavil’s Superman is right for this time. If they want Christopjer Reeve’s Superman, then they should go back to their childhood and say hello. Cavil’s version is dealing with finding himself as a hero in an unjust and paranoid world called Earth. Remember it’s the 21st Century.

Um no. Just no. 

Heroism is not outdated. We want SUPERMAN. If you don’t want to make Superman, DON’T MAKE SUPERMAN. But Superman is an idealistic character. He’s the kind, loving person from All Star Superman.
He’s kind, he’s decent, he does good whenever he can and generally wants to help people and make their lives better. He’s the champion of the human race that adopted a strange visitor from another planet.
Superman saves people. It’s not a decision he comes to through trauma and failure. It’s just who he is. He’s a good person and some people are too jaded to understand that.

Outdated? No, what we want is Clark Kent.

 Imagine being groomed into politics before the age of 12.

Imagine the pressure of being a child ruler since you are 14.

Imagine when that ends, at the age of 24, you are now a political representative and a senator. You are representing the whole planet.

Imagine never getting to think about yourself. Imagine never having to grow up with a normal childhood. Imagine you don’t get to build your own identity as a teenager but you have grown men having to pursue you to make the right decisions for your planet. 

Imagine always have to thinking about not what is right for you but what is right for your people.

Imagine finally getting what you want by the age of 26 but you end up losing it anyway bc it was obviously not the “right” thing to do

That was the life of Padme Amidala

this fathers day my family told me to as least send my dad a text message. after months of not speaking to him. years of fighting with him about who i am. years of him downgrading my transition to a “selfish mistake”. 

i cannot wish happy fathers day to someone who once told me if i transitioned i would commit suicide. and then months later outed me to my entire family for being suicidal. who told me he just had my safety in mind and that as my father, it was his duty to protect me. 

i cannot wish happy fathers day to someone who once told me that his purpose on this planet was to convince me that transitioning was the absolute wrong decision for me. told me that he, as my father, knew me better than myself and therefore had the final say in what i did or didn’t do to my own body. 

i cannot wish happy fathers day to someone who unapologetically told me he would never accept me. told me that he loved me, just not “that” part of me. just could not, and would not ever accept me as trans. 

i just cannot wish that someone a happy day, it hurts too much. 

i have to be who i am today, and who i am is someone who will not give in to hate.

to fear,

to manipulation,

because who i am

is unapologetically


so this fathers day, this portland pride day, i wish all of the queer folks out there a happy day, and to all the fathers who love their children no matter what flag they fly

happy fathers day.


Wrong Choice

Modern Gradeschool AU

In his seven years of living on this planet, Corrin never thought he’d have to make such a difficult decision so early on in his life.

There he stands, in the middle of the kickball field, feeling the glaring eyes of his closest friends on his body. His eyes move to the left.

Xander stands there with trembling lips and teary eyes. On his right is Ryoma, who watches Corrin with narrowed eyes and crossed arms.

Leo spoke first. “Corrin, this is ridiculous! You’re making Xander cry! Pick our team!”

“Just cause Xander’s being a big crybaby doesn’t mean he gets to have his way!” Takumi shouts.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do Lands, Quest and Strife Specibus for a Witch of Mind? Thank in advance!

Land Ideas:

Land of Decisions and Truth

Land of Visions and Innovation

Land of Brains and Experimentation


You are the Witch of Mind on your planet, the Land of Decisions and Truth (LODAT).

Swirling green clouds cover the skies of your new home. You can almost touch one before you enter the first gate leading to the surface of the planet. You are met with a large, open courtyard in the middle of what appear to be ancient temples and ruins. The courtyard is inhabited by consorts, each of whom appears to aimlessly wander from crumbling ruin to crumbling ruin. Cautiously, you approach one standing perfectly still in the exact middle of the yard, but before you can ask him how to leave or where the ruins came from, it spouts some nonsense about a scroll before dashing to join its peers in their aimless wandering. Confused and annoyed, you grab another consort and ask how to leave. It’s answer is cryptic, but manageably thorough. By piecing together its message, you determine that the denizen of the land had overseen the original construction of these ruins. Over time, the denizen began to sleep, and the consorts began building themselves into their own architecturally beautiful prisons completely by accident. Fortunately, some of the consorts have begun formulating their own plans for breaking down the barriers between the planet’s many courtyards, but none of them have thought to work together to pool their knowledge. Your job is to learn the best way to take the consorts’s plans and information to manipulate the destruction of the borders that divide the Land of Decisions and Truth.

Strife Specibus:

Cardkind, Axekind, Bladekind, Laserkind, Ninjakind

My two cent analysis of Volpina ep


I just really have too many emotions right now. But guys. GUYS. There is SO MUCH INFORMATION. 

Okay first of all, are we not going to talk about how close Lady and Chat were to figuring out each other’s identities? Are we not going to talk about Chat Noir’s Sad Pout TM? 

I MEAN ?!?!?!?! 


Are we not going to talk about how Adrien realized Ladybug –and by extension whoever is behind the mask– loves him so much she’s willing to sacrifice her miraculous?!?!?!?! That’s probably the reason why he was so sad in the Shower Scene Pt. 2. He realized Ladybug loves Adrien but not Chat, so he’s insecure to reveal his identity in addition to the fact that he’s the most decent person on planet Earth so he respects Ladybug’s decision to keep their civilian identities secret, even if it kills him on the inside. And even if he knows Ladybug loves the boy behind the mask.

And then MAMA AGRESTE HAD THE PEACOCK MIRACULOUS KILL ME NOW. That puts so many things into context. And like, if I recall correctly, Gabriel was not originally a chosen miraculous holder, which means mama Agreste probably revealed her identity to Gabriel and explained to him how the miraculouses work. I’m going on a limb here but what if mama Agreste was partners with the holder of the butterfly miraculous and then one day things went wrong, and that’s how he has both miraculouses. It would explain why Master Fu knew where to look for the next Chat Noir– because he knew mama Agreste. 

And if Gabriel suspected of Adrien, now that the book’s missing, shit’s gonna go DOWN. 

Now, we also have that last scene with Marinette and Master Fu. I am also just guessing here, because we need to know what he actually tells Marinette, but the way I see it, she’s going to have to make a decision: either tell Chat Noir what she just figured out, or hide the information from him. This has like, HUGE implications on how their partnership is going to evolve. I mean, I’m pretty positive whatever it is Master Fu has to tell Marinette will directly affect Adrien’s perception of his family. I’m leaning towards the possibility of her telling Chat, which will add onto Adrien’s pressure to reveal his identity. 

AND DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON LILA OMG because first of all. I just. don’t. like her. I understand her role in the story, I understand her motivations. But I still don’t like her. With that aside, I think her role is going to be really interesting. This is the catalyst I’ve been talking about. For better or for worse, Lila’s presence will push Marinette to make a move on Adrien. Not to mention, she might trigger Chloé’s redemption arc– if she’s getting any of that, that is. 

Also, slow fuckin clap to Hawkdaddy and the rest of the writing team because they played us like a fuckin harp or should I say flute?. Here we were thinking Volpina was our new miraculous holder when she turned out to be HAWKMOTH’S CHAMPION SUPER VILLAN. You saw how she didn’t get over her feelings even after Ladybug cleansed the akuma? You bet your ass Volpina’s coming back, and it’s not gonna be nice. And while it’s still premature to rule out the possibility she might also get redeemed and become a miraculous holder, I think it’s kind of unlikely. Reason being (and theory yet to be tested), the greatest power of a miraculous holder is not their miraculous itself but the ability to overcome negative emotions and experiences without holding grudges or resentments that incite them to violence or revenge. And while we still need to see more of Lila to really get a sense of who she is as a character, literary speaking, I think her role is as a catalyst only. That’s not to say that it wouldn’t be awesome to have her being redeemed along Chloé, because I like to think Chloé and Marinette would eventually bond over Lila’s dissing on Ladybug. Then we’d have Lila coming to terms after becoming friends with Marinette but still getting on each other’s nerves as super heroes. If this happens, I think it’s very possible that the remaining miraculouses (the peacock’s and the turtle’s) will most likely fall on the hands of boys. I like to think that this theme of balance and symmetry they got going on will follow through with the rest of the story (e.g. the DjWifi and Adrinette double couple, the love square, Ladybug and Chat Noir representing Ying and Yang, etc.). 

So yes. There’s a shitstorm coming our way, fellow meowraculers. 



it was kouka’s decision to leave her planet, knowing full well it meant signing her death sentence. yet, both umibozu and kamui are looking for someone to blame (which is umi in this case). i’m thinking kagura will be the only who will understand it was no one’s fault; that it was her mother’s choice and hers alone; that she chose that life without regrets.

because you can’t put this parallel between them without a good reason:

kouka, (to kamui/kagura): but please don’t force yourself anymore. it is okay for you to live the way you want.

kagura, (to nobume): but please do not cry anymore, please do not lie to yourself anymore. i was the same way. […] here it is okay to live the way you want to.

at one point in their lives, they were both left alone. they both made the choice to leave the safety of their home and in doing so they both found a family. i believe kagura will understand her mother more than anyone.