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For NASA, Earth Day is Every Day!

With a fleet of spacecraft orbiting our home planet collecting data on everything from the air we breathe to natural disasters that impact our lives, Earth is always in focus. Join us as we celebrate our home with beautiful views from our unique vantage point of space.

On December 17, 1972, the crew of Apollo 17 snapped this iconic image of planet Earth. Dubbed the Blue Marble, this image was taken as Apollo 17 rocketed toward the moon. 

On the way to the moon or from the surface of Mars, our spacecraft have photographed the beauty of Earth from many vantage points. In this image, the most powerful telescope orbiting Mars captured this view of Earth and its moon, showing continent-size detail on the planet and the relative size of the moon. The image combines two separate exposures taken on November 20, 2016, by the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera on our Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. 

In this image taken on July 19, 2013, the wide-angle camera on our Cassini spacecraft captured Saturn’s rings and our planet Earth and its moon in the same frame.

Our Suomi-NPP satellite also observed the Earth at night. Earth’s “night lights” often have a gee-whiz curiosity for the public , but have also served as a tool for fundamental research for nearly 25 years. They have provided a broad, beautiful picture, showing how humans have shaped the planet and lit up the darkness. 

You can be mesmerized by the constant swirls in these visualizations of ocean currents. The swirling flows of tens of thousands of ocean currents were captured using the largest computations of their kind ever undertaken, using high-end computing resources at our Ames Research Center. 

We’ve all seen iconic photographs of Earth shot by astronauts. But even satellites and robotic spacecraft often get in on the act. The above image, called “Pale Blue Dot,” was taken Voyager 1 in February 1990 from a distance of 4 billion miles.

Our satellites do more than take pretty pictures of Earth. They do everything from measure rainfall to observe weather patterns. The ten satellites in the Global Precipitation Measurement Constellation have provided unprecedented information about rain and snow fall across the entire Earth. This visualization shows the constellation in action, taking precipitation measurements underneath the satellite orbits. 

In an homage to Apollo 17′s “Blue Marble” image, Suomi-NPP, a joint NASA-NOAA Earth-observing satellite, made this composite image, by making a number of swaths of Earth’s surface on January 4, 2012. 

What’s your favorite aspect of planet Earth? These kids have their own ideas. You can even “adopt” parts of the planet. Which one of the 64,000 locations will you get? 

Our home planet is constantly changing, which is why our fleet of Earth-observing satellites continuously monitor the globe, recording every moment of what they see. Luckily for us, many of the views are not only deeply informative but also awe-inspiring. 

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I’ll handle it.

Wolfgang ‘Fucking’ Bogdanow after silently walking around the planet, collecting his cluster, and I’m like ‘Boy, don’t play, we all know that you need your fam’. (He got all of the women before he got any of the other men, and got the one fellow white man last, when he was looking for unspoken solidarity-specific strength! That’s just too perfect in any way that you look at it.)

I. Fucking. Love. My. Eight. Children!!!

Now, let’s fuck some shit up, and let Kala be a sexy bad-ass like her man!

Aries seems to embody the fury of Fire the most, I think its the elixir of flaming cardinal energies, the radiant Sun exaltation, being ruled by fiery Mars, its all about exploration and pure intuition

Earth is consolidation and fabric, sort of like being rooted and safe, I think the Fixed quality in Taurus tightens the wrapped vines, like Taurus are very present in the Earth, they are embalmed in it, and Venus emanates a love of earth and nature, so there is like the earth child in their flower cradle

Mutable Gemini seems to embody air, Mercury is quicksilver and changeable, Gemini is as light as air, changes swiftly, and vanishes just as quickly, air has no body and flows through everybody, Gemini is the etheric body who’s energy lies behind every sign

Pisces is the most soaked, the Water valve I think, Neptune is a very watery planet, and the collective unconscious and dreams are associated with Water and this is where Pisces spends much of their time, I think the mutable quality means they can float and change form like water and experience all facets of human life, Pisces symbolizes all things, oceanic consciousness


There wasn’t meant to be any Glara or even a fight. Just a calm peaceful mission.
Shiro and Lance had been dropped off on what was meant to be an uninhabited planet to collect some rare flowers that are meant to have great healing properties.
However after about an hour looking for the flower the two stumbled upon a Glara ship that just landed. They had already destroyed half the beautiful natural landscape with harvesting the flowers on mass.
Shiro wanted to sneak aboard and shut them down from the inside.
Lance tried to argue that they should wait for the others, but his leader shot him down and the two boarded.
However once inside they realised it was a trap.
The door slammed shut behind them, locking them inside.
“Great this is just great.” Lance ranted pacing back and forth. “The ships gonna take off and is with it straight to Zarkon!”
Shiro wasn’t listening. He was too busy trying to open the door with his Glara arm.
“Shiro?” Lance asked as purple sparks flew off the door, Shiro hitting it more and more desperately when the door didn’t budge.
When he began to hit the reinforced metal with his flesh hand hard enough to drawn man Lance stepped in.
“Hey Shiro stop its no good!” Lance yelled wrapping his arms around the larger man.
“I can’t go back Lance! I just….I can’t” Shiro whispered slumping in Lance’s arms.
“You won’t, I promise I’ll get you out of here.” Lance let go of him and went over to the key pad. “First things first let’s get out of this room then run like hell.” He was quiet for a moment fiddling with the wires “I’ve seen Pidge do this so many times… just a little more…and… got it!” The door slid open and Lance looked over his shoulder with a smile that just radiated pride.
Shiro stared at him in shock “how…”
Lance shrugged “well I was top of my class.”
Shiro smiled putting a hand on Lance’s shoulder “well you did good buddy.”
Lance grinned up at him.
Suddenly a Glara soldier rounded the corner and shot at them.
“Look out!” Lance yelled pushing him out of the way and getting hit square in the chest.
“Lance!” Shiro saw red as he charged at he Glara. That was the last thing he remembered.
When he came to, he was surrounded by dead Glara and covered in their dark purple blood.
He stared down at his hands in shock breathing heavily, when he stopped Lance passed out on the floor a little away.
“Lance!” Shiro yelled running over to the fallen paladin and scooping him up in his arms.
He was far too pale and there was too much blood pooling beneath him.
Lance was silent only making a small noise of pain as Shiro applied pressure on the large gaping wound.
“Hello Allura! Lance is down! He needs help now!”
“We’re on our way!” The others called.
“Hang on buddy your gonna be fine.”
Lance slowly opened his eyes “d-don’t worry… S-Shiro you’ll g-et out… like I ….promised…”
His eyes slid closed and he gave a small smile.
By time the others arrived it was too late.

Possibly my favourite thing about the Stevenbomb was that Gems. Just. Don’t. Get. Names. Peridot’s confusion went all the way up to Yellow Diamond without being corrected and was then passed on to Aquamarine. Not only do they still think Steven is a Steven and not a human, giving them the names of humans only convinced them there are now seven subspecies of humans and they’d better get one of each.

All words cast spells, that’s why it’s called “spelling.”
Choosing to direct my words, thoughts and actions towards love and truth in every mOMent :) Rippling the fabric of reality with this mindfulness in action. Painting a positive existence for myself, the planet and the collective as ONE being::: reflecting itself in infinite forms.
Continuing to BELIEVE IN MAGIC!! Opening and allowing myself to receive the limitless abundance of the YOUniverse!!!
******BLESSINGS OHANA*******

Marked One

HELLO! Just a quick thank you to everyone for the amazing response to my first ever reader insert imagine! I am glad you all enjoyed it and I am glad to have given back a little something to this amazing community. 

PROMPT - @spnstarships requested: “Reader gets really sick, does not tell anyone until Bones comes to check because he has not seen her, finds almost dead then saves her.” - Sorry for the delay in posting this, but it took a while to write and I really hope it was the kind of thing you were after :)

PAIRING - Reader X Bones

WARNINGS - Slight cursing, Angsty but also fluffy to in places!

Marked One

White lights streaked in a steady rhythm above your head, as your body laid parallel on a medical stretcher. Your eyes were heavy as the cold white light reflected off falling dust particles creating an angelic halo around you. The moment would have been so utterly perfect if one figure above you, hadn’t had to consistently slap the side of your face whenever your eyes threatened to give in to the darkness.

“Don’t fall asleep.”

The order had been spoken with a commanding tone, however the subtle worried edge which laced it did not go unnoticed. Frowning towards the shadowy figure, you reached your arm up high; clinging to the blue cloth which surrounded them.

“I don’t know if you’ve had to do this before- but it’s hard.”

The figure blew an amused raspberry, their face turning away as they begun to murmur to the other unfamiliar shadows which lurked around you. Once finished, the silhouette leaned closer; their features forming clearer as you recognised the face before you with relief.

“I take it that the anti hallucinogenic hypo helped then.”

“Leonard?” You interrupted, your hand falling from his shirt and back to your aching chest.

“Good. You recognise me, thats-” Leonard paused as he nodded to himself in determination, a sense of relief seemingly washing over him. “It’s a good sign. Better than earlier.”

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selfishassholes  asked:

So since pisce's ancient ruler was jupiter, is it possible for a person with pisces placements to display jupiter tactics ? Idk how to explain it. But for ex. the sign libra is venus but it's also co ruled by saturn, therefore libra moons can be cold. So basically, what I'm asking is can pisces venus be players or have similar jupitarian traits?

Pisces is  the night house of Jupiter… jupiter rules pisces. saturn rules aquarius. mars rules scorpio. these are their traditional rulers, and always will be. neptune was discovered not very long ago. the more i have thought about it and dreamt about it the more i see jupiter as pisces’s main influence. jupiter with pisces is following the voyage of spiritual salvation, cultivating faith and union, offering universal empathy and sympathy gives a feeling of wholeness and deep inner wellness. jupiter is the planet of religion, collective thought, charity, and the higher mind. the vision with jupiter in pisces is tremendous, inspiring, and soaked in spiritual devotion to humanity. 

When sagittarius (co-ruled by jupiter) realises the guru is him at the final house, the sacred map leads him within, to Pisces. The aim of this quest becomes ultimate in its service for pisces. The ultimate rapture of Pisces is not to envelope into the sacred space and dissociate from the earthly realm. it is to dwell in an inaccessible place, to swim in a secret sea and return with good faith, using this knowledge to serve, heal, teach, and cherish.

Saturn is not the co-ruler of libra, but saturn exalts in Libra, symbolizing this sign’s respect for law, order, justice, and morality 

venus exalts in pisces and neptune is the higher octave of venus so the universal love theme expresses here like a cosmic tap, venus exalts in pisces, the sign of self undoing, anguish, universal emotion, and godly love. betrayal occurs and pain and suffering is present in love, so the weary pisces ascends through the rays of venus, love and hurt can be interlocked, and all inclusive pisces can be soaked in the romance of life 


Loot - Jim Kirk

Loot masterlist

Summary: reader is a cadet in the academy working as a hired thief to pay for tuition. reader gets caught in a sticky situation and jim and spock come to their rescue– maybe

Pairing: Jim Kirk x Reader (not yet, though)

Prompt: “You don’t have to trust me – just don’t leave me here to die.”

Word count: 2,153

Warnings: language, injuries (i guess)

A/N: i felt like writing something different. so far there’s no romance between any of the characters mostly because this is just the first part. it’ll obviously eventually have something-something but not right now. idk if i want to continue this, though, so give me some feedback n tell me if i should continue it! i personally quite like it so far! enjoy! 

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Listen to me… Data would be so fascinated (DELIGHTED) with the nonbinary identity.

While some of his programming does rely on binary functions, his personality is open, organic, always developing. He has learned from men, women, and others. He has adapted their traits into his personality, and never feels quite justified in referring to himself as a man. He is the sum of a spectrum of identities and experiences.

He understands ‘binary’ as something unique to computers. Not to sentient life.

Discovering this identity is another step on his journey to humanity.

“We are basically all one. We are one being, one consciousness, one whole. We are all connected to each other. We are all parts of the same whole. How we treat others are how we treat ourselves. If we treat others badly, we are really treating ourselves badly. If we hate others, we are really hating ourselves. If we love others, we are basically loving ourselves.” - Swami Dhyan Giten ~ artwork by Shawn Hocking Stream of consciousness