the plague of zombies

i hope that my pure love for my friends will rub off on people and make them happier its like a zombie plague except everyone is happy and they love their friends

Never Give the Necromancer a "Gray Area"

Friend DMing for me and one other person (small campaign) he’d never DMd before so I was going easy on him and helping out when I could.
DM: okay so you (me necromancer) arrive in town having reached lvl 3 during your journey.
(He has no clue how to run a necromancer or their skills so he said I could make them up and if they worked he’d let them slide)
My immediate reply: don’t give me a gray area dude that’s not a good idea I am chaotic evil hoe don’t do it.
DM: you’ll be fine.
Game starts.
Day one: my necromancer fed the homeless and poor in the slums of what we dubbed Newbshire, a large city but good for beginners. Little did they know he’d poisoned all the food so that everyone would contract a plague and die.
DM: *looks at me* you’re a bad man.
Me: oh I’m not done yet.
Day two: necromancer murders a priest, his wife, his two sons, then resurrects them as corpses, and takes his place in order to gain acolytes of the death goddess, end of the day he poisons more beggars.
Dm: you’re a bad bad man.
Me: still not done.
Dm: ohmygodwhathaveidone
Day three: necromancer sends all his human zombies into the sewers to infect the rats causing them to die and became undead plague rats.
Dm: no
Me: yes
Day four: Armageddon is unleashed as hundreds of zombies and thousands of plague ridden rat corpses flood the city biting, infecting, and adding to the horde. The adventurers guild in the city puts up a resistance but is eventually overrun by the necromancers acolytes and the adventurers are converted to elite corpses and death knights. As the sun sets on Newbshires flaming husk the necromancer leaves the city with not a single living thing inside.
So great was his destruction that the heavenly beings themselves took notice and sent the death god to make a contract with this evil human.
Total death count: 300,000
Total mana expended by necromancer: 12
DM: you are a BAD MAN
Me: *shrugs* I TOLD YOU never give the necromancer a gray area!

concept: yuuri katsuki is an anxious sweet boy and viktor nikiforov never expects he’d fall so hard for a boy who’s so pure. he. just. couldn’t. shoot. him. or. anyone. for that matter.

also there’s sort of an apocalypse of any type happening but who cares about that when you’re too busy falling for your future husband

i have no name for this AU tho, but suggestions are always welcome!



Where even to begin? Before Night of the Living Dead, “zombie” movies fictionalized Afro-Haitan Vodou, with white people at the center (see “White Zombie"). Night had nothing to do with that, it simply asked “what if the dead came back as flesh-hungry ghouls?”

That alone wasn’t new – the undead, from Frankenstein to Dracula to The Mummy, were horror movie staples. Richard Matheson’s “I Am Legend” played with a modern zombie-like vampire plague. But they all had some kind of will. Romero’s ghouls had none but to eat human flesh (not brains, specifically, that came from the campy Return of the Living Dead – not a Romero movie), and, most terrifyingly, there were lots of them, and their numbers grew with every bite. It dipped into our fears of death and isolation and the inevitable decomposition of our own bodies. Romero’s zombie genre took on social commentary while other monster movies casually demonized Haitans and Egyptians and Jewish Eastern Europeans.

Night was different. Its protagonist, Ben, played by Duane Jones, was Black. Romero always said he simply cast Jones because he was the best actor he knew. But it was 1968, and it made a statement. And an impact – you can’t discuss the prominence of Black leads in zombie media without going back to Ben. He’s the everyman, the relatable one, the hero. While Black people were relentlessly stereotyped and otherized, Ben was just a person.

There were no happy endings in Night. Ben was the last man standing. What was left of the police surrounded the house. They shot him in the head.

That’s a horror movie.

Rest in peace, George Romero.

Writing Prompt #93

For years, I sat by my window, staring out at the stars and sky hoping that some day I could get anywhere near them. But it wasn’t safe for me to go out at night, and I knew looking was as far as I could get.



IchiRuki AU where Rukia is a victim of a zombie virus plague in a small village and Ichigo is a medic/scientist from the city looking for the cure

((I’m not creative so I’m sorry if it’s way too mainstream… BUT I JUST WANNA SEE A ZOMBIE AU OF THESE TWO, let me have my fun!! *rips heart out of chest*))

italeteller  asked:

Moooooom. Hi. Has there been any updates about your teeth? Are you doing better?

My teeth are, for the moment, in a state of seeming stability. I get the odd random shooting twinge now and then, and cold things and citrus fruits make me want to crawl out my skull, but I just try to avoid certain things and stick with my numbing toothpaste and salt water rinses.

Ever since I had the extraction of that one tooth back in March, my pain has decreased significantly along that side of my jaw, with only occasional twinges from my failed root canal(s) and the extraction site itself. The area was extremely damaged though, so that was to be expected, if not hoped against. 

I still need three more teeth extracted before I can start the corrective oral surgery and braces I need to fix the other issues (like the joint popping/dislocating and the feeling that I can’t swallow cause my face doesn’t always remember how to do the thing) and I still have three amalgam fillings left which I need to have removed, but at present they are not leaking and are only causing minor inflammation, so are not at present an immediate risk to my health.

Unlike the other ones I had removed last year, which Dr Magic Dentist found to be a) leaking, b) extremely high in mercury (illegally so) and c) after further lab assessment, told me they contained the types of bacteria you’d expect to find mixed together in a CDC lab under “possible zombie plague: do not release”. All of them sitting on top of the exposed nerve, not a pulp cap to be found in sight. 

Which haha, I’ll repeat that, I had over ten fillings in my mouth that not only was I allergic to, but they contained highly toxic levels of mercury that were leaking, and so badly constructed they had literal pockets of bacteria thriving inside of them. Which, I mean, shitty dentistry isn’t illegal, but not sanitizing your tools and using mercury is under UK NHS. So imagine my surprise when I told this to my mother (who also has the exact same dental problems I do) that said NHS dentist has vanished off the face of the earth. Imagine that.

And here I thought I was just being a bit of a wuss and crying over sensitive teeth for over a decade. What a time to somehow still be alive.

But coming back to the present, yes I am doing much better. I need to save up for the other stuff, the braces alone sing to the tune of $7000, and the care I need for the extractions themselves is substantial and I can’t just pop down to the student hospital to have them removed on the cheap. But given how slowly I healed from that first extraction (most people heal within about 4-6 weeks, I was 10 before it stopped feeling like mushy open wound) that’s fine. I need to space these out and allow myself to heal in between removals before they fit the braces, which means I will probably be looking at sometime next year, funds willing, before I can go ahead with any more work. 

And I know some people have offered to loan me the money and help however they can, (and thank you for that, a million and one times thank you) but for now I am just taking things at my own pace as my body allows. If I can manage this without help, I’d much rather others more in need got the benefit of your kindness. I am happy for now. I am no longer out my head with pain or high on painkillers that didn’t work and made it hard to think. And that’s good enough for now :)


Zombies Assemble 2 #1 by Kiichi Mizushima

Variant cover by Chris Samnee


Variant cover by CHRIS SAMNEE
The Avengers face a threat even bigger and more menacing than they could have imagined as the desperate race to cure the zombie outbreak shifts into high gear! Caught in a massive explosion, Captain America, Hawkeye and Iron Man wake up in the midst of a city overrun by zombies. Miraculously, they haven’t been turned, and they find themselves face-to-face with a mysterious scientist who claims to have a cure for the virus. But who is he really, and does he actually possess the antivirus that Bruce Banner has been struggling to create? More importantly: Is the Hulk immune to the zombie plague?
40 PGS./ Black & White interior/Rated T+ …$4.99
This book is printed in traditional MANGA style: It reads from back to front and right to left.

this was meant to be a small noodle headcanon but i got carried away. :'3

When Noodle was little, she tried to watch a zombie movie with 2D. TRIED, to watch a zombie movie.

She was happy about it, repeatedly asking “Lemmie watch, Toochie!” but he was reluctant. He told her that she might have nightmares. But she didn’t stop, “Pleeease, I’ve watched scary movies before!”

Those were low-budget monster movies. The effects were not as good as the zombie movies 2D likes. She knew they weren’t real, and it’s just rubber suits, basic animatronics, and model cities. They still were able spook her a little, but it was so fun to her!

2D was still reluctant, she had never watched any of these before. Can she handle it? He sighed, “Are you sure you want to? I think this is scarier than what you’ve seen before.”

“Fine, you can watch.” 2D finally caved in and let her watch. She sat right next to him with an eager smile. He pressed play, and Noodle began watching her first ever undead film.

A little bit into the movie, everything is going good. The plague that causes the zombies hasn’t been made yet. Noodle became bored, and she started leaning on 2D. “Be patient, the zombies will come soon.” He pulled Noodle closer.

The zombies have appeared, it wasn’t as scary as 2D made it out to be. It was just like the army against the giant monster in her movies, just replace it with a reanimated hoard. This is fun, it was a little scarier, but only because it was more realistic. She jumped a bit, but giggled right after.

However, in the flick, things stated getting intense. The main character was in an abandoned house, the floorboards creaked and Noodle was in the edge of her seat. 2D knows this scene, it’s a jumpscare. The sounds of the floors, doors, and wind mislead. Every time the character made a sudden turn, Noodle got more tense.

She was throughly creeped out, and was holding onto 2D’s arm for what seemed to be dear life. Suddenly, a zombie appeared! The rotting flesh and groaning sounded so real! She closed her eyes and held his arm tighter as the zombie lunged at the character.

It was a girl, she was unarmed except a pistol with a single bullet. The girl on the screen shot at the living corpse, but she missed. Right before the zombie attacked again, Noodle moved onto 2D’s lap, holding onto him while trembling.

2D held onto her, gently rubbing her head as she tightened the hug. She refused to look until it was over, the screaming and the groaning stopped. She took a quick glance and she was horrified, the zombie had ripped off the character’s head and took a bite out of it. She was shaking harder, now. This was way more realistic than the monster movies!

2D was watching while reassuring the frightened Noodle. He spoke to her. It’s okay now, it’s done, the scene’s over, you’re fine, He whispered to her, “It’s past that now.” Noodle’s shaking lessened at the gentle sound. “Toochie?” She whimpered, still holding on. “Hm?” 2D replied, noticing how shook she sounded. “I don’t wanna watch it anymore.” Noodle couldn’t take that movie anymore.

2D got the remote and paused it. “I understand, it’s time for bed anyways. It’s super late.” He got up, holding Noodle in his arms, she yawned and nuzzled him. He smiled as the two walked to her room. The door opened with a creak, causing Noodle to tense up. 2D responded, “Hush now, it’s ok.” He gently sat her down on her bed and turned her lamp on to the lowest setting, it was her nightlight.

However, there’s a feeling of premonition inside her. Zombies aren’t real, she knows that, but she feels as though something might happen. “Toochie..?” Noodle’s voice was filled worry, 2D noticed how scared she looked. He sat on her bed, Noodle instantly held onto him. She felt calm and warm as he held on.

2D then began to sing, his voice calm, gentle, and soothing. Noodle’s tension eased as she practically melted, every word sung made her more and more soothed as his song went on. Finally, her eyes shut as she fell asleep. He let go of her, laid her down, and pulled up the blankets as he whispered the final part. He gently got up and out, careful not to make any noises. Not before going to his room, he glanced to make sure Noodle was still asleep.