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Naan Pizza Appreciation Post 

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Today, I just threw together all of the ingredients in my fridge that were about to go bad, and had a blast. The goat cheese truly works. 

Cheer Up Post #3520 - Stretchy Cheese Edition

When the cheese do the thing.

Food Masterpost

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i’ve always been a soft-spoken, shy individual who bottles up all her thoughts and opinions and keeps most of them to herself and sometimes(depending on the topic) close friends and family. i hate arguing, i hate confrontation, i hate complaining to others. i’ve always been worried about bothering other people, even if it’s for my own personal benefit and is necessary. i am a freshman in college and currently in my second semester, living in the dorms and surviving off a meal plan at my schools dining commons. at the beginning of the first semester, my parents wrote to the head of the dining commons about the lack of vegan options and they wrote back telling my parents there would be a whole station dedicated to vegan food. that was a load of bs. as the semester went on, i dreaded going to the D.C. as i found there were hardly any vegan options(if any at all) and i was left guessing whether things like beans and rice, vegetables and various other dishes were vegan. sometimes, because of this guessing, i left feeling sick and uncomfortable because after not consuming animal products for years now, my body knows when it eats something non-vegan and signals me. for months and months, i feared ever writing to the head of the D.C. myself to discuss this issue because well, i’m scared of confrontation and don’t want to complicate anyone’s lives. however, as time went on i felt more and more disgusting as i ate there and resorted to spending my own money on other things to eat. keep in mind, my parents are paying tons of money for this required meal plan. this was not okay and i needed to say something. i finally emailed the head of the D.C. and politely ranted about how unaccommodating the D.C. was for a vegan…

well, i just had the meeting with the head of the dining commons and it went really well! we talked about labeling all the food and putting little symbols distinguishing whether the food is vegan or vegetarian. also coming up with more vegan options. she introduced me to the head chef and he asked me for ideas and said they’ll make me vegan pizzas, vegan grilled cheese, distinguish among the employees which burger patty is vegan and no long fry them, add vegan chicken nuggets, allow me to take the tofu from the salad bar and get it stir fried and he’s going to check all the breads and bagels and stuff and see which ones are vegan!

i am so proud of myself for finally pushing aside my insecurities about standing up for myself and what i believe in order to get what i need. i walked out of the D.C. feeling so great and like a boss vegan advocate who is speaking for not only myself, but the future of vegans(especially the ones coming to my school). i don’t know if this was interesting to anyone, but i just wanted to share this so if you didn’t know already, ITS OKAY TO SPEAK UP. it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay!! here’s to a future of happy college vegans😊🐷♻️🐄☮️🐓💕

also!!! huge thank you to @theblondeyogini for helping me come up with things to discuss!😘

Different Ways of Caring

Prompt from @inell Stackson: I’m a writer and when it gets close to my deadlines I neglect taking care of myself so you’ll pop in my house every so often to make sure I’m doing okay’ AU - Writer!Stiles

Also on ao3

Stiles wasn’t quite sure what day it was. It might have been Tuesday, or maybe it was Thursday, but that didn’t matter; he had managed to write 100 pages of his novel and his editor could finally get off his back. It wasn’t like he had been that far behind his deadline, only a few weeks. He wasn’t pulling a George R.R. Martin or anything.

He only had one chapter left to write, and he knew that Lydia would be glad that he had  finally finished the fifth book in his series. She would be happier if he would finish the entire series, but there were two more books after this one, so she’d have to wait.

The thing was, Stiles knew he would take a break. He knew that he should get up and  stretch, maybe go outside, but he was on a roll; he could stretch when the words stopped flowing. Right now, he needed to wrap up the current time travel adventure and set up the cliffhanger for the next one. That was his thing, cliffhangers at the end of his books, well, that and time-traveling werewolves.

“Get up Stiles,” a voice said, cutting through Stiles’ writing music (the score from The Dark Night). “Now.”

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