the pitcher and piano


Greetings, all! Day 7 of the trip was great! We started the day of with class, discussing the different techniques directors in their films. Fun fact, some of the major influences on how a movie makes its audience feel are colors, music, and the angles the director chooses to shoot from! So next time you’re watching a movie, take note of these things 😊 After class we grabbed some grub at the manor’s cafeteria and waited for the shuttle! We made our way to the train station and went into Nottingham (a town that’s about 30 min away from downtown). Some of the group had already gone into that town so they showed Mackenzie and I some of the cool places to go. They brought us to a coffee chain that serves vegan coffee and food (YAY) and showed us this BEAUTIFUL!!! bar, Pitcher & Piano. There are pictures of the bar attached to the post, so you can appreciate how adorable this place is with me! It’s located in an old cathedral that the owners renovated to be a bar and it definitely worked in their favor. We spent the rest of the day exploring and came back to spend the night in the bistro where we made some new friends!