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Crowley’s little girl. Part I.

Characters: Demon!Reader, Crowley, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Claire Novak

Parings: Demon!Reader x Crowley (Daughter and Father), eventually Demon!Reader x Dean/Sam Winchester, not sure yet.

You are one of Crowley’s crossroad demons, but not any demon, no.. you are his daughter. A so called Cambion. Half demon, half human. When a girl named Claire summoned you, everything changed.


I wrote this the other night, ‘cuz I couldn’t sleep for hours. Thought I separately could start a new series. Hope you enjoy. :)


Hell was a dark and cheerless place, but you loved it. It matched your cold, rotten soul perfectly. You walked down the endless seeming hallway, running your fingers along the fragile, old walls. The smell of burnt flesh ran through your nose. Passing cell after cell, filled with tortured people you turned to the right at the very end and stopped at a big door. You opened it, closing it behind you, with a creaking sound coming from it. The slam of the door let the chains on the wall rustling.

The room was filled with red burning candles, they gave you a warm feeling. The feeling of being home. It was your own little kingdom. There was a bed, a closet and a dressing table. Your hellhound, Diwo, laying in the corner taking a nap. He was a present from your dad on your 12th birthday, to always keep an eye on you. Diwo was kinda the only friend you had down here. The rest of the other demons were just here to keep you entertained, trying to act like human beings.. trying to act like friends to you. I mean, you were a Cambion. Half human, half demon. So you definitely had human needs.. and a soul, even though it was pitch black.

Y/A (your age) years back.. your dad had something going on with this human woman. He got her pregnant and left. Because he wanted to „build“ a super strong weapon. You. Exactly 9 months later, he had a weird feeling. The now king of hell knew.. a special child was born. His child. Mom unfortunately was a Hunter, recognized your black eyes, knew what kind of monster you were and wanted to kill you. Your dad showed up and rescued you. Rest is history. He raised and trained you. Gave you, almost, everything you ever needed. And here you are. Settling yourself down on your bed, being bored to death. Listening to the screams coming from outside, you closed your eyes.. You almost fell asleep, when you suddenly heard a noise coming from outside the door.

*knock knock*

„Enter“, you said annoyed.

The heavy door opened and a deep British voice came to your ears, „Hello, darling. Seems like you had a rough day“

„Oh, hey Dad.. No, it wasn’t rough at all, I‘m just so bored most of the time, I hate being a stupid crossroad demon. Why can‘t I just go out and kill people myself instead of sending Diwo their way. I can help earning souls for you by myself“ you folded your arms, making a pout.

„Well, princess.. I don‘t think you are aware of how powerful you are, you need a little tiny bit more time to face this world full of hunter. I don‘t want my precious child to get hurt. See your crossroad-duty as a training.“ he replied, settling himself down next to you.

„I can take care of myself. I‘m Y/A now, not a child anymore, dad. And to be honest, I never really was.“

„I know, I know..“ he continued, as he patted your shoulder. „just give it a few more weeks and you‘ll be ready to face this world, promise.. but you have to take Diwo with you. At least the first few times, to keep an eye on you. I started as a crossroad demon too, and look at me now“ he complacently smiled down at you.

About 2 weeks later, you were strolling around through the halls of hell again. Kicking a few little rocks around.

„Damn it, this is more torture than actually being a prisoner here.“ you said, rolling your eyes in boredom. „I‘m way too old for this shit.“ you tought to yourself, making your way to the exit.

„Where do you think you‘re going, young lady?“ your father said, suddenly appearing next to you, scaring the shit out of you.

„Let me go, I‘m bored and since you kinda stole my teleportation skills for most of my travels, I have to take the normal way. This fucking door.“ you angrily replied, grabbing the door knob.

„I actually have a job for you to do. Well, it‘s a crossroad deal again.“ You stopped, not looking at your father“ A young girl is on her way to summon one of my demons, I thought you might need something to do.“ he insisted strictly.

You moaned in annoyance. „Fine, I‘ll do it.“


You popped up on a little crossroad, somewhere in Kansas. It was dark out and you saw a young blonde girl standing in front of you. She didn’t look scared at all.

„Claire Novak.“ you said surprised. „The little girl whos dad got vessled by an angel of the lord.. What can I do for you?“ winking your eyes, let them turning pitch black.

„How do you know my name?“ she started to yell at you.

„Well, lovely.. I‘m a Demon.. remember? Plus your… ‚dad‘ is pretty well-known down there, you know..“ you replied. „but back to the important things. What do yo….“

„Shut your mouth and listen to me, demon!“ she snapped, pulling out a gun to give her self a bit of safety.

„How sweet.“ you chuckled, moving your right hand fast to the side, throwing her gun at the ground.

„Bring me my mom back! I can‘t stand being alone much longer, Take my fucking soul and just bring her back.“ she stuttered, almost starting to cry.

You grinned „you know the deal, right? We kiss to make the agreement count, then 10 years from now on, my hellhound is gonna come for your ass.“

Claire waited a few seconds, then nodded. She stepped forward to you. Your lips came closer, when suddenly you heard two men yelling and storming towards you, the taller one of them tackling down Claire. „No! Don‘t do that!“

She writhed in the arms of the man, screaming at him. „SAM! Let me go! This is my choice“
„Sam? Sam and Dean Winchester?“ your eyes opened wide.

„Yeah, why would you care you piece of hell-shit?“ the older brother yelled at you snottily.

„Wow, easy cowboy, just doing my job“ you laughed.

„What kind of a crossroad demon are you? Your eyes are black and not red.“ he looked at you angry.

„Let‘s say it‘s just my part time job“, you winked at him, letting your black eyes turning to your normal Y/E/C again. „Dad‘s other demons are not of any good use.“

„Dad? You mean Crowley?“ Dean frowned at you full of disgust, when suddenly Claire got out of Sams grip, and ran towards you to give you a kiss.

„No! Claire god damn it!“ the younger brother shouted at you, pulling out the colt. „Nullify the deal! Now!“

„Sorry, handsome.. can‘t do that.“ you said with a smug on your face, snapping your fingers you disappeared from them.

„FUCK!“ Dean fell on his knees, hitting the ground with his fist. „I‘m gonna kill that bitch!“ he shouted.

You found yourself in your room again, when you suddenly, heard someone clapping behind you. Turning around you found your father standing there.

„Congrats Y/N.. You just got the soul of the little wannabe Winchester girl.“ he told you proudly, with a big smile on  his face.

~ I won’t let you hold me back  no matter what I lose

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Headcanons for being best friends with Bart and Cassie?

Being friends with Bart and Cassie is a whirlwind of excitement and is the embodiment of ‘go go GO!’

-Bart and Cassie get along well enough. At first they didn’t really take the time to talk with each other because Bart is closest to Jaime and Cassie hangs with the majority of the girls on the team.

-When they get together though, because you being both of their friends, they find out that they go along pretty well together.

-Bart is always suggesting to go out and do new things that he could never do in the future. That mostly includes teenage clichés from movies and such, but you and Cassie don’t mind too much.

-Cassie loves being able to get the two of you to stay at the base and have a sleepover.

-Making 3 separate blanket forts for each of them.

-Bart tries to take over Cassie’s “Kingdom” which starts a blanket conquering quest between the three of you.

-You end up winning though because Bart doesn’t have any patience and Cassie is too busy gloating to Bart how amazing she is at taking over forts to realize that you’ve already conquered both of their forts as yours.

-Bart doesn’t have the actual patience to sit and watch movies if they don’t have any action in them. You and Cassie learned this the first time you took him to the theater.

-It ended with the three of you being banned from the theater. When the usher sees you out and about, he still glares daggers at all of you.

-No one can beat Bart and dance dance revolution. He has the top scores on all of the songs, which by are all perfect.

-Cassie still makes Disney references, but with you and Bart it’s more along the lines of reciting a whole freaking movie.

-The others on the team find it amusing to walk in and see you and Bart on top of Cassie who’s covered with a rug flying you around.

-Or Kaldur, after he comes back to the team, watches you three recreate The Little Mermaid in the bases pool.

-You guys go out to that all you can eat buffet that opened in Happy Harbor with Bart. (Both you and Cassie pitch in on his mountain of plates. He pays you back though with food that Iris has made, which is to die for. Especially her homemade pies that she only makes on the holidays.)

-Cassie loves talking about what it’s like on Themyscira. You and Bart get wrapped up in her stories of her home that you both could listen for hours.

-Bart likes to prank the both of you with the help and advice of Gar and Tim. (Tim is great with planning the pranks and Gar creates really creative ones.)

-You and Cassie aren’t really for pranks, but when you two do start pranking him back it gets extravagant.

-You guys rarely fight, but when you do it gets /bad/

-Bart goes with the silence treatment that’s mixed with pretending you’re not there. (Which is hard for him to do because he just want to go and hug his best friend)

-Cassie refuses to talk to either of you and prefers to make snide remarks.

-All of you make up after being in the same room together and either you or Bart have the beginnings of tears in your guys’ eyes.

-To be honest there’s ever a dull moment when the three of you hang out with each other. There’s always something to do and with Bart’s speedster nature and Cassie’s enthusiasm it could go on for days at a time.

-Eventually you all pass out in a giant lump of bodies in one of your rooms with a smile on all of your faces.

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alternate ending!

When he breathes, poison seeps from his lips, and spittle drips onto his chest.

Nightlight has always had sharp teeth, but these… were far too big, far too sharp– his mouth no longer closed. He shook his head, uncomfortable and displeased with the drool.

Pitch merely seems amused and dabs at the boy’s chin with the end of his sleeve, staring not at the broken specter clad in iron chains before him, but over his head at Katherine.

Katherine. His head aches. When he tries to move a hand to rub his forehead, his shackles clink together and he can’t quite manage.

Nightlight gurgles brokenly.

Pitch gestures, saying something. Though the Cossack shouts back at him and brandishes that glowing sword, the Pooka merely twitches, ears swiveling.

Katherine looks like she might start crying. Why is Katherine going to cry? No, don’t do that– tar-like shadows crawl across the floor towards her as Nightlight fights the lead leashing him to Pitch’s throne, more inky darkness seeping from his hands and crawling up her coat as he grasps the hem of it.

He doesn’t understand why she screams and kicks out at him, catching his jaw and forcing those new teeth into his tongue.

Nightshade howls in pain and recoils, whimpering like a frighten child.

Pitch smiles.


Ok I am making a cartoon in flash about Rise Of The Guardians. The name of it is Back In Black. Its not quite a continuation but if this project goes well I will try to continue rotg with a fan movie. I’m being assisted by the wonderful ionahi. Who has been cast as Tooth. This is a volunteer only project so I will not be paying anyone unless I get a donate button on my blog. Well ill tell you what its about.


Ok Back In Black is mainly about Pitch. Though the guardians are a frequent presense. A girl named Creepella Gethen whom is a distant cousin of Jamie Bennett moves to town. (Voiced by me) Jamie tells her of the battle with Pitch. She believes him and becomes very interested in pitch. She has cupcake show her where pitchs lair was. After a while of stomping on the spot she falls in. She lands in the cave leading to the lair. Pitch sees her and wants her out yet she insists on staying. The guardians find out and conclude she was kidnapped because of Jamie telling them. The guardians then attempt to “rescue” her. After a swift fight scene the man in the moon speaks to the guardians and suggests it might be good for Pitch to have someone near him in a personal way. The guardians instruct pitch to keep the girl safe or else he will be punished by the full extent of Manny’s powers. Pitch begrudgingly accepts. The rest of the series is about different struggles between the guardians and pitch whilst having Creepella (aka Creepie) bugging him as much as possible. Ive planned good character growth already. And oh God the feels.


Good question. I am looking to be an animator. I need practice. Also this might show Dreamworks how devoted we are to rotg. Animation is hard. So it might prove something to them, and duhhhhh its fun to watch.


Well I need voice actors to voice the major and minor characters. If I don’t have a cast I cant accomplish anything.


You can like, reblog, or message me if you’re interested in a part. Its that easy.


I don’t even know why you think you couldn’t. If you are female and you want to play a male part I say shoot for it. If your voice is a little too feminine I can alter your voice with a program called Audacity. Vice versatile with dudes too.


I am in the United States. But I will record all lines using skype and Audacidy. You don’t even have to leave the house. All you have to do is skype me and read your lines (I will email them to you) and ill record them straight off my computer.


You MUST be able to upload yourself speaking lines. I will cast you according to your VOICE and your voice only. I don’t care if hour cis, lgtbq, or a martian. If you can speak your lines well were cool. You might wanna get a skype. You must be able to be contacted for emergency line fillings. That’s it.


These will happen. If you want to cameo in an episode you have to contact me and schedule a skype session. You will be getting a script that me and you will come up with together.





Yes. Audacity is excellent at making voices higher.


Some voices may not fit at first. Bit with a little digital editing I can make do. If you have your heart set on a role but you voice is to high/low contact me anyways. I can always help.