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Ghost and their relations to Tarot Cards

I was having a lengthy discussion with @slutforghost about Ghost connections and Tarot cards of the Major Arcana, and she’s overwhelmingly amazed by my predictions. So I figured I might as well post what I have.

Papa I: “XV: The Devil”

Simply put, Papa I is in correlation with The Devil. As he is the First, he came before all others, the one who represented Satan himself (much like Baphomet). He is elegant, as the official card description represents “Being seduced by the material world and physical pleasures; lust for and an obsession with money and power. Also: Living in fear, domination and bondage; being caged by an overabundance of luxury; discretion should be used in personal and business matters.”

He wasn’t afraid to promote his ways, he was very forward with his love for Satan. Being a religious figure– and one of Satan at that– means he made a lot of money and in a sense lusted for it. 

In the end, Papa I resigned from his papacy, possibly due to the phrase “Living in fear, domination, and bondage; being caged by an overabundance of luxury”

Papa II: “XII: The Hanged Man”

Papa II most similarly represented The Hanged Man. In the official description for the card, it states: “a shameful image of a traitor being punished in a manner common at the time for traitors in Italy.” Why is this important? Papa II himself spoke more often in Italian as opposed to English in interviews, He was by all accounts a full-blooded Italian.

 The card also is related because of the fact of Papa II’s exile from the papacy; His failure to “overthrow governments and churches of the World” He is, in a sense, a Traitor to the Clergy. 

Papa III: “XVI: The Tower”

Papa III represents all that The Tower stands for. As it is associated with “sudden, disruptive, and potentially destructive change.” The Tower also shows destruction, which I will follow up with in the end.

The most shocking (haha) part of this is the connection between the song “The Pinnacle to the Pit” and “The Tower”. The video shows the story centering around a tower, reaching up to the heavens. Later on, Lightning strikes the tower, causing the man to fall to the pit, where he rises up to rest upon the Tower as the ruler. 

The parts in the video correlate with the card, The lightning strike, the falling people, You don’t see the ruin of the tower, but most certainly the rise of Papa III from a simple man brought about the end of those in the Tower. 

That’s all I have for now. I don’t have any predictions for Papa IV at this point, but I may have in the future. And thank you to all who read my post in depth. 


saw challenge [1/6] traps:   The Needle Pit

“Hello, Xavier. I want to play a game. The game I want to play is very similar to the one that you’ve been playing as a drug dealer. The game of offering hope to the desperate, for a price. I think we can agree that your situation is desperate. So I offer you hope. The price that you pay is that you must crawl into the same pit of squalor you force your customers into. By entering this room, a timer has been started. When the timer expires, the door in front of you will be locked forever. Only in finding the key before the timer runs out can you unlock and retrieve the antidote inside. I will give you just one hint as to where that key is: it will be like finding a needle in a haystack. Let the game begin.

→ a playlist for drew tanaka / art

→ bubblegum bitch - marina and the diamonds /  bulletproof - la roux / chandelier - kina grannis / dancing queen - sixpence none the richer / fancy - joey cook / how to be a heartbreaker - marina and the diamonds / i knew you were trouble - rixton / let the flames begin - paramore / love is greed - passion pit / part ii - paramore / pretty hurts - chloe and halle / stronger than you - steven universe ost / the love club - lorde / the lucky one - taylor swift / tigerlily - la roux /  titanium - david guetta ft. sia

Take Me To The Beach - A Droplets Playlist  [listen here!]

I. Niel Nasset - Marco // II. Passion Pit - It’s Not My Fault, I’m Happy // III. Swimming With Dolphins - Diplomat // IV. Bad Suns - Salt // V. Phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better // VI. The Sea The Sea - Captives // VII. The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather // VIII. Swimming With Dolphins - Up In The Stars // IX. Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know // X. Coasts - Oceans // XI. The Colourist - Fix This // XII. Chase Coy - Sea Salt // XIII. Magic Man - Waves // XIV. Bad Suns - We Move Like The Ocean // XV. I Know The Chief - No Cigar // XVI. Glen Check - The Coast

A little compilation of songs I collected over the last months, most of them surprisingly upbeat haha! This fic needs lots of happy playlists okay
(Cover doodle by me :> )