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About Magnus and his friendly relationships (Ragnor, Catarina, Tessa, Will, Raphael, Woolsey)

When I wrote the first meta “About Magnus and Camille’s relationship” I didn’t think someone would ever read it. Yet a lot of people did and they even put nice comments on their tags. THANK you. It means A LOT.

So, encouraged by the lovely response, I wrote this second chapter. This is about Magnus’s friends, how he built and nurtured his relationship with Ragnor Fell, Catarina Loss, Theresa “Tessa” Gray, William “Will” Herondale, Raphael Santiago and Woolsey Scott.

Magnus lost many people during his long life as a warlock. The majority of the characters in the book may think that Magnus is a happy and fun person, who tries to live his immortal life at full. However, that is only a mask, an appearance: the parties, the fancy clothes, the jokes are a way to hide what is really inside him, something that only few characters in the books and the show actually know.

Magnus’s vulnerability will be another, separated meta though. This one is about his social life. Magnus himself thinks he’s a loner: he doesn’t have a family, he doesn’t have many friends and his trust is carefully given. Very few people actually knows that about him: being the High Warlock of Brooklyn is a busy job and his private life is a mystery. Not many people care enough to know that.

Nonetheless, he IS a loner: throughout all his years his social life involved his lovers and some friends. His lovers, however, were kind of separated from his warlock and private life. Only later, Alec and all the main characters of the “Mortal Instruments” two trilogies become a fixed part of his existence. Before that, he only had two people who were ALWAYS there for him: Ragnor and Catarina. Later, he met Tessa (who still remains his friend) and Will. Furthermore, during the 1950s Raphael comes into his life; however their relationship is unusual, and very different from the one he established with Ragnor and Catarina. One could argue that Woolsey Scott can be considered as his friend, but that relationship seems more fleeting and created by the circumstance of “The Infernal Devices”.

Quotes and gifs from:

“City of Bones” (first book of “The Mortal Instruments”)
“City of Heavenly Fire” (sixth book of “The Mortal Instruments”)
“The Clockword Prince” (second book of "The Infernal Devices” trilogy)
“The Clockword Princess” (third book of "The Infernal Devices” trilogy)
“The Bane Chronicles”
Shadowhunters TV Show - Season 1, Episode 12 “Malec”
Shadowhunters TV Show - Season 2, Episode 4 “Day of Wrath”

1. Ragnor and Catarina

Both Ragnor and Catarina are warlocks, like Magnus. Their warlock marks are green skin, an extra finger and horns for Ragnor, and blue skin and white hair for Catarina. Their age is not revealed: Ragnor mentions his “five hundred years” during the first story in the “Bane Chronicles” (“What Really Happened in Peru”) in 1797.
We don’t know much about how Magnus, Ragnor and Catarina met in the first place. We only know, thanks to the “Bane Chronicles”, that Magnus meets Catarina in Spain and saves her from being burned as a witch. In general, Ragnor and Catarina have been Magnus’s friends for a very long time. When he talks about both of them, the readers assume they are very familiar with each other, since they share several anecdotes and recognize each other’s specific and particular behaviours. How, one could wonder, did they become acquainted?

First, they are all three warlocks. Their shared condition of immortality is one common trait that brings them together and creats this bond. They understand each other: their warlock problems (immortality, the importance of emotions, their different experience of family) are the same.
Ragnor and Catarina are the only two fixed people in Magnus’s life: no matter what happens, they are always there for him. It is rare, however, that he goes to them for frivolous requests of aid. Magnus calls them:

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