the pirate ride

Modern Dregs AU #5

The Dregs at Disneyland

  • this trip suggestion came from Inej and Jesper when Tower of Terror was yet to be closed forever
  • “we have to go and ride it one last time!!”
  • and so, once again, they group in Wylan’s mom’s minivan to go to the Happiest Place on Earth
  • Kaz begs to differ
  • “how can you call it happy when the place is flooded with screaming children? it’s a fucking hellshow”
  • but he still goes for Inej’s sake
  • when they get there, Jesper buys the whole group the hats with the Mickey Mouse ears
  • Kaz refuses to wear his
  • they first ride the Pirates of the Caribbean, which has the one really fast drop right
  • of the seven, Matthias probably screams the most (he’s never been)
  • Nina the whole time is singing “A Pirate’s Life for Me”
  • they buy the photo and boy, is it a piece
  • Most of them are laughing
  • Wylan looks like he’s about to cry
  • Matthias, ofc, looks like his soul left his body
  • and Kaz is rocking a Pokerface™
  • next they ride the Matterhorn per Nina’s request
  • when they pass the Yeti, she points to it
  • “MATTY, IS THAT YOU??” “goddamnit nina”
  • for the rest of the day, the group calls him “Yetthias” and it grinds his gears
  • somehow they end up doing It’s a Small World and they realize very quickly that iT WAS A MISTAKE
  • the singing children unnerves them all, especially Wylan
  • “excuse me, can I get off of this thing early? i feel like im descending into the depths of hell” “i told you it wasn’t the happiest place on earth” “shut up, kaz”
  • Kuwei is the only one who even kind of enjoyed it
  • “c’mon guys, it wasn’t that bad” “i’ll lock you in there for two hours, then you tell me if it’s bad or not”
  • they then decide that Tower of Terror should be saved for last, so they head on to the Sailing Ship Columbia
  • Wylan and Jesper go below deck to check out the museum (Wylan likes museums and no one can tell me otherwise)
  • Jesper likes how excited he gets about the maps, it makes him wanna kiss him
  • he does
  • Matthias and Nina stay above deck to keep an eye on Kuwei, since he’s such a spaz sometimes
  • “don’t get to close to the edge, Kuwei, you’ll fall!” “nina, if he falls, that’s not our fault” “hOW CAN YOU SAY THAT, HE’S A CHILD”
  • Inej stays toward the front to sight-see, and Kaz joins her
  • and since they’re alone, they hold hands
  • “isn’t it pretty, Kaz?”
  • he’s too busy staring at her
  • she’s positively glowing under the sunlight, and the wind is causing her braid to ripple in the air
  • and all he wants to do is take out the braid and run his fingers through her hair, he’s just so enamored
  • “absolutely beautiful”
  • so smooth
  • the group then chooses Splash Mountain
  • Kaz HATES it when he ends up the one soaked through to the bone
  • Matthias ends up in the same condition
  • “i smell like a wet dog” “sorry, you’re still a Yeti” “what the fuck”
  • Jesper snaps a picture of the both of them for his insta (”it’s raining Kaz and dogs!!”)
  • neither are amused with the pun
  • in order to dry themselves off, the group then goes to grab something to eat over at the Tiki Room (and the watch the show)
  • at one point, Jesper points to one of the birds that looks like a crow
  • “kaz, is that u” “wow, so original, jes”
  • next up is the Haunted Mansion and Inej LOVES IT
  • she digs the eerie shit
  • then, because Kuwei wouldn’t shut up about it, they decide to do Space Mountain though they end up in line for an hour and a half wait
  • poor Jesper could barely contain himself so Inej came up with the idea of playing Heads Up! from their phones
  • it takes the edge off waiting and they end up having a blast on the ride
  • this time, Kaz couldn’t keep a straight face and Wylan has actual tears in the photo
  • then finally, they head to California Adventures for TOWER OF TERROR
  • and since it’s getting late at night, there’s no wait at all
  • Wylan is freaking out a bit
  • “i already have dreams of falling, i don’t want to actually experience it” “it’s okay, Wylan Van Sunshine, i’ll hold your hand”
  • Matthias is pumped (he’s grown to like the thrill)
  • on the ride, even Kaz screams during the free fall
  • and when they get off, he actually falls on the ground, his legs are wobbling so much
  • Inej helps him regain his balance as they start to leave the theme park
  • but, of course, they have to stay for the parade
  • Kuwei falls asleep halfway through, his head on Nina’s shoulder
  • and as they leave, while he’ll never admit it, Kaz actually had a good time after all

New HTTYD book covers, what do you think?


Accidentally found these and I thought it was pretty cool to have a coloured version of Cressida’s illustrations on the covers, although I do not like the How to train your dragon font. It feels a bit generic-fantasy-book-ish.

I’m especially fond of the first, fifth and ninth cover. I also love the handwritten titles <3

(But I am also that person that wants their books’ covers to match and thus passes)

|Taetaebears’s Masterlist|

Hwarang and others of my favorites fandoms are coming soon. REQUEST STATE: OPEN

🌷 Finished
🌻 On going
🌸 Coming soon 

Ship: Jhope x reader
Warning: Broken heart
Werewolf AU/ Romance/ Broken heart
Synopsis: Living in a world full of hidden supernatural isn’t easy, especially for the supernatural creatures. Hoseok is in love with you but he knows that if he gets you to know his feelings, you would have to be dragged into his world.



Ship: Jin x reader
Fluff/ Art lovers/ One-shots
Warning: None

Synopsis: A long time ago, you were friend with a certain now Idol, Kim Seokjin. You parted away from him to become a painter and him to become a Kpop artist. You’d hated to go away from him, since you loved the boy… But now that you meet again…



Ship: Park Jimin x Reader
Texts/ Fluff/ One-shots
Warning: None.

Synopsis: Jimin is on his way to get back to Seoul where you live. You miss him dearly, what you don’t know is that he does not intend to make you wait any longer than necessary.



Ship: Park Jimin x Idol!Reader
Idol AU!/ Childhood friend/ Fluff/ One-shot/ Request
Warning: None

Synopsis: You, dear reader, are an idol. Your debut was a pure success but behind your ambition is hiding something. A dream that can now be realized. You can meet him again, maybe now he’ll notice you?


Ship: BTS x Reader x GOT7
Apocalypse AU/ Romance/ Action/ Kinda gore?/ Survival
Warning: Involve mention of violence, blood, panic, cannibalism. 

Synopsis: One day, everything was just fine; you had a crush named Jung Hoseok, school was incredibly boring and had a bestie to tell your secret. The next day you had no best friend left, you can’t escape the city and you’re trap there, rotten cannibal corps roaming around as only company. You were alone, until you met a group of seven guys that were going to your school before everything went nuts. Since then, problem wouldn’t stop coming by even though you would tell them; Not today.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4  Part 5  Part 6   Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10 Part 11  Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 


Ship: BTS x reader 
Dance AU/ Romance/ Friendship/ Fluff/ Ballet&Hiphop
Warning: None, except if you don’t like dancing and all.

Synopsis: Your little world turned around one thing: dance. You were not one of those gracious ballet dancers, even though you weren’t bad in ballet, or anything, just a street dancer. You had your little gang and your dream was to reach the high international competition of hip hop dancers with your friends. Little the problem is, you have no money to train in a studio and that is bad. You all worked more hour for more money but oups.. you still had college to pay. Until one day, there’s a slight turn in your destiny and let me tell you it is probably for the good.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6


Ship: BTS x Reader x GOT7
Gang AU!/ School/ Drug/ Violence/ Blood/ Smut
Warning: Drug, violence, blood, fight. Maybe smut later~?

Synopsis: Your parents had to go away for affair and so you had to move city to live in a crowded city. You hated it honestly and you already missed your four friends; Lisa, Jennie, Rosé and Jisoo. Each evening you’d talk with them late at night, this was just until you had to start school again. The summer break over, you headed to school. You had a bad feeling about this school and it sickened you to restart over with friendship. What you didn’t intend was that your life would take a dangerous turn and that may be even more worse than what you thought, or maybe not?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4


Ship: Pirate!Mark Tuan x King’sDaughter!Reader
Pirate AU/ Adventure/ Romance

Warning: Profanity? Alcohol because you know pirates…, Cliche

Synopsis: How much did you hate this stupid life? Too much to be frank. Your father, the king, just married you to this guy you don’t even know, named Jeongguk. Heck, he was beautiful that wasn’t the problem but you couldn’t stand the poor guy. You always were running to hide in the city, not wanting to see him. Until one day, a slight change twist your ‘running away’ plan for a ‘let’s escape’ plan. Why are you helping that stranger to get away anyway?


Ship: Gryffindor!Taehyung x Slytherin!Reader
One-shot/ Romance/ Hogwart AU
Warning: None?

Synopsis: Being a Slytherin wasn’t easy already but being the seeker of Slytherin was even more difficult. Ah- you couldn’t stand the Gryffindors especially one. Kim Taehyung, the seeker of this particular house. Aish, you hated face him in a match. He was always trying to drive your attention away from the snitch, that ass. How could you win in these circumstance? Just wait for him to see what you can do.


Ship: Newt Scamander x Hufflepuff!Reader
One-shot/ Romance/ Hogwart AU
Warning: Movie spoilers maybe?

Synopsis: Newt Scamander, your undying crush. Ah your poor heart. How will you manage to work with him in Care of The Magical Creatures class? 


Ship: Leta Lestrange x Newt Scamander x Reader
Romance/ Cheating/ Magic
Warning: Mentions of cheating.
Requested: yes.

Synopsis: Your life was just perfect; you loved it. You had the dreamed job you ever wanted; you studied magical creatures. That’s exactly how you met your now boyfriend, Newt Scamander. You two were happy just until someone showed up. 

Part 1


Ship: Jungkook x Reader
School! AU/ Badass Jungkook?/Hate-love story
Warning: Not sure yet.

Synopsis: Jungkook and his friends wouldn’t stop party. And guess what? He’s your neighbor. You being kind of nerd, can’t stand his way of acting. Of course, the day you minded up to tell him to shut his loud music down, everything turned mustard.


Ship: I’m not sure yet, it plays between Wonho and Taehyung or Jungkook and Kihyun x reader fic. (So MONSTA-X and BTS fic)
Werewolf AU!/Medieval time au?
Warning: blood, murder, smut?

Synopsis: You lived in a village where everything used to be peaceful. Keyword; used. Seven hundred years ago, that’s when it all started. Each full moons someone would get killed. No one wanted to help your village. It took seven hundred years for a priest to come try to help you. But your problems wouldn’t stop there. Trust me.


Ship: Taehyung x Reader 
Werewolf AU/ Modern AU/ Mate AU
Warning: Blood/Murder/Future smut
Going out: Around the 21st of July

Synopsis: You hated him for leaving you behind but what happens when you discover that in the end you’re made for each other?


I’ve been on Pirates of the Caribbean since I was around 8 years old. I was actually more afraid of The Haunted Mansion than Pirates. While I understood the overall story of the ride was about Pirates and their torment of a small town, I suppose I always took away from it the Pirates (while doing almost everything a pirate does) were a lot like the ghosts of The Haunted Mansion. It was a simple story and never required deep thought.

In the Mansion, actual dead people are trying to scare you, but meaning no harm. They obviously died, some killed, some even by suicide. Yet for decades, like Pirates, we separated out any harsh realities of life while on these fictitious rides. We accepted Madame Leota’s séance to wake the dead. We accepted the new ax-murder bride! It’s all very macabre if you think too deeply. They’re dead, and we are sort of taking joy in that fact, aren’t we?

My thoughts about Pirates were similar: they’re out causing a lot of trouble, but we don’t see bad harm of anyone, and the scenes in question today were always viewed with absurdity or humor because, like a movie, this was fictitious. You can leave the rides drawing your own conclusions. I suppose mine were that the Pirates certainly caused a lot of havoc but never really stole, killed, or took women against their will (mainly because they were too drunk).

If we feel uncomfortable with the Bride Auction scene for implied reasons then I don’t see how it CANNOT call to attention other implied things Such as the drinking, the violence, armed violence, assault, bullying, theft, arson and so fourth. If we change all those elements, when do we get rid of the ride altogether?

To the argument of bringing more themes in from the movie, I also don’t see a reasonable justification. The movies had far more graphic material. How is it more acceptable in this form? The opening of Pirates 3 has the, at least heavily implied, hanging of a child. The movies have you cheering for and condoning the behavior of the Pirates, which is now being slowly stripped away from the rides.

Separate your fact from fiction. The scenes in Pirates are not meant to condone any real-life behavior any more than the murderess Bride from Haunted Mansion. If you are “uncomfortable” with one scene I don’t see how you can condone much of the ride at all, much less any of the movies.

“We pillage, plunder, we rifle and loot.
Drink up me ‘earties, yo ho.”

DISNEYWORLD Hamilton thought.

So everyone saves money for Laf’s birthday to go to Disney World. so while everyone is there this happens:

Laf is super freaking happy to meet Cinderella and Belle and he has princess Mouse ears.

Herc meets Meg and Hercules and gets challenged to an arm wrestling duel (which he wins)

During the Pirates of the Caribbean ride Alex keeps saying “this sucks” or “this isn’t what home was like. ” or “where the hell is Johnny Depp? I was promised Johnny Depp.”

John being a complete gentleman to the princesses and them being like “oh what a well mannered prince” and he’s like “nah I’m just from the south. ”

Thomas hanging out with Jasmine and the two being sassy as hell.

James almost crying cause he meets Eeyore and Piglet and he loves those two so much and when they hug him he cries.

Burr singing with Tiana and they’re killin it.

Angelica meeting Mulan and Merida and does Badass poses with them.

Eliza and Snow White singing and dancing together.

The princesses taking a liking and comforting Maria and being such awesome girls.


Peggy doing poses with EVERY character. Like with villains she poses evil like and with princesses she pretends to be elegant and badass and with the other characters (like Mickey, Minnie, Goofy all of them) she is silly.

Laf being super freaking excited over everything and then getting to Epcot’s France and being like “This is…disappointing” but still being excited.

Herc dancing with Laf when they hear “Beauty and the Beast” and everyone staring in wonder. In fact Belle comes over and is like “aw heck yeah”.

Thomas loosing James in the massive crowd so everyone is looking for James. They find him eating cookies on a bench cause he got stressed out.

Alex and John meeting Ariel and Alex being all excited to meet her and singing with her and John is like “YEAH! LOOK AT MY CUTIE BOYFRIEND!!”

The Schuyler sisters meeting Elsa and Anna and taking one huge Sister pick with Angelica and Elsa in the middle.

Eliza and Maria meeting Minnie and having a grand old time.

Eliza getting Maria to dance with her in Main Street.

The Hamilsquad going on the Safari thing and when it’s mentioned poachers got the baby elephant John quietly says “those motherfuckers”.

They all go in the haunted mansion and these things happen;

Herc screams.

When the voice asks for any volunteers to die and live in the house James raises his hand.

James keeps saying “Welp looks like I made it home alright.”

Alex accidentally screams “SHIT” when something pops up.

The Schuyler sisters +Maria and Burr scream and laugh

(That’s all for the HM)

Burr managing to woo a lot of the princesses. Except Jasmine. She’s too sassy.

Laf having custom make Belle and Cinderella inspired outfits made by Herc.

Laf meeting Gaston and Gaston is like “Okay maybe just this once I’ll kiss a man. ” and he kisses Laf on the cheek.

The princesses being taller than James and cooing over how cute and small he is and he’s just shy.


All the Hamilton people waiting in line for a ride and doing a freestyle rap thing about Disney characters and everyone else enjoys it.

A little girl asking Laf if he’s a prince.

Thomas carrying James on his shoulders when he gets tired.

Alex and John singing at meals like “hakuna matata” and “Strangers like me”


Pirates of the Caribbean: Tales of the Code - Wedlocked

This is a funny short film and prequel to The Curse of the Black Pearl, which explains some secrets about the franchise… Also largely inspired by the ride!  Enjoy!

Now that Disneyland is finally removing the uncomfortable scene from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride where a woman is auctioned off to men, its high time they took out the part in Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters where Tim Allen’s voice comes over the speakers saying “it’s okay to shoot space monsters, rangers. But someone shot John F Kennedy.”


Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland

Photographer:  George Landis

Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride will stop auctioning off women

  • When Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean attraction reopens after routine maintenance next year, visitors can expect a big change.
  • In an effort to eliminate traces of misogyny from the ride, Disney’s Imagineers are altering the attraction to remove a scene where women are lined up and auctioned off as prospective wives. 
  • The modification will take place at the company’s parks in Anaheim, California, Orlando, Florida, and Paris, France. Read more (6/30/17)
X-Kids at Disney World

(Modern AU because I don’t know what was and was not at Disney World in the 80s)

Kurt: Rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ride five times and wouldn’t stop humming the theme song for the rest of the day.

Scott: Threw up on Space Mountain like a dork. Insisted on riding it again anyway.

Jean: Disneybounded as Ariel and was so convincing that a group of kids asked for her autograph.

Peter: Determined to eat his way across all four parks.  Nearly cried when he dropped his Dole Whip on the sidewalk.

Ororo: Insists on going on the loudest, fastest, most intense rides, even when the others would just like to go back to the hotel and take a nap.

Warren: Wanted to stay in the car originally, but the others need him to be the official crowd-parter/bag-holder. Had to have his hand held by Kurt on Haunted Mansion.

Jubilee: Is not leaving until she gets a picture with every Disney princess.  Enjoyed the fireworks but insists she could have done better.


I was just looking through Franky’s page on the One Piece wiki, and it had this to say about his relationship with Robin. And I quote: 

“Robin and Franky have a close relationship with each other. … He is also the only Straw Hat crew member who can get on Robin’s nerves, even as she is considered the [calmest] member…” 


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