the pirate of caribbean

  • Klaus: You will come over to my side... I know it.
  • Caroline: You seem very certain.
  • Klaus: One word: curiosity. You long for freedom. You long to do what you want to do because you want it. To act on selfish impulse. You want to see what it's like... One day, you won't be able to resist me.

Imagine seeing Barbossa as a father figure after serving on the Black Pearl for several years and him getting annoyed that you look up to Captain Jack Sparrow so much.

“Ye best be leaving that child alone, Jack,” Barbossa growled out, scowling heavily at the pirate. “I won’t have ye spoiling their heart with yer scoundrel ways.”

Jack arched a brow, “[f/n] doesn’t look like a child to me,” he observed.

Barbossa curled his lip, “The child looks up to ye,” he grunted. “Ye’d do best not to disappoint them. Because, if ye do, know that I’ll slit your throat where you stand.” His fingers caressed the hilt of his sword, “Just give me a reason, Sparrow.”

Jack pressed his hands to his chest in mock hurt, “It’s not my fault that your little [f/n] is so enamored with me, Barbossa.”

“Aye, but it’s your fault if they get hurt trying to be like ye. So it’s in yer best interests to set a good example.”

Gif Credit: Barbossa

Here’s some Beauty and the Beast inspired variants on a couple of the yandere AU’s:

Merformers: A seaside down asks a powerful merformer for fair winds, good fishing, and otherwise bless their sea territory. The merformer agrees, but because the village is gaining so much, they must give up something in return: Their most beautiful human. The village agrees and thus once every century a human is sent to live in an underwater paradise at the merformer’s personal palace. It’s a beautiful place to live, no doubt about it, but over the century the human gradually loses their physical form, becoming an aquatic creature who lives to serve the palace before, after some decades, merging with the palace’s coral and organic structure itself. However, the merformer finds themselves in love with their latest human captive and must find a way to make the human love them in return to break the curse, or else lose the human forever.

Transformers: (Closer to the canon universe) A human is caught trying to steal technology/files from a lonely Transformer’s home/base. The Transformer wants to know a lot of things, like how the human got into the base at all, knew what to steal, et cet,and thus decide to keep the human prisoner to get those secrets out of them. During the imprisonment, of course, they fall for each other. Double points if the transformer in question is a lobotomy/empurata victim and, as they fall in love with the human, they regain their old personality. So it starts as “I am not sure why I like you so much” and turns into “I know exactly why I like you so much and you’re screwed if you ever think I am ever going to let you go after losing so much already.”

*Sings*  YOU’RE COMBINING TWO OF MY FAVORITE THINGS AND I LOVE YOU FOR IT!!!  <3 <3 <3  I love all of this!  Especially the idea of the “beast” in the story being a showplay/empurata victim of some sort.  (Senator Shockwave anyone? :3) 

What pirates of the caribbean 4, 5 or whatever the fuck should really have been about:

- Pirate King Elizabeth Swann-Turner, true ruler of the seven seas

- William Turner, captain of the Flying Dutchman, forever duty bound to ensure lost souls reach the world after this one peacefully

- Captain Jack Sparrow of the Black Pearl

- Whatever the hell Barbossa feels like getting up to these days

and not: this nonsense

Well… I could not resist that story about his wife and Marisol. We know, what haunts him.

“Papi? Why did you leave mommy and me behind? Where were you papi? I am scared papi.”

He heard her voice….the voice he knew anywhere. If he still had a beating heart, it would be racing as he limped, trying to find her.
“ Marisol?”

His little girl’s voice was crying out to him, scared. Every dead vein, every dead cell screamed to find her… hold her close. To tell her everything was going to be okay.

Tell her that he would never leave her…..tell her that he would never leave her and her mother behind….

“Marisol, cariño, estoy aquí, ¿dónde estás?”