the pinter proust


Richard Armitage as Swann and Lara Hillier as Odette in a scene from Di Trevis’s Pinter/PROUST at 92nd St Y, New York City, January 16, 2014



I thought it would be nice, as we approach a new year, to gather a collection of pictures of the notable “Richard-looks” from this year. And what a transformative year it has been! I’m sure there have been internal transformations within him, but I’d say this year we have also seen that he has gone through several different dramatic changes in his looks and thought it would be interesting to see them side by side :)…


~ thorin6277

I wanted to share some thoughts.

For years now, Richard has been promoting his work on others’ projects that he is involved in - films, television shows, etc.

Some of the promotion is contractually required or requested by an entity who writes a check to pay Richard for his work, time and attention. So when he goes to a public promotional event (pick almost any in the last 3 - 8 years) he is subject to handlers who are paid to keep things on schedule and meet someone else’s agenda for the promotion of a project that requires even more money to make.

He has been very good about accommodating their agendas, in addition to his own promotion and his needs as a career actor.

What is wonderful here - tonight - is that he has the forum and some power to put the brakes on the “handling” and see fans on his own time.

This is why tonight is such a fantastic night - not just for us, but for him.

~ crystalchandlyre


Now that I’m still suspended in disbelief-limbo, here’s a rundown of what happened; before I lose the ability to type and function in general:


This is the Pinter/PROUST reading in NYC that featured Richard Armitage~ :3

From what I could perceive the audience was composed of many very elderly couples, and the rest was filled in by LOTS of Armitage Army people. In the play itself he towered over all the other actors, and even from the balcony was recognizable by The Nose. (๏∀๏ ) He had a couple of different roles, and one of them was a gay prostitute who got returned by a client for not being enthusiastic enough when tying the client up; and he also kissed another guy and smacked his butt. XD …At one point he also had an eyepatch and a German accent. His main role however was a more stern and vaguely Thornton-esque character.

There was quite a bit of confusion caused by a tweet from the 92Y theatre that mentioned a chance to greet the cast in the theatre’s gallery after the show, but when I asked around it turned out to be a private event. A lot of people also found out sporadically but a good number of us hung around after the show to see if they’d let him poke his head out for a moment. After about 20 minutes of the show ending, he came out and spent a TON of time greeting and interacting with EVERY SINGLE PERSON who was there to see him. It totally wasn’t in his schedule but he took photos, gave hugs, signed stuff, and was just absolutely lovely to everyone who approached him. I do believe he actually got through everyone who wanted to meet him since the crowd had mostly filtered out by the time he went back in. WHAT A LOVELY HUMAN. ; w ;

I gave him a picture of The Last Supper with 13 dwarves replacing the original figures (by adlpictures on DeviantART) to sign, and when I was taking a selfie of us he ended up taking the phone from me because he had longer arms. X’D RA TOOK A SELFIE WITH MY PHONE WOW LET ME JUST DIE FOR A MOMENT. A bit later he gave me a hug before he had to go back in. *aggressively throws up flowers and glitter* WERBDFSKHSDF

On the subway ride back I met and chatted a bit with some Hobbit fans who were also there to see RA and exchanged URLs with one of them; also met a girl who went there with her mom, who was fangirling equally as hard. XD 

I was at the NYC hobbit fan event a short while back and never thought that’d I’d get to meet him in person so soon, especially since that event didn’t give us a chance to interact with any of them. *___*