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So I TOTALLY have nothing planned at all or anything in regards to this, but... *shifty eyes* Besides birthday suits, what outfits would you want to see each of the chocobros in? c: Like, Gladio in lacy lingerie, Ignis in a cop uniform, etc~? Thoughts/headcanons about this?

Oh la laaa~~ <3 I somehow doubt the fact that you claim to not be planning anything *wink wink* but keeping that in mind, aside from their beautiful bare backsides, here’s what I’d love to see each of the bros far more detail than you probably wanted lol: 

Casual - Loose t-shirt that hangs off one shoulder, cut off to show his midriff; baggy pajama pants (with jusmon characters); messy hair.
Formal - Black and white pinstripe suit, black shirt, red tie; bright red converse xD 
After dark -  Long-sleeve mesh shirt, tight, black; black leggings; a choker or collar, some piercings and make up (purple lipstick. yes yes.)

Casual - Loose collared shirt, violet or dark purple, sleeves rolled up; black slacks and white loafers; dem gloves
Formal - Slate-grey three-piece (a la THIS); dark red tie to match Noct’s, black gloves.
After dark - Same shirt as above but fully unbuttoned, white briefs, black socks with garters (the ONLY time socks are acceptable in bed are if they are gartered and being worn by Ignis Scientia) 

Casual - A pair of tight workout shorts, green or orange or some other obnoxious neon color; no shirt. NO SHIRT. 
Formal - White three-piece (don’t tell me he wouldn’t rock THIS look, I will fight you); gaudy watch, SUNGLASSES
After dark - Lace. Lots of it. White panties, a bra even. He looks good and fuckin’ owns it. 

Casual - Jeans with holes all over the place; a black t-shirt with a flannel, both with the sleeves cut off; Birkenstocks???
Formal - A plain suit that might be a couple sizes too big; a bowtie because he missed the memo; tried to style his hair flat, it lasted five minutes; adorable blush to complete the look
After dark - Lingerie. Like…legit lingerie, a blue thong and a flimsy one-piece that ties around the neck and falls open in the back. OOOORRRR Virgin killer sweater. It’s been done but never with enough butt.

Hope this helps ;D  

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WIP meme: "Carry"?

Thank you!!

From an old short story I’ve been editing for a local zine:

“Standing in front of 666B, Charlotte suddenly felt hesitant to knock. The only thing that separated her from the worst thing, ever, was a wooden door and a silver nameplate, polished finely, that read LUCIFER, CEO. When she gathered the courage to tap her knuckles against the wood, it creaked open gently, and through the doorway she walked.
An unreasonably tall, slender figure towered high above a steel desk, its knees sticking out like chopsticks. It carried the face of a goat, but the body of a man dressed in an immaculately tailored suit, woven with shimmering scales and dark red pinstripes. Horns curled over its beady eyes, bloodstained and covered in ash.”

Hip Shaking and Dress Making || OPEN

Syn still had a few days off planned after the fayre and despite the negativity that the event had ended in, the witch wasn’t going to let it drag her down. She couldn’t think of a better way of getting herself out of whatever funk that had stagnated in the town than shopping. She had found herself in the relatively new shop that had opened quite recently down near the town square. Sporting a pair of dark, near black denim jeans that rested on her waist, a complimenting red crop top accented with matching dark pinstripes and a simple pair of black heeled sandals adorned her feet to complete her outfit. Her hair fell wildly over her shoulders and face, covering the pair of ear buds in her ears that fed her music from the phone in her back pocket.  Not that hiding them didn’t let others know she was listening as she sung under her breath, standing in front of a nearby mirror as she held articles of clothing up to her body to see if she could even attempt to pull off the garments.

“If Heaven’s grief brings Hell’s reign, then I’d trade all my tomorrows for just one yesterday…” She sang softly to herself as she shifts her weight from one foot to the other, a metronome of internal rhythm while she continued to pull items of clothing up to her body, twisting and turning at the waist as her imagination attempted to fill the gaps that her own eyes couldn’t. Keeping two separate piles of clothing, those she was going to try on and those she wasn’t, she grabbed the rejects and turned, moving along to replace them all the while in her own little world of dance and song.