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The Signs as Doctor Who Characters
  • Aries: Rory Williams
  • Taurus: Clara Oswin Oswald
  • Gemini: Rose Tyler
  • Cancer: The Doctor
  • Leo: Strax
  • Virgo: Rose Tyler
  • Libra: Martha Jones
  • Scorpio: The Master
  • Sagittarius: Donna Noble
  • Capricorn: Amy Pond
  • Aquarius: Danny Pink
  • Pisces: The Tardis
Charlie Smith

Why is no one talking about Charlie losing everything?? Like he watched his mother get cut down in front of his eyes. He watched everyone he ever loved and must have once vowed to protect( seeing as he is a prince ) get murdered. And now the only connection he has to his planet is miss quill who i like by the way but the fact is that she is being punished for killing people. Charlie’s people.Also we don’t even know the whole story, for all we know she could have killed someone close to charlie and that’s why hes not nice to her or maybe hes not nice because that’s how grew up. He’s a prince he must have been to make the tough decisions even if they are not the right ones.. I mean Miss Quill isn’t an upstanding citizen either. She was ready to kill April without a second thought and would have done if she didn’t have to listen to charlie.

I mean im not saying Charlie is perfect. He’s not but we have to think about his loss, his grief and anger as well. And he had the chance to take revenge and kill the king but he didn’t so that should should at least give him a few brownie points.

And omg I love Tanya i do but when she said “ And the world which you both may have done things on is gone” i got so angry like what that excuses everything bad thing miss quill did? that means charlie shouldn’t even try to stay connected to his culture, his people, his customs? 

And i am wayyy too passionate about this xD

Yeasterday, I watched one of my favourite companion die, it was so horrible I couldn’t imagine doctor who with out Jenna!! But she did it so bravely I love you Jenna thanks for staying for 4 years and goodbye Clara!



The Doctor has been pondering a question: have people ever been truly alone? Does something lurk unseen beside us all? With Clara at his side, the Time Lord will find himself delving into familiar pasts and eerie futures. Just where does the answer to the old man’s unanswerable question lie? Will he find the answers he’s been searching for, or will his quest cost him his life this time?


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I can hear the sound of empires toppling.

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