the pink tardis

The Signs as Doctor Who Characters
  • Aries: Rory Williams
  • Taurus: Clara Oswin Oswald
  • Gemini: Rose Tyler
  • Cancer: The Doctor
  • Leo: Strax
  • Virgo: Rose Tyler
  • Libra: Martha Jones
  • Scorpio: The Master
  • Sagittarius: Donna Noble
  • Capricorn: Amy Pond
  • Aquarius: Danny Pink
  • Pisces: The Tardis

Yeasterday, I watched one of my favourite companion die, it was so horrible I couldn’t imagine doctor who with out Jenna!! But she did it so bravely I love you Jenna thanks for staying for 4 years and goodbye Clara!

the signs as literal garbage
  • aries: crumpled doritos bag with half a chip left in it
  • taurus: moldy fruit
  • gemini: pocket lint
  • cancer: used tissue
  • leo: empty mascara tube
  • virgo: underwear that got a hole in it
  • libra: junk mail
  • scorpio: security sticker from the new Fall Out Boy CD
  • sagittarius: pencil shavings
  • capricorn: banana peel
  • aquarius: gross old sponge
  • pisces: dead leaf that got tracked in from outdoors


The Doctor has been pondering a question: have people ever been truly alone? Does something lurk unseen beside us all? With Clara at his side, the Time Lord will find himself delving into familiar pasts and eerie futures. Just where does the answer to the old man’s unanswerable question lie? Will he find the answers he’s been searching for, or will his quest cost him his life this time?

If you can’t save them all, save who you can. The Tardis. It’s a lifeboat, isn’t it? Not everybody has to die


Congrats on 12 million.
I love you so much. I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to you. My life would be dull and gray. You make me laugh until I’m crying, and smile until my face hurts. I love you, and don’t you ever forget that,alright?
Mr. Sass Master, King of Squirrels, King of Five Nights at Freddy’s.
Mr. Warfstach, Man in Pink, TARDIS Blue hair, Royal in Red.
This could be a song…

QUESTION TAG Rules: Once you’ve been tagged you are supposed to answer the 92 truths about you. At the end, choose 24 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. I was tagged by: coolfriendlykl

you’re Last beverage: Cranapple Juice

Last phone call: My mom

Last text message: to call-me-wanderer telling her that the post of Flynn and Rapunzel talking about liking ducklings is us.

Last song you listened to: Under Pressure - Smash cast

Last time you cried: not sure?

Have you ever dated someone twice: Nope

Been cheated on: Possibly

Kissed someone and regretted it: not really

Someone special: nah

Been drunk and threw up: nooo

three favorite color’s: Pinks, Tardis Blue, and red when it’s paired with black or white

In 2014 have you made a new friend: Yes!

Fallen out of love: yeah

Laugh until you cried: hehehe just about every time I’m with my friends

Met someone who changed you: yes

Found out who your true friends are: Yup <3

Found out someone was talking about you: Yeah

Kissed anyone in your Facebook friends list: yeah

First best friend: the daughter of the lady who babysat me

Sport you joined: DANCE! :D

First Vacation: er… I think California when I was a baby?

First pair of trainers: i don’t remember

Right now: Tumblr and Nteflix

I’m about to: Tumblr, eat, Nextflix and write

Listening to: Pretty Little Liars

Waiting for: plenty of things

You’re future want kids: probably

Get married: yup

Future job: performing arts (dance or musical theatre)

Which are better lips or eyes: eyes

Hugs or kisses: Hugs

Shorter or taller: Taller cause I’m shortish

Older or younger: idk 

Romantic or spontaneous: romantic

Nice stomach or nice arms: stomach

Sensitive or loud: Sensitive

Hookup or relationship: Relationship

Trouble maker or hesitant: Hesitant

Have you ever kissed a stranger: No

Drank hard liquor: nope

Lost glasses/contacts: not that I know of

Turned someone down: no.. maybe?

Sex on first date: NO

Broke someone’s heart: I think so…

Been arrested: no

Cried when someone died: yeah

Do you believe in yourself: Sometimes

Miracles: mostly

Love at first sight: possibly

Heaven: yeah

Santa Claus: no, my mom told me santa was imagined by people to make Christmas better when I was little

Kiss on the first date: I haven’t but it depends on the person

Angels: Yes

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