the pink tail fly

Sonic Prompt: Jealous Boom

World: Sonic Boom

Couple: Sonamy

Summary:  Ooh~ okay, how about boom!sonamy ft jealous Sonic? ^^


As the team hurried to Meh Burger before the closing time, they all helped one another with amazing team work and backflips, even managing to dodge the old wolf and her cane.

As they neared the stand, Dave yawned and was walking, slow-motion, towards the counter to place a ‘Closed’ sign on it.

The team leaped, all in slow-motion going, “Noooo…!”

Dave didn’t even blink as he placed the sign down, and the team fell face first down to the ground, where they were moments before hovering in the air in slow-mo.

“Sorry, we’re closed.” Dave stated, before turning around and snickering evilly. “Guess you could say you were-”

Sonic’s head flung up, glaring a death sentence. “Don’t you dare…”

“Too slow!”

Sonic groaned as he let his head fall to the ground again.

“Great, NOW where are we gonna eat?” Tails wobbled up on his two arms to lean and look down at Knuckles next to him.

“Ohh.. I got a case of the midnight-munchies! And you KNOW the side-effects of the midnight-munchies! They must be satisfied at all cost!”

“Or the aliens will lose all their jobs as secret spy agents to steal our designs for food molecules, thus becoming one of us, and learning our ways!… Secretly!” Sticks began her old ravings again, while Tails just shrugged and looked to Sonic.

“I’m just impressed she said ‘molecules’…”

Amy leaned up just then, and her stomach growled.

“We spent all evening fighting Eggman, we’re starving! They’re must be some place we can go…”

Looking over his team in their famished state, Sonic took courage and rose up, striking a powerful stance. “We’re gonna eat, my friends! And we’re gonna eat… tonight!”

His resolve proved frightening, however, as the only ‘24 hour’ fastfood place was a shack to say the least.

The team slightly trembled as the wind knocked a spooky piece of wood off of it, as a figure looked out of it, his eyes were the only things you could see peering from it. “Huh, so we’ve upgraded to a window have we?”

Suddenly, the eyes rested on the pink of Amy’s shoes, before trailing up to see her face light up with the moonlight of the night.

“UGH!” The figure clenched his heart. “Never have I ever seen a beauty drenched in such sweet pastel pink!”

He quickly opened the door, having bats fly out as Tails ‘Yikes!’d his way up and into Sonic’s arms, who just rolled his eyes.

The man walked in a shadowed silhouette, freaking everyone out except Sonic, but Sticks leaped back, arching her back up and on all fours, hissing a warning to not come any closer.

He suddenly stepped out into the only lightpost presented on this shady side of the village. “Welcome!” He was actually not a half-bad looking young man…

The team relaxed a little, seeing him in a tux with a pink flower pinned to it.

He bowed, “Valued costumers! Welcome, one and all!” he then side noted, “Only costumers in ages… haha..” he then dashed over to Amy’s side, kneeling down and lifting her hand up, gentlemenly. “And what, prey tell, are your gorgeous names?”

Amy blinked her eyes, not sure what exactly was this man’s game, but liked the gentlemen-gesture he offered her. “I’m-”

“Gorgeous?” Tails’s face shot into the camera-view, as the man made an annoyed expression.

“Not you.” He pushed him off screen.


“Amy… Amy Rose.” Amy smiled.

“My! The very definition of beauty itself! All, beautifully and poetically singled into two sweet names~ A pleasure!” He brought her hand up to his mouth, and then stood up, releasing her from his hold.

Sonic’s eyes darted to Amy’s hand, and then the man’s, not sure what to think of it, but slowly rolled his accusing eyes back up at the man, clearly suspicious of that last act done by his foul hand…

“What brings you walking into my humble restaurants abode?”

“Restaurant?” Tails turned to look at the shack, “This thing?” Lightning striked and he got spooked again, this time, jumping into Sticks’s arms, who just rolled her eyes, before looking sympathetic and putting him down, patting his head.

“There, there. Little fella, I’ll protect you from the alien protesters, upset they can’t feed their larva children our metallic coin-makers so they can grow up to become strong alien robots to take over our planet and known galaxy~” she seemed to baby-talk this to him, as if trying to calm him down by her words.

“…?” The man took a quick glance at Sticks, before gagging slightly, and turning back around. “Orange.” He snarled out, clearly not very found of the bland coloring Sticks had. “Blue, yellow,!? Good heavens. But Pink! Now there’s a color!”

The team were a little confused, as he turned back to Amy and put an arm around her, guiding her into the ‘restaurant’ as he called it.

Sonic’s eyes narrowed as his fist clenched, growling… “Who doesn’t like royal blue!? There’s something clearly wrong with this guy!”

“He probably just has bad taste.” Sticks stated, as Tails still clung helplessly to her and trembled, wondering if the lightning had passed on.

“Uh, sir? What about the menu..?” Amy asked, as the man quickly jumped at the question and answered it smoothly.

“We have crumpets, and sandwitches, tacos, pizza, mash-potatoes, lasagna, and… fish.” he concluded.

“That’s an odd array.” Sonic folded his arms, getting more and more suspicious of this dude. “Come on, gang. We can eat at better places than-”

“Tacos?!” Knuckles’s head shoved itself onto the screen.

“Lasagna?” Tails was next to come in the opposite side.

“Did someone say anything involving pizza?” Sticks’s innocent but excited face also found it’s way on the screen in the middle as the man chuckled a fake laugh and lead them in.

Sonic groaned his defeat, his arms hanging low, as he entered the ‘establishment’.

During their time there, it was clear the man was favoring Amy over the team, as he even served her free ice cream, and made everyone else get charged. He would do extra services for her too, massages, hair cut, even poetry reading while he almost tried to ‘hand-feed’ her.

“That’s it!” Sonic was just looking annoyed most of the time, protesting with his friends every now and then, but being blatantly ignored made it difficult to do anything about it.

Finally, he had slammed his hands on the table. “This place stinks!”

“Oh, sorry..” Knuckles’s eyes scanned around, embarrassed. “It was just so many tacos..”

“Yeah! I’m with Sonic!”

“I’ve got this Tails..” Sonic eyelids lowered at Tails’s attempt to try and back him up, as he nervously smiled and shyly sat back down as Sonic continued.

“You’ve been favoring Amy this whole time! And for what? Come on, Amy. Let’s go!”

“What? Why? I was having such a good time!” Amy seemed to have two pickles in her eyes, not realizing what was wrong with the situation. “I haven’t been treated like a woman in decades!”

“Amy.. he’s… he’s-!!!” Sonic kept pointing to the man, before using both hands to gesture to him.

“He’s what? Being a gentlemen?”

That seemed to tick Sonic off more than she thought possible.

“Wait… leaving? Oh no, you mustn’t do that!” The man rushed to the door, and slammed it shut.

“Huh?” the team looked around, as the lights flickered.

He closed the blind on the new ‘window’, “I have yet to even ask my dear Pink Rose to stay!”

“To stay?” Amy turned and raised an eyebrow, confused. “But I’m done eating, and although the extra treatment was first class, it really is getting late and-”

“Oh no, not when I just redecorated for you!” the lights blared on as the team all covered their eyes, squinting, they opened to gasp at the whole room and even the the tables, dishes, and utensils all being a different shade of pink.

In the dark and dimlited room, the team were unaware of this man’s strange obsession and love for the color pink!

“Annnnnd- you were right.” Amy admitted, as Sonic puffed up his chest in pride.

“Told ya! Anyone that likes Amy is clearly a bad guy.”

The team all looked to Sonic, questioningly…


He suddenly noticed their stares, “WHAT!? It’s the truth! Don’t question my logic!”

“But you guys always question mine!” Sticks pouted, upset that HE gets his logic accepted and not hers, which was definitely, more truth than his statements.

The team battled the man as he seemed to try to desperate persuade Amy to stay.

“Cute throw pillows!”

“NO!” she tried to smash him as he swung to dodge on the chandelier.

“Tea and crumpets, every Thursday!”

Sonic tried to spin-dash him, but he was a slippery fellow! Having a foot in a pink washbucketed and rolling down the ‘shed’ to the other side, dodging a boomerang.


“Dude, you’re a creep!”


“Em, don’t mind if I do!” As he held them out, Knuckles took a bite, and licked his lips. “Emm-mmm..RUAH!” He then tried to smash him as he dashed away again, gasping.

“We have to get that key!” Tails shouted out, quickly using electronics around him to build something.

“Fuzzy puppy buddies?” he held out the board for it.

Amy gasped, “Aww… You have the rare Darling Dushhound!”

“Amy!!!” Everyone cried out to her.

“Ohh… alright. I’ll smash him… and his little dog too!” She threw her hammer as he jumped back, but by then, Tails had made a metal-detector that could magnetize the object to him.

The man’s back pocket ripped as the key went flying out.

“Got it!”

“No! You can’t take her from me! She’s my pink rose! Mine! all that is pink is mine!”

“Dream on, loser!” Sonic slammed the pink bucket onto his head, as Sticks started to attack him. “Like Amy would ever even consider dating a guy like you!”

“Wait, he wanted to date me?”

The whole team froze to look at Amy. “Duh!?”

She held her hammer close and freaked out. “W-what!? I thought he was just being super nice to me and got way too creepily clinging!”

Sonic sighed and face-palmed, “If direct doesn’t do it, what will?” he muttered.

The team escaped, at least, with full stomachs.

“Ugh, I never want to see pink again! Uh, no offense, Amy.” Tails stated as they were walking off into the night road.

“None taken.”

“But… my pink princess…” The man wobbles out of the shed, before the walrus walks by. “My! What an exquisite shade of Purple!” flinging off the pink flower for a purple one he slaps on, he races after her. “Oh miss~”


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