the pink snowflakes


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I'd love to see the Host giggle uncontrollably

It was after an especially eventful November first when Anti and Wilford raided every store in L.A. for discount candy. Amy insisted they actually pay for the candy, which Anti didn’t like very much, but Wilford forced him to go along because CANDY IS ON THE LINE HERE.

Host got involved because no one else wanted the candy corn and caramel squares, which were his favorites, but when Wilford challenged the Egos to a candy eating competition, Host’s honor was called into question.

He had no choice.

“Amy floats into the air, no longer affected by gravity,” Host narrates, giggling softly as he hears Amy’s gasp.

Doc reaches up and grabs her ankle so she doesn’t float all the way up to the ceiling. “Host, as much as I love the fact that you’re having fun, can you please put Amy down?”

“A small storm cloud appears over the Doctor’s head because he is always raining on the Host’s parade,” Host narrates next. Thunder claps and rain pours onto a slightly outraged Dr. Iplier as Host breaks into another fit of giggles.

Wilford claps his hands together happily. “Can you make it snow?”

Host grins. “The Host can do one better. Dr. Iplier’s cloud expands, but instead of rain, the clouds begin to snow. Not just any snow, pink cotton candy snowflakes!” Warfstache squeals and starts running around with an open mouth, and Host can no longer hold back the peals of laughter. He almost falls out of his seat, but Amy is there to prop him up again.

“Happy?” Amy asks.

Host calms down enough to nod. “Yes, very happy.”

Cherry Blossom Avenue- Bonn, Germany

Bonn is one of the oldest cities in Germany, and sits on the Rhine river. Originally built to enable the military to move easily about the city, the street known as Heerstrasse Bonn is now famous for its cherry blossom canopy. The Japanese Cherry Blossom lined street blooms around April. towards the end of the season, the petals drop, like pink snowflakes, into the street below.