the pink is just right


sanstagram - if astro had instagram 4/6~ (insp.)

kentuckyfriedbooks  asked:

Lance would listen to Marina and the Diamonds

i’ve only heard three songs but based on those i have to say i agree

i serenaded my best friend with those three songs junior/senior years of high school and it was just one of Our Things, which i was just gonna put in the tags, and then i recognized the hance potential of lance singing ‘primadonna’ and ‘bubblegum bitch’ at hunk all the time and hunk just rolling with it

in which victor likes pictures of yuri

1. Victor takes a picture of Yuri playing with Makkachin on the beach. It’s a good picture: the sun is setting, the waves are a vibrant blue and the sky a lovely pink and orange, and Makkachin has been captured in just the right adorable running pose for dogs. Yuri’s laughing, too, and he looks more relaxed than Victor normally sees him during practice. Victor uploads the picture to Instagram.

It’s a nice picture. The colors are bright. He sets the photo to the lock screen on his phone, then puts it away.

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dorks-in-fiction  asked:

Teru in C2 bc I'm terrible

I do believe the word you are looking for here is TERUble

SOmeone get this poor boy some blankets and hot cocoa or something, he is quite ill :’(

Expression ask meme!

Things German people don’t say

Why is there raw meat on my bread roll? That’s disgusting.

Deutsche Bahn - everything’s just right with that.

Water, hop, malt, pink grapefruit - that’s all a good beer needs.

Elmex in the morning, Aronal in the evening.

I don’t have an opinion about Dschungelcamp.

Beer all kinda tastes the same anyway.

You can’t use that to open a bottle. I’m not even gonna try.

Be quiet, the Seitenbacher advertisement I love so much is on TV!

Absorbing refugees in Germany? Of course! How about right next door?

Oh! An accident! I’m just gonna keep going.

Veggie Day? I’m in!

Barbecues in summer are overrated.

The GEMA is doing everything right.

One kind of dark bread and one kind of light bread. That’s all anyone could ever need.

No, no, you take that parking space. I’ll go find a new one!

I have to go to the hardware store. There’s a 20% sale on pet food.