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Can you do a modern au prompt where Zuko falls asleep on top of the covers passed out tired in from working overtime and Katara like takes off his shoes, glasses, watch, etc and tucks him into bed just then admiring him and how lucky she feels to have married such a sweet hardworking man 😭😭😭


She whispered through the cracked door, keeping her footsteps quiet as she pushed into their master suite and flickering firelight washed the bed in a glimmer of gold and pink. Katara found it odd that the hearth be glowing so late, but even more so, the complete silence of the room.

No— she paused halfway to the bed, her eyes finally adjusting to the dimness and her ears catching soft breaths— it wasn’t completely silent.

The bed boasted of romantic thoughts, with rose petals dusted about and the pillows arranged like a nest. A bottle of champagne sat on half melted ice. Chocolate-covered strawberries decorated a ceramic plate. And her husband, her sweet, sleepy husband, dreamt soundly in the middle of it all.

A tender smile overtook her. Katara stepped forward, repeating her earlier sentiment, “Love…” and brushed her fingers up his cheek to the frame of his glasses.

Her heart warmed in a swell of affection. Even after his own tiring day, he’d somehow remembered their anniversary and he’d battled sleep despite her last minute text: '911 surgery. Be home late. Love you.'

She could tell he’d fought long and hard because his dress shirt was still buttoned to the top and his boots hung over the end of the bed, the laces covered by pressed jeans. At least, in sleep, the worry lines he’d worn since the campaign began faded away. At least, he looked content. As much as she missed those vivid gold eyes, at least, his lids were shut and his heart was at peace.

Pulling his glasses off, Katara corded lightly through his tangled raven locks, cupping his neck, then tracing down his chest to find a steady beat. She worked at the buttons on his shirt gently. 

He stirred with a groggy moan when she’d exposed his abdomen, “Mmm, hey…” Then his eyes flicked open, a hint of playful teasing flashing through them. “Can’t keep your hands to yourself, I see.” 

“Sorry to wake you up.”

“Don’t be.” Zuko rolled to his side, a quick tug of her hand bringing her down into his embrace. She settled close, warm, with his leg thrown over hers and his fingers trailing her jawline. A sleepy breath puffed over her lips. “Happy Anniversary, my love.” 

“Technically, it’s not our anniversary, anymore…” 

“Oh?” He’d rose up, making her shriek when he flipped her to her stomach with his weight pinning her down. Even with her skin still covered by red scrubs, his lips were hot, marking from her neck down her spine. “Well, I suppose I don’t have to be so nice anymore.” 

Katara feigned a look of disapproval, her eyes mocking him with a sharp glance thrown over her shoulder. “Nice is boring.” 

He flashed her a cheeky grin, one that sent a wave of heat straight to her stomach and promised hours of cruelty before his mouth collided with hers. 

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Your pink avatar is cute in every fire emblem universe! So pink, so kawaii~! ^-^

Thank you so much~~~!! I love my characters so whenever I hear other person likes them too, it makes me really happy!♥

(Sorry for reposting old art, I wanted to draw a new thing for your message but I’ve been delaying my response for too long now so ;w;)

You have a wonderful day now!!

Contest Winners!

It was so hard! I never expected so many people participating ;-; I might do something like this again in the future (maybe in theme for something)! I’m so sorry for the colors (I guess they are too pink lol), hope you guys still like them anyway! There isn’t a first place winner, it’s all in random orders ^^




It was really fun to draw them, thank you so much again for participating ^^


These are still in sketches, but to help promote the zine~!
My works for @fefamilyzine

First one: Female Kanna is born to Joker&MU family after the war, and the sons have a hard time leaving their baby sister’s side~

Second one: MU’s Nohr castle family, cause to me they are already like a real family to her/him, as MU mentions in her/his support with Felicia.

Third one: This will be an exclusive bonus charm for the zine!! Pink haired Dwyer for those who like him so!

All the artists in this zine are amazing so I hope you’d be interested in it!!
(And oh hey congrats for 555 posts to myself xD)

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You're like, super cute. You should post selfies, you would be able to get away with calling those art :)

Thank you! I don’t post selfies on Tumblr, because people steal my photos, unfortunately. That’s why I make my avatar coloured pink or blue, (so it can’t be used on dating sites.) I do very much appreciate the kind compliment :)

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please can i get a blog rate? my blog isn't strictly all pink but it's close?

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is it ok to ask for a blograte? thank you ♡

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also: after i accidentally deleted my all assassin save file, i started on a new one with a male avatar so i can’t marry lon’qu, and are therefore forced to marry him to someone else to pass on myrmidon class to his kid. this is my new avatar….i love him he is small and has pink hair