the pink dinosaur


etsyfindoftheday | gifts for a valentine: plant lovers | 2.7.17

dino planters by twotreesbotanicals

i love me some classic jurassic park, and stegosaurs are my fave … but all of these painted dinosaur planters are on my gift list!! their cute faces look so happy! i want all four.

hetaliankilljoy  asked:

How about a fluffy destiel single dads au, where they meet somehow because of their kids (like a toy store where one is the clerk or something)? (You said it's time for prompts:) )

Love this! Here you go :) I might develop this into a longer one! In fact, I am absolutely going to develop this. Keep an eye on my AO3 later today! And I actually pulled a thin plotline from my DCBB fic into this too ;)

Sammy, five years old, runs up to the counter with a pink and orange stuffed dinosaur in his hand, and stands on tiptoe to hand it to the clerk. Dean is a few steps behind him, completely distracted by how awful the toy is, and simultaneously thankful that this time Sammy hasn’t gathered up almost every toy in the shop and cried fat tears while asking why he can’t take them all home. He’s so distracted by the dinosaur in fact, that he doesn’t notice the (considerably attractive) man staring at him from across the counter, and has to ask him to repeat what it was he had just said. His cheeks don’t flush with embarrassment until he looks up, staring into clear blue eyes and a polite smile, showing perfect white teeth, then he turns the colour of a stoplight as his brain registers damn, this guy is cute.

The guy, who is wearing a plastic nametag reading ‘Cas’ merely smiles at him and says, in a rough, husky voice: “My kid likes that one too. I’m still struggling to see why.”

“I know, right?” Dean exhales in relief. The guy clearly doesn’t think he’s a total blundering idiot. “It’s so…garish!”

Cas shrugs. “That I can understand. The bright colours help with cerebral development. I just think it looks like it comes alive at night. Look at those eyes. Totally evil.” He drops his voice to say the last part, but it doesn’t matter; Sammy is distracted by a display of flashing lightsabers, and Dean decides to pay quickly so he doesn’t get the pleading eyes and quivering bottom lip that come out whenever Sammy really wants something. He can’t resist that expression. He tugs out his wallet, and notices Cas staring over at Sammy with a fond expression.

“How old is your kid?” He pulls out a wad of cash, and Cas rings the dinosaur through the till.

“Hmm? Oh, they’re four. Twin boys. Little monkeys, both of them, as you can imagine.” Cas’ eyes light up as soon as he starts talking. “How old is yours?”

“He’s five.” Dean takes his receipt and the dinosaur. “Uhm,” He stalls, wondering if he’s crazy to ask his next question. What the hell. All in the name of settling in. “We just moved here, actually, and Sammy doesn’t start school for another two weeks. Would you be interested in a play date? Get the kids together, maybe go for a picnic or something?” He gestures to the large floor-to-ceiling window at the front of the toy store. “The scenery around here is gorgeous. I know you’re probably really busy. But I just thought, you know, if you weren’t…”

“I’d love to.” Cas cuts him off smoothly, extending his hand across the counter so it rests in the middle, palm down. “ My twins love making new friends, and we’re great tour guides. It would be my pleasure. I’ll probably need your name first, though.”

“Oh! It’s Dean. Dean Winchester. And that’s Sammy.” Sammy is currently sitting in the middle of the floor reading a Beauty and the Beast colouring book - upside down.

“I’m Cas. Here,” Cas scribbles something on the back of Dean’s receipt. “Give me a call sometime and we’ll get a date… a playdate arranged?”

As Dean leaves the store with Sammy in tow, he can’t help the pleased glow that pulses in his chest. Settling in is going just fine, and was that accidental that Cas had said date because if it wasn’t then Dean can certainly think of worse ways to spend his time… He fervently hopes Cas is single too.

They hop into the Impala, parked right outside the toy store, and when Dean chances a glance back over his shoulder, he sees Cas watching them go, a gentle smile playing at his perfect lips.