the pines

Volume Four was “This Will Be the Day.”

This’ll be the day we’ve waited for,

This’ll be the day we open up the door.

I don’t wanna hear your absolution;

Hope you’re ready for a revolution.

Welcome to a world of new solutions;

Welcome to a world of bloody evolution.

In time, your heart will open minds,

A story will be told,

And victory is in a simple soul.

Favorite Female Characters in TV

So @not-she-which-burns-in-it tagged me in this and I am sick and dying so why the hell not. So here we go, in no particular order:

1. Charlie Bradbury

2. Maggie Sawyer 

3. Lena Luthor 

4. Emma Swan 

5. Jessica Jones 

6. Daisy “Skye” Johnson 

7. Melinda May 

8. Peggy Carter 

9. April Ludgate 

10. Willow Rosenberg 

11. Kimmy Schmitt 

12. Rory Gilmore 

13. Mabel Pines 

14. Wendy Corduroy 

15. Morgana Pendragon 

16. Rose Tyler 

17. Zoë Washburne

18. Kaylee Frye 

Before you say anything yes Katie McGrath is in here twice fight me. 

I’m gonna tag @your-random-friend, @ohdaae and @sempiternis

anonymous asked:

ok so i understand everything else but HOW have ppl come to the conclusion that keith is lactose intolerant??????? what did u do??????


i explained my reasoning for lactose intolerant keith in a post that i’m too lazy to dig up, but my thought process was basically:

  1. i’m asian
  2. my lactose intolerance is kicking my ass
  3. i headcanon keith as asian
  4. i love to bully keith
  5. tbh keith is enough of a bonehead to still try and eat dairy even w a severe allergy
  6. boom

“Oh Craig is such a sweetheart, he likes carrying his daughters on his back when he does push-ups!” Lance was talking about Craig again. Shiro felt his eyebrows knit together in irritation. Why can’t Craig go be a bro away from Lance. “… anyway Shiro, are you up for brunch later this week?” The man rested his face in his arm, “Why don’t you ask /Craig/.”
The brunet let out loud laughter, arms shaking as it turned into a silent wheeze.
“Oh man Shiro, I wish. But I can’t rely on a dating sim forever.”
“A… dating sim?” Blue eyes met steely gray that were swirling in confusion.
“Yeah? The game? Dream Daddy? With hot gay dads? Wait- DOES THAT MEAN YOU THOUGHT CRAIG WAS A REAL PERSON?”
Shiro’s ears burned a vibrant red, his face hot in embarrassment.
“So Craig… is just a character?”
Lance fell out of his chair.


And he appeared, disembarking from her craziest dreams. Like the snow, like magic. She saved him, in a English boat about to sink. He did not recognize her , but she did. How is it possible that he is here, in our time? No one would explain it. Not even Bruce Wayne. He was lost, not in his time. So she offered him a job and a roof. She hired him as a personal gardener. Her heart breaks when she looks into those eyes. They constantly remind him that he has lost his memory. At least he came back to her. And she’s so grateful for that.

Chris Pine??

- wears dorky patterned shirts
- reads Books about Acting History
- has a flip phone
- is tired of people acting weird that he’s supporting characters in female-led movies directed by women
- studied english lit at berkley
- makes his costars laugh
- doesn’t know a thing about technology
- looks like an artsy hipster bro
- always wanted to be a spy or pilot like in golden age hollywood movies
- broke his finger when he did a fake punch wrong
- has been the love interest of 2 princesses
- likes to be cozy


Paperchildren set number six, the last one! We’ve got: Jim Kirk for @archer-and-lionprince, Spike for @darkwing-katy, OC for @toreadorkable, Jack Frost for @pikaplusmin, chibiself for @myownhyperfangirl, Gladiolus Amicitia for @alicemoonwonderland, Moana for @redfrohoe, Victor Zsasz for @the-misfit-that-loves-stuff and Jasper for @attemptedfailure!

As always, if you want your paperchild with no background/border/signature/whatever or with a bigger size, feel free to contact me!

And that’s it, it’s over :) Thank you to everyone who joined my giveaway and I hope that you’re happy with your paperchild ♥ I had fun making them, but I need to rest now XD see you!