the pilot light

Construction of Kleese’s Battle Chair has begun. For that, mom needs to borrow the Mako so she can form the frame out and such.

That means I am in the manual chair.

This is how much lower to the ground I am in the manual. For comparison, this is what my webcam normally sees at its regular level:

Everything is so much higher now. I currently have to reach up to type this.

I feel like I’m six. Also my mom did my hair, and I haven’t had a bun this high up on my head since my childhood, so.

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I wanted to try a different kind of layout today with the flaps! It took a while to figure out how I wanted everything to look, but I think I like how it turned out ^^ I used this circular container to stamp the fading watercolor circle around “weekly”, so it almost looks like a coffee cup stain lol


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Three journal entries! To make up for those days I didn’t post >< I’m thinking about redoing my astronomy notes and then posting them. Also, I’ve been obsessed with Gallant’s music these past few weeks omg