the piggy man

That moment you realize most of your OTPs are...

Panda and a Tiger (Po & Tigress)

Fox and a Bunny (Nick & Judy)

Frog and a Pig (Kermit & Piggy)

This is my life now guys….
I’m such an interspecies shipper trash.

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Hi! Big fan of your botw and NGE/Bioshock art! Just a quick question... Who's the "piggy man" who's in love with Link?

It was definitely just some random moblin and definitely not referring to any Demon King that may or may not be known to transform into a pig monster. This was in NO WAY made under any angry, piercing eyes! Eyes that coincidentally love gazing upon Mr He-

well i don’t know about u guys but i just had the time of my life . he vehemently defended dogs , said he was with john and also in the bath wearing nothing but the hat , and then told miss piggy he stole her man . a petty gay icon

Nope! (Mitch Marner)

Anonymous said:

can you do an imagine with mitch marner where you guys go to a haunted house at a theme park or carnival? thank you ❤

Word count: 1773

Author’s note: I had so much fun writing this!

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“Mitch, I really don’t think this is a good idea.” You say as Mitch leads you towards the entrance of the haunted house. When Mitch said he wanted to take you to the carnival, you thought that you guys would ride some roller coasters and play some games before calling it a night. Mitch, however, loved haunted houses. He said that he did them all the time and never got scared. This haunted house, however, was known as ‘The Scariest Haunted House in Ontario.’ It was based off of ‘American Horror Story,’ which was one of your guys’ favorite shows. Of course, just because you liked the show didn’t mean that you wanted to live it. Needless to say, you weren’t too thrilled that Mitch wanted to do this one.

“C’mon, (Y/N), it’ll be fine! I’ll be right by your side the whole time.” You and Mitch take your places at the end of the fast-moving line.

“This isn’t one of those haunted houses where the people can touch you, right?” You make sure. Mitch shakes his head.

“No. They’d make you sign a waiver before we went in. Besides,” Mitch stands up a little straighter. “I’d be here to protect you the whole time.” You raise an eyebrow.

“You told me that you almost screamed when Chara was about to check you the other day.” You point out. Mitch blushes and stutters.

“Chara’s a whole hell of a lot scarier than any monster in there, I can assure you of that.”

“Fine. We’ll go.” You tell him. Mitch whoops as you reach the front of the line. You guys hand the bored carnival worker your tickets as he gestures for you to step through a door.

“This isn’t so bad.” You say shakily as you look around. Right now, you two are just walking through a dark hallway. Then, your heart drops.

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okay so heres a BMC au. i seen this pic and it was like, everything was the same but the squip was kermit the frog. but what if instead it was miss piggy bc man she is insane just. imagine having to deal with that. imagine Jeremy having to deal with that *miss piggy voice* "im going to improve your life Jeremy"

GOOD FUCKING LORD THAT SOUNDS LIKE HELL POOR JERM alsosidenotepleasedontrefertoherasinsane

I had a nightmare my dog hurt himself and there was nothing i could do to help.
It was so upsetting watching him beg me to do something and there being no way of explaining to him I would if I could.
There was no way for me to tell him that i do hear him and I do understand he’s suffering.
I just wanted to see him come to ease.

I think this really ties into the sadness I feel around factory farms. I just picture those cows with tears staining their face and eyes wide with fear.
Or pigs screaming and desperately trying to get comfortable or escape.
Or day old baby chickens being tossed on a conveyor belt to be ground up hearing the loud sound of machines and other panicking babies around them.

It just breaks my heart. I want to do more.