the piggy man

well i don’t know about u guys but i just had the time of my life . he vehemently defended dogs , said he was with john and also in the bath wearing nothing but the hat , and then told miss piggy he stole her man . a petty gay icon

That moment you realize most of your OTPs are...

Panda and a Tiger (Po & Tigress)

Fox and a Bunny (Nick & Judy)

Frog and a Pig (Kermit & Piggy)

This is my life now guys….
I’m such an interspecies shipper trash.


Chapter 8 of American Horror Story: Roanoke references the Murder House episode “Piggy, piggy”:

“Piggy Man. It’s, uh- It’s terrifying. Okay, story goes, um he was a hog butcher in Chicago during the World’s Fair of 1893. And before he would go into the slaughter pen he would put on this mask- this pig mask- that he’d made from one of his other kills. And he would snort- You know, like a pig. Make ‘em think he was one of them. Then one day he slipped, and he fell. The pigs, hogs, tore him apart. And they didn’t find one piece of him anywhere. So everyone assumed. Because not too long after, his former customers- they started turning up dead. Gutted, skinned and hung upside down in a bathtub to drain, like a hog in his shop. And they say if you stand in front of a mirror and say- Here, piggy pig-pig. “Here, piggy pig-pig” that he’ll return for the slaughter.”

Image: AHS Murder House, “Piggy, piggy”

All the heroes Josh Gad played versus their greatest enemies! 

I always wanted to make him a tribute, and what better day to post it than the day Beauty and the Beast premieres! 

Films the heroes/villains come from: Frozen, Angry Birds, Pixels, 2017 Beauty and the Beast. 

I just tweeted this to him! I hope he likes it! :)