the piggy man

That moment you realize most of your OTPs are...

Panda and a Tiger (Po & Tigress)

Fox and a Bunny (Nick & Judy)

Frog and a Pig (Kermit & Piggy)

This is my life now guys….
I’m such an interspecies shipper trash.

scythfi-writer  asked:

Hi! Big fan of your botw and NGE/Bioshock art! Just a quick question... Who's the "piggy man" who's in love with Link?

It was definitely just some random moblin and definitely not referring to any Demon King that may or may not be known to transform into a pig monster. This was in NO WAY made under any angry, piercing eyes! Eyes that coincidentally love gazing upon Mr He-

At 22, Yuri Plisetsky is in a good place in his life.

He’s at the peak of his skating career, with countless medals to his name, and two of the best skaters in the history of the ISU as his coaches (though he’d never admit that to their faces).

Age has helped him mellow out some, and become comfortable enough in his own skin to let himself feel things other than anger or superiority or jealousy or hate. His relationship with other skaters his age has improved drastically and he’s even made friends with some of them (though Otabek will always be his first and best).

He’s happy.

And maybe that should have been his first clue.

Because when has anything ever really worked out for him?

He was so much of a fuck up that his own parents had both abandoned him as a child.

His schoolmates used to bully and ostracize him.

Even his grandfather, the one person he’d always thought would be there for him, had passed away and left him all on his own just a month before his 19th birthday.

He’d eventually learned that it would hurt so much less if he just never let anyone close enough to hurt him.

But over the years, two annoyingly persistent people had been able to slowly chip away at his defenses, had made him forget why he’d put up his walls in the first place.

So when Yuri is spending one of his rare days off hanging out with Otabek, Minami, and the rest of their rinkmates, and he gets a frantic call from Mari, he doesn’t immediately suspect the Earth shattering news she has for him.

He greets her lightly, this woman who’s become like a second mother to him (with Hiroko, of course, being the first), and asks her what’s got her so worked up. Have the piggy and the old man already got back from the airport?

They’ve been away for two weeks already, and even Yuri is ready to admit that he’s missed them. (Minami has been horribly mopey the past week, and looks like he’s about to cry tears of joy the moment Yuri mentions their wayward coaches.)

But then there’s a hiccup, a choked sob, and Yuri feels his heart drop. He almost hangs up right then and there, because he knows that what he hears next is going to destroy him.

“Mari?” he asks, and the others must hear the distress in his voice, because they all immediately stop talking to stare at him.

“Yura…” she sobs. “Victor and Yuuri…there was an accident…”

Yuri lets out a startled gasp, and he’s sure that was his heart just now, shattering in his chest.

The others are looking worried now. Minami sitting on his right leans in closer to try and eavesdrop.

He doesn’t process a word of what she says after that - he’s finding it difficult enough to breathe, let alone make sense of her rapidfire Japanese.

There are tears burning behind his eyes, and his knuckles are white from how hard they’re digging into his arms as he hugs himself. He dimly registers that he must’ve dropped his phone at some point.

Otabek is talking to Mari now, expression as stoic as ever, because he’s always been the strong one. While Minami is already blubbering like a baby and Yuri is pretty sure he’s having an attack of some kind, Otabek keeps it together, and manages to get the name of the hospital their coaches have been taken to.

After hanging up, he starts herding his four devastated rinkmates back towards home, already dialing a taxi as he does so.

Yuri doesn’t know how he can stand it. And he’d be grateful, really he would, but Yuuri and Victor are hurt and they might die and Yuri doesn’t know what to do because they’re the closest thing he has to family and he can’t lose them. He just can’t.

He’d never survive.

well i don’t know about u guys but i just had the time of my life . he vehemently defended dogs , said he was with john and also in the bath wearing nothing but the hat , and then told miss piggy he stole her man . a petty gay icon

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