the pigeon will still shit all over the board

seriously though, I’ve noticed that bigots like T////ERFs, M///RAs and anti f///eminists always use the same tactic whenever you call them out on your bullshit.

“explain it to me then!”

“I’m genuinely interested!”

“I need sources and for you to explain your views exactly!!!”

spoiler alert: even if you DO this homework for them, there is no winning in this argument. sources will be ignored. they will tell you why your views are bullshit anyways. 

either way, it’s a trap. if you refuse to argue with them, because why the fuck would I spend my own time explaining trans-ness to someone with how evil trans people are all over their blog, they will take that as a victory. They will take an unwillingness to talk to a fuckin brick wall as conceding.

it’s like that old phrase with pigeons and chess…. you can try to play chess against a pigeon and win, but they’ll still knock over the pieces, shit all over the board and strut around like they’ve won anyways.

THIS IS NOT TO SAY that you shouldn’t ever educate people. if someone genuinely doesn’t understand trans-ness, feminism, etc, educating people is always a great thing to do. it won’t always change people’s minds, but sometimes it does.

HOWEVER, my point with this is that it is important to recognize a genuine misunderstanding and openness to other sides of the debate vs. when someone already has their minds made up and just wants to tell you how wrong you are. Like, if someone is asking for sources on why feminism is really necessary but their blog is covered with posts talking about all of those “femin*zi lying wh*res,” it’s proooooooobably a safe bet that they’re not worth trying to talk to.

save your time and energy for the people that are open to actual debates, friends.