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I’d love to have more movie adaptation of Broadway musicals!!! Especially if the characters were played by Broadway actors!!! With scenography similar to the original!!! AND they could be all set in a theatres!!! And you know whay could make these movies really easy and cheap to make?? If they made DVDS of actual Broadway Musicals recorded in HD!!!

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What do you think of mid century modern homes?

Mid-Century homes are the built record of a time of hope after WWII. They are open, transparent and built from modern materials using new technologies. They seem to house the dream and vision of a bright future. Maybe that is why we look at them with a certain sense of awe and inspiration as a generation confronted with a world intent in making things like they were a long time ago, hidden behind walls and afraid of everyone different.

Farnsworth House MIes Van Der Rohe

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The Hamilton cast existed *gasp* BEFORE Hamilton and they all were in great musicals/projects and I recommend you listen/watch them ALL. Specifically…
-Renée as Mimi in Rent (there’s a version of the professionally recorded production on YouTube)
-Anthony and Lin in 21 Chump Street (Full Recorded Version on Vimeo, opening on YouTube)
-Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 (Pippa’s professional debut she sounds like a goddess 10/10)
-Spring Awakening (SMOL GROFF I CANT)
-Daveed’s music (he has an album called Small Things to a Giant and is part of the group clippng)
-Frozen (We all know Groff was in that and DESERVED MORE SONGS THANK YOU VERY MUCH)
-Smash (Leslie was in it and I believe Pippa had a small part, (haven’t actually watched Smash yet but WORKING ON IT OKAY))
-Venice (Leslie was in this at The Public a few months before Hamilton made its debut, and there’s a cast recording out there)
-Newsies (Thayne and Ephraim were both OBC members)
-tick, tick… BOOM! (Lin and Leslie with Karen Olivo from ITH, Jonathan Larson’s other less known musical. Some footage from this, no recordings. Great pics of Lin with his A. Ham hair but not the facial hair)
-House (Lin was in a few episodes season 6)
-The Odd Life of Timothy Green (Lin had a small part in this movie and it’s a great movie so watch it anyways)
-Freestyle Love Supreme (Chris and Lin are in this, it’s a TV show about the improv rap group they’re in)
-Modern Family (Lin was in an episode called Good Cop, Bad Dog)
-How I Met Your Mother (Lin was in an episode of the final season)
-The Electric Company (Lin was in a few episodes rapping about grammar in 2008 or 2009)
-Sesame Street (Lin was in an episode around 2010 and he was a rapping real estate agent for birds… Just look it up)
-Supernatural (Leslie was in an episode one time)
-Glee (Groffsauce was in it)
-The Book Of Mormon (Andrew Rannells, former King George and Rory O'Malley, current King George, both got Tony nominations for originating roles in this show)
-The Good Wife (Rènee was in it)
-The Lion King (Rènee played Nala)
-Matilda (Thayne and Betsey were OBC in the ensemble)
-Person of Interest (Leslie had a recurring role season 3)
-Gotham (Leslie was on episode 9)
-Law and Order (most of the cast has had appearances from time to time)
-The Color Purple (Rènee was Nettie in the OBC)
-One Life to Live (Rènee was on it)
-Star Trek (also Rènee)
-All About You (Rènee played Nicole, as well as co wrote and performed in the soundtrack)
-Pistol (Rènee played Drea)

If anyone has anything else to add PLEASE DO because these actors did plenty of great, super amazing things pre-Hamilton and I think we should all talk about it more. I’ll add onto this as people remind me of all the AMAZING projects the cast has worked on!

“I wish we knew more about Natasha and Andrey’s backstory, like how they met or––”

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“I wish there was a way to know how Princess Mary felt about––”

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“I wish there was a way to find out what happened after Pierre leave’s Natasha’s house––”

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“Prince Andrey is so great, he deserves better than––”

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“What’s the deal with Dolokhov and––”

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The Great Comet Music Video: Charming

In other news, these video releases are fast shifting my interest level from “sounds cool” to “OMG MUST GET CAST RECORDING.”

Simple Plan

We just arrived in the Windy City for a day-off before our 2 sold out shows this weekend at @hobchicago ! We love this city and we’re stoked to spend some quality time here! Who’s got plans tonight? Where should we go? 🤔🤔🤔
And more importantly, who’s coming to see us play?
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Hogwarts House Headcanons

Natasha Rostova: Hufflepuff
Pierre Bezukhov: Ravenclaw
Sonya Rostova: Hufflepuff
Marya Dmitrievna: Gryffindor
Anatole Kuragin: Slytherin
Hélène Kuragina: Slytherin
Fedya Dolokhov: Gryffindor
Nikolai Bolkonsky: Slytherin
Mary Bolkonskaya: Hufflepuff
Balaga: Gryffindor
Andrey Bolkonsky: Ravenclaw


The Pierre

The owner’s affection for a stone outcropping on her property inspired the design of this house. Conceived as a retreat nestled into the rock, the Pierre (the French word for stone) celebrates the materiality of the site. From certain angles, the house—with its rough materials, encompassing stone, green roof, and surrounding foliage—almost disappears into nature.

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