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Nowhere have I seen a King who would die for His people. A God who would leave His throne and in perfect humility serve those who would eventually nail Him onto a tree. We have pierced the hands which created the stars and the mountains and the seas. How beautiful the love of God, how extravagant His compassion. He came not to be served, but to serve. He came for the blind and the lame and the sick. He came to set people free. He came and painted for us the love of God in the most breathtaking way–upon a cross, with His own blood. The cross, where the most earth-shattering exchange took place, where the Son of God became sin for us so that we can be covered in His perfect righteousness–a violent collision of man’s wickedness and God’s holiness. Christ becoming sin; the Father turning away from Him. The wrath of God being poured out upon the Son so that we didn’t have to taste any of it. Christ absorbed all bitterness of the violent collision upon that cross, and buried it with Him; three days later overcoming death and proving Himself to be mightier and more victorious than the sting of sin and the powers of darkness. 

 This is the gospel. When we couldn’t come to God, God came to us, and opened up the way to Heaven through the death and resurrection of a Son.

Such a waste of a young heart A playlist for the too pretty girls who lost themselves to the world - Female Vocals ( Listen Here

Bat for Lashes - Laura ///The Pierces - We are Stars ///Johnny Jewel Ft Saoirse Ronan- Tell Me ///Dum Dum Girls - Coming Down///Ellie Goulding - Dead in the Water ///Lana Del Rey - Carmen///Zella Day - Bloodline ///Warpaint - Baby///Sia - I’m in Here///Aurora - Runaway///Zella Day - Shadow Preacher///

Beauty in the Breeze | Yoongi

Word Count: 1.6k

Summary: Drunk Yoongi always did make up the worst nicknames. 

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When people tell you to have fun while it lasts, they really mean it. Four years went by in a flash, even if it felt like an eternity. With high school long gone and college in the palm of your hand, you look back on the four years of extra hell you had subjected yourself to. It really wasn’t all that bad; you had the grades and the guy yelling out random beats to Boom Chicka Boom in a drunken stupor in the dead of night while the two of you laid in an empty field.

“Yoongi,” you tried calling once, lazily turning your head to face the milky complexion of the other who didn’t seem like he was going to stop any time soon. “Yoongi!”

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A fanmix for River and the Doctor - for loving the stars themselves; that one night on Darillium; and unsaid goodbyes.


1. Back To The Start - Digital Daggers // 2. Breathe - of Verona // 3. We Are Stars - The Pierces // 4. Death and All His Friends - Coldplay // 5. Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space - Spiritualized // 6. The Lightning Strike (Part 1: What If The Storm Ends) - Snow Patrol // 7. Wait - M83 // 8. Videotape - Radiohead // 9. Breathe - The Cinematic Orchestra (ft. Fontella Bass) // 10. You Are a Memory - Message To Bears