the pier on santa monica beach

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what have you been doing here!! i love my city so much im so glad youre enjoying yourself!!

i’ve done SO MUCH! been to three beaches including hermosa pier (where they filmed city of stars!) and saw santa monica pier off ocean avenue! i’ve gotten in n out, saw jennifer’s body at the cinefamily (the director was there!), also saw the beguiled and the book of henry, been to the 3rd street promenade, the grove and amoeba. lots of being driven around listening to music and traffic but i’ve never had so much fun. overall it’s such a cool place to be. and it’s not even the stuff we’re doing, it’s more about the awesome friends i’ve been hanging out with, not to be sappy BUT! i’ve never felt so lucky

Young and menace music video

“So the movie trailer actually is for the video and the video is for the song Young and Menace and basically what it is it’s this girl she’s at the beach and this magazine ad like washes up on the beach she’s like all freaked out and it’s like this people on vacation you know just like family on vacation and so she goes back to her house and you realized that she lives with this two monsters they are this 6 foot tall Muppets right and so the video is like a dark version of like Elf you know in elf when he’s like “Wait, I’m not an elf what the fuck” and she’s like “OH MY GOD I’m not a monster” and so she like leaves and goes to Venice beach and sees like what the human world is and is like super freaked out by humans as you would be in Venice beach and like the Santa Monica pier and stuff and kind of realizes that humans are kind of monsters too”

-Pete Wentz

When I’m feeling down, I sit by the Ocean and reflect. Seeing views like this and listening to the sound of the Ocean bring me nothing but Gratitude & Bliss ❤️