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M: Valkyon! i’m sorry, i’m really sorry…

V: Where is he? I want to see him! LANCE!

M: Valkyon, it’s too late, there is nothing left of him…

V: No! Lance…no, that’s not…no…

G: (He collapsed to the ground and Miiko looked at him (?). I have never seen Valkyon in such state, i’m shaken.)

???: Valkyon, hold yourself together (?)

(Valkyon punched the poor young man and attacked him.)

V: Where is my brother ?! Answer me!

G:(He held the man firmly and seemed ready to give him an another punch.)


M: He is dead! DEAD! This boy just found what was left from him… Valkyon, i’m really sorry.

Ed’s eyes sink below the murky waters as Edd and Eddy are quarreling.

Originally, I thought Ed was in danger. He slipped into a deep part of the swamp and sank below the water. Edd and Eddy would continue bickering until they noticed Ed’s absence. And then in a panic they’d both search through the murky waters until they found him. And then they’d realize how they need to work together to get out of this.

EENE fans are constantly writing what if moments to this scene. There are so many what if scenarios that could have happened. I wonder what it was like to write it. There was one different turn out that I will bring up later. Obviously something needed to happen to the Eds friendship which has already been on the rocks. The Eds have had tense moments before. None as serious as this. 

The Eds need to make things better between themselves. I never noticed how much tension there was until I went back and watched the series. It’s cringeworthy when you think about it. 

My least favorite season 5 episode used to be Pick an Ed. It’s still difficult for me to watch but it is an eye opener. I disliked the way the Eds treated one another. It felt as if the writers were against them. It opened us up on how Eddy really feels about himself. He’d rather be someone else then Eddy.

Through analysis season 5 is really important. The Eds are having problems with one another. They have nobody else to turn to so they need to stay together. Which brings us to another important lesson. No friendship is perfect. You’re going to have constant disagreements or arguments with your best friend no matter how much you love them.

These are the title characters who we are to look up to. Is any cartoon character one to look up to? We learn from their mistakes. It’s okay to fail. Each Ed has to overcome a flaw which deteriorates the friendship. This journey is important. It’s the first time where they’re totally alone with one another. 

No distractions except that they’re free from the torment the cul-de-sac kids brought against them. They’re forced to face fears and arguments that have been put aside. If this fight took place in the neighborhood with all the kids looking on it would only be an event to gawk at. The kids are also part of the reason why the Eds friendship has been deteriorating.

Look at Edd and Eddy. If Ed hadn’t disrupted their argument maybe the fight would have happened here.

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Repeat after me: Professional recordings of musicals are the key to the revival of musical theatre within popular culture